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Welcome to TW11


ANUARY marks the beginning of a brand spanking new year. It is a somewhat arbitrary demarcation point, from one day to the next not so much actually changes. Although it is useful to appreciate the completion of a cycle and offers the opportunity to remind ourselves of all we’ve achieved and to set some goals around future direction. It’s well worth the effort to let the universe know what we want, it might just deliver!

This month

Goals for January are a hot topic in our pages this month, if you are looking to improve your health in 2017 pages 6 and 16 will help you along.


And finally Happy Birthday to Teddington, how exciting, the parish is a grand old 800 years, quite a landmark in its history. Read about Teddington800 on page 2.

Our usual events and listings pages will be back next month as the busy local event organising bees get into the swing of it. I hope you enjoy this issue of TW11 and look forward to seeing you again next month.



to Teddington


e all love the 2017 it is undoubtedly version of Teddington, a special place and work. But to live let’s the mists of time take a journey back through to Abbot of Westmins 1217. It was then that the ter the Bishop of London was asked to present to ‘a suitable chaplain, maintenance, for with Tudinton’. This marked the birth of the parish 800 years ago. To honour this very significan t anniversary a programme of events June and Novembe will be held between r as part of the Teddington800 celebrations. It was while Anne O’Neil McTear was Church Warden with St Alban that at St Mary she across the reference came to 1217. ‘I was doing some research and as soon as I came across the date it stopped me in my tracks, I knew we had to have a huge celebratio church building itself is a few hundred n. The and there has years old been a chapel since around 950, but this is about the identity as a place.’ parish, about Teddington’s

when I thought about 1217 I asked, ‘‘We’re a church, what did the church do then, what was its role.’’ Really the role is not dissimilar to the one it has now, although the population has evoloved, it does grown and the activities have a Back then it was lot of what it always had. an educator, historian, after the people it looked in the parish, for a feeling, it has me, a parish is an sense of belonging emotional element, it gives a .’

‘The church has always had a massive community role, where people pull together. The church now, unusually in modern somewhere where life, is opinions, different people of different ages, ethnic and social come together. This big celebratio backgrounds to encompass so many interests n that is going whether that is and aspects sport, fun, art or history will recognise that sense of togethern show how we ess. We can are still are still a communi one cohesive group, we ty, we are still has relevance a parish, which to every single person here.’ Plans are afoot to make this a memorable occasion with a series the whole communi of events that touch your thinking hat ty. You are urged to get on, if you have a member of a ideas, or are group involved, Teddingto that would like to be you. We will keep n800 would love to hear from you posted with plans progress. details as

Reverend Joe Moffatt explains, ‘Parish is an area, a the whole country district, is split up into parishes. But each has a unique identity, parish a sense of community, which is often enshrined in the local encompasses everythinchurch, but that geographically g within area. 800 years Teddington or ago, Tudinton JUNE – the Thames, perhaps was a small area by LAUNCH AND FESTIVAL focused on fishing agriculture, the and MONTH parish would have JULY – the manor, quite been linked to a RIVER & SPORT and Twickenham. large area between Hampton MONTH We AUGUST – celebration, where want to reflect this to our MUSIC AND PERFORMA under the umbrella the whole area that comes NCE MONTH of Teddington is SEPTEMBER – involved.’ LOCAL HISTORY Anne has been MONTH AND CELEBRATO inspired by the OCTOBER/NOVEMBE RY BALL connection between Teddingto R n in 1217 and HERITAGE & EDUCATIO– 2017 ‘Originally N MONTH – GOING OUT WITH 2 | TW11 – A BANG! January 2017

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Happy Birthday Teddington Page 6

Happy Birthday Celebrating 800

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Happy Birthday to Teddington Celebrating 800 Years


e all love the 2017 version of Teddington, it is undoubtedly a special place to live and work. But let’s take a journey back through the mists of time to 1217. It was then that the Abbot of Westminster was asked to present to the Bishop of London ‘a suitable chaplain, with maintenance, for Tudinton’. This marked the birth of the parish 800 years ago. To honour this very significant anniversary a programme of events will be held between June and November as part of the Teddington800 celebrations.

It was while Anne McTear was Church Warden at St Mary with St Alban that she came across the reference to 1217. ‘I was doing some research and as soon as I came across the date it stopped me in my tracks, I knew we had to have a huge celebration. The church building itself is a few hundred years old and there has been a chapel since around 950, but this is about the parish, about Teddington’s identity as a place.’ Vicar Joe Moffatt explains, ‘Parish is an area, a district, the whole country is split up into parishes. But each parish has a unique identity, a sense of community, which is often enshrined in the local church, but encompasses everything within that geographically area. 800 years ago, Teddington or Tudinton was a small area by the Thames, perhaps focused on fishing and agriculture, the parish would have been linked to the manor, quite a large area between Hampton and Twickenham. We want to reflect this to our celebration, where the whole area that comes under the umbrella of Teddington is involved.’ Anne has been inspired by the connection between Teddington in 1217 and 2017, ‘Originally when I thought about 1217 I asked, ‘‘We’re a 2 | TW11 – January 2017

