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Welcome to TW11


ANUARY brings with it a new year and an opportunity to press a big existential reset button and start afresh, from one day to the next, just like that! Which means it’s time to get to work on your ‘what I’d like to manifest in 2018’ list. I am a great believer in setting goals, although too often forget to remember them. If you are embarking on a big change; whether it’s health, home, work or family related, I wish you an abundance of determination, resilience and a big helping of luck.

As always there are fewer events in January; is it that we are too cosy to leave the house, saving our pennies or is it that everyone’s gone skiing? I don’t know, but our calendar and expanded listings will return in February’s issue.

Health & Beauty

This month

Wonderful Winter



OLD WEATHER CAN BE TOUGH ON your it often means low humidity, which skin, out skin stripping dries moisture from Some conditions exposed skin. , such as eczema, up and itchy dry can flare patches, rough, cracked, and rough tightened red skin can appear. , Knowing how to protect your skin damage being you can avoid done.

cool bedroom promotes better sleep, reducing circles under the eyes and helps complexion and with new cell productio a glowing n.

TEMPERATURE CHANGES Trying to avoid sudden temperatu can help, going re changes from the cold to centrallyheated buildings causes the capillaries face to contract in the and expand rapidly lead to broken veins and redness. which can warm in the cold Wrap up and don’t turn up the too high to avoid differences between heating and outside temperatu inside res.

Wonderful Winter Skin Page 16

The cold can rejuvenat e the skin as long you protect it well as screens can tightenwith a moisturiser and sun pores preventin getting clogged g them from making it feel tight and radiant. A slight reddening means you can blusher at home leave the and can reduce inflamma increased blood circulation the eyes and face. tion and puffiness around which waterproo The production of sebum, fs the skin, slows cold conditions down in , keeping shine at reduces acne. While air quality bay and and levels improve in the winter months,high ozone clean air makes walking and being crisp more simulating in increasing deeper nature rejuvenating the breaths and skin. HOT BATHS AND SHOWERS A hot bath or shower to resist the temptatiosounds amazing, but try n for the sake complexion. Too of your hot barrier can dissolve and the skin’s protective to dryness, warm which will eventually lead water is kinder. SLEEP Vital for skin health, internal temperatu the body’s natural drop in re occurs around after sleep. Most two hours scientists believe a slightly

16 | TW11 –

January 2018

Because the skin on your lips is more sensitive to the elements than potential for irritation the rest of your face, the cracked, or peeling is increased. Chapped, sore. Keep a tube lip are uncomfortable and of times with sunscreenlip balm on hand at all in, like any part body you can get of your cancer on your protect them. lips, so always WINTER SKIN ROUTINE Swap your cleansing gel or wash for oil, avoid soaps a cream or as oils. Use a gentler these will strip away natural toner; one with or rose in it and witch hazel exfoliate the skin week with a gentle about twice a natural product. be very fine in This should texture or even a liquid, so it leaves the skin feeling radiant and refined not red or sore. As we get older, our ability to make protective oils (sebum) declines, more natural use mask to trap in the moisture once a hydrating a week.

SPF should always be used on top moisturiser separately of your , you know then getting proper you are cover the skin. Applying and it’s not sinking into sunscreen every if it’s cold or cloudy, day, is a must. Exposureeven sunlight is one to of the major causes and premature of wrinkles aging. is very thin always The skin around the eyes wear a separate applied gently. eye cream, Cold weather isn’t really that bad our skins after for all, properly protected as long as it is . Louise Green at Vidatherapy Spa, 6 Church Road, TW11 8PB

Contents Welcome – Page 1 A Call to the Unknown – Pages 2 & 4 Events Listing – Page 6 Adult Colouring – Page 8

With our regular columns and a round up of what is going on in the area, I hope you enjoy this issue of TW11 and look forward to seeing you again next month.


Children’s Activities – Pages 10 & 12 Children’s Puzzles – Page 14 Wonderful Winter Skin – Page 16 History Focus – TW11 Review – Pages 18 & 19

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Self Development A Call to the Unknown


VERY YEAR MANY OF US APPROACH the new year by drawing a line in the sand and declaring our intention to abstain from some too long tolerated foible. Excessive drinking, eating, device use, spending and gaming are some of the more recognisable ones. Or the opposite end of the spectrum, where we take an oath to the god of self control to do more of something; exercise, sort out paperwork, call family, have a wardrobe cull. But how many of us get to the end of the designated period celebrating a smashed goal, sadly far too few of us. It can become disheartening and demotivating, and can be a catalyst for berating ourselves about another failed attempt to exert our incapably weak and feeble will power. So how do we break the spell and become the person who glides through life without the baggage of unrequited personal promises. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS I would suggest that the first step is acknowledging that no such person exists, it is a fallacy to contend that even the most outwardly ‘together’ person doesn’t have ‘stuff’ to deal with on some level. And believe it not the most dynamic of business mogul or driven athlete is likely to be trying to compensate for some aspect of their life that doesn’t work anywhere nearly as well as they’d like it to. It goes with the territory of being human, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, none of us are immune. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS So why is it that we can be so committed to an idea or course of action, but be so incapable of delivering meaningful results. And here’s where the fun bit starts, there are answers to these questions, admittedly layers and layers of answers, but you may be surprised to know that the person with the answers, all of them in fact, is you. You are an unmitigated expert on you, but know this at the outset, we have all become gold medallists at hiding the answers 2 | TW11 – January 2018

