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3 Letter from the editor 4 Footy Dipping

The best dips for footy wedges and WIN a West Coast Eagles kit

6 Master Class

Masterchef’s Gary Mehigan on comfort food

8 Hi-5’s for Potatoes:

Meet Fely and enjoy winning recipes from our junior readers

10 Sunny Asian Cuisine:

Top chef Sunny de Ocampo’s spicy potato bondas, plus WIN places in Sunny’s cooking class



GF Gluten free

GF Gluten free

LF Low fat

GF Gluten free


Gary Mehigan’s

Hi-5 for Meet Fely!

GF Gluten free

Potatoes GF Gluten free

GF Gluten free


Chick pea Batter: 3 cups chick pea flour 1 cup rice flour 1 tsp chilli powder ½ tsp baking powder salt and pepper 2-3 cups cold water

Find out more about Sunny’s cooking classes and catering service at

Feel Good Food 10 Winter 2010