church, what did the church do then, what was its role.’’ Really the role is not dissimilar to the one it has now, although the population has grown and the activities have evolved, it does a lot of what it always had. Back then it was an educator, historian, it looked after the people in the parish, for me, a parish is a feeling, it has an emotional element, it gives a sense of belonging.’ ‘The church has always had a massive community role, where people pull together. The church now, unusually in modern life, is somewhere where people of different ages, opinions, different ethnic and social backgrounds come together. This big celebration that is going to encompass so many interests and aspects whether that is sport, fun, art or history will recognise that sense of togetherness. We can show how we are still one cohesive group, we are still a community, we are still a parish, which has relevance to every single person here.’ Plans are afoot to make this a memorable occasion with a series of events that touch the whole community. You are urged to get your thinking hat on, if you have ideas, or are a member of a group that would like to be involved, Teddington800 would love to hear from you. We will keep you posted with details as plans progress. JUNE – LAUNCH AND FESTIVAL MONTH JULY – RIVER & SPORT MONTH AUGUST – MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE MONTH SEPTEMBER – LOCAL HISTORY MONTH AND CELEBRATORY BALL OCTOBER/NOVEMBER – HERITAGE & EDUCATION MONTH – GOING OUT WITH A BANG!

Get in touch by email:

Claremont Fan Court School An independent co-educational school for pupils aged 2½ to 18 years

Open Mornings

Whole School - 10.00am-12.30pm Introductory talk at 10.00am Saturday 4 February Saturday 11 March For further information, tel 01372 473624 or email

Nursery Pre-Prep Prep Senior Sixth Form

Local Events Dates For Your Diary Friday 6th January & Friday 3rd February, doors 8pm, first show 8.30pm The Dead Parrot Society The ridiculously friendly comedy club showcasing the best of hand-picked new talent from the circuit as well as welcoming famous faces from the telly who drop in regularly to try new stuff. Tickets: £10, The Anglers, 3 Broom Rd, Teddington TW11 9NR

Friday 6th January, 7.00pm A Twelfth Night Entertainment Words and music to celebrate the season from the Hamptonics Barbershop Group and talented local performers. Tickets: £20. Bookings: Hilary Dodman 0208 979 4015, 07813718376 or Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park Teddington, TW11 9PS

Saturday 7th January, 7.30pm New Year in Old Vienna Welcome in the New Year with the wonderful music of Johann Strauss II, Franz Lehar, Robert Stolz, Mozart, Dvorák, Kreisler and others. Tickets: £10 / £8. Tickets:0333 1212 300/, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park Teddington, TW11 9PS

Tuesday 10th – Sunday 22nd January, 10am -5.30pm January Sails Kitty Wass at the Fountain Gallery. Paintings and Jewellery. 020 8941 5865, info@fountaingallery. 26 Bridge Road, East Molesey, KT8 9HA

Wednesday 11th January, 8pm Teddington WI 4 | TW11 – January 2017

Holiday Planning. Constitutional Club, 5 Stanley Rd, TW11

Saturday, 21st January, 7.30pm Old Time Music Hall Featuring dance, music and laughter that spans generations. A truly magnificent cast in a magical setting. Not to be missed. This event sold out last year, so book early to avoid disappointment! Tickets: £13 from 0333 1212 300 or at Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park Teddington, TW11 9PS

Saturday 28th January, 7.10pm Richmond Talent Showcase An evening of fantastic entertainment for all the family featuring Mimi, Lily, Ronnie & Aquarium Drinker from the Basement Door and Richmond Youth Brass Band & Sapphire Brass from the Richmond Music Trust. Tickets are £12.50 (concessions are £6) available from 020 8891 7123, emailing or at charities. Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park Teddington, TW11 9PS

Sun 29th January – Sat 4th February A Streetcar Named Desire Tennessee Williams’ passionate, electric, unsettling, timeless masterpiece. One of the finest plays of the 20th century, Streetcar takes us on a journey to a tragic and explosive climax. Tickets on 0845 838 7529 (open 10am to 8pm) or Hampton Hill Theatre: Main Auditorium


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fabr i c. . HOUSE

1 Broad Street Teddington TW11 8QZ 020 8977 6776


making sure you’re prepared. committed to you, your family and your business. @morrlaw 020 8943 1441

2nd Floor, 8 Waldegrave Road, Teddington TW11 8GT

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Fitness Focus Fat Loss Made Simple