from ourselves, but don’t for one minute let that put you off. We all have the innate capacity to allow the fascinating truth about our complex inner lives to be revealed, if we can create an environment that allows the unfurling to be nurtured. This comes from the art of self reflection, having a willingness to ask questions of ourselves. What am I feeling? What triggered that feeling? What did I truly mean when I said that? How did it feel when he said that? Why did I feel that I had to react like that? There are thousands of little clues bubbling to the top of our consciousness every day in the process of just living life, they are sign posts pointing to a better, deeper understanding of where we are at. We just have to be prepared to ask, and then listen to the answers. Do note here that I said ask, not demand, not scream, not bully, just ask. As you’d ask a child about their day on returning home from school, interested and attentive and ready to explore the response you hear. KNOW THYSELF The ancient Greeks, and Buddhists, well yes all the major religions actually have known the importance of this simple yet revealing key. Continues on page 4


cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Early Years Open Day: Thursday 8 February, 2.30 pm Lower Years Open Day: Thursday 22 February, 2.30 pm Reserve your place at

Self Development (Continued) Jumping genres for a moment, have you ever noticed that reality television contestants revel in the ‘journey’ they’ve been on? The experience is literally life changing, and they positively buzz with it. Could it be that in the constant spot light, filtering all of their experiences through the eyes of the viewer, that the contestant has had a tangible taste of becoming more self-aware. Instead of plodding along acting out of learnt behaviour, unquestioned and on auto pilot. IGNORE THYSELF A great deal of energy is expended keeping things hidden from ourselves, energy that would be far better deployed in building a relationship instead of blocking that partnership. We build mechanisms to ‘protect ourselves’ from the truth, in a misplaced belief that we may not be able to cope, when the reality is that we need these interactions to build trust, develop intuition, resilience and strength. It’s natural to be a little wary of strangers when we first meet them, but given the chance these strangers can become loved and cherished, it is the same when we come to know ourselves. LET YOUR BODY HELP When we are learning to develop our inner voice, a calm, relaxed, empty body plays a vital role. Meditation, yoga, prayer, chi quong, tai chi and breathing are just some of the techniques that can help. Everyone has a perfect match to help them access their hidden yet magical inner depths. It is just a matter of finding your match, explore options, but give it a good, committed go, time and investment of attention will pay dividends.

when I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t? What... do I gain from continuing to let my finances go unchecked? Who... benefits from me not achieving my goals?. Let the trials and tribulations of living life be the grist for your mill. The temptation will be to answer ‘that’s just what I do’, ‘it’s what I’ve always done’, but this is only a small part of the story, and it is a story, mainly fiction. There will be much more significant answers, closer to the truth, that will become clear as you give them space to emerge. Don’t expect the answer to life, the universe and everything from the off, it takes time, with exciting break throughs and frustrating set backs. WAKE UP TO A DEEPER RELATIONSHIP It will be the most significant relationship of any life should you choose to really develop it. With ever growing evidence of the value to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health the benefits are vast and extensive. Where ever you are on your journey into knowing yourself, I wish you every success and joy.

KICKING THE HABIT Trying to tackle ‘bad’ habits or initiate new ‘good‘ ones has its benefits, but perhaps it would be more helpful to change the perspective of this thorny topic. Instead of just identifying a behaviour we want to change or don’t like, try to re-frame the issue to ask why... do I smoke when I know it’s really bad for me? When... do I most feel like eating 4 | TW11 – January 2018

Amanda Steel is a local relationships councillor and author

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Local Events Dates For Your Diary Sundays, 10am – 2pm Teddington Farmers’ Market Turing House School, Queens Road, TW11 OLR

Wednesdays 2 – 4pm Goodfellowship Club For men and woman over 60 years to play Scrabble, cards, knit or just come and chat over tea and cake. Just come along or phone 020 8977 0737 for more information. Bullen Hall, Hampton Wick, next to the Library

Saturday 6th January, 7.30pm New Year in Old Vienna With music by Mozart, Schubert, Sullivan, J Strauss II, Lehar, Stolz, Kreisler, Ivor Novello and Noel Coward. This is the ideal way to start the new year! Helen Clutterbuck (soprano), Daniel D’Souza (baritone) Tony Lamb (clarinet), Tom Higgins (piano). Tickets: £12 and £10 from 0333 1212 300 or online at Normansfield Theatre, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park, TW11

