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A special thank you to the following people who also volunteered their time to help me with this issue; Aaron, Phillip, Michelle, Holly and Kristyn. No part of this magazine (including artwork or editorial photographs) may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the publisher. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publisher. The publisher believes all information to be true and correct at the time of printing. Please check information directly with advertisers or venues as times and dates can be changed without warning. Those who make advertising placement and/ or supply copy material or editorial submissions to Zest Magazine undertake to ensure that all such material does not infringe any copyright, trademark, defamation, libel, slander or title, breach of confidence, does not contain anything obscene or indecent, or does not infringe the trade practices act or other laws, regulations or statutes. Further to the above-mentioned these persons agree to indemnify the publisher and/or its agents against any investigations, claims or judgements.

Welcome to our Spring Issue! I hope you enjoyed reading through our Winter Issue. Right now, I am sitting in my studio, typing the intro while wearing gloves, a scarf and jumper wishing for Spring - hasn’t it been cold! Zest Magazine was fortunate enough to be presented with the 2014 Home Based Business of the year at the recent Alstonville Wollongbar Chamber of Commerce Business and Community awards. We are very grateful for the award and for those whom nominated us. Inside this issue Are you looking to build your dream home or looking for renovating options, if you answered yes, we have a 6 page feature on building and renovating in our area for you with renovating tips from celebrity Shelley Craft. Some of this issues special pieces include: 2 interesting Meet a local profiles, traveling to Cambodia, Cancer - the silent killer, I love my shop and studio, men and women in business, tips on decorating a baby nursery, science experiments for the kids, spring racing fashion, local events, and a special artistic profile. On the cover Thank you to everyone for writing in to tell us how loved our cover images are. We take a local image for every cover. This issues cover image I took while visiting the Alstonville florist in the Alstonville Plaza Shopping Centre. A collection of some of the beautiful flowers they have available, a must to visit. Thank you to all of our advertisers and contributors for your support and helping to produce our magazine over the past 3 years. Happy reading!


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Protester Falls

Meet a Local, Group Updates

Building your dream home Shelley Craft Renovation 101

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I love my shop, Men and Women in Business, Chamber updates


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Military Muscle, Local Butcher runner up in 2014 Bacon Titles

Dining Guide

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Cambodia, Writing a book in Paris



Tips on decorating a baby nursery, science experiments




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Cancer - the silent killer, alzheimers prevention, chiropractic without the crack

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Racing fashion at its finest this Spring

Brainstorm productions, circus OZ, little dragons

Georgina Kreutzer



Local Life

Why we love our area | Social Scene

This issue we have showcased local events including: the new Little Dragon Workshop, Inspiring Change Challenge, Probus Celebrations, Uniting Church Markets and some of our competition entries. The winning team of the Inspiring Change Challenge as pictured below with Masterchef Finalist Lynton Tapp. Lynton was one of the judges on the night of the finals. Alstonville mixed Probus Club celebrated its 31st birthday at the Alstonville Bowling Club. They had yellow and blue streamers (Probus colours), balloons, sweets, and poppers plus a large birthday cake with the Probus insignia iced on the top. Their oldest member, Bob Hatt who joined the Probus club 3 months after it commenced, cut the cake. He is supported by the Probus Club President, Anthony Nalder.

Aidan, Hen ry, Isaac, L ynton & Ja Inspiring ck Change C hallenge

Jenny Max and Barbara, Markets g Church

le Unitin Alstonvil

Alexand ra G ranth Winter C am ompetiti on Entrie s

ch Juanita Jeli n Entries io it et p om Winter C


Social Scene

y Nalder & Anthon Bob Hatt tion ay Celebra st Birthd 1 3 s u b ro P

Bunny Hopping

Alstonville Uniting Church Markets

alker Brydey W n Entries o ti ti e p om Winter C

Shirley T hompson Winter C ompetiti on Entrie s

y Jones ton & Hayle Nadia Lay hop ks or ns W Little Drago

Nadia Lay ton & Sien na Sheph erd Little Dra gons Work shop

Phyl, Fay and Dawn

Alstonville Uniting Church Markets

Suzanne Lavis Winter C ompetiti on Entrie s

gins Dyana Wig n Entries io it et p Winter Com

i baud Entries la U Nico petition om ter C Win

Suzanne, N adia, Sienn a & Cassan dra Little Dra gons Work shop

Jelich Vlakyrie ies tion Entr ti e p om Winter C

Tristan, Dea Winter Com n & Frances petition E ntries

San Wint er Co dra Pratt mpet ition E

ntrie s

Protester Falls

Places we love Nestled in the rugged ranges of Nightcap National Park is the World Heritage listed Protestors Falls walking track. Approximately 14km from The Channon village, at the end of Terania Creek Road, the track leads through magnificent rainforest to a spectacular waterfall. An ideal short walk for the nature-lover. The falls are named after theTerania Creek protesters whose anti-logging campaign in the late 1970s led to the declaration of the National Park in 1983 and generated world wide awareness of the need to preserve our natural environments. Because of these protests this precious patch of pristine rainforest has been saved. It is also an important habitat for a range

Protester Falls of endangered frogs, including the threatened Fleay’s barred frog and pouched frog. You enter the park across a causeway that is always flowing with a little water and certainly gives you a sign of things to come. As you walk along this easy track (the first section being boardwalks), you’ll notice how subtropical bangalow palms and native tamarind give way to towering rainforest giants of yellow carabeen and strangler figs. Listen out for the call of the rosecrowned fruit dove and the barred cuckoo-shrike. You might even see a pademelon darting through the bush. If you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a leisurely lunch at Terania Creek picnic area. The grassy

picnic area is an ideal place to relax for a picnic or barbecue lunch with family and friends. This area was the scene of protests to save the rainforests of NSW from further logging, so aside from its natural beauty, it is an important part of the history of our WorldHeritage listed rainforest. Please remember when visiting there are numerous inviting waterholes and a pool beneath the falls, however swimming is not permitted as sunscreens and cosmetic chemicals could enter the system and impact upon local habitat. This area is particularly notable as the habitat of the endangered Fleay’s Barred Frog. Photos: By Graeme McDonald

Directions from Lismore: Head out along Dunoon Road and follow the signs to The Channon. From there, drive 14km to the end of Terania Creek Road (a narrow, gravel road). Roads to The Channon are paved. Walking Track Distance: 700m each way (one-way route) Time suggested: 45 minutes each way Difficulty: Easy Parking: Parking is available a short distance from the picnic area. Facilities: • Carpark • Shelter • Picnic tables • BBQ • Non-flush toilets • Trackhead/access point

Places we love


Marli Lopez-­Hope

Meet a Local

Marli Lopez-Hope is an extremely talented and caring 21-year-old wildlife filmmaker and university student, whom at the ripe age of 2 was adamant “to save all the animals in the world.” While she can see the flaws in her 2 year old self’s desires, she has maintained an unimpeded passion for the natural world, working to protect the species and ecosystems that currently exist today through the visual medium of natural history filmmaking. Marli has lived with her mother on the Far North Coast since she was 6. Having the privilege of growing up on a farm and close to the coast, the great outdoors has been a constant source of enjoyment, inspiration and creative vision. She would certainly not say her family is all that traditional with both parents being avid travellers. Her parents met whilst travelling the world (Africa, Indonesia, Europe & South America) during the 80’s. Marlis father, Francis Lopez, was born in Spain and currently lives in Europe. Marlis mother, Susie Hope, was a “smart cookie” at high school, graduating at 16 before heading to university to study teaching. Her mother has spent many years living and travelling in places like Paris, The Congo, Bali, Spain, Bolivia, Mali, The Galapagos Islands and Timbuktu. During primary school Marli attended Holy Family, in Skennars Head and then headed off to Trinity Catholic College, in Lismore for her teenage years. As a child and into her teens Marli helped her mother rescue wildlife for WIRES, played hockey at a state and regional level, rode horses and campaigned against local sewerage outfalls, proposed mining and logging sites. Speaking out and being active in the community has been strongly encouraged by Marlis mum. Marli was determined to get a job at The Macadamia Castle in Knockrow working in the animal section. After applying repeatedly for a position from as young as 12, Marli finally received a job as a casual worker when she turned 15. Marli said ‘It was an incredible place to earn money whilst being around like-minded individuals who also have a passion for wildlife and the outdoors’. Her first day involved digging trenches, using the whipper snipper and climbing onto the roof to remove leaves from the gutters. She also spent time working at Byron Bay Plaza Pharmacy and at Biala Special School in Ballina. Marlis passion for travelling was again realised at age 19 when she set off for a 7-month solo adventure to Europe and Africa. She spent 1 month making a wildlife documentary in Botswana, which has possibly been one of the greatest experiences of her life, and her dream is certainly to live in Botswana, some day soon. Marli is currently studying a 3 year Degree of Film and Television at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. This course teaches her everything she needs to know about making films and documentaries and she gets to use a range of equipment including 16mm film cameras to digital RED Epics and Arri Alexas. Currently a George Alexander Leadership Scholar, a part of her scholarship is being involved in communitybased volunteering activities. She has channeled this into her passion, wildlife filmmaking and spends many hours each week doing unpaid work on film sets as well as volunteering at local wildlife NGO’s. The past 6 months has really launched her into a new stage of her life. To her surprise she hit the ground running in terms of film festival success for her first year



university documentary, Curiosity. In March this year her short documentary film was screened at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in the Young Australian Filmmakers category. This was an absolute honour for Marli, after growing up watching numerous young Australian filmmakers have their films screened. Something that certainly put a large part of her life on hold was her recent adventure to Antarctica with National Geographic and Air New Zealand. At the beginning of this year she managed to mould her passions: wildlife, travelling and filmmaking into an experience of a lifetime. Selected from over 2000 applicants from 52 countries to journey with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards and kiwi “outdoorsman” and science graduate, Michael Armstrong, to Antarctica and Ross Island for 2 weeks. While Marli knows anything in life is possible, this was certainly not in her mind to occur in her first year of university. Her role in the three-part collaboration with Air New Zealand, National Geographic and Antarctica New Zealand was to be the Voice for Antarctica. Marli rode in helicopters to one of the most isolated beaches in Antarctica to research one of the largest Adelie penguin populations, trekked out onto the freezing Ross Ice Shelf to talk to Craig Stewart from Cambridge University about the state and fate of West Antarctic in the face of warmer global temperatures and learned from an inspiring scientist who is studying micro organisms called “Extremophiles” that live on the bottom layers of sea ice in Antarctica. Marli has also been working alongside worldrenowned award wining cinematographer, Peter Nearhos acs. Marli first met Peter when she emailed him after researching cinematographers/ cameraman from David Attenborough’s BBC series, Life in the Undergrowth, Frozen Planet and The Life of Mammals. She was set on receiving the best advice for her documentary, Curiosity that features Australia’s Giant Spiny Stick Insect. As generous as he is, Peter agreed to lend Marli camera equipment for her latest short wildlife documentary. From there they have grown to work well together as a camera team and she has been his camera assistant on an up and coming wildlife documentary for the ABC about the history and times of the Australian Fly! This job opportunity has given her countless experiences, including using a camera that can slow down time to enable audiences to see a fly’s single wing beat! Pretty cool stuff for an aspiring wildlife filmmaker. Marlis plans for the future include organising an interactive photography exhibition in Melbourne to exhibit a selection of her photographs taken in Antarctica, Central Australia, the Northern Rivers and other parts of the world. Finishing her university degree. Then embarking on her most ambitious wildlife documentary yet, about one of the most carbon rich forests in the world (and this place just so happens to be right on our doorstep, in Australia). After this, Marli will be heading off to Bristol to try out for a role at the BBC Natural History Unit.

View Marli’s films: http://www.vimeo.com/marlilopezhope

View Marli’s photography and get an insight into her life: http://www.instagram.com/marlilopezhope

Future Planning

Jonathan | McCartney Young Lawyers

In the midst of the chaotic pace of modern life, it’s easy to put off non-urgent things – even if those things are important.

Koalas in Crisis

Across the Northern Rivers koalas are disappearing before our eyes. As more of us move in, koala numbers decline. The furred ball swaying in the canopy is no longer a common sight in many localities, particularly along the coast. It’s not our intention to cause the demise of the cuddly koala; indeed most of us don’t often think about the native animals our presence is displacing. We may shake our heads when a story pops up on TV or in the paper on the adverse impact that a development proposal or highway upgrade will have on koala survival. But for most empathy is short-lived as our attention moves on to the next story. We take for granted what many, if not most Australians do not have opportunity to experience and that is living with wild koalas. Visitors from across the globe come to see and wonder, contributing to the nation’s coffers while they’re here. Living with koalas is a privilege with responsibilities. Not all of us want to be environmental activists or koala carers but we can all learn more about the animals and their ecology so we know when something is amiss and at the very least report it appropriately. While local councils are a good place to start, especially for habitat clearance and enhancement issues, koala rescue and rehabilitation is regulated by the state government under licence, as is the case with all native wildlife. Koalas in the Northern Rivers often suffer from disease, the most common being chlamydiosis. If you see a koala sitting low in a tree over a few days or if it is on the ground, there is a strong likelihood that it is not well and should be examined. If the animal’s eyes are crusted, its bottom wet or its coat brown and rough, it definitely needs attention. Needless to say, if a koala is suffering trauma from a road strike, dog attack or other misadventure, or a joey is found without its mother, specialised assistance should be quickly sought. Remember, just like us, koalas feel pain. Friends of the Koala operates a Koala Care Centre in East Lismore and provides a 24/7 Rescue Hotline: 6622 1233. For information about koalas, their food trees, and other ways in which you can assist the koala conservation effort on the Northern Rivers, visit: www. friendsofthekoala.org email info@friendsofthekoala. org or follow us on Facebook.