ITH ALL THE CRASH DIETS, MAGIC pills and 5 minute ab workouts being touted; it’s easy to get caught up in it all and end up somewhat confused. What should you do to get the beach body you’ve been wishing for? How can I lose those few extra pounds for next season? How can I get ready for my wedding? The answer is simple – Calories in Vs. Calories out! Let’s take a proper look at why fat loss can genuinely be as simple as keeping track of the calories you consume via food and the calories you burn via energy expenditure. There will also be a few added considerations to help you bust the myths out there and crack on with some real progress! CALORIE COUNTING It is all very well watching these Instagram meals which look tasty, ‘healthy’ and somewhat the ideal meal, but what if I were to tell you ‘you could get leaner by eating KFC’? Well, this is a slight stretch of word use but there is method behind the madness! Ultimately, you could eat lean chicken, broccoli and rice all day long but if you are going over your recommended calorie intake, it will store as fat. The same goes for that fried chicken take away, if you were to eat it all day but it was structured around your calorie requirements, you would make progress. Now, I would never suggest to do that as most fast food simply doesn’t contain the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that other foods will; but my point is you need to count your calories! MAINTENANCE CALORIES So, how many calories should you be consuming per day? Well, it all depends on your goal. A starting point for everyone should be to calculate their Maintenance Calories. From here, the person can decide whether they want to gain weight or lose weight. For males, multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 16 or for females, a good starting point is to multiply your bodyweight by 14. For example, if we had a 140 pound female; she would be required to consume 1960 calories per day. 6 | TW11 – January 2017

WEIGHT GAIN CALORIES If someone was looking to gain weight, it’s this simple; eat more than the maintenance calories per day. But wait, like anything there should be a structure to this. In order to prevent physiological issues such as bloating, constipation or water retention it’s best to gradually increase your calories depending on your progress. In order to do so, simply add as little as 200 calories to your maintenance calories and then increase/decrease each week depending how you get on. Again, our example female’s weight gain calorie requirements would be the maintenance calories of 1960, plus 200 to give us 2160 calories. How easy is this?! FAT LOSS CALORIES Now onto the golden topic, the one we all want to know; fat Loss calorie requirements. Well, put away the magic tea and the fat burner tablets; because this is all you will need to know! Simply start with your maintenance calories and if you are not losing body fat, just minus 200 calories from your previous daily calories. Our exemplary female would be consuming 1760 calories per day in order to reach her fat loss goals. It’s not rocket science! Simply follow those guidelines and in no time you will see faster, better and healthier results than the health fads/crazes you see in the media today. Within calories, we can then decide how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates we consume per day. PROTEIN For the various benefits of regular protein intake – simply consume 1 gram of protein per pound of Continues on page 8

GET A GRIP ON 2017 Do you want to get fitter, stronger or lose body fat? I offer one-to-one bespoke training programmes from a fully equipped private gym. No matter what your starting point or goals I will work with you and support you to achieve them. For a no obligation free taster session contact me now on 07961302126 or

Fitness Focus (Continued) body weight each day. Referring back to our female example, she would need to consume 140 grams of protein per day. This form of protein can be consumed via sources such as chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, milk and many more. Vegans are not exempt as protein can also be found in tofu, soy, nuts, yogurt and more. The key is to constantly keep on top of things by consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight everyday. If this is done correctly, you can expect benefits such as hair, nail and skin growth as well as the well renowned benefits such as muscle growth and recovery.

(energy stores) replenishment, lepton/grehlin hormones, mental performance and much more. Carbohydrate intake is completely dependent on your goals. For those looking to lose body fat; simply consume less carbohydrates than you normally would and for those looking to gain bodyweight, increase the amount of carbohydrates you usually would consume. Whilst carbohydrate sources and timings should dedicate an entire article in itself; look towards carbohydrate sources such as rice cakes, oats, sweet potato, rice etc in order to gain the most out of the carbohydrate calories you are consuming.

FATS Despite the somewhat intimidating name, fats are as important as any other aspect of a diet and they don’t have to make you fat! Fats are beneficial in the sense that they are able to reduce risk of heart disease, aid hormonal systems, improve body composition and more. Consuming fats on a daily basis is essential, providing that they are the right fats and the right amounts.

Therefore, whilst we can all acknowledge and take in the previously mentioned factors; all of this cannot be applied and achieved without the correct mindset. Fitness and health is only worthwhile once you apply your mind to why you are doing it and that you are doing it for all the right reasons. Find a way in which you can enjoy this process; if you enjoy it there is more chance you will do it…If you do it, then there is more chance that you will succeed!

Firstly, your daily fat intake should be calculated with the following equation: 0.4 Multiplied by your bodyweight in pounds. Our female example would require 56 grams of good fats. Now, good fats fall into the following categories. Monounsaturated Fat– sources such as Olives, Avocados, Nuts. Polyunsaturated Fat – sources such as Salmon, Mackerel, Sunflower Oil Saturated Fats – which should be consumed in moderation (circa 10% of your overall fat intake) and comes in the forms of red meat, dairy, lard. CARBOHYDRATES And we are finally here, the dreaded carbohydrates! ‘Carbs make you fat’, ‘no carbs in the evening’, ‘carbs make you gain weight’. But wait; are they that bad for you really? The answer is no! Carbohydrates are just like proteins and fats; extremely beneficial to you if consumed in the right quantities and from the right sources. Carbohydrates can play a vital role in glycogen 8 | TW11 – January 2017

