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device as part of Council’s Water Meter Replacement Program.

continue driving safely, how to monitor your own abilities, recent changes to the road rules, new car technology and issues of medication and fatigue.

A comprehensive The Gosford Senior Citizen’s Centre framework is being has seen the installation of water tanks developed as part of Water with run-off water used for toilet system Quality 2010 that will guide water tanks. New dual flush toilets have Surf Life Saving Club also been installed to conserve water. Council’s management of Redevelopment drinking water quality into The openings of the new Wamberal Road Education Initiatives Surf Club on 19 March and Killcare Surf the future. Club on 8 May 2009 marked the end suite of capital works, maintenance, monitoring and analysis, management and operation, and communications initiatives to deliver solutions to drinking water quality issues. To date, Water Quality 2010’s focus on safeguarding every aspect of the water supply system has resulted in enhanced treatment and system operation, cleaner water mains and improved customer service facilities. Consequently, there has been a significant decrease in discoloured water complaints. A comprehensive framework is being developed as part of Water Quality 2010 that will guide Council’s management of drinking water quality into the future. In November 2008 Council adopted a revised Backflow Prevention Policy to protect the quality of water provided to its customers. The policy formalises the requirement to install and maintain appropriate backflow prevention devices to prevent contamination being drawn back into the public water supply. The policy applies to all commercial, industrial and multi-property residential customers connected to the water supply within the Gosford LGA. Council also continues to progressively replace water meters on single dwelling residential properties with an integrated water meter backflow prevention

Since the opening of the Central Coast Lifetime Learning Centre in August 2007, the Community and Road Education Scheme (CARES) has seen many school groups attend interactive road safety bicycle skills courses. The CARES program is a joint road safety initiative of Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils and local Police. The focus is on imparting bicycle, road safety, and coping with traffic skills to school aged children—particularly those in Years 5 and 6. During the July school holidays, Community Road Safety Officers from Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils jointly held CARES open days with local Police. More than 160 Central Coast children benefited from this state-ofthe-art program. Due to the success of these open days, further school holiday programs are planned.

Two senior drivers’ workshops were held in August 2008 in conjunction with Wyong Shire Council. The workshops, held at Gosford Senior Citizens’ Centre and the Central Coast Lifetime Learning Centre at Palmdale, were attended by approximately seventy Central Coast residents over the age of sixty. A further workshop was held in November 2008 at the Umina Beach Library and was attended by twenty-two Central Coast residents. The workshops covered topics such as safe driving techniques, how to

of a ten year program to replace eight surf life saving club buildings. The surf life saving clubs at Wamberal, Terrigal, North Avoca, Avoca Beach, Copacabana, Killcare, Ocean Beach and Umina Beach now boast well equipped, state-ofthe-art buildings which will not only accommodate the needs of lifeguards and lifesavers but directly contribute to the safety and general well being of all users of Gosford City beaches.

Woy Woy Peninsula CCTV Council was awarded a Safer Suburbs Plan program grant of $680,000 through the Federal Attorney-General’s Department for the Peninsula CCTV Project. The project involved the installation of 20 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the central business districts of Woy Woy, Umina Beach and Ettalong Beach to help address the issues associated with crime and antisocial behaviour throughout the Woy Woy Peninsula.


Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report  

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report  

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report