Wednesday 10th January, 8pm Teddington WI Constitutional Club, 5 Stanley Rd, TW11

Saturday 20th – Saturday 27th January Evenings at 7.45p.m. except for Matinee at 3pm on Sunday 21st January • No performance on Wednesday 24th January

Bette and Joan 6 | TW11 – January 2018

By Anton Burge, Directed by Harry Medawar. Robert Aldrich’s 1962 film Whatever happened to Baby Jane? tells the story of Blanche and Jane Hudson, two sisters bound forever by guilt and deceit. Playing the title role, Bette Davis was nominated for an Oscar while her co-star, Joan Crawford, was not. This highly entertaining comedy gives us Hollywood’s grandest grandes dames at close quarters in their adjacent dressing rooms on set. Call the box office (between 10am - 7 pm only please) on 07484 927 662. Richmond Shakespeare Society at The Mary Wallace Theatre, The Embankment, Twickenham, TW1 3DU

Sun 28th January – Sat 3rd February, 7.45pm except Sunday at 4pm

A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller. A tragic masterpiece of love, family and betrayal. Eddie Carbone ekes out an existence working the docks in 1950s Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife Beatrice and her young niece Catherine. Now a teenager, Catherine elicits a longing in Eddie that he does his best to repress. But when two illegal Italian immigrants arrive and one of them falls for Catherine, Eddie’s inner turmoil violently explodes and the stage is set for tragedy. Cost: £16 / £12 Box Office: Telephone: 0845 838 7529 (10am – 8pm) Online: Hampton Hill Theatre, Main Auditorium

le a S y r a u n Ja until 18 (incl) rd



h2 t 7 2 ay

fabr i c. . HOUSE

1 Broad Street Teddington TW11 8QZ 020 8977 6776


richmond practice PRIVATE DOCTORS‘ SERVICE

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Colouring For Grown Ups!


ELAX WITH OUR ADULT COLOURING page. Thought to be good for our mental, emotional and intellectual health, it utilises areas of the brain that enhance focus and concentration. It also helps with problem solving and organisational skills. And what could be more pleasing than a beautifully coloured dachshund?

8 | TW11 – January 2018


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If you are interested in attending any of these activities, please phone first to check the details.

Children’s Activities Busy Bees

Tuesdays & Fridays: 10–11.30am, parent and toddler group for 6 mths to pre-school. Contact: Siobhan Crowther 020 8977 8000. Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Mondays: various times and ages. Fun games and activities including ball handling skills, bat and ball techniques and agility. Contact: 020 8398 3034,, Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Second Tuesday of the month: 4.15pm, school yrs 4-5 Chat about books, play games, do quizzes, find out about authors and have a lot of fun together! Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Church Mice Service

For parents/carers and children under 5 years old. 20 minute service followed by refreshments & play. Every Wednesday & Friday, 10.30am. St Mary with St Alban Friday, 10.30am. St Peter and St Paul Donation of £1 per family, no need to book..

Dragon Drama

Improvisational theatre, storytelling, acting, movement, mime, magic and mayhem! Workshops for Preschool - Eighteen year olds. Contact 07590 452 436 or askus@


Hampton Hill Theatre Drama, Music and Movement (4-6 years, Weds 4-5pm. Pre-school Drama (2-4 years Thrus 9.45-10.30am) United Reformed Chruch Drama, Music and Movement (4-6 years, Sat 10.30am - 12pm. Musical Theatre Training (7 -16 years Weds 4.45-7.30pm) Contact 020 8408 0245 or email contact@

Footie Tots

Wednesdays, 2∞–5 years. An Introduction to the world of fitness and football for children. Teaching basic ball skills, scoring lots of goals and having fun 10 | TW11 – January 2018

on the way. Contact Andy 07931 707720 or Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, & Salvation Army, Church Rd, TW11

Frankie & Flo’s Play Cafe

Tues/Weds/Thurs, 2.30-5.00pm 5 years and under, older siblings welcome. A friendly environment with bouncy castle, ride on toys, craft activities, baby area, dressing up clothes, play shop, roller coaster. Cost: Under 1 yr £2.50, 1 yr and over £4.50, 1st Sibling £2, additional siblings £1 (under 6 months free) Contact: Jenny on 07828 450145 St Mary’s Parish Hall, Langham Rd, TW11

The Hot House Funky Dance Class

Tuesdays – 4–4.45pm ages: 5–7 years & 4.45pm-5.30pm ages 8–11 years Fun, confidence building, street-style dance classes for boys and girls as taught at Newland House and St Catherine’s schools. Cost: £75 per school term Contact: Kym on 07979 108717 or Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Jo Jingles

Thursdays, time dependant on age Music, Singing and movement. For babies – 5 years. Teddington.Jojingles. com/classes.asp. Teddington Baptist Church. Church Road.