MAINTENANCE CALORIES Body weight mulitplied by 14 for females / 16 for males WEIGHT GAIN CALORIES Maintenance Calories Plus 200 FAT LOSS CALORIES Maintenance Calories Minus 200 PROTIEN 1 Gram of Protein Per Pound of Body weight FATS Bodyweight in Pounds Multiplied by 0.4 CARBOHYDRATES Dependant on goal Local resident Jamie WykesHobday is a local resident and owner of Train2Gain Fitness Personal/Online Training

fluid fitness Personal training  & indoor rowing,  at your home or  outdoors

Discount for TW11  Readers! Taster  Session just £15 for 45minutes (Valid until end Jan 2017)

From one‐off  rowing technique  sessions to  regular gut‐ busting workouts! We bring the  rowing machine  to you

Contact: Susan Hodgson Qualified personal  trainer and rowing coach 07794689146

Block booking and  group discounts Christmas gift  vouchers available

feel the fitness

Part of the Hampton School Trust. IAPS Independent Day School for boys aged 3 -11 & girls aged 3 - 7 years

Open Morning Friday 24 February 2017

9.30am: Headmaster’s welcome – Prep School 9.45am - 11.00am: Tours – Pre-Prep and Prep Places can be reserved through our ‘Visit the School’ page

Our Impressive State Of The Art New Prep Building Is Now Open 020 8979 1844

Formerly Denmead Pre-Prep School & Prep School, Gloucester Road, Hampton, TW12 2UQ

Independent Day School for boys aged 11-18 years

Visitors’ afternoons

Throughout the year - All begin at 2.30pm and finish at 4.30pm (by appointment - see website for details)

• Scholarships and Bursaries available • 22 route coach service • 27 acre campus 020 8979 9273 Hampton School, Hanworth Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 3HD

If you are interested in attending any of these activities, please phone first to check the details.

Children’s Activities Busy Bees

Tuesdays & Fridays: 10–11.30am, parent and toddler group for 2∞ years to pre-school. Contact: Siobhan Crowther 020 8977 8000. Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Mondays: various times and ages. Fun games and activities including ball handling skills, bat and ball techniques and agility. Contact: 020 8398 3034,, Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Second Tuesday of the month: 4.15pm, school yrs 4-5 Chat about books, play games, do quizzes, find out about authors and have a lot of fun together! Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Church Mice Service

For parents/carers and children under 5 years old. 20 minute service followed by refreshments & play. Every Wednesday, 10.30am. St Mary with St Alban Friday, 10.30am. St Peter and St Paul Donation of £1 per family, no need to book..

Classical Babies

Fridays, 11–11.45am 13th January Families and babies up to 3 yrs. Relax and enjoy 45 minutes of classical music by professional musicians in a baby friendly environment. Soft blankets available to roll around on and babies can make as much noise as they like! £10 adult (cash on door), babies free. Nadine Andre on 07732 058705 orinfo@, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN


Wednesdays: 10-12 noon, parent and toddler group. No charge, open during school holidays. Contact: Gerardine Stockford Tel 020 8977 6144 Christ Church Hall, Station Rd, TW11 9AA

Dragon Drama

Improvisational theatre, storytelling, acting, movement, mime, magic and mayhem! Workshops for Preschool - Eighteen year 12 | TW11 – January 2017

olds. Contact 07590 452 436 or askus@

Footie Tots

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 2∞–8 years. An Introduction to the world of fitness and football for children. Teaching basic ball skills, scoring lots of goals and having fun on the way. Contact Andy 07931 707720 or Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, & Salvation Army, Church Rd, TW11

Frankie & Flo’s Play Cafe

Tues/Weds/Thurs, 2.30-5.00pm 5 years and under, older siblings welcome. A friendly environment with bouncy castle, ride on toys, craft activities, baby area, dressing up clothes, play shop, roller coaster. Cost: Under 1 yr £2.50, 1 yr and over £4.50, 1st Sibling £2, additional siblings £1 (under 6 months free) Contact: Jenny on 07828 450145 St Mary’s Parish Hall, Langham Rd, TW11

The Hot House Funky Dance Class

Tuesdays – 4–4.45pm Ages: 5–7 years & 8–11 years Fun, confidence building, street-style dance classes for boys and girls as taught at Newland House and St Catherine’s schools. Cost: £75 per school term Contact: Kym on 07979 108717 or Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Jo Jingles

Thursdays, time dependant on age Music, Singing and movement. For babies – 5 years. Teddington.Jojingles. com/classes.asp. Teddington Baptist Church. Church Road.

Kids’ ART Club

Saturday 21st Jan: 10am - 12 noon: 5 -11 yrs A different project for each session including drawing, painting, relief making, printing & collage. Fun workshops are fully designed & supervised by our professional art educator. Limited places, so early booking essential. £13 per child inc. mats. Contact: 020 8977 7558 or info@ Continues on page 14

Signing little ones! Signing fun for little ones! Signing funfun forfor little ones! ®

Signing Signing fun fun for for little little ones! ones!


