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==== ==== Discover how to cure hemorrhoids and end anal leakage ==== ====

The horrific pain caused by presumed hemorrhoids are more likely not hemorrhoid flare-ups at all. Look out ... here come the doctors, surgeons and hospitals ready to tar and feather me for putting a stop to a lot of unnecessary prescriptions, medical treatments and painful surgeries. That's okay. If I am able to help at least one poor soul from suffering like I have suffered in the past then it will be worth the persecution. So, back to my statement, "hemorrhoids are more often not the result of a hemorrhoid flare-up." How can I make this bold statement? Because I've been there and done that. For years I have dealt with repeated anal pain that would often interrupt my social life and my workday. Six years ago while experiencing one of the most painful attacks, ever. I discovered a natural oxygenated remedy that gave me the relief and healing I needed. More importantly this remedy gave me the ability to prevent further attacks. Did I discover the ultimate hemorrhoid cure? No. However, I did learn a very important fact. That most of my pain was not the results of a hemorrhoid flareup. But, was instead the result of anal irritation do to acid leakage. Yep. Those good ole rumbling gut poots that spit out tiny amounts of moist "caustic" acid plus incomplete cleansing after using the toilet cause immediate irritation in the anus which can quickly create swelling and tenderness to the max. Of course, going to the bathroom with a mild anal pain can quickly turn mild pain into major unbearable pain as you push and force pressuring the already irritated tissue. Thusly, you automatically assume you are dealing with a hemorrhoid situation. Whereas, what you are really dealing with is the result of acidic irritation that is simply allowed to increase in small steps to a point of real pain.. Let's take a small step back in time to the days when we were educated in the fact that an itch is actually caused by damage to the skins surface. Small cracks in the skin cause an itching sensation which we automatically start scratching. Our scratching increases the skin damage to the point it turns red and swells. Example: Your arm itches because of dry skin. You scratch the itch and the itching area will become red and swell from the additional irritation caused from scratching. So, the more the irritation increases the more the injury to the skin is intensified. Of course, the skin tissue of the anus is much more sensitive than the weathered skin on your

arm. And will react a great deal more to any form of irritation caused by acid leakage or left behind residue do to a hasty wiping of the anal area. After discovering my oxygenated hemorrhoid remedy in 2002, I began marketing it on the internet. As a result of communicating with many of my worldwide customer via phone and email I have come to realize that many of these folks are not actually suffering from hemorrhoids nearly as often as they think they are. It has become apparent that the higher percentage of anal pain problems are more often the result of preventable anal irritations do to acidic leakage and improper anal cleansing after bowel movements. So what is the answer? How can these painful conditions be prevented? The simple answer is to purchase a cheap pack of Aloe enhanced baby wipes and keep them next to the commode (toilet, John, latrine, etc). Then, whenever you experience any mild anal itching and/or when you have a bowel movement, simply use the wipe to do a final cleansing wipeof the anus. If you are active and begin to feel an itching in the anal area then take the necessary moment to step into your bathroom and simply wipe your butt with a baby wipe. And if you are not at home then at least use the local facilities to obtain a tissue, toilet paper, napkin or any clean material and go to a restroom area and wipe your butt. The sooner you take action and remove the damp acidic irritation the less likely it will develop into a painful situation. If you think about it, the normal cycle begins with an itch that turns into a burning sensation which develops into an extremely painful inflamed anal area that quickly becomes unbearably painful when you are forced to have a bowel movement. Are there other conditions that add to this problem? Yes. I am overweight. And the chances are 70% that if you are an American citizen then you are also overweight. This is definitely a prime cause of excreting acid. When we sit, lay or exercise, our excess (flab,mid-section, stomach) weight causes considerable pressure on the bowel which forces small amounts of acidic digestive fluids down through the colon. And when we are overweight our diet is often the type of food and drink that increases our stomach and colon digestive acid production. It is obvious that losing some pounds could help. But I (and many others) simply haven't had a great deal of success in that area. However, knowing that our bulk is likely a contributing cause to the painful anal problems, we should be more prepared than the less hefty folks. Keeping handy wipes or baby wipes close at hand for quick application will definitely be of help to us in preventing the many unnecessary bouts of painful anal inflammation. At the first sign of anal itch it is imperative that we take immediate action to cleanse the anal area to avoid increasing irritation. The longer we wait the more tissue damage will be done by the acidic leakage. (Which we all know can quickly become a sensation similar to sitting on a flaming

blowtorch.) Keep in mind that any action that helps us to avoid increasing anal pain would be much preferred over a painfully inflamed rear-end requiring the surgeons blade. The truth is, that even if you do reach the point of unbearable anal pain or inflamed hemorrhoids, there are many alternate choices to surgery that you should consider. A lot of folks around the world have found my Medeze Natural Remedy to be extremely effective in fast relief and healing of anal inflammation, hemorrhoid flareups and fissures.. Now that you know the facts. Why not stock up on some inexpensive Aloe enhanced baby wipes. With a ready supply of wipes you will be able to stop the many preventable inflammations that are most often just the result of anal leakage or incomplete butt cleansing. You'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary pain and maybe even the surgeons knife.

Dan Adams is founder of Remedeze Natural Healing Formula's using the power of oxygen to create proven effective remedies for acne, cold sores and hemorrhoids.

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==== ==== Discover how to cure hemorrhoids and end anal leakage ==== ====

Hemorrhoids - A Real Pain in the Butt  

Learn to end your anal leakage

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