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When people hear the word divorce, they gravitate to an image in their mind of a struggling woman trying to start her life over. The fact is that men also suffer the painful and very challenging life transition that women go through. Unfortunately for men, society doesn't acknowledge this fact and healing from divorce can be difficult for guys as well. Starting over after divorce for men isn't easy, finding new living arrangements, living on a single income, communicating with your expartner, and the most important concern of having access to your children weigh heavily on men. Moving on after divorce is not impossible, acknowledging and understanding what took place in the marriage is important in overcoming divorce for men. Understanding what happened that caused the marriage to fail will help you to fully heal and begin to move forward in a new direction, as a stronger individual. Men after divorce often suffer from extreme grief from losing a loved one and from being separated from their children. When starting over after divorce, men should include dealing with emotions first because dealing with your emotions will help you to move on with your life in a healthy direction not a bitter and jaded one. Here are some tips to help you with this: Some men have found that keeping a journal allows them to express their feelings of disappoint, anger and hurt. This is a great way to let your emotions out, you have to allow yourself enough time to adjust, so don't try and rush it. Men post-divorce need to eat well too, because it is easy to eat your way into depression! So avoid eating lots of junk foods and learn to cook (if this has not been a strong point). It can help you stay healthy, and give you something to occupy your time, while learning an excellent skill. Take care of yourself and exercise regularly, regular exercise will also help reduce stress and make you feel better about yourself. Take multivitamins daily and get plenty of rest, but don't try and sleep your worries away. Too much sleep is not good for you and not productive. Having a support network is definitely vital in overcoming divorce for men. Don't avoid friends and family, isolating yourself is dangerous because at this time you need to be reassured of your worth and value.Both men and women after a divorce can have feelings of worthlessness and a low selfesteem, so don't let yourself drift in that direction. Seek out family and friends and spend lots of time around people who care about you. Most men when they get married move close to the wife's family, often times this is far from their home town and friends. In this case, if you're being overwhelmed by feelings of grief then you

should seek the service of a counselor. A good counselor can help you heal your emotional wounds and give a support network for you when your friends and family are not available. Starting over after divorce for men is definitely possible, so make sure that you find as much helpful information as you can about moving on after divorce. Keep a journal, take care of your health and keep close to your friends and family who care about you.

For more information on starting over post-divorce for men, follow the link for men's divorce recovery to get all the help and advice you need to end the emotional turmoil of post-divorce life. You can leave it all behind and start anew!

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==== ==== If you are a man involved in divorce go to ==== ====

Starting Over After Divorce For Men  

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