® ® ®


Come along and join our multi-sensory sign and sing-a-long sessions featuring nursery rhymes, action songs, games and ˘ along Comeand along our multi-sensory and sing-a-long ˘ Come joinand our join multi-sensory sign andsign sing-a-long stories ˘ along Fun and ˘ Lots puppets, props ˘ Come andfriendly join ourclasses multi-sensory signofand sing-a-long sessions featuring nursery rhymes, action songs, games and sessions nursery rhymes, action songs, games and ˘ Comefeaturing along and join our multi-sensory sing-a-long ˘nursery Suitable for allaction babiessign andand young children and instruments sessions featuring rhymes, songs, games and sessions featuring nursery rhymes, action songs, games and tories stories ˘ Fun and friendly classes ˘ Lots of puppets, props ˘ Fun and friendly classes ˘ Lots of puppets, ˘ Singing Songbooks, CDs˘ and Lots DVDsofavailable ˘ props ˘ FunHands and friendly classes puppets, props stories stories ˘ Fun and friendly classes ˘ Lots of puppets, propschildren For more information about and instruments ˘ Suitable for all babies and young children and instruments ˘ Suitable for all babies and young and instruments ˘ Suitable for all babies and young children forbaby all babies andclasses, young children and instruments ˘ Suitableour signing toddler ˘ Singing HandsHands Songbooks, CDs and DVDs available ˘ ˘ Singing Singing Songbooks, CDs and DVDs available ˘ ˘ ˘ Hands Songbooks, CDs and DVDs available sessions or workshops for˘ ˘ Singing Hands Songbooks, CDs and DVDs available more information about For For more information about For more information about professionals, please For more information about our baby signing classes, toddler our baby signing classes, toddler contact us on:signing 020 8288 1706 toddler our baby classes, our baby signing classes, toddler sessions workshopsfor for sessions or or workshops sessions orplease workshops for sessions or workshops for professionals, professionals, please professionals, please professionals, please contact us on: 020 8288 1706 contact us on: 020 8288 1706 contact us on: 8288 1706 contact us020on: 020 8288 1706 @singinghands As featured on BBC ‘Something Special’ & ‘Tikkabilla’ @singinghands @singinghands @singinghands As featured on BBC Cbeebies ‘Something Special’ & ‘Tikkabilla’ @singinghands As featured on BBC Cbeebies ‘Something Special’ & ‘Tikkabilla’

featured on BBCon Cbeebies ‘Something Special’Special’ & ‘Tikkabilla’ As featured BBC Cbeebies ‘Something & ‘Tikkabilla’

Watch your child thrive in our happy, caring school

Come and visit us in Hampton, Pre-Prep Open Morning, Thursday 9th February 2017 9.30am-10.45am

Independent Day School in Hampton for girls aged 4-11 & boys aged 4-13 Please visit or call 020 8979 6216 Beveree, 43 High Street, Hampton TW12 2SA

Children’s Activities Little Wrigglers Dance, Perform & Play

If you are interested in attending any of these activities, please phone first to check the details.

instruments. Contact: 020 8288 1706,

Monday 2-2.45pm 2-4 years Thursdays: 9.30-10.15am, 3-4 years, 10:3011.15am, 2-3 years. A creative mix of dance, music and mime to inspire your child to move to music. Contact: Rachel 07817 691660, littlewrigglers. Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, TW11


Monkey Music


Mondays - Thursdays Times according to age group. Age: 3 mths-4 yrs. Pre-school music classes that captivate through catchy songs, activities, percussion instruments & props. Encourages children to grow in confidence, improve listening, communication & concentration skills Contact: Claire Slade 020 8847 4031, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Mum&Baby Dance/Fitness Classes

For new mums carrying their babies in a sling or carrier. Toddler Dance sessions (14yrs) full of Latin beats. Fridays 1-1.40pm Tots (1-4 yr) 1.45-2.30pm Mum & Baby (baby carrier required). FREE (no cost) Stanley Children Centre, Strathmore Rd, TW11 8UH

Rainbow Music

For children aged 9mths-4yrs Fun and colourful music classes. Popular children’s classics and new songs to learn, bought to life on the guitar with singing, actions, animals, bubbles, a variety of instruments. Mondays at 9.30am and 10.15am £6 per class (£10 if bringing 2 children) Teddington Baptist Church (conference room), Church Rd, Teddington

Story Time @ Twickenham Library

Tuesdays: 3.45pm. Free weekly story time for the under 5s. Tel: 020 8734 3340, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

Singing Hands

Learn how to sign using Makaton to develop your child’s communication skills with puppets, multi-sensory props and

14 | TW11 – January 2017

Singing, Dance & Drama: Build confidence, have fun, make friends! Saturdays, various times. 0208 9770843/ 07824 999414 St Marys & St Peters School (SMSP) Somerset Road, Teddington, TW11 8RX Tuesdays, 2.15pm A free weekly session for the under 5s. Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Super Soccer Stars

Wednesdays – 3–3.40pm ages: 12–24 mths 3.45–4.30pm ages: 2–3 years Teaching soccer skills in a fun, noncompetitive, educational environment to nurture, build self-confidence and develop teamwork. Contact: Adam 020 8945 7171, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Teddington Dance Studio

Ballet, modern, tap, street jazz and melody movement, musical theatre, tinny tappers. For ∞ to 16 year olds. Contact: Natalie 07887 353950,

Tiny Teddies

Second and fourth Friday of the month: 10.30-11am. Bounce and rhyme for babies and toddlers. Contact: 020 8734 3340 Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT.