A Helping Hand

Nathan Willis

The 2011 census revealed that around 80% of Alstonville’s population identify as Christian and that the average age of Alstonville is 49 years. A few weeks ago - while walking to an appointment that I was running late for - I came across a man lying across the front of his yard. He seemed short of breath and was obviously struggling. I called out, and when he didn’t reply, I went over to check on him. While waiting for the Ambulance he told me that he had been there for some time and counted numerous people walk past. It was not yet dark, on a busy Alstonville road. A week later I walked past his house and saw that he was gardening. I chatted with him to see how he was. Through tears he said: “I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t stopped. Other people just walked past”. Recently, Lindsey the editor of this publication wrote on her Facebook page: “A disabled lady in a wheelchair had fallen off her wheelchair trying to pick up her wallet, I saw 6 cars in-front of me keep driving! I got out and lifted the lady, another 2 cars passed, no one offered help! Not the lovely Alstonvillian way!” There’s a problem here. On one hand, we overwhelmingly identify as ‘Christian’ and on the other hand, we seem to have forgotten a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. Stopping to offer care and concern to those in need – being Good Samaritans. As our town’s population ages, as governments restrict spending to provide professional services, the needs are only going to increase. We have a choice. We can keep going – being too busy to show concern. Or we can stop, offer assistance and make a significant investment in building the social capital of our community. In NSW, section 52 of the Civil Liability Act (2002) states: ”A good Samaritan does not incur any personal civil liability in respect of any act or omission done or made by the good Samaritan in an emergency when assisting a person who is apparently injured or at risk of being injured.” So don’t be concerned about being sued. Showing Love to your neighbour is not likely to get you into trouble. It might just save our sense of community, affirm the Christianity that many of us claim as our own, and ensure that Alstonville remains a compassionate place for many years to come. Nathan Willis is a Registered Nurse who works for BaptistCare in Alstonville. He is also a qualified Solicitor and is currently working on his PhD at Southern Cross University’s School of Law and Justice.

This observation applies all too well to thinking about wills and estate matters – or what is sometimes called “future planning”. Take James and Erin, for example. They are a happily married couple with two infant children. For no particular reason, most of the assets (the family home and the two cars) happen to be in James’ name. James also owns and operates his own plumbing business. James and Erin have thought about doing their wills and planning for their future. But in the busyness of life, they simply haven’t got round to making an appointment to see their solicitor. Tragically, James is critically injured at a construction site. He is unable to move or talk or do anything for himself. This devastating blow for Erin is worsened when she is told that because James had not created an enduring power of attorney, Erin would not be able to sell the house or the cars to adequately care for James or run James’ business without applying to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a financial manager to be appointed for James. The last thing Erin needs on her plate is to have to go the stress and effort of making an application to a tribunal. Sadly, many people put off thinking about their future planning – to the future. But if and when disaster strikes, it’s often too late to put in place the kind of planning that can help alleviate some of the financial stress of such a tragedy. For James and Erin, if they had seen a solicitor and discussed their future planning needs, they could have appointed each other as enduring attorneys. So if one of them became incapacitated, then the other could sell or deal with assets to ensure that their family could be appropriately provided for. Future planning – it’s about planning now for the future. Don’t put it off. Jonathan Marquet, Solicitor McCartney Young Lawyers 02 6683 5592 | www.my-lawyers.com.au



Wollongbar Garden Club

Thankfully Spring will be sprung, grasses riz and colours and perfumes will be with us. Not good for hay fever suffers but great for others. There is something about Spring which energises us into our gardens. The bulbs will be flowering and we can bring the flowers inside to enjoy. Wollongbar Garden Club presented a donation of $200 to Marilyn and Gail to be used in the Wollongbar Community Garden behind the Hall. All this work in the garden is done by volunteers and more help would be appreciated.

Crawford House Museum © Kimene Slattery Ching

Learn to Dance!

Established in December 2012, DANCE LAB AU is an umbrella organisation incorporating the partnership and teaching talents of directors Natalia Jonasson and Monique Feain where we nurture dancers and inspire dreams. Both Natalia and Monique bring many years of professional expertise and industry experience to their chosen dance genres. Monique having been a professional Ballet dancer in Europe for 12 years before commencing teaching 20 years ago, and Natalia having worked as a commercial dancer as well as working extensively in Television. Together they have founded DANCE LAB AU to ensure a seamless opportunity in which children can receive safe and professional tuition in a variety of dance genres, with a shared goal of nurturing dancers and inspiring their dreams. Monique and Natalia share the same dance upbringing in culture, ethics in training, technique, artistry, dedication and performance and have a vision to grow a culture of intelligent, artistic dance students with a firm commitment to professional development and safe dance practice. DANCE LAB AU gives local children the opportunity to reach their full potential, in a fun and dedicated environment. The teachers are committed to fostering the joy and love of dance in students, while advancing the student’s knowledge of ground breaking safe dance techniques. DANCE LAB AU nurtures a sense of personal best and achievement as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle and outlook for students. Students from DANCE LAB AU have recently performed in another successful community production with Byron Ballet of Les Sylphides and Rite of Spring at Byron Community Theatre and and Twin Towns on the Tweed and DANCE LAB AU students are excited to be entertaining the guests at Candy Lane’s upcoming Tickled Pink High Tea for Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Alstonville. DANCE LAB AU - 0411 653 775 | 0411 306 430 www.facebook.com/DanceLabAustralia



What’s happening this Spring? At Crawford House Museum you can see interesting household objects from the turn of the century to 1960, and local historical items and documents. There are also research facilities for the descendants of Ballina Shire families, and you can buy books published by the Alstonville Plateau Historical Society about different aspects of the area’s history. Exhibition: “Tales with a Twist” This display of festive yarn-bombing will run from 9th. November 2014 till 22nd. February 2015. Monthly Meetings of the Alstonville Plateau Historical Society Visitors are very welcome at these meetings, which are held at the Community Resource Centre behind Crawford House Museum at 2pm on the 3rd. Sunday of each month.

There are always interesting speakers at our events including the below at our upcoming meetings: • September 21st: Our speaker will be Vic Faulkner • October 19th: Our Annual General Meeting • November 16th: Our speaker will be Christine Johnson who will talk about the diary that her grandfather kept about his passage to Australia in 1850 and his life in Melbourne.

The Club also donated $100 to Vicki of Heartfelt House to use to help beautify and make the gardens more attractive and peaceful for their clients. Jan and Len of Wollongbar Garden Club and Vickie from Heartfelt House accepting a donation.

After our July monthly meeting we enjoyed a morning with Phil Dudman whose wealth of knowledge is inspiring. He spoke of different types and reasons for pruning. His inimitable personality and passion created great discussions among members at lunch afterwards. Thank you Phil for a very entertaining day.

The Club tries to have knowledgeable speakers or to visit interesting places and is always open to suggestions. Do you have an unusual or attractive garden to show off? The Club meets on 2nd Tuesday of each month with guest speakers or outings. For info phone Judy 0409 511 736. Photos by Helen Amarant

Volunteers Wanted We can always do with more volunteers to guide visitors, enter data and many other enjoyable activities. Full training is provided. If you are interested, call 6628 1829. Crawford House Museum The Museum is open 10am to 4pm on Fridays and 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. 10 Wardell Road, Alstonville 02 6628 1829 www.aphsmuseum.org.au

Pruning Tips from Phil

• Hibiscus - cut back hard, flowers only grow on green wood • Always use correct saw for pruning bushes or trees (hardware stores will advise if necessary). • Chain saws are only for experienced people • Incorrect tools damage trees or bushes • Always make a clean cut on an angle so water won’t stay on raw edge and rot trees • Carry around a secateurs pouch so you don’t loose them. • Prune Grevillas when jacarandas are in flower e.g. November • Citrus trees - take off 20% of canopy each year. That makes for easier picking too

Neville Faulkner Meet a Local

Neville Faulkner describes himself as a “pretty casual sort of a guy” who does a lot of listening. “I have a bit of a grin if it suits me, or I just nod me head. I listen fairly well.” But as much as everyone loves a good listener, those inclined to trade roles with Neville won’t be disappointed. The popular Maranoa resident is a wellspring of wisecracks and wisdom, with no shortage of stories from a life shaped by hard work and horsemanship. Born in Lismore in 1936, Neville spent his younger years on farms at Corndale and Alstonville before moving to Lennox Head. His fondest memories are of Corndale, where his grandparents lived on a nearby property. As he recalls, “Most mornings, my grandfather used to ride past our house. I’d walk out and say, What’s for breakfast, Granddad? He would say, Sausages and eggs. Then I’d put me two hands up, he’d lean over and pull me up in front of the saddle, I’d go to my grandparents’ place, and I was a happy little boy.”

It was a good thing Neville developed an early habit of eating hearty breakfasts. His working life was always physically demanding, starting with his first job after leaving school at fifteen. “I had my sixteenth birthday in the cane fields,” he says. “I was a boy mixing with the men.” Neville enjoyed cutting cane and reckons that at eight and a half hours his days “weren’t real long … we just used to get in and do it”. Neville also worked at a range of other jobs, including potato digging, foundry work and road building – and he often made ends meet as a dairy hand. “At one stage I was milking three herds and going cane cutting in between,” he says. “Then at seventeen I took a job at Camden, where we milked fifty cows at a time on a rotolactor: a machine that looked like a huge merry-go-round.” Even with all the hard yakka that went into his working life, Neville rarely rested in his spare time. At Broadwater, he and wife Elaine raised two daughters, Karen and Jenny. A passionate horseman from an early age, Neville shared his love of all things equine with his family as he performed pivotal long-term roles for community

groups like the Alstonville Pony Club and the Riding for the Disabled Association. In recent years, Neville has had a rough trot with various health issues. Apart from surviving life-threatening strokes, he’s also had both legs amputated due to complications from skin cancer. And although the harsh Aussie sun has taken its toll on his body, it hasn’t damaged his sense of humour. The keen practical joker has been known to tease new staff at Maranoa by asking them to “fetch me slippers for me”. Perhaps Neville inherited more than a love of horses from his grandfather, who also had a reputation for being a larrikin. As Neville recalls, “He always got away with it, too.” Dr Sharon Dean researched Neville’s life as part of the Interactive Life Stories program at BaptistCare Alstonville. BaptistCare Maranoa Centre - Alstonville 02 6698 5709 www.vimeo.com/interactivelifestories



It’s time to build your dream home


Feature Article

Building your dream home Tips for Building your home When you’ve reached the point in your life when renting and living in homes that were built for someone else just doesn’t cut it anymore, you’re ready for a custom luxury home. It takes time to save up the money you will need for your new home but when you have the amount needed to custom build your new home from scratch it opens up a world of possibilities. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your dream home. Work with an Architect Having spent so many years living in temporary homes you probably have plenty of ideas for how you want your dream home to look. However, just because you imagine it, doesn’t mean it is always possible to build. In the planning stages it’s a good idea to work closely with an architect and the lead contractor on the building team. By discussing your visions with experienced professionals you will be able to find out what is possible when it comes to new home construction and how to make your home unique to your family and lifestyle. Plan for the Future A new luxury home is a long-term commitment and you want to plan ahead to ensure the home you build will still be the home you want 10 years from now. Maybe you are thinking of starting a family or looking to cut down on energy costs and the more you think ahead the better you can determine how you want your home to look and feel. If you only plan for the short-term you may find yourself without the space you need and the amenities you want after a year and then you are looking at costly additions and renovations. Plan ahead and get it right the first time. Be Energy Smart Your dream home will probably include a lot of custom amenities and accents but when you thinking big picture keep in mind the rising costs of energy bills. Heating and air conditioning can be very expensive depending on where you live and when you are designing a new home you have the opportunity to create energy efficient floor plans and pick out energy smart appliances that will keep your energy costs under control.

Metricon | www.metricon.com.au

Experience Choosing a builder naturally requires some research. Don’t just check their credentials. Be sure to see what work they have done in the last 12 months.

Perry Homes | www.perryhomes.com.au

How to choose your builder

Factors to consider when choosing your builder include: Price Obviously a big factor and should be a consideration, but not because it’s the highest or the lowest. When starting your project, look for the most detailed explanation of the price and a consistency when comparing multiple quotes. If there is a stand out low or high price for the same job, it shouldn’t be considered. A brick costs what a brick costs and labour is also very consistent, so stand outs have either allowed for not enough or for too much and both will end up costing you the same. Communication Equally important is working with a builder you can communicate with efficiently and at least feel you can trust; if you don’t feel comfortable with them, don’t hire them!

Cross checking is also an important part of this process. Apart from word of mouth, check with Indutry Associations including: HIA (Home Industry Association) MBA (Master Builders Association) and Department of Fair Trading. Under no circumstances should you consider an unlicensed or uninsured builder. It’s also important to choose a builder with experience in projects of a similar style and size to yours. Check the contract Always make sure you have a written contract, understand it and follow it. A lot of people say the contract is only useful if something goes wrong, on the contrary if you follow it closely it’s more likely something won’t! When considering a custom build, you will be required to have many more discussions and it’s to your advantage to make several site inspections. There must be a common goal and harmony in this team: disrespect or contempt will generally cause delays, confusion, money and heartache!

