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Camping motion rescinded Natalie Centenera reports:

Two public camping grounds within the Adelaide Plains region have been a contentious issue for some time. Adelaide Plains Council staff advised elected members at January’s meeting that council should be alleviated of any responsibility and costs involved in the management of the sites. A motion was moved to put the management of the campsites out to a public expression of interest for community groups or organisations willing to take on that responsibility. Council hoped that various community groups would put together a submission and volunteer to manage either the Mallala or Parham camping grounds. Councillors were divided on the issue with Mayor, Tony Flaherty, casting the deciding vote in favour of the motion. However, council staff have been unable to start the process of calling for a public expression of interest due to a motion to rescind the previous motion being on the records for February’s council meeting. Confused? So were the elected members in the chamber. “The whole thing has become untenable as it stands right now,” councillor Steve Jones said at the February 18 meeting. “I think the only way to resolve it, is to go back to where we were before, bring back the status quo and start again. “First of all, we need to rescind

Getting muddy It’s messy, muddy, mayhem all round at the Two Wells Community Children’s Centre following a kind donation of a lovingly-built mud kitchen. Constructed and donated by the Playford Men’s Shed group, the mud kitchen has been a big hit with kindy and childcare children who access the centre. TWCCC acting director, Narelle Palmer, says the donation has opened up a myriad of play options and skills for the children. “This donation has given the kids an opportunity for more creative, imaginative and messy play, Narelle said. “They’re also developing their social, sensory, coordination and fine motor skills. We are very thankful for this donation.” The mud kitchen idea was championed by grandad Kol Kajanto, who is a member of the Playford Men’s shed, and whose grandson Luke Marafioti, attends the centre.

what’s going on now because no one knows what’s going on, I don’t know what’s going on.” Cr Margherita Panella suggested to separate the two council grounds and not to put them together as it is confusing the situation. APC’s Finance and Economic Development general manager, Rajith Udugampola, explained the original motion once again to the elected members. “The report is clear that we should

ABOVE: Two Wells Community Children’s Centre has a new mud kitchen. Here four-year-olds Chase Wearn and Bradley Millar test out the new play centre.

go for public expression of interest for both camping sites,” he said. “Management never had any intention of grouping any assets together.” Cr Marcus Strudwicke spoke in support of the original motion and expressed his desire to put a call out for expressions of interest. “If we rescind this and go back then we’re still back to stalled negotiations with the Lions about the lease,” he said,

Mallala Lions were negotiating to expand the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the ablutions block, which they built in 2013. The motion to rescind the motion was moved and carried. Negotiations for the Mallala camping ground will resume once again with the Mallala Lions. Management of the Parham camping ground will continue in its present state.

Council denied floodgroup exit Adelaide Plains Council’s request to withdraw from the Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority (GRFMA) was formally denied by Minister for Local Government, Geoff Brock. APC will remain a constituent council member on the GRFMA and seek to pursue a positive outcome from the upcoming charter review which will revisit the percentages each council member is required to contribute; an outcome APC had been pushing for previous to the withdrawal request. Elected members of APC controversially voted to remove themselves from the Authority in May last year, citing the financial weight of the proposed future mitigation works as burdensome and unfavourable to ratepayers. In Minister Brock’s correspondence to APC he advised the concerns held by council regarding the charter should be considered as part of the Authority’s charter review. APC is now heavily reliant on Southfront’s pending information to support its position, and will hold a special meeting in early March to consider the results. “There will be a lot more work to be done between now and the next meeting of the subsidiary (GRFMA) in relation to tabling those reports from Southfront,” APC CEO James Miller said at last Monday’s council meeting. “Obviously there is a strong sense of unrest amongst the community and indeed the chamber that the current percentage splits are unfair.”

“Happy kids learn better”

Bill Greenslade, Assistant Principal - Primary

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2018 March Echo  

The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally printed as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, Papers & Publications trading as the Plains P...

2018 March Echo  

The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally printed as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, Papers & Publications trading as the Plains P...