Teddington Tots

Drop in toddler group for children up to 3 yrs old. Open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.30-11.30am. Offers a session full of fun, activities , music and wide selection of toys. For any queries please contact Maddy 07760228050 Methodist Church Hall, 1 Stanley Road

richmond practice PRIVATE DOCTORS‘ SERVICE

The family doctor. Redefined.

A Shaw & Co.

Accounts | Tax | Payroll | Business Top rated UK Accountant (by Vouchedfor) Friendly, personal service Easy to use software solutions and apps Free, no obligation initial consultation Small Business Specialist GP · Paediatrician · Gynaecologist

020 8940 5009 Clinical excellence hassle-free

Tel: 020 8816 8535

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Health & Beauty January – Detox Time?


FTER THE EXCESSES OF CHRISTMAS, many of us find ourselves vowing to detox our lives as the New Year gets underway. A seasonal detox can be an effective way to drop excess weight, increase energy and restore health. But how can we achieve this safely and in a way that changes habits for good, and not just a few weeks? THE SCIENCE It is almost impossible to live without toxins in our systems. They are taken in from the food we eat, the household cleaners we use, the air we breathe, electronic gadgets around us. Toxic agents are everywhere. We also build up toxins in our bodies through stress and anxiety. Our bodies are clever and we have systems in place to rid ourselves of toxins, through urination, defecation, sweating and even crying. However, long term exposure to environmental pollutants and stress can permanently affect the immune system and metabolism. In many cases detoxing has been proven to strengthen the immune system and help the body to fight infection. IS DETOXING HEALTHY AND SAFE? If you already suffer from certain chronic diseases or health conditions such as anemia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease, or if you are taking prescription medication, extreme detoxing is not for you. Similarly, children, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers shouldn’t detox. For people who are generally in good health and not on regular medication, detoxing offers a great opportunity to reboot the system. There are likely to be some side effects, such as headaches, irritability, fatigue and nausea, but these will pass and are a natural reaction to the body ridding itself of toxins. However, always listen to your body and seek professional advice from your GP if you think you are experiencing any unusual symptoms. HOW DO WE DO IT? AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? There are dozens of different detox plans to follow, • WATER – It is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of plain water each day. A glass of warm water with

16 | TW11 – January 2017

lemon every morning helps re-hydrate the system and promotes digestion. • JUICING – Most people should ideally aim for 8-10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Juicing can make this a more realistic goal. However, be aware that fruit contains a high percentage of natural sugar. Juices containing raw vegetables, such as kale and spinach, with low sugar fruits like pear or lemon provide a host of antioxidants without that insulin hit. Be creative with recipes, adding chili, ginger, lemon and herbs. These can have added health benefits and also add extra flavour. Juicing should not replace all your meals long term. Organic vegetables are a must otherwise you will be flooding your system with pesticides. • STEAMING – Sweating releases toxins through the skin. Saunas and steam rooms are excellent for detoxing. • TEA – Tea is full of antioxidants. It hydrates you (especially if it’s herbal) and the caffeine in tea is much more gentle than the caffeine in coffee. • ENEMAS – Colonic irrigation and enemas are ancient therapies that increasing number of people still use today for cleansing the colon. • ACUPUNCTURE and REFLEXOLOGY – These can help by flushing out toxins from the body by stimulating qi flow through the important organs, such as the liver, kidney, colon and lungs. • MASSAGE – When pressure is applied to the muscles during massage toxins are squeezed out from in between the muscle fibres and cells. They’re released into the circulatory system for easier elimination. • REGULAR EXERCISE – Raising your heart beat will encourage better circulation in the blood and lymph system, enhance digestion, producing fewer toxins in our systems. There is a detox programme that will suit you and your lifestyle. Be amazed how good your body and mind will feel!

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History Focus The Public Houses of Teddington Part V


HANK YOU FOR STAYING WITH ME SO far. I did not fully appreciate how much there was to write about in Teddington pubs and it has become an eye opener to see them all. We are now coming to an end of our virtual pub crawl which I hope you have enjoyed!

I must thank Andy Pirson for correcting me on the closing year of The Duke of York. It actually closed in 1963 and not 1953 as previously stated. Several people have pointed out that many of the pubs are now closed. All I can say to that is I have tried my best but I can’t be everywhere at the same time! My next port of call is The Builder’s Arms built in 1865 in Field Lane. This was not opened until 1871 by William Harris and his family. He was married to Isabella with three sons and a daughter all living in. William was a bricklayer by trade and the pub has often been called incorrectly The Bricklayer’s Arms although this was truer than the correct name. In addition to a live-in servant and pot-boy, three other bricklayers/labourers were lodging there. Curiously the first licence was not granted until 1876. They did not stay there long and by 1881 Dinah Davis a widow, was the landlady. Again her tenancy was not to last and in 1891 the landlord is shown as George Dunkley who ran the pub until about 1910. The next landlord was Edward Hards who was with his wife, Olive. A picture of 1913 shows Olive at the front of the pub on her 21st birthday. The gentleman on the right of the picture was a Methodist minister who always entered the door backwards so that ‘no one would see him coming in.’ Olive was succeeded by her son, also Edward, and between 18 | TW11 – January 2017

