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Distributors of Aquaneuro Wet Systems Powered by Biosysco

The world’s first micro-charged spa treatment for overall well-being

A quantum leap in modern spa technology - micro-charged health through water

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Introducing the Aquaneuro Wet System - the world’s first micro-charged spa treatment for overall well-being Aquavate is proud to be the sole UK distributor of the innovative and exciting Aquaneuro Wet System, designed by Professor of Medicine, Roberto Ciaff, a highly respected clinical scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. A first of its kind, the Aquaneuro Wet System is a complete and effective ‘full body’ work-out that effortlessly exercises opposing muscle groups for a totally rejuvenated feeling ... and so much more! It accelerates recovery from injury and surgical procedure, re-educates damaged nerve pathways and helps with muscle regeneration and toning, in fact the list of benefits - for your clients and for your business - is as impressive as the technology! The Aquaneuro Wet System features unique cutting-edge patented SigmaQ (∑Q) technology to stimulate the body to release its own natural feel-good chemicals (endorphins) which help to alleviate stress whilst, at the same time, mobilising joints and extending range, improving circulation and increasing overall mobility. SigmaQ (∑Q) is a unique and ground-breaking microgating process that initiates muscular contraction and motor neuron nerve activity, consistent with natural physiology, in a way that bypasses the sensory nervous system thus the user experiences no undesirable sensations. It is designed to be a ‘therapy session‘ product where the user relaxes in a shallow pool of warm temperature-controlled water whilst strategically positioned transponders transmit the technology either to specific muscle groups or throughout the whole body. The Aquaneuro Wet System therapeutic treatment is suitable for everyone* - whatever their age, fitness or ability, whether suffering from lethargy, general aches and pains, reduced or painful joint movement or flexibility, or recovering from injury or surgery.

* Conditions apply.

A relaxing yet invigorating experience that leaves you feeling good

The feel-good factor ... for your client One thing’s for certain, your clients will never have experienced anything like an Aquaneuro Wet System spa treatment before ... but once they have they will undoubtedly be your best ambassadors. A pioneering waterbased therapy that delivers total relaxation and wide-ranging potential for health and well-being - it’s truly in a league of its own!

Effortless exercise - a zero impact work-out Alleviates stress Accelerates trauma recovery Re-educates damaged nerve pathways Promotes muscular flexibility and joint mobility Regenerates and tones muscles Reduces aches and pains Improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention Weight loss programme potential Core strength focus

The feel-good factor ... for your business

USP (customer experience) Improved revenue stream / return in profits / tax efficient Enhanced reputation and increased footfall Specialising - broaden customer base Unsupervised therapies so less staff overheads Lease rental options A quick and simple return on your investment A comprehensive start-up package including a marketing toolkit Full training provided Telephone support* 3 year warranty as standard with option to extend to 5 years

Be a pioneer ... and micro-charge your business! * available Monday - Friday excluding Bank Holidays

Aquaneuro range There are three Aquaneuro models in the range Aquaneuro Aquaneuro Plus Aquaneuro Med Aquaneuro The Aquaneuro basic system has user controls for lower body sessions and offers whole body stress relief, general muscle toning and pain relief. Effortless exercise for the modern professional, those with degenerative or restrictive conditions or sufferers of persistent backache. Designed to be free-standing in residential bathrooms or wet room environments, Aquaneuro delivers an experience similar to a general ‘work-out’ session but without the effort, any excessive stretching of tendons or stressing of joints - in your own time and in your own personal relaxation zone.