Kids’ ART Club

Saturday 21st January, 10am – 12 noon 5 -11 yrs, Fun workshops with a different project for each session. January’s workshop is Pop Up Puppets! Limited places, so early booking essential. Tutor: Sarah Richardson. Cost: £13.50 per child, per session, inc. mats. Contact: 020 8977 7558 or info@

Little Wrigglers Dance, Perform & Play

Monday 1.45-2.30pm 2-4 years Thursdays: 9.30-10.15am, 2-4 years, 10:3011.15am, 2-4 years. A creative mix of dance, music and mime to inspire your child to move to music. Continues on page 12

Case Management Solutions Support Worker Required

To work with a delightful 10 year old child with needs including Asperger’s Syndrome in the Priestcliffe / Taddington area. Do you have skills in working with young people? We are seeking a mature confident person who can help a delightful young boy progress, and access a range of activities, at his home and in the community. Rate of pay: £9.00 per hour Hours: 8 hours pw (rising to 16 hours pw) Driver required, with access to own car to use for work. Mileage allowance provided. Knowledge of Asperger’s/Autism preferable, bespoke training will be provided.

If you are interested, please call for an informal chat on 07753451884 or email: The post is subject to DBS check and references

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0208 943 4966

Children’s Activities Contact: Rachel 07817 691660, littlewrigglers. Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, TW11

Monkey Music

Mondays - Thursdays Times according to age group. Age: 3 mths-4 yrs. Pre-school music classes that captivate through catchy songs, activities, percussion instruments & props. Encourages children to grow in confidence, improve listening, communication & concentration skills Contact: Claire Slade 020 8847 4031, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Noah’s Ark

Thursdays 10-11:30am Join us with your babies or children under 4 for fun with toys, crafts, singing and stories. There is a baby area for pre-walkers. All are welcome. Contact St Michael’s Fulwell, Wilcox Rd, TW11 0SP

Rainbow Music

For children aged 9mths-4yrs Fun and colourful drop-in music sessions. Popular children’s classics and new songs to learn, bought to life on the guitar with singing, actions, animals, bubbles, a variety of instruments. Mondays 9.30am and 10.15am. Teddington Baptist Church (conference room), Church Rd, Teddington Thursday 9.30am and 10.15am. St Marks Church Hall, St Marks Road, Teddington £6 per class (£10 if bringing 2 children).

Story Time @ Teddington Library

Tuesdays, 2.15pm A free weekly session for the under 5s. Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Singing Hands

Learn how to sign using Makaton to develop your child’s communication skills with puppets, multi-sensory props and instruments. Contact: 020 8288 1706,


Singing, Dance & Drama: Build confidence, have fun, make friends! 12 | TW11 – January 2018

If you are interested in attending any of these activities, please phone first to check the details.

Saturdays, various times. 0208 9770843/ 07824 999414 St Marys & St Peters School (SMSP) Somerset Road, Teddington, TW11 8RX

Story Time @ Twickenham Library

Tuesdays: 3.45pm. Free weekly story time for the under 5s. Tel: 020 8734 3340, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

Teddington Dance Studio

Ballet, modern, tap, street jazz and melody movement, musical theatre, tinny tappers. For ∞ to 16 year olds. Contact: Natalie 07887 353950,

Tiny Teddies

Second and fourth Friday of the month: 10.30-11am. Bounce and rhyme for babies and toddlers. Contact: 020 8734 3340 Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT.

Teddington Tots

Drop in toddler group for children up to 3 yrs old. Open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.30-11.30am. Offers a session full of fun, activities , music and wide selection of toys. For any queries please contact Maddy 07760228050 Methodist Church Hall, 1 Stanley Road

Tiny Tunes

Thursdays 10am and 11am mixed ages 3 months-5 years £6 per child/£2.50 siblings. Contact: Lisa 07977 585020, info@ Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

Zenchild Yoga new

Tuesdays 4–4.45pm. Ages: 5–8 years Children’s yoga in a fun and noncompetitive environment. Relaxing bodies and minds through yoga postures, breathing exercises and creative relaxations. Classes will enhance selfconfidence, coordination, concentration and of course an inner ‘zen’! Courses run on a half termly basis and are to be booked and paid for in advance. A Free Taster session available. £45 for a 6 week course Philippa at