them, they ran the pub for 45 years. Olive in fact celebrated her 100th birthday in the pub. One old local I spoke to described it more as a club: ‘There were three bars; the Saloon Bar was used mainly by business people, the Public Bar by the least well off and the Private Bar by those that thought themselves inbetweens. The Bottle & Jug (offsales) was between the last two and there was a Club Room at the back.’ Another old pub in the town is The Railway Hotel. This pub is adjacent to the railway station and someone clearly missed an opportunity to cash in on the coming of the railway in 1863 as this establishment did not open until 1867 as The Railway Refreshment Rooms. Whether it had a licence or not at this stage is rather vague and it is probably not until John Pain took over the management in about 1890 and renamed it The Railway Hotel that it held a full licence. John was quite a colourful character – born in Teddington, he witnessed the visit of Garibaldi to Alexander Hertzen at Elmfield House in 1863. He worked at the Wax Candle factory in Fry’s Lane (now Waldegrave Road) until moving into the licensed trade. He became a JP and a local councillor, being chairman of the burials board. He was succeeded in the pub by his son Edward who ran The Railway until his death in the 1950s. The pub continued to flourish until the millennium when to some extent the national social attitude to pubs changed. It closed its doors in 2006 and after a major refurbishment, it reopened at The Bloated Mallard. Apparently the ‘Mallard’ was a class of the fastest running steam locomotive on that line. This venture lasted until 2013 when the pub changed hands again, had another refurbishment and became simply The Railway. The Mason’s Arms is another of Teddington’s back street Victorian pubs that came about as a result of the population explosion. Being an

unpretentious little pub, it very nearly went under about ten years ago when it was closed and up for sale. Rumour had it listed to become a private dwelling. Fortunately Terry Himpfen and Rae Williams of The Roebuck stepped in to prevent the conversion sale and enabled the pub to continue trading as a public house. This simple action has brought about a huge benefit for the local community. There are no fancy frills attached, merely a well stocked bar dispensing a fine range of real ales without the distractions of games machines and live television. In recent years Rae has revived the Teddington Pubs Pram Race which has raised several pounds for charity. And as a bonus The Mason’s Arms has just won the Richmond & Hounslow CAMRA Best Pub of the Year award for the second year running. Speaking of The Roebuck, we should take a look at this pub. It opened its doors on 31st December 1867 and when first built, stood out alone on the Hampton Road. It was the property of William Farnell Watson who later sold the pub to the Isleworth Brewery in 1889. They went bankrupt in 1924 and the pub passed into the hands of Watney Combe Reid & Co. The surrounding area became built up and the pub was a cornerstone of social life. In WW11 a German landmine exploded in Alpha Road and demolished every house in the road except The Roebuck. The pub has since become a freehouse and under the stewardship of Terry Himpfen is very much alive and worth a visit if only to see Terry’s amazing collection of memorabilia. Next is The Red Lion in Stanley Road. This was a trading pub in 1869 to cope with the population expansion. There were few houses around the

pub when it was built and those that were there, were not for local people but for the newcomers to the area and clearly a visit to the local pub would have helped them to settle into the local community. In the 1980s the son of the landlord, Finbar Burke, won his first rugby cap for Ireland in Dublin. The well known rugby commentator, Bill McLaren announced on television that ‘Paul Burke’s father has a pub in Teddington and as a result, there will be a lot of Burkes from Teddington in the crowd today.’ Bill Beaumont who was standing beside him quietly said ‘Are you sure that’s what you intended to say, Bill ?’ Despite that and a few other changes, the pub has survived and continues to serve that part of Teddington today. The Waldegrave Arms is another pub built to deal with an increased population. Sitting at the junction of Waldegrave Road and Shacklegate Lane, it was named after the famous Strawberry Hill socialite, Lady Francis Waldegrave. There used to be a plaque on the wall from the previous brewery claiming all sorts of facts of history which were largely untrue. It closed in 2008 but happily has reopened and is trading happily. There are still The Lion in Wick Road, about which I know nothing and The Tide End Cottage in Ferry Road of which I know a little. Also known as The Monkey House or The Cottage Inn, this was started by the Kemp family in 1865. Finally there is a newcomer to the list. On the site of The Tooting Tyre Co and The Italian Place, The Teddington Arms opened in 2002, upgrading the former Green Parrot Wine Bar and continues to flourish. Once again my thanks to my friend Paddy Ching and to the Dead Pubs website.