Feature Article


Land Estates

To help with finding your perfect block of land, we have a list below featuring many of the land estates currently available in the Northern Rivers,

Angels Beach North, Ballina

The premier estate in the region. It’s design quality, build quality, open space embellishment and the homes that have been crafted to date illustrate the premium character of this community. Angels Beach North lies a few hundred metres, or a short walk to its namesake, Angels Beach, at the northern end of Ballina. Long regarded as one of prettiest beaches on the north coast, Angels Beach is flanked by a green corridor of native trees and plants, making it popular with bushwalkers.

Ballina Heights Estate, Ballina

If you are looking for a home site with a future then Ballina Heights is the destination for you. Whether you are looking for somewhere to raise a family or base yourself in your latter years, Ballina Heights is a high quality estate development that must rate highly on your evaluation list. Established in 2003 with a forecast 750+ homes; Ballina Heights already boasts 250+ homes and growing. Be secure in the knowledge that the growth, roads, facilities are already in place and progressing in an orderly planned manner.

Ferngrove Estate, Ballina

Contemporary coastal living. Now you can own your own home in a truly desirable location on the coast. Ballina is being planned as a major regional centre with an established and progressive infrastructure in place to cater for increasing employment, retail and tourism growth.

Perradenya Estate, Caniba

The estate offers all the conveniences of city living including underground power, town water, sewer, playing fields, skate park, tennis & basketball courts. Set in a peaceful rural environment, Perradenya is only 10 minutes commuting distance from Lismore & has school bus services & a thriving family friendly environment.

Waterford Park Estate, Goonellabah

First home buyers, young families, empty nesters don’t pass up your chance to acquire a premium lot. Goonellabah Shopping Centre, City Council Chambers, Sports Club, Sporting, Fields, Child Care Centre, Schools, Goonellabah recreational and leisure centre are all located within close proximity.

Cameron Park, McLeans Ridges

Live the lifestyle with block sizes ranging from acre to just over 6 acres. Where you can build your dream home and still have plenty of room to spare. Enjoy spectacular views with both North and South facing blocks available. All with the convenience of the local shopping centre only 10 minutes away, Ballina and local beaches just 20 minutes away and the school buses from your front door.

Avalon Estate, Wollongbar

Designed to take the best advantage of the near level building sites, extensive reserve areas and the spectacular views to the Nightcap Ranges. Wollongbar offers so much, with an excellent Primary school, childcare centre, supermarket, tavern, restaurants, doctors, chemist, dentist, newsagent, specialty stores and sporting facilities such as cricket fields, rugby grounds and tennis courts, all of this is within minutes.

Killarney Park Estate & Wollongbar Park, Wollongbar

All blocks have rural views and are fully serviced, underground power, water, sewer and is the only estate with National Broadband connected. Wollongbar Park is not only a land estate but is now becoming a small community of people ranging from first home buyers, families and retirees, with a mix of quality homes and duplexes, all located in a close proximity to the Bypass for ease of access to Ballina and Lismore and close to the local shopping centre, schools and the Tavern. There are bus services to the area, plenty of foot paths and soon to be a kids playground for the new community.

Land Subsidy Scheme

Ballina Shire Council has developed a scheme to assist low to moderate income earners to purchase land by offering a $25,000 grant for land purchases at Ballina Heights and Wollongbar. Contact council for further details and conditions. Add the first home buyers grant of $15,000 and FREE Stamp Duty and you could save over $40,000!


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Choosing Your Land

Selecting a neighbourhood, block of land and builder can prove daunting, so to help get you started we have the below home buyers guide to help with making your decision.

The Land Estate When it comes to selecting the right estate or community, start with your lifestyle and make sure the estate you choose meets your needs. You will need to pay attention to infrastructure nearby, particularly; shops, transport, schools, and travel time.

Metricon | www.metricon.com.au

Estate Checklist: 1. Travel time to work, family and friends 2. Community design – takes advantage of the landscape and incorporates social infrastructure like childcare and schools 3. Good transport and shopping options nearby 4. Open public space like parks and walking trails.

The Block A blocks typically start at 400 sqm and rises to up around 1,000 sqm with smaller lots typically close to open spaces, convenience retail and collector roads. There is a trade-off between the smaller, affordable lots suited to first home buyers and the bigger blocks which are best for upgrading home buyers who need a backyard large enough to cater for a family. The slope or grading of the lot is also an important consideration, with the flatter blocks best for the volume style builders, while sloping blocks usually require a bespoke build, which is more expensive.”

Eggins Homes | www.eggins.com.au

Block Checklist: 1. Shape of lot suited to the house you intend to build 2. Grading – flat for the designs of volume builders, sloped for spilt level but will need bespoke design 3. Orientation – backyard facing to afternoon sun? 4. Topography – elevated if you want a balcony with views 5. Smaller lots for a smaller houses closer to parks and retail 6. Unstable soil and underground rock – these can ratchet up building costs. Perry Homes | www.perryhomes.com.au

The right builder The best way to find a builder is to visit a range of display homes on your favoured estate. Once you have found a house with the design you like, it’s time to talk with the builder. Start by enquiring about the following: • What is included and what isn’t - display homes feature the best fittings, finishes and appliances which may not be included in the standard package • Layout – most buyers like to make changes but these can prove problematic for the builders • Construction – when will it commence and how long will it take • Environment features – the cost of power, water and gas is likely to keep on rising, so ask which sustainability features are incorporated into the design.

GJ Gardner | www.gjgardner.com.au

Builder check list 1. Are they licenced? 2. Do they have builder’s insurance? 3. Have they checked the lot for suitability? 4. Have you visited recent projects?

Coral Homes | www.coralhomes.com.au

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Renovating Options: Extensions What extension is right for you - up, out or under? Renovating could be Australia’s favourite pastime. In fact, results from a realestate.com.au survey show almost 30% of us like to renovate every 4.5 years. If you’ve decided to extend, generally the cost of building an extension up is more expensive that extending out. So if you are budgeting for further additions, such as kitchen renovations or a pool, you may want to stick on the less costly option. There are clear pros and cons for going up, out or even under. Recent Alstonville Home Renovation | After Image

Going up Besides providing more living and storage space, an upper-storey extension can help to bring more light into the property. It will also save your existing garden. An additional storey that enhances the access to pleasant views, particularly water views, and can dramatically boost the value of your home. Going up usually means taking the roof off, which brings its own set of problems. Many people worry about the inconvenience of living in an unsealed house, particularly in wintry conditions. However, some builders promise allweather, 24-hour emergency work. Upper-storey additions mean adding extra weight onto the existing house. You need to be sure your house can handle this pressure. Some older-style slab homes or cheaper package homes are not built to withstand an upward extension. However there are ways builders may be able to work around structural limitations, such as by carefully distributing weight to different areas of the home. It becomes imperative at this stage that you are dealing with an experience extension builder and trusted engineer. Pushing out Are you making the most of a wide block? To increase your kerbside appeal you can extend out the front of your house to increase your streetscape presence and possibly add to the value of your home. Extending outwards means you can keep your original roof. Although, you will have to match the new section with the existing one. The slope of your land is important to consider: excavating for outwards extensions can be costly. Going under Even a small amount of excavation can be very costly, depending on the logistics and the type of soil or rock that


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Home Renovation | Before Image

lies beneath. But depending on the lie of the land on your block, you may be able to go under your home to squeeze in some more space. Queenslanders are a good example of this kind of extension, as are older homes with existing cellars or homes set high on sloping blocks. Make sure to factor in damp proofing. Factor in the unknown Extensions are big undertakings so – as with all building work – always factor at least a 10% contingency buffer in your budget for unknown extras that can arise. Don’t overcapitalise The golden rule of renovating and extending a home is to be cautious of overcapitalising. Unless you’re planning on staying in the property for the long term you need to make sure you’d recoup the money you’re spending in any sale. So always ask yourself if any extension is really adding genuine value to the property.

Shelley Craft Renovation 101 32 houses, 8 townhouses, 5 apartments and a warehouse conversion. My name is Shelley Craft and I am a renovations addict.

The last 8 years of my life have seen me neck deep in mud, sweat and tears and that was just the tradies! So, I believe I am well and truly qualified to speak to you all in the language of renovation. ‘Living hell’ probably comes to mind for many of you who may have attempted and completed your own home renovations. For others who are considering embarking on a ‘little project’ listen carefully and heed this warning- it’s even tougher than it looks on television. From Domestic Blitz on a schedule of house and garden in 3 days to The Block, an entire house in 8/10 weeks, here’s a little renovation 101... TIP 1. PLAN EVERYTHING. Make sure you spend a good chunk of time planning and researching before you pick up a single sledgehammer, tool or telephone. Like embarking on anything new, arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Collect samples, choose styles, determine what could be reused, write lists, and ask around for recommendations. Guaranteed everyone has a story about his or her renovation. Some will be nightmares and some will give you hope. Go into it with eyes wide open. TIP 2. Be realistic. Set a time frame that you believe in all your heart is achievable - there is no need to rush to the finish line but consider budget and if needed living arrangements for the period of renovation. The longer the renovation goes, the more expensive it is. 12 weeks IS achievable (regardless of what your tradies say) if you are well organised and plan carefully. TIP 3. Be honest. How much work can you do yourself, verses how much work you WANT to do yourself and what level of professional finish you want to achieve. Know your personal stress levels and how much time you can dedicate to the project. What can your relationship handle? Embarking on a full home renovation with 2 kids under 3 – I wanted to be sure I wasn’t biting off more than I could chew. TIP 4. Know your strengths. You may be more valuable to the project if you keep your day job and do what you do best. Earn the money to pay the right trades rather than “save” money doing the job yourself. 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up calling a tradie to fix or finish off the jobs you start. It will save you time and money if you do it right from the beginning. TIP 5. Get a good team. Finding a good bunch of trades to do the job, who work together and communicate with you is the tough part. But be ruthless, renovating is never a small undertaking and from day one you need to be confident and comfortable with the people you have employed to work for you. Whether it’s an investment property or family home, it’s a huge commitment both financially and emotionally. TIP 6. Remove the emotion. If you can, treat your renovation like a business deal. Only get as personal as you can afford. We all want the best products/finishes but often they are not in the budget. Prioritize each room and save where you can so you can splurge where it counts. TIP 7. Know your market. If you are renovating to sell, study the area, speak to agents, go to open homes and see what everyone else is doing and the price range they are pitching at. Over capitalising is the biggest error. No point spending $10 to only get $2 back. TIP 8. Style, style, style. This is really the icing on the cake and also the most fun. Plus the best way to add your personal stamp to a new room. It’s not as easy as it seems, so again, it pays to get professional advice. There is a big difference between interior designers and interior decorators. Either way, a little advice goes a long way. It’s all about putting together a beautiful finished picture that must flow through the entire house. Colour scheme, fabrics, and cohesive flow. There is a real art to making your favourite collected pieces work in with new fashion and ideas. Cris and Kate from ECOCHIC (GC based interiors company) styled my home, using the brief of ‘raw, eclectic, plantation, with a touch of tribal and an environmental conscience’ – now it sure took a pro team to decipher that brief and deliver this house! TIP 9. Have fun! If you follow my little helping hands you will have a much better renovating experience. I promise. From making over one bedroom in your home to a full renovation-it can be a wonderful and rewarding. Hard work but wonderful and rewarding. Mentally exhausting but rewarding.

x Shelley

I love my shop

Peppertree Kitchen

Describe your shop in five words… Stylish, inviting, colourful, friendly, delightful.

are looking for quick and easy but imaginative ways to take advantage of it.

What was the inspiration behind your shop? I wanted to create a place where people who are passionate about food – and cooking – can find the very best cookery tools and appliances for their craft and perhaps learn a little and enrich their cooking experience.

What do you feel you bring to the town? I like to think that Peppertree Kitchen is something of a hub for local foodies. It’s a place where they can discover the world’s finest kitchen and cookware, learn some new skills in our cooking classes and perhaps enjoy a chat over a good cup of tea in our T2 teahouse.