Children’s Activities

14 | TW11 – January 2018

Health & Beauty Wonderful Winter Skin


OLD WEATHER CAN BE TOUGH ON your skin, it often means low humidity, which can strip moisture from exposed skin. Some conditions, such as eczema, can flare up and itchy dry patches, rough, tightened, cracked, and rough red skin can appear. Knowing how to protect your skin can help avoid winter damage.. TEMPERATURE CHANGES Trying to avoid sudden temperature changes can help, going from the cold to centrallyheated buildings causes the capillaries in the face to contract and expand rapidly which can lead to broken veins and redness. Wrap up warm in the cold and don’t turn up the heating too high to avoid stark differences between inside and outside temperatures. The cold can rejuvenate the skin as long as you protect it well with a moisturiser. Sun screens can tighten pores preventing them from getting clogged making it feel tight and radiant. A slight reddening means you can leave the blusher at home and increased blood circulation can reduce inflammation and puffiness around the eyes and face. The production of sebum, which waterproofs the skin, slows down in cold conditions, keeping shine at bay and reduces acne. While air quality and high ozone levels improve in the winter months, crisp clean air makes walking and being in nature more simulating, increasing deeper breaths and rejuvenating the skin. HOT BATHS AND SHOWERS A hot bath or shower sounds amazing, but try to resist the temptation for the sake of your complexion. Too hot and the skin’s protective barrier can dissolve which will eventually lead to dryness, warm water is kinder. SLEEP Vital for skin health, the body’s internal temperature naturally drops around two hours after sleep commences. Most scientists believe a slightly cool bedroom promotes better sleep, 16 | TW11 – January 2018

reducing circles under the eyes and helps with a glowing complexion and new cell production. Because the skin on your lips is more sensitive to the elements than the rest of your face, the potential for irritation is increased. Chapped, cracked or peeling lip are uncomfortable and sore. Keep a tube of lip balm on hand at all times with sunscreen in, like any part of your body you can get cancer on your lips, so always protect them. WINTER SKIN ROUTINE Swap your cleansing gel or wash for a cream or oil, avoid soaps as these will strip away natural oils. Use a gentler toner; one with witch hazel or rose in it and exfoliate the skin about twice a week with a gentle natural product. This should be very fine in texture or even a liquid, so it leaves the skin feeling radiant and refined not red or sore. As we get older, our ability to make more natural protective oils (sebum) declines, use a hydrating mask to trap in the moisture once a week. SPF should always be used on top of your moisturiser separately, you know then you are getting proper cover and it’s not sinking into the skin. Applying sunscreen every day, even if it’s cold or cloudy, is a must. Exposure to sunlight is one of the major causes of wrinkles and premature aging. The skin around the eyes is very thin always wear a separate eye cream, applied gently. Cold weather isn’t really that bad for our skins after all, just as long as it is properly protected.

Louise Green at Vidatherapy Spa, 6 Church Road, TW11 8PB

Teddington Teddington Lodge Lodge

6666 66 Stanley Stanley Stanley Road Road Road Teddington Teddington Teddington TW11 TW11 TW11 8TX 8TX 8TX

Teddington Lodge 66 Stanley Road Teddington TW11 8TX

66 Stanley Road Teddington TW11 8TX 66 Stanley Road Teddington TW11 8TX

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History Focus TW11 Review


NOTHER CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR, some new resolutions to be broken, a time for reflection and a time to look ahead. TW11 has become such a part of Teddington life that it is hard to believe that it was only in September 2010 that Dawn launched the magazine. That it was something that Teddington was looking for is borne out by the fact that it is still around and has grown from strength to strength. Sometime in August 2012, History Focus Dawn contacted me to see if I would give her a local history H article about Teddington. We met for a coffee, started talking and hit it off with the upshot that I ended up with a monthly column. In that October I broke my duck and introduced myself to the readership, giving details of my history background and how I became interested in history in the first place. I said then that ‘over the next few months, I hope to bring you some interesting facts and stories about Teddington people and places.’ That was five and a bit years ago and much to my surprise, I’m still blathering on nearly every month with something I think you should know about, from the Bronze Age Barrow to Teddington’s connection with a first world war devastated town in Northern France.

avoid. Sometimes a reader will correct what I have written or better still, add to what I have said. The series on Teddington pubs seemed to strike a chord with many readers, some of whom set out to discover the delights of these establishments for themselves. However that was an exceptional set of articles. Most of the time I have no idea how well or not the articles have been accepted or whether the subjects are of interest. My usual contact is via a reader in the street or in a pub and is then only a passing remark.

