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Have you ever though that the tips and guidelines on how to learn to speed read can be done all by yourself? I am sure that you think this is impossible but it is not. Actually, this idea can be done successfully as long as you have the appropriate guidelines to follow. Then where can you get those guidelines? I suggest that you choose the tips that are documented in the ebooks because they are easy to download, hassle free, and affordable. So what are the speed reading tips that you have learn? Get your initial rate in reading. You have to know first your reading rate so that you will be able to know your progress. Knowing your timing allows you to motivate yourself to read fast at the same time retain comprehension. There lots of speed reading tests that you can find online. You will be asked to read a text while the time is running and when you are done, you will be provided with a result that counts your total of words read in every minute. This will be your basis to know if there are changes in your speed. Distractions are everywhere. So when you start reading a text, look for a quiet place like the library or any place that is far from the crowd. There are also some readers that develop the ability to read while listening to the music. Turn off your cell phones so that you will not be tempted to answer calls or reply to the text messages. To learn to speed read, you have to concentrate on the material so that you can maximize your comprehension. It is important that you develop both at the same time. Adjusting on speed in reading is necessary because not all the time you are reading the same materials. There are times that you are asked to read news articles, literary works, documentaries, or scientific write ups. You can always increase your speed in reading but let us not forget that you have to comprehend what you read. It is not about fast reading alone - it is fast reading plus comprehension and understanding. You also have to know what techniques to use in the text that you are reading. For example - you are reading a news article. You would probably use skimming and go over the pages and look for important details. You also have to learn how to separate what are the important details or the main ideas from the unimportant details or the supporting idea. This will increase your reading speed. You also get to read only those ideas that you need. Remember that almost half of the text is unnecessary. Some of them can be deleted but the idea is still there. You also have to learn when you slow down and when to read fast. There are some passages that require slow reading - but not all. There are still a lot of tips to learn to speed read as long as you provide yourself with the effective and the right instructional material - so try to get them and start practicing now.

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==== ==== Learn some amazing Speed Reading Tips And Techniques: ==== ====

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