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We’re proud to bring you the beautiful modern patterns of top designer Alison Glass. Alison’s fabric ranges are printed by Andover and are also available from Two Green Zebras. Browse our catalogue for a gorgeous range of quilts, embroideries including pre-printed designs, and garments, all with Alison’s signature style.

AG104 Spectrum Quilt

AG105 Feathers Quilt

AG106 Color Plus Quilt

AG107 Tessellation Quilt

AG108 Celestial Quilt

AG109 Alternative Quilt

AG110 Timber Quilt

AG112 Swatch Quilt

AG113 Flight Path Quilt

AG114 Opposites Attract Quilt

AG115 Meridian Quilt

AG116 Ventana Quilt

AG117 Shift Quilt

AG122 Prism Quilt

AG123 Read Between The Lines Quilt

AG124 Cathedral Quilt

AG125 Luminary Quilt

AG129 Matchstick Quilt

AG130 Cobblestone Quilt

AG131 Bungalow Quilt

AG101 Animals Embroidery

AG102 Crafts Embroidery

AG103 Flowers Embroidery

AG111 Field Day Embroidery

AG119 Needlebook Pre-printed Cotton Embroidery

AG120 Flower #1 Pre-printed Cotton Embroidery

AG121 Flower #2 Pre-printed Cotton Embroidery

AG127 Woven Essentials Garment Booklet

AG128 Atticus Pre-printed Cotton Embroidery

AG126 Knit Essentials Garment Booklet

Two Green Zebras Pty Ltd T: 02 9553 7201 F: 02 9475 1135 E: Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Alison Glass Patterns  

Modern designs for beautiful quilts, garments and embroidery by top designer Alison Glass.

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