ELLO, MY NAME IS KEN the next few month HOWE and over s, I hope to bring you some interes ting facts and stories about Teddington people and places. I can’t remember what exactly set on an historical me path as history has been a strong interest since childho always remember the od. I clearly excitement of it yourself?’ This a friend discove the skeleton of started me on ring a small animal a quest in 1985 find out as much in his garden. then on, every to as I could about From it was rusty nail and the barrow and not until 2005 odd shaped stone went into a box at the bottom There are no short that my paper was publish of my wardrobe. I think my mother ed. cuts in history. discreetly dispos collection which ed of my deprived Teddin During the in-betw gton of having own museum. its team to produc een years, I was part of a ea pictures of Teddin ‘then and now’ series of There was a gap gton for the Teddington in Unfortunately Society. a back seat, and time when history took they ran out of money and we it up publishing ended playing rugby and was not until I stopped it ourselves as Teddington Past we had moved Present. Fortuna present house and into our tely in Cedar Road covered our costs it sold reasonably well and that the interes was completely we after about 18 t revived. My wife months. That led to being asked the History Section and I to write Hampt on and Tedding of The Teddington joined Past with my friend ton and The Boroug Society John , Sheaf from h of Twickenham 1995. This was Society. Strange Local History the first full history Hampton, in ly, one comple for of over both 100 mented towns years and with the Teddin the other gton shortly. Other picture the book is due for a reprint and more sociabl Society group being smaller books have followed e whereas BOTLHS seem to have been and all highbrow and was more well received. academic. It is difficult to We did a lot of start the ball rolling listening at first something into and put until we felt confident to try print. Invariably and research the as has been done, own house. You history of our someone will comesoon as this might think that with irrefutable forward could not be too such a project evidence that onerous but even what publish I have just ed, after month house built in s of deliberation 1929 had its problem looking into a research, is wrong. and us working in s. This started the Local Studies challenge someth But it is comparatively easy Library, then at Twickenham and to ing written and now in Richmo that someone to do so means nd. find most of the else has had to information that There you will article in the prepare that written out the history first place. you need to find of your own house collection of Kelly’s by way of their Directo More recentl ries and the Road Files y I have that are being constantly added Twickenham Museu been working with the to. m. Althoug h tiny and only open one day At a local history a week talk, I met an archae receives a phenom and weekends, this museu the Museum of m ologist from enal number of London and asked internet includi heard of a Bronze him if he had ng many enquiri hits on the Age es from abroad the Teddington had not but promis Barrow in Sandy Lane. He and enquiries end up with me. later, a large parcel ed to look into it and a week came to the door So that’s how it copies of all the started; please containing main cuttings bear with me and watch relating to this When I enquire this space. site. d if anyone had actually written report of this, I was told ‘No – why don’t you a do Ken Howe is a 34 | TW11 – local historian October 2012 and author of severa the history of the l books on area.

I must say that this has brought some recognition and at various gatherings and meetings, someone will invariably say “Aren’t you the bloke who writes the history articles in TW11 ?’ and a quick conversation usually follows with something like ‘I liked your article on so-and-so’ or ‘I didn’t know about such-and such thing.’ It is always very gratifying to know that one’s articles are well received and that they go down well. It is sometimes difficult to decide what will be of interest and what to 18 | TW11 – January 2018

What I would like is a bit more from my readers. Are there any topics that they would like to hear about? Are there any old niggling facts that have puzzled them for years? Are there any people that they have heard of but know nothing about? I don’t guarantee to be able to solve these enquiries with chapter and verse but I will certainly give it my best shot.

This brings me on to a case in point. A gentleman I have bumped into in the High Street a couple of times has asked me about the history of Railway Road. Coincidently Penny Lyndon had a query about her daughter’s house – 61 Railway Road – distinguished by a Teddington Ales sign hanging outside.

To take the age of the road first, the railway arrived at Teddington in 1863. Prior to that, the railway had been buying parcels of land through which to lay their tracks. On completion of the railway there was a surplus amount of land, particularly at trackside and the rail company was quickly seeking to recover some of its outlay by selling off these pieces of land, mainly for the building of private dwellings. Railway Road was one such piece of land. It runs from Shacklegate Lane along the railway line until it comes to an end as a cul-de-sac. It was developed in pockets of three small terraced houses. The earliest property is dated 1867 and it is said that the properties were acquired by the railway navigators, building the lines. Turning to No 51 Railway Road, Penny’s questions were : ‘The house was obviously an off-licence at some time and benefits from a very nicely decorated basement, once the cellar. We are often asked by passersby when the off-licence became a house and what happened to Teddington Ales.” Unfortunately I have been somewhat incapacitated by illness and unable to follow my normal research and so I asked my good friends, Dick & Gilly Hughes, to investigate. Their enquiries read ‘So far as we can judge, your daughter’s property began life as No 1 Ivy Cottages (despite the board on No 52 which is the house in the middle of the terrace of three) and may have been occupied in the 1880s by William Plumbridge, Gardener. He is noted at No 1 Ivy Cottages in the 1891 census, with William