How did the idea for your shop begin? Living in regional NSW, I sometimes found it difficult to find top quality products at a reasonable price. I realised that there were lots of cooking enthusiasts’ who were in the same boat, so I decided to set up shop for myself. What is the best part Dealing with people I really enjoy helping they need… sharing all these years (25 to good old chat!

of your job? would be number one. people to find just what what I have learned in be exact) and having a

And I do love exploring the big trade shows and discovering all the wonderful new products from around the world. What do you love about your shop? We’re right in the heart of Lismore, so we get lots of visitors from around the area, and more and more from further afield – love meeting people. I really love being surrounded by so many beautiful things. Learning about cookery and sharing what I have learned. What are some emerging trends this season? As far as seasonal trends go, springtime tends to emphasize fresh produce. Strawberries, asparagus, peas, radishes, artichokes, rhubarb, and fava beans are popular. There seems to be a general trend towards healthy, nutritious and creative cooking. We are blessed with so much fresh, quality local produce and people


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What do you love about working in the Northern Rivers? This area’s wonderful environment and lifestyle have attracted new settlers from all over the world for many years, and the mix of our first peoples with generations of newcomers has created a very colourful, creative and eclectic community. There is so much happening here, so many exciting and fascinating things to see and do. We get much of the variety and sophistication of city living, with a very relaxed and laid-back lifestyle. Something people might not know about my shop? Most locals would know, as the name suggests, that we stock quality kitchenware… but we also offer a range of other services and activities like our cooking classes. We have a full commercial kitchen classroom upstairs and offer classes throughout the year —everything from Indian, Japanese, Mexican and seafood to Mediterranean. All our classes are hands on and you can learn everything from pie, pastry and cheese making, to cake decorating. We even have classes for the kids! Many of our classes are presented by celebrity guest chefs like Belinda Jeffery, Victoria Cosford and Katrina Kanetani. We also have a wedding registry, product

demonstrations, and a T2 teahouse! You can shop online and we even have a Facebook page! Your favourite product? The Le Creuset cast iron cookware is my all time favourite product. I just love the colours, style and cooking in it is just hard to beat! Most popular item you stock? It would have to be our Kitchen Aid products with its reliability, flawless performance and timeless design. We are the local stockists and we offer service and support for the products we sell. The latest metallic range has been very popular and the stylish colours bring a wonderful splash to anyone’s kitchen! What inspires you? My five grand children aged 6-14, learning new and exciting things especially technology — I love my iPad! My home, its garden and cooking for family gatherings. My family and my business make me feel lucky and thankful every day! Any tips? Life is short so make the most of every day!

Peppertree Kitchen 70 Magellan Street, Lismore 02 6622 0180 peppertreekitchen@bigpond.com www.peppertreekitchen.com.au

Men in Business

Dave Katschke

Shaun Cashman

Dave is the hard-working and friendly Branch Manager of the newest Corporate Insurance Brokers office, which was opened in August 2012. Corporate Insurance Brokers have been providing insurance and risk management services to Northern NSW for almost 20 years.

Shaun is the cheerful and friendly chiropractor at Alstonville Complete Care, which he owns with his wife Joanne. ACC is a natural health care centre made up of 9 different practitioners. Offering a one-stop shop for everyones health needs.

Branch Manager | Corporate Insurance Brokers

Describe yourself and family life: I am an active, outdoors person who moved to the North Coast when I was 12 years old and loved growing up here. I am married and have a 12 month old that keeps us busy. To add to the excitement we are expecting our second child early next year. What has been your greatest work achievements? Establishing and cultivating a successful insurance broking office working in partnership with clients and insurers for the betterment of our clients. As well, I have been selected by one insurance company to participate in their inaugural leadership program which has allowed me to further develop key life and management skills the can be applied in various arenas. Do you have any advice for people looking to work in your industry? My advice for individuals looking to enter the insurance industry is be prepared. Opportunities and requirements to assist clients and insurers present themselves on a regular basis so having a general knowledge across a variety of industries is crucial. This industry also allows for specialisation in a variety of fields/roles that the individual may also find rewarding. Favourite local hot spot and why? Any coastal town as I enjoy spending time at the beach with my family and friends, especially if i can catch a few fish too. Any hobbies or hidden talents? Motor sports - GP motorbikes/motor cross, V8 supercars/ Drift/4WD. I participate in social sports such as indoor soccer/futsal as well as fish and play golf... lessons still required. If you weren’t working, what would you be doing? I would be spending even more of my time helping local Not For Profit charities. I am currently a Board Member for one local organisation. Helping others in need is immensely rewarding and satisfying no matter how great or small the task may be. Corporate Insurance Brokers 02 6621 6999 | www.cibb.com.au

Owner | Alstonville Complete Care

Describe yourself and family life: I had been in practice as a chiropractor for 22 years when we decided to leave Sydney and move to the beautiful Northern Rivers about 6 years ago. Best decision we ever made. We wanted to bring up our 3 children in a more nurturing atmosphere and we found it in abundance here. How did you first get involved as a Chiropractor? At the age of 14, my sister was diagnosed with a terrible scoliosis and the doctors wanted to surgically implant 2 steel rods into her spine and place her in a neck to waist caste from the ages of 12 to 18. Even after the caste was removed she would never be able to bend or twist her body for the rest of her life! Against all advice my parents took the brave step of taking her to the local chiropractor. Within one month she didn’t need the surgery. I was so impressed I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to helping people with chiropractic, especially those who nobody else can help. What has been your greatest achievement to date? I have been blessed to help so many people over the years but one that has always stood out for me was the case of a 40 year old gentleman who through a terrible back disease had never been able to work a day in his life. Through chiropractic I was eventually able to get him in a position where he got his first job. He was so happy he celebrated by going out and buying a lottery ticket… Yes he won it. The look on his face getting his first job was only eclipsed by the smile he had after winning the lottery. What has surprised you most your career? The difference between city and regional people in their attitude to health. The pace of life in Sydney was so hectic that people had little time to devote towards their health. Since moving here I have been pleasantly surprised at how a healthy lifestyle is viewed as something important and is a foundation for many life decisions. What do you find the most challenging in your career? Trying to change the wrong perceptions people have about chiropractic. Chiropractors have been trained in Universities for nearly 40 years on a course grounded in the sciences of anatomy and physiology and yet I still meet people who think I dance around a cauldron and stick pins into dolls. What might someone be surprised to know about you? One thing I always brag about to my family still in Sydney is the fact that Alstonville has more coffee espresso machines per square meter than anywhere else in Australia. (Based on my observation) Not only that, it’s such good coffee. Better than that bitter stuff I used to drink in Sydney. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I now grow my own coffee, process, roast and put it through my home espresso machine.

Celebrating business in Lismore Elise | Lismore Chamber of Commerce Congratulations to all the winners and finalists in the Crowe Howarth Lismore Business Excellence Awards held in August. For the first time the event was held at the newly refurbished Lismore City Hall and catering was done by a local business owner Dave DeNardi of La Vida. The event would not be possible without two groups of people that we would like to acknowledge: firstly the businesses that spend hours of their precious time putting together their submissions and secondly our sponsors Crowe Horwath, Tursa, Southern Cross University, Norco, Telstra Business Centre, Northern Star, Lismore Come to the Heart, Lismore Gateway Motel & Restaurant and Not Just Business Cards. As usual our monthly networking functions, Business after Hours, have continued to be a huge success! Thank you to the businesses who have kindly hosted a Business after Hours function this year: Multitask Human Resource, Nortec, Northern Rivers ECHO, Zen Sushi, Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter, Nine 12 Fitness Centre, Tursa Employment & Training and AdvicePlus Financial Solutions. In September we will be hosted by Summerland Credit Union who are celebrating 50 years of serving the local community! To keep up to date with what is happening in Lismore Chamber of Commerce, visit and like us on Facebook! Photo by Legion Kreativ: March Business after Hours hosted by Northern Rivers Echo at Black Sombrero saw record attendance of over 130 people.

Lismore Chamber of Commerce 0448 833 806 | 95 Magellan Street, Lismore www.lismorechamber.com.au

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Chamber Update

Richard Lutze | AWCC President

With every changing of the guard come new directions for any community based organisation, and at the next AGM of the AWCC a number of Executive members who have served the Chamber for a full term will depart - to be replaced by new Executive members who are fresh, bright eyed and ready to put their own stamp on their position on the Board. The challenge as always is to ensure that the long term goals of the AWCC continue to be implemented, but also that a new Action plan is put in place for the executive to aspire to for the coming year and of course all new ideas from new and existing members are considered and supported where possible. I have been out canvassing not just our members but all businesses in Alstonville, Russelton and Wollongbar to remind them that the AWCC is an ever evolving organisation, as Old executive boards change into New so does the very nature of what the AWCC will focus on, stands for and represents. Some of these changes will come from an ever increasing maturity of the organisation itself, some changes occur as the type of local businesses change & some changes occur as the nature of the local economy changes how new and existing businesses operate. The ‘New’ Executive board will have to consider the most effective way to implement an Action plan that achieves the long term goals of the chamber, to provide an ongoing voice for the local businesses on the plateau while also injecting new vigour and ideas into the business community and continuing to support and promote local businesses on the Plateau, all at a time where businesses are going through hard economic times. So why would we be running the ‘Tursa AWCC Business Community Awards’ this year when times are tough? Well this year we have promoted this event to ALL businesses on the plateau – members and non-members have the opportunity to be involved in an event that is not just about promoting ALL local businesses on the plateau, its about connecting ALL businesses on the plateau so that they can support and promote each other, after all the AWCC is only a vehicle we as a business community can use to support and promote local businesses, it’s up to You – the business owner, to climb aboard and get connected with the other local businesses. So check out our website and come along to the Awards night September 20th to make sure other businesses know you are on the Plateau to do business! Alstonville Wollongbar Chamber of Commerce 0458 445 569 | www.alstonvillewollongbar.com.au


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Women in Business

Hayley Oatley

Michelle Hartnett

Hayley is the friendly owner and creator of For Shaw Coffee in Ballina. Working along side her husband they provide superior locally roasted coffee, fresh juices, smoothies and healthy foods that caters for the whole family.

Michelle is the welcoming and caring clinic assistant at Alstonville Complete Care. Her job involves a daily mix of reception, customer service, and various administrative duties. For Michelle every day is different, depending on which of the practitioners are working and the needs of various clients.

Owner | For Shaw Coffee

Describe yourself and family life: I’m a 37 year old trades qualified chef. My husband, John, and I have been together for 16 years and married for 4 years. We have two beautiful boys, Lewis and Harvey 8 and 6 years old. How did you get involved in your business? I have always had a connection with the shop and its position. Our friend owned the original juice bar there 9 years ago, and I worked with her. It was by chance that I had rang the real estate 2 hours after the previous tenant had given notice. I met the real estate the next day. Everything happened really fast. John and I did the whole shop renovation, and had the shop opened in about 8 weeks. This is where we are meant to be! Whats the best/worst thing to happen since you started working in your position? The BEST thing now, is having a business that my husband and I can both work in. He was the main provider as a stonemason for 12 years. He is enjoying the change and I enjoy working with him. The WORST would be trying to keep up with the household duties! The shop is the easy part! Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work in this industry... Definitely my family. My parents have always influenced my 3 sisters and me with good food. Especially my love of seafood from my dad. I did most of my chefs apprenticeship in Airlie Beach seafood restaurants. My sister owns Sea Salt fish n chips at Sawtell, my eldest sister is chef and Johns dad is too! If you weren’t working what would you be doing? I would be travelling around oz. Camping and fishing with my 3 favourites, John, Lewis and Harvey.

Clinic Assistant | Alstonville Complete Care

Describe yourself and family life: I have a very gorgeous and very busy eight-year-old daughter. Complete Care is a totally family friendly workplace so that helps make the juggle between work and family life so much easier. I’m very lucky to work with people who completely understand that there are times when being a Mum takes priority over everything else! How did you first get involved in your position? I wanted to re-join the workforce when my daughter started kindergarten and I began looking for something that I could manage in school hours. I’ve always been interested in natural health care and had previously done some formal study in that area so when a job as a part-time receptionist came up at Complete Care it was a good fit for me. That was about three years ago. I can’t believe how fast that time has gone! What’s the best thing to happen since you started working in your position? I love that we have a really happy workplace. Our practitioners are each incredibly skilled, genuinely love what they do, and are very supportive of each other and our clients. It’s great to come to work and be part of that kind of team. Since I started working here, the people who have come into my life through work and the friendships I have made along the way have been an absolute highlight. Favourite local hotspot and why? Nothing beats that spectacular beach and stunning headland at Lennox Head! Lennox has everything, great spots to swim, walk and eat, great coffee, and the best shops - especially Sea Poppies for clothes and Riley Burnett for everything beautiful and exquisite! If you could change one thing about our area, what would it be? Nothing! I think the Northern Rivers is absolute paradise. I have to pinch myself that I am fortunate enough to live and work in such a beautiful part of the world.

