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Terri Latella Councillor

Jim Macfadyen Councillor

Ordinary Council meetings are open to the public from 6.45 pm on the first and fourth Tuesdays of the month, with a reconvened meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. Meetings are held on the first floor of Council’s administration building at 49 Mann Street, Gosford. Agendas for these meetings can be obtained from Council’s website at www.gosford.nsw. or from Gosford City libraries from 12 pm on the Thursday prior to the meetings.

Laurie Maher Councillor

The Gosford Challenge The Gosford City Centre Protocol In late 2008, Gosford City’s elected Council jointly agreed to an important step in moving forward on the revitalisation of Gosford, signing the Gosford City Centre Protocol. The protocol states: We, the undersigned, representing the full spectrum of political viewpoints hereby affirm our support for proceeding without delay or interference, with the process of identifying the best possible masterplan and development pathway for the renewal of our city centre. Whilst our differences may be many, and the cases we put before the electorate in relation to a wide range of political, social and community issues

Vicki Scott Councillor

Jeff Strickson Councillor

will be varied, on this one issue we speak with a single voice: Gosford has waited long enough for the city centre it deserves. Quite properly this joint commitment is confined to the process itself. It can be expected (and the community would expect it of its elected representatives) that, in time, robust debate will ensue over specific elements, and the various priorities attached to different individual projects. But all Councillors, as attested to below, stand behind the professional officers of your Council as they progress with the development pathway. We affirm this in the knowledge that residents of Gosford and environs would not wish to see this critical process unsettled or derailed by the upcoming elections. We share with residents in the view that Gosford has waited long enough.

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report  

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report  

Gosford City Council 08/09 Community Annual Report