Messenger, Bricklayer at No 2 and Albert Harvey, Dairyman at No 3. In 1895 the occupier is again listed as W Plumbridge with no reference to any off-licence use. We cannot confirm that No 1 Ivy Cottages is No 51 Railway Road as numbers were not introduced by the Post Office until the beginning of the 20th century. However the next reference we can trace is in 1925 when the house is first named as No 51 and the occupier is Henry Holt listed as Public Beer Retailer. In 1929 the occupancy had changed to Edward Thomas, Beer Retailer and in 1931 it changed again to William Given, Beer Retailer.’ ‘From 1895 to 1937 Teddington was an Urban District Council after which date Teddington became part of the Borough of Richmond. In 1963 the Borough of Twickenham then became absorbed into the Greater London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Information in the Council records is very sketchy in matters relating to alcohol licensing and we do not know how firmly “off licensing” was policed in those days. Any surviving records may be held at the Richmond Local Studies Library of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Town Hall, Richmond.” I am able to add that William Alex. Given was still in residence in 1932 and also in 1939 but after that I have no record. Still more records waiting to be discovered. Do drop me a line with any topics you’d like me to look into, email me on howe64@btinternet. com, I’d be happy to hear from you. Ken Howe is a historian and author of several local history books. Tel: 020 8943 1513

Teddington Update HEATHROW N OCTOBER THE GOVERNMENT re-opened its consultation, first run in the Spring, on its Draft Airports National Policy Statement (NPS) “New runway capacity and infrastructure in the South East of England”. Despite its neutral sounding title it is devoted to making the case for a third runway at Heathrow.


An NPS is required for nationally significant infrastructure projects and has to be passed by Parliament. It has to be in place before the applicant (Heathrow) can apply for a Development Consent Order to the Infrastructure Planning Commission which replaces the local planning authority for nationally significant projects. The re-opened consultation was held because of changes to the NPS arising from (i) updated noise analysis (ii) a new air quality plan and (iii) updated passenger forecasts. None of these, in the Council’s view (and that of its neighbours Hillingdon, Wandsworth and Windsor) alters the argument that it is irrational for the Government to continue to support Heathrow expansion because, inter alia, of unacceptable air pollution and noise. Of particular concern to Teddington residents is that a decision to build a third runway could be made without any clarity on future flight paths. I chaired the Committee which settled the Council’s response. You can find it in draft form at s71213/LBRUT%20HEATHROW%20COMMITTEE%20 121217%20NPS%20APPENDIX.pdf PARK ROAD PETITION Recently I submitted to the Council a 150 signature petition asking for measures to reduce speed on Park Road. This follows a speed-related accident just north of the Adelaide in which 20 | TW11 – January 2018

fortunately no one was injured but vehicles and walls were damaged. As it happens this was the meeting at which the current administration announced something of a change of heart on 20 mph limits. After 7 years of a rearguard resistance, only allowing them in a small number of cases, they announced they could now be consulting in a few months time on a more positive borough-wide approach to 20 mph limits though without indicating whether main roads such as Park Road would be included, timing or finance. LAST MONTH IN THE GARDEN The evergreen clematis urophylla ‘Winter Beauty’ is covered in attractive lightgreen buds in December which, depending on the weather, will open as pure white scented bell-shaped flowers around the turn of the year. After flowering it can be trimmed and any died back sections removed. By the autumn it will be growing and climbing vigorously again and spreading as far as you let it. Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward

Local Contact Information Hospitals Kingston Hospital NHS Trust Galsworthy Road, Kingston Upon Thames Tel: 020 8546 7711 West Middlesex University Hospital Twickenham Road, Isleworth Tel: 020 8560 2121 NHS Walk-in-Centre Teddington Walk-in Centre Open Mon-Fri, 8am-10pm, weekends and bank holidays 9am–9pm Teddington Memorial Hospital, Hampton Road Tel: 020 8714 4000 Coastguard 020 8312 7380 HM Coastguard London, Local MP Sir Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Tel: 020 8977 0606 Local Council London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Tel: 08456 122660, Emergencies (out of hours) Tel: 020 8891 7413 Local Councillor Public Surgeries Teddington Ward plus Cllr Locke 1st Saturday of each month at Teddington Baptist Church, Hampton Wick 1st Wednesday of each month at Hampton Wick Library, 5pm. No appointment necessary Associations • Friends of Bushy & Home Parks Annie Murray , Tel: 020 8287 2748, • The League of Friends Teddington Memorial Hospital,

• The Teddington Society • Totally Locally Teddington Teddington Library Waldegrave Road, TW11 8NY, Tel: 020 8734 3304 OPENING HOURS: Mon: 9.30-7pm, Tues: 9.30am-6pm Wed: 10am-7pm, Thurs & Fri: 9.30am-6pm Sat: 9.30am-4pm, Sun: 1pm-5pm Teddington Safer Neighbourhoods Team 020 8721 2748, 07768 178924 Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre Vicarage Road, TW11 8EZ, Tel: 020 8977 9911 Teddington Sports Centre Teddington School, Broom Road, TW11 9PJ Telephone: 020 8977 0598 Elleray Hall Elleray Road, Teddington, TW11 0HG Telephone: 020 8977 0549 Email: Richmond Talking Newspaper for the Blind Local Web Resources, @teddingtontown