Aquaneuro Plus The ‘Plus’ variant brings a further dimension to the Aquaneuro Wet System. With both upper and lower body controls, it allows for specific training and recovery protocols. This model also has variable programmes to create the sensation of walking or running and can target specific muscle groups or areas of discomfort. The features of this model are ideal for any of the following establishments with the desire to lead the way in client therapies, enhance their reputation and increase their client base. Gyms & Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs Spas & Hotels and Holiday Centres with Spa Facilities Hair & Beauty Salons & Clinics

Aquaneuro Med The Aquaneuro Med offers all the functionality of the Aquaneuro Plus but has the ability to work with an additional SigmaQ (∑Q) product called the Bioneuro system. Bioneuro also delivers effective, cutting-edge technology allowing physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports medicine and fitness trainers to offer a more effective healing process.

What are the differences? Function Whole body stress relief General muscle toning Pain relief Upper or lower body sessions Training / recovery protocols Specific conditions protocols

Aquaneuro Aquaneuro+ Aquaneuro Med ✓ ✓ ✓

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Aquaneuro Plus Business Package Aquavate offers a comprehensive start-up support package for spas, leisure clubs, health clinics, health professionals and beauty therapists designed to help achieve a quick and simple return on initial investment. In addition, a leasing scheme is available making the Aquaneuro Plus system affordable and accessible to everyone. Leasing an Aquaneuro Plus system through our recommended lease rental scheme can be very tax efficient. It can reduce your overall tax bill because the cost is deductible as a business expense and there’s no need to worry about maintenance or warranty costs as this is all covered within the scheme. As a typical example, you could charge £45 per treatment (£37.50 plus VAT) where the average session time is 45–60 minutes, dependent on whether you have changing rooms. Your client will actually experience 30 minutes in the water, allowing time to drain, clean and refill. To maximise the number of treatments, you could opt for the water to remain in the bath and use chlorine.

EXAMPLE 20 x treatments per week £37.50 x 20 x 52 week


£39,000 per year

Cost on 5 years lease


£6,117 per year

Your profit inc. 19% tax relief =

£32,883 per year

To help you effectively market the unique Aquaneuro Plus system to your clients, we have put together a marketing toolkit for you to use as part of the package. The toolkit will give your prospective clients all the information they need to convince them that the Aquaneuro Plus system is for them. Each Aquaneuro Plus system is supplied with product postcards, leaflets and dispensers, display posters and a roller banner, all personalised with your own location details. Your location will also be included on a central website so potential clients can find their nearest treatment centre.

I broke my neck in two places and used the Aquaneuro Plus system to accelerate the recovery process. My recovery was much sooner than predicted and just two months later I went on not only to ride again but to win the Hennessey Gold Cup! Mick Fitzgerald National Hunt Jockey

Training and after sales care When you purchase an Aquaneuro Wet System you can be confident of receiving all the help you need to get your system up and running in your business as quickly as possible. After your Aquaneuro Wet System has been installed and commissioned, we will provide you with on-site training that will allow you to gain the most from your system. This will include demonstrations on basic operating functions how to fill, drain and clean how to operate the variable outputs You will also receive full documentation and user guides. Additional staff training can be carried out at an extra cost. Each Aquaneuro Wet System comes with a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard, with an option to purchase an additional 2 years extended warranty.

Annual service To conform with the manufacturer’s warranty, your Aquaneuro Wet System will require an annual service. Our service team will check and clean all pipes, jets and filters check pumps, blowers and other major components are electrically measured for performance refill and re-commission the system calibrate the signal generator

For more information or to place an order Please contact us on 0800 553 5051 Follow us on Twitter @aquavateltd

Dr Roberto Ciaff, Professor of Medicine and Founder of Biosysco Corporation, enjoys an influential reputation in the field of Neurology, Motor Neuron Dysfunction, Gillian Barre Syndrome and specialises in pathology applications. A fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, he has worked in research and development for several Fortune 200 companies. For 20 years he has developed and patented his new technology SigmaQ (∑Q) to address the limitations of traditional electro therapies. Biosysco is a technology company focused on improving health, well-being and quality of life by providing the strength and freedom to move and explore the world.

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Distributors of Aquaneuro Wet Systems Powered by Biosysco The world’s first micro-charged spa treatment for overall well-being