Ken Howe is a historian and author of several local history books. Tel: 020 8943 1513

Teddington Update GILBERT & SULLIVAN APPRECIATION The local University of the Third Age (U3A) Opera Study Group meets every month in Teddington. At our December meeting we watched Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta ‘Princess Ida’ (1884) which takes place in a Women’s University. We thought this a good way to mark the election of the Borough’s second female MP, Sarah Olney, a G&S enthusiast (and a graduate). W S Gilbert took much of the libretto from his own earlier verse play ‘The Princess’ itself a satire on Tennyson’s poem of the same name. A more tangible link between Teddington and G&S is provided by the paintings of the bad baronets of Ruddigore on the walls of the Normansfield Theatre apparently used in the first production of the 1887 operetta. They can be seen near the beginning of this video about the theatre – UDNEY PARK PLAYING FIELDS Quite a few Council consultations have been taking place lately. One has been on a new draft Local Plan which would be the main point of reference for local planning applications. The main change for Teddington in the next (Publication) version is to upgrade the designation of Udney Park Playing Fields from ‘Other Open Land of Townscape Importance’ to ‘Local Green Space’. This would give it the same protection from development as Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land. Development inappropriate to open space would only be permitted if ‘very special circumstances’ could be demonstrated to significantly outweigh the harm. Notwithstanding this the new owners, Quantum, continue to promote their proposals to build on more than one-third of the land despite guidance from the Council that this is unlikely to be approved. Any such planning application would also require reference to the Mayor of London because of loss of playing fields which he would wish to protect. The proposals below show an 80-bed care home at (1), 130 extra care apartments in 4 blocks at (2), 4 houses at (3), communal 20 | TW11 – January 2017

and community health facilities at (4) and (5) and the entrance to 148 spaces of communal parking at (6). Building height matching the adjacent 3-storey Fullerton Court developed 20 years ago seems likely. A planning application is expected in the New Year. Key: 1 Care Home - proposed 80 beds 2 Extra Care Appartments – proposed 130 homes 3 Houses – proposed 4 houses 4 Redidential Communal Facilitites (available for community use) 5 Community/Health & Wellbeing Facilities 6 Entrance to Underground Parking – proposed 148 spaces

Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward

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Events in January Landmark Book Club Friday 13th January, 1pm In association with Waterstones, Teddington, this month’s Book Club will be a Meet the Author event with author Susie Lynes, discussing her book Valentina. Book in advance and get the discussion topics plus 10% off the book at Waterstones. Tickets: £5 / £3.50 concs Landmark Quiz Night – Vive La France! Friday 20th January, 7.30pm Your annual chance to test those little grey cells, with eight rounds of brain teasing questions, some with French theme plus the usual mix of general knowledge, music etc! Teams of up to six people allowed, and there will be a prize for the best French dressed team. All profits will go towards installing a new sprung dance floor in our Bell Room. Ticket price includes a light coq au vin (or vegetarian alternative) supper. Tickets: £13.50 (£11.50 LAC Members) Ticket alert: Limited tables remain! Men’s Singing Workshop Saturday 21st January, 10am – 1pm Led by Chaps choir founder and director, Dominic Stichbury. No experience required, all welcome. Register in advance; pay on the day. Cost: £12 per workshop Tenebrae Consort – Sun, Moon, Sea and Stars Sunday 29th January, 7.30pm Under Artistic Director Nigel Short, Tenebrae Consort is an ensemble of singers handpicked from the award-winning choir Tenebrae. Sun, Moon, Sea and Stars brings together original works and arrangements by Bob Chilcott with those of some of his most talented colleagues 22 | TW11 – January 2017

from the choral world. Encompassing archetypal English folk song and new versions of French, Finnish and Japanese traditional melodies alongside classics from the Great American Songbook, packaged in the richest of styles, scorings and moods. An enchanting world of choral song in all its guises. Tickets: £20, £18 seniors & LAC Members, £15 U18s

Upcoming Courses We’ve spaces available on the following eight week art courses: Creative Embroidery, Exploring Watercolour, Photography and Botanical Art or for the Landmark Sound, our community choir. For an imaginative twist on portraiture: Feltmaking: 2D Felt Portraits Saturday 28th January, 10am - 4pm Produce a felt portrait of someone real or imaginary working from an image of family, friend, stranger or hero; or perhaps a look in the mirror? Suitable for beginners & returners. Tutor: Cathy Unwin Cost: £50 including basic materials.

Local Contact Information Hospitals Kingston Hospital NHS Trust Galsworthy Road, Kingston Upon Thames Tel: 020 8546 7711 West Middlesex University Hospital Twickenham Road, Isleworth Tel: 020 8560 2121 NHS Walk-in-Centre Teddington Walk-in Centre Open Mon-Fri, 8am-10pm, weekends and bank holidays 9am–9pm Teddington Memorial Hospital, Hampton Road Tel: 020 8714 4000 Coastguard 020 8312 7380 HM Coastguard London, Local MP Tania Mathias, Conservative, Tel: 020 8622 4426 Council London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Tel: 08456 122660, Emergencies (out of hours) Tel: 020 8891 7413

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Hampton Wick 1st Wednesday of each month at Hampton Wick Library, 5pm. No appointment necessary Associations • Friends of Bushy & Home Parks Annie Murray , Tel: 020 8287 2748, • The League of Friends Teddington Memorial Hospital, • Teddington Choral Society 24 | TW11 – January 2017

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