• Teddington Choral Society TW11 – January 2018 | 21

To Book Contact:, 020 8977 7558, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington TW11 9NN

What’s On In January Classics in the Afternoon A short series of intimate Sunday afternoon concerts featuring four groups of outstanding chamber musicians. Ticket price includes tea and cake and if you book two or more concerts you’ll receive a series discount. The Simon Ferris Trio Sunday 14th January, 2.30pm In this exciting programme, Mendelssohn’s ever-popular and lyrical Piano Trio in D minor will sit alongside the turbulent Shostakovich Trio no.2 composed in the midst of the Second World War. Tickets: £13.50 adults / £12.50 concs / £11.50 series discount & LAC Members

Other Events in January Thames Youth Orchestra Saturday 6th January, 7.30pm Founded in 2005 and based in Kingston, the Thames Youth Orchestra comprises 80 young musicians from local schools. This concert will feature such favourites as Dukas’ ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, the ‘Hary Janos Suite’ by Kodaly, Ravel’s ‘Mother Goose Suite’ and Stravinksy’s ‘The Firebird Suite’. Tickets: £12 adults / £6 seniors & U18 years

Anthea Fry – An Afternoon at the Theatre Sunday 28th January, 2.30pm Anthea Fry (piano) performs widely as soloist and chamber musician and her programme for this concert is based on themes from opera and ballet. Tickets: 13.50 adults / £12.50 concs / £11.50 series discount & LAC Members Landmark Quiz Night Friday 19th January, 7.30pm Our annual fun fundraising quiz with all profits going towards funding much needed new equipment at the Landmark, a registered charity. Teams of up to six people with a great prize for the winning team, plus some fabulous raffles prizes! Ticket includes a light supper. Cash bar. Tickets: £15 (£13 LAC Members)

This concert series concludes in February with Joseph Spooner & Nicola Garty: Sunday 11th February, 2.30pm and Trifarious: Sunday 25th February, 2.30pm Ticket prices for both concerts will be the same as in January. 22 | TW11 – January 2018

Martin Simpson – Trails and Tribulations Friday 26th January, 8pm A guitarist of formidable talent, Martin Simpson is one of the world’s finest fingerstyle guitarists Continues on page 24

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What’s On in January and a master of both acoustic and slide guitar. Equally at home playing English and American folk, blues and his own compositions, his solo shows bear witness to an artist at the very top of his game. Tickets: £17 / £16 concs / £15 LAC Members) Pre-show supper available; £9.50 per person.

Classes Starting in January The Landmark Sound Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm A friendly, non-auditioned choir covering a wide range of non-classical music. An ability to read music at some level is useful. Male singers are particularly welcome. Tutor: Charlotte Brosnan Starts: 16th January for 10 weeks Cost: £85 (£80 LAC Members) Drama for Adults Wednesday 8pm – 9.30pm Workshop style sessions that offer a fun and supportive environment to learn new acting and performance skills, or build on those you already have. Free taster session for new participants. Tutor: Caroline Dooley Starts: 17th January for 8 weeks Cost: £80 Exploring Acrylics Tuesday 7pm - 9.30pm Explore acrylic techniques in their widest form including impasto, texture mediums and glazing. Designed for all levels. Tutor: Bob Meecham Starts: 16th January for 8 weeks Cost: £140 Photography Thursday 10am - 12.30pm A dynamic course covering lighting and exposure over a range of conditions. 24 | TW11 – January 2018

Suitable for beginners and more experienced photographers looking for a refresher course. Tutor: Jackie Rado. Starts: 18th January for 8 weeks cost: £140 Printmaking: Two Day Workshop Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January, 10am – 4pm Learn relief printing techniques without using a press with an emphasis on creating designs, colours, shapes and forms. A fun and experimental course for beginners and intermediate participants. Tutor: Jennie Ing Cost: £120, includes materials & printing tools. Men’s Singing Workshop Saturday 20th January, 10am - 1pm No experience required, all welcome. Register in advance; pay on the day. Cost: £12 per workshop Lunchtime Book Club Friday, 26th January, 1pm – 2pm In association with Waterstones, Teddington. January’s book is Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Tickets: £5 / £3.50 concs Landmark Spring Wedding Fair Sunday 4th February, 10.30am – 3.30pm. An essential date in the diary for brides and grooms-to-be seeking inspiration for their perfect day. Over 50 hand-picked creative and desirable wedding suppliers will be exhibiting, sharing their expertise and advice on how to make your big day unique both for you and your guests. Visitors will also be treated to two fashion shows during the day, featuring stunning bridal gowns and the latest in bridesmaid fashion. £4 / £3 concession


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