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With the state election looming the Echo thought it pertinent to ask some of our local constituents what they were looking for in the re-elected or new government. Is what’s on their wishlist the same as yours?

Bruno Fabri, Lewiston

Lorraine Goss, Reeves Plains

Di Meaney, Two Wells

Brooke Woulleman, Two Wells

Jason Hunt, Two Wells

“Infrastructure. Every state has got to go forward. There’s nothing really substantial in the way of infrastructure here or road funding. Also, a community hub aimed at senior residents would be beneficial.”

“I think roads are the main thing in our district. Any government should be looking at spending money to fix our dirt roads especially.”

“In the Two Wells area the main street needs a lot of work. More rural roads need to be sealed also.”

“I would like to see more playgrounds in the area and more activities and things to do for families with kids. A community swimming pool would be fantastic.”

“For me the biggest thing would be a local high school. I’d also love to see more incentives and practical help for people to build in the area. Cut the red tape.”

Adelaide plains kennel and obedience club

The Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club welcomes dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages - the same goes for people too! Located right in Two Wells adjacent the trotting track, the club provides training and dog obedience lessons for puppies and dogs starting at beginners and progressing to Grade 5. APK&OC vice president, Deb Heinze says the club also provides show training and advanced obedience training information. “Our aim is to have fun while learning,” she said. “We aim to train dogs at a consistent level, using commands, foot work etc, that is relevant to the training level, be that beginners or advanced. “We try to incorporate fun into each session and host events such as ‘come try evening’s and games, and graduation on a monthly rotation. “Come along and have some fun.

Bec O’Brien reports:

“You can always teach an old dog new tricks!” Young Two Wells resident, Harry Robinson, has been taking his American Staffordshire dog, Abby, to obedience classes for the past couple of months. The pair recently graduated from beginners level to level one and are enjoying learning basic obedience skills. Members of the club regularly participate in the Two Wells Christmas Street Parade, at which the club has won “Best Community” award for the past two years. “We also host two conformation dog shows each year, which is a major form of fundraising,” Deb said. “We have members involved with other dog sports outside the club too, such as conformation showing, lure coursing, weight pull competitions, sledding, and

of course obedience.” The club’s annual Championship Show will be held at the Dogs SA grounds at Kilburn on April 21 and 22, with another scheduled for later in the year. Deb says the club is gearing up for a move to Clara Harniman Reserve in Lewiston, following a decision by Adelaide Plains Council at its February meeting to begin the process of relocating them and establishing a lease. With the warmer weather right now, Deb says the club’s weather policy states if the temperature is 32 degrees or more at 5pm, that night’s training will be cancelled. Training will also be cancelled in the event of severe thunder or lightening. Training is held every Wednesday evening starting at 7pm. For more information about the Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club contact Deb Heinze on 8523 2690.

LEFT: Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club vice president, Deb Heinze, presents 12-year-old Harry Robinson and Abby with their graduation certificate for beginners level obedience.

Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club treasurer, Ann Wait and Luka, with the club’s fundraising coordinator, Maureen Wibberley and Hunter.

Don’t just have an opinion. Vote with it. Take your opinion to the 2018 State Election this March and use it to vote for the South Australia you want. Enrol or update your details by: 12 noon, Friday 23 February.


Authorised by M. Sherry, Electoral Commissioner


Two Wells Echo, March, 2018

2018 March Echo  

The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally printed as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, Papers & Publications trading as the Plains P...

2018 March Echo  

The Echo was founded in 1978 and originally printed as an A4 single sheet newsletter. In 2010, Papers & Publications trading as the Plains P...