I love my studio Describe your studio in 5 words Spacious, practical, magnificent welcoming, Inspiring

Frank Miles Fine Art Studio outlook,

What was the inspiration behind your Studio? The need for an inspiring workplace where I can do what I love, creating beautiful sculptures every day. How did the idea for your studio begin? A sculptor needs lots of room to make works in bronze. I took advantage of an opportunity in the local community to set up my current work space in a beautiful creative environment. Having a large workplace like this gives me the opportunity to make unique works of art. What do you love about your studio? Having all my tools, required for this demanding discipline, accessible at all times. Working in my own space where I can come and go when I choose. Because my studio is large I have a separate adjoining room which is my commercial gallery where I present bronze sculptures for viewing and sale. I welcome visitors at any time throughout the week, weekends by appointment. What are some emerging trends this season? As a successful bronze artist in Africa I created works that were predominately wildlife. Here in Australia I find myself drawn to nostalgic imagery

that references Australian history, as well as whimsical figurative work. What do you feel you bring to our town? I feel that I have a strong work ethic and bring technical artistic expertise to my community. I have a strong desire to support other artists around me and to be an advocate for the important contribution art makes to our community. What do you love about working in the Northern Rivers? What is there not to love about work and living here? I love living in paradise Something people might not know about you... The fact that I am a new Australian, also crazy about science and nature, and have thoroughly enjoyed my journey since arriving in 2001. I did leave behind a successful art career when I migrated with my family to a new life in Australia however, in spite of bronze sculpture being a difficult medium; I have risen to the challenge. What are some of your most recent achievements? I have had a number of commissions for bronzes from Public Companies. Also, had many commissions from private and public organisations such as ‘Joie de Vivre” (large Standing Bugler) which stands proudly outside the

entrance to Harvest Café in Newrybar and ‘Sun Spirit’ (the Sunbather) which sits permanently on Currumbin Beach as well as ‘Steptoe’ the Pelican which sits on a bollard at Lance Ferris Wharf in Ballina that the reader may be familiar with. This was commissioned in honour of Lance Ferris, the Pelican man, the founder of Australian Seabird Rescue. What is your favourite creation? After I have created and completed a sculpture, I move on to the next creation which always becomes my favourite at the time. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating my series on the schoolgirl sisters, two sisters having fun in a variety of ways eg. Sisters 4, the pair are running in the rain on a windy day with umbrellas, my latest edition to the series. What inspires you I think my love of nature, people, the environment, love of life. I always try to capture a ‘moment in time’ in all of my work. Any Tips Be honest, friendly and live every day with a generous spirit. 7 Alstonville Cemetery Road, Alstonville 02 6628 3655 www.frankmiles.com.au

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“Military Muscle”

Alstonville 24-7 Gym

Hi I’m Donny, I am the new owner of the Alstonville 24-7 Gym on the Main Street of Alstonville. Let me introduce myself and share some of my background. I am a former military physical training instructor with 10 years’ experience in military fitness and combat readiness training as both a participant and an instructor, including 2 years with the Naval Clearance Divers (Special Forces) and 6 months operational service in the Middle East (war against terror). I have worked in the fitness industry, in gyms and health clubs all over Australia, the UK and New Zealand. I have worked as a strength and conditioning coach and a sports nutritionist for a wide range of professional and amateur athletes and sporting teams such as NRL teams, Commonwealth games gymnastics team, Professional golfers, Professional fighters, professional and amateur bodybuilders and fitness models to name a few. As well as coaching athletes I have also competed, with great success, at regional, state, national and international levels for many sports including track and field athletics, rugby union, bodybuilding and boxing. Alstonville is now where I call home and with operating the new Alstonville 24-7 Gym I am excited to be able to share all of my knowledge, experience and passion for health and fitness with the community. Come in and say hi next time you are in town I would love to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Alstonville 24-7 GYM 6628 1125 | 2/78B Main Street, Alstonville 2477 alstonville247gym@gmail.com | www.alstonville247gym.com

Local butcher Country Meats runner up in 2014 Bacon Titles Record entries in the 2014 Australian PorkMark Bacon Awards saw judges sampling the best bacon from around the nation. The Northern Rivers very own Country Meats took the 2nd place title in NSW for their Full Rasher. “This year is our first entry to the awards, we were overwhelmed with the result. We knew our bacon was top notch but to be commended is just fantastic”, says Melissa Bryant, marketing manager. Various judges commented “Very nice smoke and sweet flavour” and “Artisan skills are very good” and were impressed that Country Meats Bacon is made with fresh Northern Rivers Pork, gluten free cured & naturally smoked in store. Delicious taste is not the only advantage to Country Meats Bacon, its local production is one close to the butchery’s heart and the very reason Country Meats licensed itself with the PorkMark logo in 2012 after opening their third store in Ballina. “As a proud Aussie it is distressing to know more than 80% of the smallgoods we consume are made from imported pork. This is the reason why the PorkMark program was originally setup - to support Aussie pig farmers who are leading the way in animal welfare,” Ms Bryant said. Australian Pork Limited developed a program to clearly differentiate smallgoods made from Australian Pork, whereby consumers along with processors and retailers can easily recognise and make an educated decision to purchase Australian grown and processed pork. The ‘Made in Australia’ statement does not necessarily mean the pork was produced here as the labelling laws are quite confusing. The pink PorkMark logo guarantees your product is 100% Australian. “Supporting our Aussie farmers is very important to me and gives us a huge amount of pride having the ability to fulfil this”, says Geoffrey Allen, Lismore store manager. Not only can your butcher supply premium local produce, they are able to assist you in choosing the right cut and quantity for every occasion. Customers are constantly raving about Country Meats being that good old fashioned butcher, who go the extra mile for their


Trades & Services

customers.“Customers often ask “how would I cook this?” or “what cut do I use for this?”, says Scott Easterbrook, butcher and owner of Country Meats. “The great part of my job is that I get to assist my customers when they need advice. Meat is a product that needs to be cooked correctly, to consume at its prime. Buying great meat is only half the equation, cooking perfectly is the key. We love to help and educate our customers through our weekly emails, Facebook page, website and of course over the counter. Knowing they will enjoy our meat gives us all great satisfaction”.

Butchers Tip Ask Where is it From Country Meats beef and pork is grown and produced in the Northern Rivers. Their lamb is sourced from the lush pastures of Tasmanian and Victorian regions and Chicken grown up the road in nearby Brisbane. Keep food miles low and support local farmers! How would I cook this/What cut do I use? Always ask your butcher if you are unsure how to cook a cut or are unsure of which cut to use as they will be able to point you in the right direction for the best end result, they are often able to save you money on utilising the cheaper cuts too. The Convenient Butcher Country Meats is all about convenience whilst supplying a premium product. If you’re short on time, place an order from their website or by email & they will have it ready when the time suits you! Also with a large array of Meat Packs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Country Meats Promotions Be sure to enter the Country Meats promotions both in-store & online to win vouchers! Subscribe to their weekly specials emails to ensure you don’t miss out on fantastic specials, bulk buy deals, giveaways, recipes & more! Country Meats are open 7 days a week, in 3 great locations: Lismore, Goonellabah and Ballina. Visit www.countrymeats.net. au for further details or drop in for award winning bacon… See what all the locals are raving about!


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Options Alstonville

Pumping out delicious fresh coffees and healthy, tasty meals. Options provides you with yummy food to ease your conscience. Many of Options in Alstonville’s products and produce are sourced / produced locally in the district or on the North Coast. Their beautiful macadamia products come from Macadamia Oils of Australia; Brookfarm Mueslies from Byron; Botero Coffee from Maclean; Gelato from Ballina; Rice from Dungarubba and so on. Your options include: delicious gelato, home made sushi, wraps, burgers, coffee, cakes, take home dinners and yummy gluten free products. Do you have a special event coming up soon? We also offer private catering. Let the team at Options create delicious homemade cuisine for your event Choose the menu to suit your style and budget from simple finger food to full buffet. Servicing the Ballina to Byron and Lismore areas.

The Point Restaurant Ballina

Positioned on absolute waterfront, The Point is a truly spectacular Ballina establishment to impress your friends and family. Antipasti plate, local salami picante, Sobrasada and prosciutto, olives, semi dried tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, Danish feta and toasted sourdough. “The Point” sharing plate, soft shell crab, house cured salmon, natural oysters and garlic king prawns served with celeriac remoulade, ponzu sauce and grilled lime. Chicken parmigiana, tomato, feta and pesto, served with garden salad and fries. Pan roasted Atlantic salmon, with kiplfer potatoes, heirloom tomato, baby herbs, asparagus and eggplant puree. Saffron risotto, with king prawns, green peas, roasted capsicum, mascarpone and chive oil. House made pappardelle with duck ragu, tomato, crispy sage and manchego. Squid ink linguini, with king prawns, vongole, barramundi with verjus, chilli, tomato and basil. Eye fillet, on potato rosti, caramelised eschallot, pancetta lardons, mushroom duxelle and jus.

6628 0090 | 1/75 Main St, Alstonville Open: 7 Days a week

6618 1188 | 2 Martin St ‘The Ramada’, Ballina Open: 7 Days a week

Kinoko Sushi Byron Bay

Miss Lizzes Restaurant Lismore

Kinoko Sushi Bar and Restaurant serves up a modern twist on the Japanese cuisine in a clean and contemporary environment. Dishes range from innovative sushi, share plates and fusion inspired main meals. Kinoko welcomes you to enjoy their warm and relaxed hospitality, a favourite amongst the diverse and creative locals of Byron Bay. Your options include: a vast array of plates from the Sushi train, custom made sushi, tapas, side dishes, sashimi, special sushi rolls, salads, tempuras, soups, stir-fry noodles, Japanese curry, main meals and deserts. Byron Roll, filled with sautéed tofu and olive paste, coated with an assortment of grilled vegetables and drizzled with balsamic dressing. Dragon Roll, prawn tempura, seared kingfish and cucumber sushi coated with avocado, ikura and teriyaki sauce. Haloumi Cheese Tempura, served with teriyaki sauce. Beef Cheek Kakuni, slow cooked beef cheeks in a soy and red wine reduction, with steamed pak-choy and wasabi potato mash. Sesame Salmon, pan fried salmon coated with crispy sesame seeds, served with shiitake mushroom risotto and salad. 6680 9044 | 23 Jonson St, Byron Bay Open: 7 Days a week

Miss Lizzies is about accessible luxury. Restaurateurs John and Carol Quilkey have created a style that has to be experienced to be understood. It’s a culmination of good food, fine wine, the great service and the atmosphere all coming together. Gnocchi, housemade sicilian gnocchi with ricotta, sultanas, basil & pine nuts, eggplant, finished in napoli with shaved parmesan and rocket salad. Handmade Duck Spring Rolls, pickled cucumber folds julienne vegetable garnish and hoisin dipping sauce. Vegetarian Risotto, mediterranean vegetables; eggplant, zucchini, garlic and parmesan finished with mixed fresh herbs and goats cheese. Beef Tenderloin, prime 22o gram served resting on a ’ brawl ’ of vegetables zucchini, chat potatoes, spanish onion, cherry tomato flavoured with a touch of chilli and lemon zest finished with a drizzle of jus and sweet potato crisps to complete. Oven Baked Four Pin Lamb Rack, served resting on caramelised onion and blue cheese potato bake with honey, asparagus and pumpkin ragout red wine jus. Slow Cooked Sweet Bangalow Pork Belly, served resting on sautéed potatoes and braised cabbage finished with chefs own peach compote. Hot Smoked Salmon Nicoise Salad, with potato, crisp green beans, spanish onion, quality olives, baby spinach, finished with six minute egg.

6622 7394 | 36 Woodlark St, Lismore Open: 11:30am - 2:30pm Mon to Fri Open: 06:00pm - 9:00pm Mon to Sat



The 300-year chronology of its construction offers an insight into the metamorphosis of carving and sculpture in the Angkorian period.

10. Khmer Cuisine

Everyone has tried Thai and Vietnamese specialities before they hit the region, but Khmer cuisine remains under the culinary radar. Amok (baked fish with lemongrass, chilli and coconut) is the national dish, but sumptuous seafood and fresh fish dishes are plentiful, including Kep crab infused with Kampot pepper. It wouldn’t be Asia without street snacks and Cambodia delivers everything from noodles (mee) and congee (bobor or rice porridge) to deep-fried tarantulas and roasted crickets. With subtle spices and delicate herbs, the food in Cambodia is an unexpected epicurean experience. *This is an edited extract from Lonely Planet Cambodia (9th Edition) by Nick Ray and Greg Bloom.

Cambodia Top 10 places to visit 1. Siem reap and the temples of Angkor

The life-support system for the temples of Angkor, Siem Reap was always destined for great things. It has reinvented itself as the epicentre of chic Cambodia, with everything from backpacker party pads to hip hotels, world-class wining and dining, and sumptuous spas.

2. Phnom Penh

The Cambodian capital is a chaotic yet charming city that has thrown off the shadows of the past to embrace a brighter future. Boasting one of the most beautiful riverfronts in the region, Phnom Penh is in the midst of a boom, with hotels, restaurants and bars ready to welcome urban explorers. Experience emotional extremes at the inspiring National Museum and the depressing Tuol Sleng prison, showcasing the best and worst of Cambodian history. Once the “Pearl of Asia”, Phnom Penh is fast regaining its shine.

3. Sihanoukville

Despite a reputation for backpacker hedonism, Sihanoukville’s real appeal lies in its beaches. On nearby islands like Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, resorts are creating a laid-back beachbungalow vibe. On the mainland, it’s only 5km from Sihanoukville’s grittier central beach, Occheuteal, to Otres Beach, mellow and sublime despite the long-looming threat of development. More central Victory Beach, Independence Beach, Sokha Beach, and even Occheuteal and backpacker favourite Serendipity Beach all have their charms.

4. Battambang

The real Cambodia, far from the jetset destinations of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Unfurling along the banks of the Sangker River, Battambang is one of the country’s best-preserved colonial-era towns. Shophouses host everything from fair-trade cafes to bike excursions. Beyond the town lie the Cambodian countryside and a cluster of ancient temples – while they’re not exactly Angkor Wat, they lack the crowds. Further afield is Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, a world-class bird sanctuary.

5. Kampt and Kep

Kampot Province has emerged as one of Cambodia’s most alluring destinations thanks to a hard-to-beat combination of old colonial



Lonely Planet

architecture, abundant natural attractions and easy intra-regional transport. Enchanted visitors often end up staying in the sleepy, atmospheric provincial capital of Kampot rather longer than planned. Nearby Kep is but a hop away and the province is riddled with honeycombed limestone caves, some providing shelter to centuries-old brick temples from the pre-Angkorian period.

6. Mondulkiri

Eventually the endless rice fields and sugar palms that characterise the Cambodian landscape give way to rolling hills. Mondulkiri is the wild east, home to the hardy Bunong people, who still practise animism and ancestor worship. Elephants are used here, but better than riding them is visiting them at the Elephant Valley Project, where you can experience “walking with the herd”. Add thunderous waterfalls, jungle treks and spotting endangered black-shanked douc (a primate) to the mix and you have the right recipe for adventure.

7. Ratanakiri

The setting for Colonel Kurtz’s jungle camp in Apocalypse Now, Ratanakiri is one of Cambodia’s most remote and pretty provinces. Home to Virachey National Park, one of the largest protected areas in the country, this is serious trekking country. Possible animal encounters here include elephants and gibbons. Swimming is popular too, with jungle waterfalls and a beautiful crater lake within striking distance of provincial capital Ban Lung.

8. Kratie

Gateway to the rare freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins of the Mekong River. The town has a decaying colonial grandeur and some of the country’s best Mekong sunsets. Nearby Koh Trong island is a relaxing place to experience a homestay or explore on two wheels. North of Kratie, the Mekong Discovery Trail has adventures themed around the river, including community-based homestays, bicycle rides and boat trips.

9. Prasat Preah Vihear

The mother of all mountain temples, Prasat Preah Vihear stands majestically atop the Dangkrek Mountains, forming a controversial border post between Cambodia and Thailand. The foundation stones of the temple stretch to the edge of the cliff as it falls away to the plains below, and the views across northern Cambodia are incredible.

When to go:

High Season (November – March) Cool and windy, with almost Mediterranean temperatures; the best all-round time to be here. Book accommodation in advance during the peak Christmas and New Year period. The new edition of Lonely Planet’s Cambodia guide book.

Shoulder (July – August) Wet in most parts of Cambodia, with high humidity, but the landscapes are a beautiful emerald green. South Coast can be busy as Western visitors escape for summer holidays while school is out.

Low Season (April – June, September – October) April and May spells the hot season, when the mercury hits 40C and visitors melt. September and October can be wet, but awesome storms and cloud formations accompany the deluge.

Daily Budget: Local currency: Riel

Mid-range: $54-$215; airconditioned hotel room $20–$60 Decent local restaurant meal: $10-$15+ Local tour guide a day: $30+

Writing a book in Paris: The good, the great, and the even granderg Aboard By Candace Davis

After successfully crowd-funding my first book, a memoir about love, I made my way to Paris last month to write it. I found being in the city of love to be both inspiring and incredibly humbling in just the right quantities.

to get out and discover something new in Paris every day and spend the evenings holed away in my apartment writing. I ended up finishing in three weeks, which gave me a week’s head start on editing before returning home.

It was inspiring to be surrounded by the physical fairy tale of it all—the gothic architecture, manicured gardens, ivy-clad buildings, cobblestone streets, grand palaces, and hidden squares. But at the same time it was humbling to uncover the history of Paris and walk in the footsteps of some highly respected authors who also made the city home including Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce and Orwell.

My favourite places were always the quiet ones, usually on the rainy mornings. Paris has some beautiful parks, fascinating museums, stunning bridges, and plenty of steps. My favourite district would have to be the magic of the Marais (once the marsh). It’s a vibrant neighbourhood filled with hip cafes, medieval laneways, vintage boutiques, and plenty of things to see and do including the Centre Pompidou, Musee Carnavalet, Musee Victor Hugo, and place des Vosges. And it’s not overly touristy, so you feel more like a local living it up in the wonderland that is Paris.

When I arrived in my little studio apartment in Montmartre, the city’s steepest district and arguably one of its most artistic, I was immediately hit with the smell of crepes and the reality of writing a 50,000 word book in a month. After my project was successfully crowd funded earlier this year, I began researching, interviewing and planning it. But, inspired by writers who pen a novel in a month, the writing was going to take place while I was in Paris. I found a gorgeous little cafe, tucked away at the top of a hill in Montmartre, ordered a cafe creme and just stared at my laptop. There I was, finally in Paris and about to write my first book, and I couldn’t think of a thing to say...

Aside from the views from the top of the Centre Pompidou, you can also get an idea of the wonders of the city from the Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Tour Montparnasse. I would personally recommend the Musee d’Orsay and the Catacombes, both of which changed my perspective on life for completely opposing reasons. I was drawn to Paris to write my first book and I emerged an author (well, almost), but also a traveller, dreamer, and a changed woman.

Instead of forcing something that clearly wasn’t there yet, I let myself settle in first. I wandered the streets and got caught up in the magic that is Paris. With time, and many hours gazing out windows, the words finally started to flow. In an effort to balance ‘work’ with being a tourist, I tried

A fresh new look!

New logo, new colours, new furniture… Same great service, professional care and friendly environment with experienced staff having travelled to every continent and over 60 countries. Come in and say hello to Margie, Kate and Jodie, they would love to see you. To celebrate their fresh new look, they are giving away a free Fill2Pure water bottle every month until Christmas. For every booking you make over $100 with Duck Creek Mountain Travel you will get an entry form. Just complete the entry form, put in in the box in-store and you automatically go in the draw…simple as that. Ensure you are always drinking safe water while overseas, and at the same time save yourself money and know you are not leaving a trail of plastic behind you. Margie used one in Cambodia and everyone was envious!

Duck Creek Mountain Travel

You’ll experience the difference when you book with Duck Creek Mountain Travel who have been locally owned and operated for over 15 years - they know how to look after you. Follow them on Facebook, and follow the adventures of their mascot “Kaboy” the lucky duck who travels the world with them. He has just been to Fiji with Jodie. They can recommend a reliable and caring Pet Minding Service or they can book you on a unique cycling tour in France with “Bubbles and Bikes”. So, contact Margie, Kate and Jodie as they will endeavour to exceed your expectations. And always remember that...

“Travel is the only thing you buy that truly makes you richer.”



Tips on decorating a baby nursery Cortnei | NR Family Magazine

An end to Bullying

You’re expecting a baby and suddenly you need to find the time and the budget for decorating a nursery. However, before unleashing your credit cards, there are a few basic tips you should take into consideration when decorating a baby nursery to avoid having to redecorate in a year or two:

Bullying. It’s an issue that seems to have become part of life. We’ve all heard the words ‘it’s just kids being kids’, but that’s the type of acceptance people once had for racism, and thankfully things have progressed a long way since then.

The Colour Scheme This should be your first consideration when decorating a baby nursery. Pale yellows, grey, lilacs, or cream colours are a good foundation and will be suitable for both boys and girls, infants and toddlers. If you are determined to go with pinks and blues, you can make the look more flexible by keeping the colours pale, and then adding accent colours in bright primary colours. You can find a large assortment of stick-on borders that are easy to remove and change as your baby grows. Then pick up the border colours in your baby linens, lamps, curtains, mobiles, and dressers. You can paint an existing dresser in one of the border colours, and then easily repaint it when your child decides he or she has a favourite colour. You can also decorate dressers with stickers or hand paint designs on the wood.

Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful, and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more people.

A Sturdy Rocking Chair You will find this item to be a sanity saver as your baby finally falls asleep in your arms. And you may even drift off yourself if the rocker is sufficiently comfy. Either make or buy soft, deep seat cushions and pillows for your back in one of the colours on the walls’ border. A High Quality Cot In decorating a baby nursery, the most crucial element is the cot. The cot must be of the best quality you can afford and certifiably safe for infants. Cots come in a multitude of styles, colours, and materials. Remember that you don’t have to match the rest of your furniture to your cot. You can still have a clean white cot with a pale pine or oak dresser. Mix up plastics and woods, patterns and solid to design the most flexible plan for decorating a baby nursery.

In Aussie schools 1 in 4 kids experience bullying. Sadly, these are just the reported statistics Bullying is at its peak between years’ 5 and 8, so kids as young as 9 are frequently dealing with this heartbreaking issue. With easier access to technology and social media, bullying can be relentless for those affected. Sometimes kids are too afraid to open up, assuming that this will just create more of a problem. So what can we do as parents to identify if our kids need support? Just looking out for some of the signs can help us to address bullying; • Not wanting to go to school • Changing method or route to get to school • Changes in sleeping patterns • Changes in eating patterns • Frequent tears, anger, mood swings • Unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches • Missing or damaged belongings/clothes • Arriving home hungry In around 90% of bullying incidents there are

Inspiring Change Challenge bystanders present, but very few actually do anything. Bullying can make kids feel isolated and alone. So why would we want to accept this? Recently secondary schools in the Ballina Shire took part in the innovative Inspiring Change Challenge (ICC). Unlike traditional education programs, the kids had to do the social research and find out about the topic of bullying themselves. They developed their own anti-bullying campaign ideas and pitched them to a panel of judges, including Founder of the ICC, Clare Southwell from Third & Public marketing. The idea behind ICC is that kids feel empowered, and as a result, inspire positive change in their peers. A winning anti-bullying concept was selected by the judges, and over the coming months Third & Public and award-winning photographer Craig Parry, will work with the kids to develop a real life media campaign. The campaign will target bystanders with the message ‘don’t let them fight it alone’. Watch this space as it unfolds and as kids in the Northern Rivers inspire change. If you need support visit: www.bullyingnoway.gov.au For more about the ICC visit:

inspiringchangechallenge.com Source: bullyingnoway.gov.au 2014

Assorted Linens Use your baby linens to change the look of the room when decorating a baby nursery. Sew or buy a number of washable duvets so you can change them often and wash them easily. Stock up on some plain white fitted cot sheets for those times when you know you’ll be tossing them out. It’s better than throwing away a beautiful patterned sheet that matches a number of elements in the nursery. These are the fundamentals to get you started on decorating a baby nursery. After you have your colour scheme and basic furnishings, you can move onto the fun, incredibly cute design elements available for decorating baby nurseries. Get your copy of NR Family Magazine today. Distributed through schools, pre-schools, libraries, shops, cafe’s, medical centres, day care centres and family attractions with magazine Stands located at Lismore Shopping Square, Central Shopping Centre and Alstonville Plaza. Also view our magazine online at www.nrfamily.com



Elizabeth Ann Brown Park, Alstonville

Who doesn’t love a bit of science? | By Holly Tucker It’s all around you in everything you do from the dew on the grass in the morning to the creation of your favourite cake! Mmmmm cake… What I’m trying to say is I love science (which is probably why I’m a science teacher!). So I thought I’d give you a couple of fun experiments you can do at home with your kids or even just for yourself! Personally I think older kids (and adults) love it just as much as younger kids.

Ice-Cream in a Bag!


Ever had your kids at home begging you for an ice cream but you have nothing in the freezer? Then this is for you!

1. Fill the small/medium bag with the milk, sugar and flavouring. Seal the bag, make sure it’s sealed or your ice cream will taste REALLY salty.

What you will need:

2. Fill the larger bag halfway full of ice and the salt.

1 Tbsp of Sugar 1/2 cup of Milk, Cream or half and half 1/4 Tsp of Vanilla Extract (You can pick a different flavouring, its up to you) 1 x Medium/Small Zip-Lock Bag 1 x Large Zip-Lock Bag

3. Put the sealed smaller bag into the bigger bag and then seal the big bag. 4. Shake the bag, and roll it around for about 5 minutes (you might want to cover your hands with a towel as it will get very cold and wet from condensation).

6 Tbsp Rock Salt (Table salt will also work) Enough ice to fill a large zip-lock back halfway

5. Once it’s feeling solid, remove the smaller bag, rinse off the outside. Then open and enjoy!

Crazy Putty!


Who doesn’t like crazy putty! Squishy and gooey it is a definitely favourite in my classroom and here’s how you can make it at home! Warning: Do not consume

What you will need: 2 x Containers

1. Fill the bottom of the larger bag/container with PVA glue. 2. Add a few drops of water and stir. 3. Add a few drops of food colouring and stir. 4. Add a squirt of the borax solution a little at a time until you get the right consistency you want (stirring all the while).

(one smaller than the other - I use ziplock bags) Water Food colouring PVA glue Borax Solution 1 Tbsp of Borax 1 Cup of Water

Borax Solution: 1. Mix Borax with the cup of water to make the Borax Solution.

5. Stir the mixture up and pit it into the small bag/container.

What’s happening: The PVA glue or polyvinyl acetate is a type of polymer, while borax is a chemical called sodium borate. When mixed together with water, the borax reacts with the glue molecules, combining them into one massive molecule. This new compound is then able to take up large amounts of water, resulting in a putty-like substance, which is squishy in your hands and possible even to bounce.



Cancer | The Silent Killer New report shows cancer the No. 1 global killer Increased incidence gives rise to harmful cancer myths

Sorting fact from fiction, with iheard mobile app

A new global scientific report released this year for World Cancer Day shows that cancer is the biggest cause of mortality worldwide, responsible for 8.2 million deaths per year and rising.

Mr Slevin, who chairs Cancer Council Australia’s Occupational and Environmental Cancers Committee, said the prevalence of cancer had given rise to misinformation and cancer myths.

The World Cancer Report also predicts that cancer incidence will increase by 75% over the next two decades, exceeding 20 million new cases a year in 2025.

To help Australians sort cancer fact from fiction, Cancer Council has created a mobile app for its ‘iheard’ website (iheard.com.au).

Cancer Council Australia spokesperson, Terry Slevin, said reasons for the increase varied in different countries. “Australia has one of the world’s highest cancer incidence rates, third in the world behind Denmark and France, largely because of our ageing population. “Australians are living longer than previous generations, thanks to improved infection and cardiovascular disease control. Unfortunately cancer is a disease that is more likely to affect us later in life, so the longer Australians live, the more cancer cases we see,” Mr Slevin said. “Extended life expectancy in the developing world is also increasing cancer rates globally. Unfortunately, developing countries are also adopting the worst of our Western lifestyle, such as smoking, poor diet and inactivity, which is significantly contributing to global cancer prevalence. “We need to act as a global community and do what we know works to reduce the cancer burden – promoting a healthy lifestyle, evidence-based screening programs, and access to lifesaving medicine.”



“If you believed everything on the internet about cancer, you’d be scared to leave the house. Myths and misinformation about cancer, often spread on the internet, can distract people from doing the basic, proven things that will reduce their risk,” Mr Slevin said. “We get asked all sorts of questions about cancer – everything from whether lipstick will give you cancer to whether you can cure yourself with baking soda,” Mr Slevin said. “We want to help Australians separate scientific fact from fiction. The message is simple: to lower your cancer risk, don’t smoke, do eat a balanced diet and be active, avoid harmful UV radiation, limit your alcohol consumption. “Screen for bowel, cervical and breast cancers if you’re in the appropriate age groups, and consult your GP if you are notice any unusual changes in the way your body feels or is functioning.” Details on the iheard mobile app can be found at www.cancer. org.au/iheard. The theme for World Cancer Day is ‘Debunk the myths’. Find out more at www. worldcancerday.org

Visited the dentist?

Dr Justin Pakin | Plateau Dental Care

As a dentist I treat people every day who range from mildly anxious to severely phobic in the dental surgery. For these people going to the dentist or having treatment done is a harrowing experience. Lying in the dental chair with your mouth open for inspection is an especially vulnerable position.

Alzheimer’s Prevention What is “Chiropractic Hayley Stathis | New Leaf Naturopath In 2050, it is estimated that one in 30 Australians will have Alzheimer’s disease, a form of Dementia that causes memory loss, mood changes and brain shrinkage.

Is there anything we can do to prevent this increasingly prevalent disease? Yes, there is! There is a common misconception that Alzheimer’s disease is genetic. In truth, only early-onset Alzheimer’s has definite genetic links. While this is the most severe form of the disease, it accounts for just 1% of cases. The other 99% of Alzheimer’s is due to environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the Mediterranean diet (lots of fish and quality protein, plenty of vegetables, herbs and spices, healthy oils, not too many grains, very little sugar and no processed foods) as a preventative diet for Alzheimer’s. The Mediterranean diet delivers high levels of antioxidants, which are protective to the brain. It is also a low-glycaemic diet, helping prevent Type 2 Diabetes and obesity, both of which are risk factors for Alzheimer’s. Coconut oil has also been shown to help prevent dementia. Coconut oil contains Caprylic acid, a medium chain fatty acid that protects the brain and provides an alternative energy source to glucose starved brain cells. I always ask patients to take a teaspoon a day (at least!) as part of their prevention plan. Ginkgo biloba is my herb of choice for Alzheimer’s prevention due to its excellent brain-protective properties. Ginkgo can also be of benefit in those already diagnosed, and has been shown to work beautifully alongside Donepezil, the drug most often prescribed for Alzheimer’s treatment. People taking both Ginkgo and Donepezil fared better and had fewer side effects. In 2009, research was published outlining the benefits of vitamin B12, B6 and folate supplementation in preventing and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s. These three B vitamins help to slow brain shrinkage and have been found to be deficient in many dementia sufferers. Finally, keeping your brain active is highly important. The old ‘use it or lose it’ mantra has proven true! So learn a new language, read books, stay socially engaged with your community to keep your brain fit and healthy.

Without The Crack”?

Shaun Cashman | Alstonville Complete Care

For 119 years people have associated going to the chiropractor with “getting their back cracked”. As with all professions, techniques develop and it was found possible to get the same, if not better results, without the need for “cracking”. Using the gentle chiropractic technique of SOT all areas of the spine, including the neck, can be gently realigned and loosened. People often forget that the body is self-healing. When you cut yourself your body doesn’t wait for you to say “OK let’s heal now”. It just does it. So when your back goes out, why doesn’t the spine self-correct? The main reason it fails is because most current problems are the result of long term injuries that by the time they become painful have had years to set in. That’s where the chiropractor comes in. He/she gives the body just enough extra force to start the self-healing. In the vast majority of situations this extra force can be very small so long as it is applied in a precise way. Guiding the body back to self-healing is the foundation of all chiropractic. It’s this gentle approach that makes chiropractic safe and effective for all ages.

People can be nervous at the dentist for a variety of reasons. Some have bad memories of treatment they had as children when there was more of a ‘put up or shut up’ attitude. These anxieties/phobias can run deep. Some are fearful of feeling pain and others do not like being out of control. It is obviously important to visit the dentist for checks and cleans in order to maintain a clean healthy mouth but some of these anxieties/phobias can stop people from coming in. The result is that we end up seeing patients who have let problems fester for too long and subsequently have more complex, difficult to treat and costly problems. If they had come in sooner then they may have just needed a simple filling. Easier said than done though. Coming to the dentist can get easier for these patients but it may involve a few visits in which their confidence is rebuilt. This can only happen in an environment where there is care, understanding and no judgement. One of the most important elements in the relationship between dentist and patient is trust. If trust can be built then patients with these issues can become significantly more comfortable with coming to the dentist. Of course there are also other aids to help people relax during treatment and this may involve listening to soothing music, watching movies as a distraction, breathing in happy gas or even taking sedative medication prior to the appointment. When the patient does not want to be aware of treatment, we can offer either treatment done under IV sedation or general anaesthetic. It is important for people to understand that the way they feel about going to the dentist can be improved dramatically but it often just takes that first step.

For contact details view advert to the right. Alstonville Complete Care 6628 1654

New Leaf Naturopath Alstonville 0412 228 782 | www.newleafnaturopath.com



Colour Masques - coloured conditioner. A luxurious colour story that boosts colour vibrancy and prevents colour fade. $25.95 | O! Hair Alstonville

Hydra Milk Cleanser - No AHA Removes Make-up and impurities and provides intensive hydration. Contains Camomile Essential Oil, Suits All Skin & Dry, Sensitive. $48.80 | REVEAL Skin & Body

It’s almost here...

Mel | O! Hair Alstonville

The time to enjoy warmer, longer days, but still cool nights! That also means it’s time to reinvent yourself, and liven up your image. As we move into spring, colours become alive. This coming season will see a merging of our love for pastels, mixed with the vibrant colours that represent happy life. Glorious honey and toffee tones will represent the move into spring, just at the same time the bees come out to play. Blondes will be infused with honey beige. These tones will add shine and richness to your colour. Brunettes will adore warm cocoa, adding unbelievable shine to your locks. Apricot based reds will also come to town. This means a slight change from red/copper, to more copper/blonde. Who doesn’t admire a strawberry blonde on those with a fairer skin tone?

Purifying Cleanser - BHA Removes Impurities & Excess Skin oil, leaves skin smooth and bright(emulsify with water until foaming). Contains Salicylic Acid, Liquorice Extract, Aloe Vera, Hamamelis Extract, Suits Oily/Acne Prone Skin. $47 | REVEAL Skin & Body

Myrtle & Moss Body products perfect to lather yourself with after a hard days work. From $12.95 | Alstonville Garden House

Deep, soft waves will also be taking over from dead straight, flat hair. Waves are amazing for thin/fine hair, as they add body and controlled movement. Also amazing for frizzy, unruly hair as you can gain better control. So get that curling iron out the of bathroom cupboard! Where’s your hot rollers? Take large sections of hair, using a heat protector, set your hair and allow it to cool. Then gently ease it apart, all with your fingers. Finish with a light serum. At O! Hair, we take great pride in “keeping up” with the latest trends! So, we’d like to introduce NAK COLOUR MASQUES; • Ten reflective colour shades, formulated with sea proteins, treatment botanicals, and gloss enhancing macadamia oils. • This collection is designed to not only refresh high fashion shades, but also add shine and tone to natural hair. And can be used to maintain colour between salon visits. • Incorporating shades ranging from Honey Beige, Orange Copper, and Mulberry Wine. With the added delights of Red Rouge, Dark Chocolate, Deep Espresso, Vintage Rose, Burnt Toffee, Violet Pearl and Silver Pearl.

NAK ultimate treatment, designed to rebuild damaged hair, containing Argan oil, keratin & silk amino acids. $23.95 | O! Hair Alstonville


Hair & Beauty

Facial Gel Cleanser - AHA Removes Make-up while helping with exfoliation which improves the penetration of further products (emulsify with water until foaming). Contains Lactic Acid, Suits Normal to Combination Skin Types. $42 | REVEAL Skin & Body

Call in, visit us, mention the COLOUR MASQUE and with your next shampoo / blow dry, we would love to give you a complimentary in salon masque. And remember, Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Spring Racing Racing Fashion at its finest this Spring It’s upon us, It’s spring! You know what that means, spring racing is in the air. This year is layers of lace, lashings of lace! Sounds decadent doesn’t it? Well it is, a serving of delicious colours this season, with white being one of the on trend colours for 2014/15.. It’s going to be on of our most adventurous when it comes to spring this year.. Pretty prints for every girl, many with florals pressed tightly, to give a petite look! Monochrome is about, this time you will notice it’s been splashed with bold colours like, orange, red and of course bold blues and evergreens... Don’t forget that with every complete Race wear look, one must have that perfect head piece! Choose a Millinery style to suit your personality, if you love bright, bold colours? Maybe even choose lots of feathers? Lace in your headpiece? It’s all on tread this spring carnival. Try

express yourself when choosing Millinery with style, think about it! Is this fascinator or hat showing my personality. Like you would with your dress! It’s all about being an individual, the more interesting your personality, then the more interesting your choice of head piece should be.. Think about how we love to see all the different looks at the local races! Well be one of those girls, that everyone wants to look at!! This year is Ballina Cup on Friday September 12th, it’s a half day public holiday. So use that day (or loose it) to attend one of the biggest race meets on the Northern Rivers! Candylane will again host the Fashions On The Field, it’s going to be an Epic day. Anna Mott, from Australian Racing Fashion will again be coming up this year to judge our local Fashions.. Anna will also be giving out some extra special treats for lots of lovely

ladies, she thinks look just beautiful. So this is your time to shine... we have a few of our local ladies also judging alongside Anna. Angela McCormick, Julie Casey, Jodi Hackett and a special (male guest) to help our ladies make those big decisions! This year our categories for FOTF, are as follows! • Most Elegant Lady • Young Fashionista • Best Dressed Man • Most Stylish Couple • Best Head Piece Exciting News! Ballina Jockey Club is giving away a holiday! Yes “HOLIDAY FOR TWO TO HAMILTON ISLAND” for (anyone) even entering one of the above categories in fashions, will go into the draw to win this amazing prize.. This was graciously donated by Robert Oatley the owner of Wild Oats wines and the owner of Hamilton Island paradise.. What an awesome prize that would be to win? So

Candy Lane Fashion come on! get your heels out, frocks on and hats out girls and guys. We have some wonderful prizes to give away from some of your very generous local businesses: • Candylane in Alstonville Village • The beautiful Ramada on the famous Ballina riverside • Smooth Hair tanning and beauty salon • Julie Casey Millinery • Wallace & Co men’s and ladies wear on river st Ballina • Ballina Cruise & Travel on River St • Wild Oats wines • Slipway Hotel And many more of our lovely little local business that support these local events.. We will be talking to on the day! Everyone, get out and enjoy our beautiful Northern Rivers and give yourself a lovely 1/2 day outing.. All thanks to the Boss!



Brainstorm Productions Local Alstonville business Brainstorm Productions are Australia’s largest children’s touring theatre company, performing to over 350,000 school students every year. Established in 1983, this multiaward winning business tours 1,700 shows annually that tackle a diverse range of issues effecting Australian kids including bullying, cyber bullying, violence, under-age drinking, depression, eating disorders, family separation and discrimination.

Using real-life scenarios, Brainstorm Productions shows tap into the three-dimensional world of relationships and human interaction by using live theatre. Unlike conventional classroom lessons, educational theatre has the ability to connect with students on an emotional level, and this approach helps kids to develop a deeper understanding about themselves and their behaviour. This method is both innovative and very powerful in instigating positive change. “The key, we feel, to reaching kids and impacting upon them is teaching without preaching. Storytelling, drama and music have been used since the beginning of time to educate and engage individuals and whole societies. It unites people in a shared experience and is a springboard for discussion about what it means to be part of a community. In this way we give strong and emotional lessons to kids, whilst entertaining them at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.” says Jenny Johnson, co-founder of Brainstorm Productions. Brainstorm Productions have won the NSW Department of Education’s Frater Award for ‘Best Feedback from Schools’ for ten consecutive years and their show ‘Sticks & Stones’ was the recipient of an ‘Australian Violence Prevention Award’ from the Department of Criminology. The business was also a major partner of the Australian Government’s ‘2014 Privacy Awareness Week’ and ‘2014 Stay Smart Online Week’. To find out more about Brainstorm Productions, visit www.brainstormproductions.edu.au

Circus Oz

Little Dragons

Following an action-packed national tour crossing Arnhem Land, a Sydney Big Top season, then a smashhit international tour across America to Montreal, Circus Oz rockets into Lismore City Hall with their brand spanking new show But Wait…There’s More.

Alstonville Dance Studio director Suzanne Whiteman, has a new Creative Arts Group for people with and without disabilities. The Studio has been running integrated dance classes for many years, and now has Dance and Art Workshops the first and third Sunday of each month from 1 to 4pm and will hold regular School Holiday Workshops for this group known as the Little Dragons.

Breathtaking feats, ridiculous fun and Australian humour for audiences of all ages

Cooked up in their custom-built secret circus laboratory in the heart of Collingwood, Melbourne, and performed within a spectacular large-scale set inspired by an abandoned theatre in tatters, But Wait…There’s More will be a punchy, exciting and funny vaudeville-inspired show for humans of all ages. Audiences can expect an astonishing mix of stunt-jumping acrobatics, cutting-edge juggling, virtuosic unicycling, elegant trapeze flying, cheeky impersonations, ridiculous knockabout and multiskilled human physical exuberance, all accompanied by an original, rocking eclectic live band. “With so many new artists joining our ensemble, we are excited about the explosion of ideas and creativity that will emerge through the collaborative process.” Mike Finch, Circus Oz Artistic Director “A blend of high energy acrobatics, juggling, magic, exuberant clowning and all around derring do”. New York Post “This Circus Oz show is all about acceleration. It builds from small spaces into a thrilling, epic climax.” Julian Louis, NORPA Artistic Director Patron advice Suitable for all ages May feature fire, smoke machines and strobe lighting NORPA is a leading regional theatre company based in the Lismore City Hall. They create and produce their own work, as well as present an annual season of dynamic theatre from some of Australia’s best performing arts companies.

A new Alstonville Integrated Creative Arts Group for people with and without disabilities.

So far it has been a great success, Parents and Carers, extended family and friends have been joining in on the workshops and there has been an instant feeling of family and community, everyone is having a great time including the staff. It has been so much fun to work truly creatively in the moment in the dance workshops, with those dancers who could not engage at the start, being the ones who did not want to go home. At the recent four day July School Holiday Workshop art and craft classes were also introduced for those who did not wish to participate in long dance sessions. Amazing results achieved with everyone producing their own canvas with the help of the groups art teacher and therapist Jeanette Khron, the group hopes to extend this idea and work on a mural at The Alstonville Dance Studio in its September Holiday Workshop to be held the week of 22 to 26 September (over some very bad graffiti – the Studio has been a victim of graffiti on several occasions). The Studio also hopes to set up a Creative Collective of Artists and volunteers who wish to work and share their life lessons with artists living with disabilities and welcomes everyone to be part of this new project. All welcome, enquiries: Sue Whiteman 0428 748 294 or alstonvilledancestudio@hotmail.com

NORPA 1300 066 772 | www.norpa.org.au

Candy Lane and Summerland House Farm invite you to a very Pink Affair to raise money for the Breast Cancer Council. Champagne on arrival and a very decadent feast • Featuring local ballet dancers, Black Tie Photobooth and Beautiful music from local duo GirlSeason, plus Fashion Parade, Lucky Door Prizes and Raffles. Show your support and dress in pink.

Sunday 12th October 2014 2pm-5pm


Tickets available from Summerland House Farm • 253 Wardell Road, Alstonville • Tickets & Further Info: 6628 0610 • www.summerlandhousefarm.com.au


Arts & Performances

Georgina Kreutzer

Artistic Profile

I don’t remember a time I wasn’t creative. When my age was still a single digit I had made countless illustrated stories and comic strips, several ‘how to draw’ books, and my sister and I had started work on writing A Bugs Life Two (Pixar is yet to review our creation).

My natural interest in creating things has been continually supported by my parents, two artloving souls themselves. I certainly attribute my attitude towards art, and current position as an autodidactic visual artist, to their continual enthusiasm and encouragement. Currently in between my Bachelor of Architecture (graduated from Griffith last year) and Master of Architecture (commencing at University of Sydney next year), I decided to save some money for the move and in the meantime put a focus back to my interest in art. Studying architecture has allowed me to fuse my several interests in art, physics, and sustainability. To me, architecture is one of the most complete forms of art. It is so public. It directly influences our lives. We live, breathe, eat, sleep, work, and play within it, and the importance of well designed spaces cannot be overstated. To find that many of my favourite architects were also artists confirms my conviction that no matter what, I should prioritise art, in its many forms, as my creative outlet. So long as I’m able to portray colour and light effectively and intriguingly, I’m comfortable focusing on any subject or theme in my work. I’m fascinated with art created during the Impressionist movement. They were some of the first paintings that had nothing to do with significant historical or Biblical events and people but simply focused on the transience of light and colour - applied to anything. I still consider seeing a Monet in the flesh for the first time one of the highlights of my life - I was floored by how he made the paint appear to glow from the canvas. More recently I’ve experimented with an eclectic mix of styles; inverted colour drawings, realism,

hyperrealism, portraiture, landscape and architectural sketches. After gaining some online recognition through a myriad of celebrities and noted public figures (musicians Iggy Azalea and Jared Leto - Thirty Seconds to Mars, supermodel Doutzen Kroes, model Gigi Hadid, fashion designers Chiara Ferragni and Alannah Hill, Radio Host/DJ Nina Las Vegas, Internet personalities Michelle Phan, Waverider Liam and Bunny Meyer) my email inbox began to receive dozens of artwork commissions requests by the day, and online print sales saw a steady rise.

Drawing Tips

Experiment! I am constantly asked by those following me on various social media platforms what materials I use. Your potential is not limited to your resources, but your creativity. My HSC Major Work was created with some run-of-the-mill paint, inexpensive impasto paste, and ground coffee from my family’s coffee farm. The finished paintings held more physical, sentimental, and sensory value than any mediocre subject painted with the highest quality materials. Constant practice is crucial. I’ve gone well past the proverbial one thousand hours to master art, and yet am well aware of how far there is to go. When I was thirteen I drew most of the film Finding Nemo, frame by frame, for practice. It was literally as excruciatingly time-thirsty as it sounds - play for a few seconds, pause, draw the entire scene, repeat. I only stopped because Dad found out I had been using too much copy paper from his study. When drawing or painting from any photographic or life reference don’t be afraid to draw exactly what you see, even if it appears to be wrong, or not the way you would have drawn from imagination. People overlook critical details for instance how skin tone isn’t made of varying shades of one colour, but an entire spectrum of hues through light and shade. View Georgina on: Instagram: @georgina_kreutzer Facebook: Georgina Kreutzer Originals

You can purchase work via: www.georginakreutzer.bigcartel.com

Arts & Performances


Event Calendar October 11 October

Woodburn Riverside Festival

Family-oriented day of activities & entertainment centred on the Richmond River and adjacent Riverside Park www.visitrichmondvalley.com.au

16-18 October

24-26 October

Lismore Showground www.northcoastnational.com.au

Byron Bay www.byronbaysurffestival.com

North Coast National

Alstonville Annual Show Campdraft

Alstonville Showgrounds, Cnr South Street & Commercial Rd, Alstonville www.alstonvilleshow.net

25-26 October

Alstonville Annual Show

Alstonville Showgrounds, Cnr South Street & Commercial Rd, Alstonville www.alstonvilleshow.net

8 November

Tabulam Annual Raceday A family day at the races with children welcome and catered for. Tabulam Racecourse. www.tabulamraces.org

Mullum Music Festival

29 November

Uniting Church Markets

8:00am to 1:00pm Mullumbimby With a ‘Christmas Theme’ at the 4 days, 12 venues and over 120 Alstonville Uniting Church Hall. performances and workshops Lots of stalls and Christmas Gift www.mullummusicfestival.com ideas

Missingham Park, Ballina ballinaprawnfestival.com.au

5 December

Seafood BBQ Cooking Class

12 December

Alstonville Combined Churches Family Christmas Celebration 4:30pm to 7pm, Elizabeth Brown Park.

5:00am to 9:00pm What’s happening: J.A.M. (Jesus and Learn the art behind the perfect Me) puppet and music performance, seafood bbq with chef Julie Ray. face painting, Christmas craft, games, sausage sizzle. Contact: Alstonville Baptist www.peppertreekitchen.com.au Fellowship 6628 5387 for further details.

31 December

Boxing Day

Byron Bay Surf Festival

20-23 November

Ballina Prawn Festival

26 December

Casino Showgrounds The show will showcase a wide variety of events and displays at this year’s agricultural show. www.casinoshowsociety.com

Ballina Amphitheatre, Missingham Park www.ballinacountrymusic.com

15 November


Casino Agricultural Show

Ballina Coastal Country Music Festival

2 November


10-11 October

3-5 October

Alstonville NYE Family Festival Alstonville Show Ground

Rides for the kids, live Band, Fireworks and local food & drink to cater for everyone. The event is fully secured, parking onsite & no alcohol, so you can have a trouble free night out with your family.

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all the best for 2015.

25 December Christmas Day Merry Christmas to all our readers!

31 December

Annual Tropical Fruits New Year’s Eve Festival

Partygoers on NYE can sashay between 2 massive dance spaces featuring top Australian and International DJs www.tropicalfruits.org.au

If you would like to feature on our events page, please email the details of your event including time, date, venue and website.



Candylane’s Tickled Pink and Summerland House Farm’s High Tea

Last year in October we held a beautiful High Tea at the Summerland House Farm. A special ‘feel good’ place! October being a special month for Breast Cancer events. They had three hours of fashion, fun and fabulousness... and more! Raising over $1,700 for this great cause.

This year will be AWESOME again! We have a Fashion Parade from Candylane, Black Tie Photobooths coming along, that means great moments for all to keep and to enjoy. Trust me a photo with your best friends is forever... Master of Ceremonies is the lovely Sarah Moore... Also we have our beautiful local events decorator doing a fabulous job in the specialty styling of this very, high society event! Thank you Deborah Marks Weddings & Occasions.

Lane’s upcoming Tickled Pink High Tea for Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Alstonville. Local singing sensation Karen Hanna has now formed GirlSeason an innovative and fresh guitar duo, who will also be entertaining us with their beautiful harmonies and great repertoire. Just for the girls... Get in early, as tickets sell out fast! See the advertisement in this issue of Zest for extra details!

Don’t forget to dress up in any shade of pink, pink, pink!!! Get in early and secure our spot, as tickets sell out fast! To book a ticket simply call Summerland House Farm on 6628 0610 (ask for the cafe). See the advertisement on page 36 for further details!

Both Natalia and Monique from DANCE LAB bring many years of professional expertise and industry experience to their chosen dance genres. The amazing students will be performing a series of dances to showcase the elegant style they have studied. Students from DANCE LAB AU have recently performed in another successful community production with Byron Ballet of Les Sylphides and Rite of Spring at Byron Community Theatre and Twin Towns on the Tweed and DANCE LAB AU students are excited to be entertaining the guests at Candy

Ballina Prawn Festival Saturday 15th November

Set on the banks of the glorious Richmond River, the Ballina Prawn Festival is one whole day and night of fun, laughter and community. This quintessential Aussie event is a wonderful celebration of the laid backed Ballina lifestyle and brings together thousands of local residents and visitors from throughout the Northern Rivers and beyond. The Prawn Festival, Ballina’s own signature event gives us the chance to bring together our local community. With a jam-packed program there’s a lots of great ways to get involved in all the fun and celebrations. Activities for the day include: • A Grand Opening Parade • DIY Raft Building & River Races • The Iconic Trawler & Boat Parade • Prawn Shelling & Eating Competitions • Macadamia Castle Train Rides & Animal Shows • Amusement Rides including Australia’s largest travelling Ferris Wheel • Sideshow alley with plenty of fun for the kids • TAFE Event Games like Throw a Prawn on the Barbie • Artisan Markets with over 60 Vendors • Chef & Apprentice Crustacean Creation Cook Offs • A Signature Prawn Dish People’s Choice Competition • Eat & Sweet Street featuring local food vendors • Live Music including major Headline Act, The Pigs • The annual Missingham Bridge Fireworks Spectacular 9.00 am to 9.00 pm – Gold Coin Entry Fee For further information or to download a program visit: www.ballinaprawnfestival.com.au

Thank You

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to no longer produce Zest Magazine; it has been a wonderful journey starting with TwoFour7Seven Magazine then expanding to cover further areas and obtain new advertisers. This has been an incredibly hard decision to make. Due to work and family commitments I am not longer able to volunteer on the magazine 3+ days a week. We have uploaded this online version of the Spring Issue with the content we had already completed, therefore several articles and sections have been removed. The last issue had over 6,000 views online and we hope that this will have the same again if not more. Thank you to the advertisers and community for your wonderful support over the past 3 years. Would you like to be the new owner? If you are interested in taking over Zest Magazine please contact Lindsey on 0427 058 966, the magazine would suit an editor, journalist or graphic designer. Training will be offered and files supplied for our advertiser database, magazine layout, business development plans, APP development files (ready to launch) and website files/training. Layout service for future issues is available.

info@zestmagazine.net | www.zestmagazine.net