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So how many steps do you take in a day? No idea like most of us, that's about right, but if you want to drop a few pounds you may want to read on. Walking can help any fat loss program and aid your general health by raising your metabolic rate. You don't need any special equipment apart from decent footwear and as an optional extra you might wish to purchase a pedometer to check you performance. There simple ways to vastly increase your steps, when at the super market don't try to actually drive in the doors park at the furthest point away from them. When you are on the telephone walk about the room, when you take the children to the playground instead of sitting and watching them, walk round the perimeter to keep an eye on them. During your lunch break from work use ten minutes to go for a brisk walk. If you think about it there are dozens of ways to increase your activity level. You will soon be able to get your daily steps up to 10,000 in a day and you will feel the benefit. Once you are comfortable with your stepping out you may like to know how you can double the effectiveness of your efforts. You can walk anywhere so no excuses. To vastly up your calorie burning try interval training, it is easy and it works. When you go for your walk try regular pace changes, take your MP3 player with a mix of fast and slower tracks, get a good regular pace for a couple of songs then up the tempo for a couple then reduce your speed and so on, do this for the duration of your walk. How can this aid your fatloss? by the speeding up and slowing your heart rate you will burn double the calories even when you pulse is slowing and by repeating this while walking your body will think you have done twice the work. By using no more than walking you can rapidly improve your fitness level. Don't make it a chore, why not get a group of walking buddies together and make a social event 2 or three times a week, begin with a distance that suits all parties and increase at your pace each time you go stepping out.

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==== ==== Transform yourself from fat to fit: ==== ====

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Transform yourself from fat to fit: