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PRIL arrived with a distinctly damp feeling. When it’s raining cats and dogs, duck! A very fancy Mandarin duck in this case that can be spotted in Bushy Park. He’s one of the minority that actually enjoyed the bank holiday weather.

This month Teddington Hospital War Memorial II Page 12

Following on from last month, Ken Howe’s history column digs a little deeper into stories connected to the war memorial. There is an incredibly touching account of one young soldier’s tragic tale, see page 12, with hankies at the ready.

History Focus The Teddington War Memorial Hospital II


AST MONTH I TOLD YOU HOW THE memorial came into being people who had and I mentioned some of the been researchin g of some of the fallen, particular the names ly the work of Valerie Sullivan. For particularly poignantthis edition I will bring you a story that she unearthed. PRIVATE CHARLES ARTHUR MOLE From the Surrey Comet : August 24 1918. Mr and Mrs Mole of 82 York Road, received the sad last week news that their whom two were Private Charles younger son, dead Arthur When they returned already and one still alive. previously reported Mole, Royal Fusiliers, from their reconnais missing, trip they told me sance had prisoner of war died whilst a about it. I asked in Germany. He with some other them together was wounded action on March comrades to follow in 26, what we could and see through the Geneva and his death, as reported do for our fellow soldier. Red Cross, occurred took with us also days later, the a man of our ambulancWe a few burial and some warm e staff the military cemetery.taking place at Cambrai in tea. we freshly dressed When arriving on the spot, our English comrade, evidently had who Charles Mole, whose made himself some dressing before age was 19, attended provisional the Teddington we came. Both Council School his legs were badly wounded. under Mr Orton and won a four His left leg had years’ scholarsh two big holes above the knee ip at Grammar School. and He devoted himself Hampton the foot. I severed three holes lower down on thoroughness to with much his shoe with a church work at as possibly. In knife as gently the church of SS Michael and George, order to cut off the upper to dress him properly I had Fulwell, where altar server, and part of his trousers. acted as assistant he was an right leg was wounded His to the local troop. scoutmaster His early death were also wounded. on the shank. His hands regretted by many will be comrades and him up and refreshedAfter we had bandaged friends. him a little tea, we carried with a cup of From the Surrey him Comet : Septembe road, lest he should on a tent bed to the main The following letter, r 4 1918 succumb on the attached a little spot. We Good Friday March ‘written in a shell funnel on flag to his bed to direct our 29 1918’ was recently sanitary soldiers’ by Mrs Mole of attention to him received 82 York Road. It by. He had two when passing was written by a German soldier letters with him, and sent to a missionar which he handed to me. Birmingham, who These y in translated it and with this. Whether letters I am sending you Mrs Mole. sent it on to they ever will not know; I will reach you I do try to a friend of mine, at least and send them on ‘Dear Family Mole, a missionary, Mr who is married Love and a sense to an English lady. I Genahr, of duty compel how to deal with He communicate to me to these letters, which will know you what will be are written by I presume interest to you. the greatest your son. Near I am the place where we found your name is H. Weingartn a German soldier, whose son, I picked up two which er. photos of When for our the moving onwards forces were present over send you the other. I keep one for myself and had been evacuated the battlefields, which Maybe that it shows likeness, though by the English, his own my comrades hit I am not quite upon three English some of sure of it. Maybe soldiers, of Continues on page 12 | TW11 – 14 April 2018

Contents Welcome – Page 1 Extending to Grow – Page 2

With our regular columns and a round up of what is going on in the area, I hope you enjoy this issue of TW11 and look forward to seeing you again next month.

Heathrow Consultation Update – Page 4 Events Listing – Page 6 Tough Talking in Teddington – Page 8


Children’s Activities – Pages 10 & 11 The Teddington Hospital War Memorial II

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Teddington Parish Church Extending to Grow


HEN YOU LOOK DOWN YOUR ROAD, does it seem like every other house is having a kitchen extension built, creating an open plan living space where the family can easily be together, putting in a downstairs loo, adding some understairs storage for all that stuff you need and have nowhere to put? That’s how it is in my street anyway, and in my own house in fact! And it’s also how it is at the church this year too, as following the Teddington 800 celebrations, we strive to find the right way to open it up even more for the benefit of the town. It’s a pretty serious undertaking to try to improve such a special place though. Luckily however, there are all of you steering us – asking all the best, most insightful questions. So I thought I’d try to answer some! Here goes… WHY DO WE NEED THIS PROJECT? Well firstly, we really do need it. The church is truly wonderful and I love it dearly, but can you imagine inviting someone into your home but not being able to make them a cuppa, or only being able to have their children round for up to an hour, because you’ll probably have to send them outside in the garden or to your neighbour’s house if they need the loo? Well, that’s what the church has to do and it so restricts the welcome and care we can provide. So we need to equip the building with the facilities to suit the people - congregation and community alike, now and in the future, and there is no other way to do that. It’s not the first time either – it’s been added to in every century, for much the same reason and it’s right to make it fit for our time isn’t it? WHAT WILL WE BUILD? We’ll build an extension behind the church of about 18m x 6m and for the first time we’ll have (drum roll please) toilets, a kitchen, a

2 | TW11 – April 2018

meeting room and that Teddington dream – plenty of lovely storage! After three years of advice we’ve chosen a design that’s modest and modern, so as not to compete with the existing beauty. We’ve worked closely with a well-known heritage architect and followed suggestions from Heritage England, LBRuT Conservation Officers, Councillors plus taken much advice from experts on bats, badges, trees, archaeology, heritage, wildlife, flooding and graves. WHAT WILL WE DO WITH IT? Tons of things is the short answer! The main point is that we’ll use the new and existing space in partnership – because it’s not about creating another Parish hall, it’s about enabling a wider benefit from the church itself. Of course church goers will benefit, both regulars and Christmas Eve’rs! (No longer will small boys and not so small boys pop behind the shed or run across the busy road at weddings, funerals and baptisms!) But importantly, we’ll be able to do outreach projects suited to a contemplative setting – e.g. carer, addiction or grief support, a memory café, art and music groups. And excitingly, we’ll offer learning activities – school heritage visits, talks, exhibitions and singing workshops – and more

use of the churchyard, not just for teas, but for conservation visits, meditation and art therapy. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST & WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN? It will cost £650,000 and we’ve already raised 40% of that! We’d love help in raising the rest – so look out for our fantastic fundraising events from June onwards. We’ll be planning, consulting and fundraising in 2018 and begin building in February 2019. Feel like getting involved? Email me, Anne O’Neil McTear, Project Chair on We welcome everything from ideas, to volunteering, to skills in building or fundraising, to donations of course! To find out more, please look on our Parish website.

TW11 – April 2018 | 3

Heathrow Consultation The People vs Heathrow Expansion: Decision Time is Soon


ESIDENTS FROM TEDDINGTON AND neighbouring towns packed the beautiful Christ Church in Teddington to get the latest update on progress Teddington Action Group (TAG) is making to stop expansion of Heathrow airport and stop government approval for the third runway. Stephen Clark reported on testifying before Parliament’s Transport Select Committee (TSC), which is a committee established to scrutinize evidence related to building the third runway. On 23rd March the TSC committee delivered its report supporting expansion at Heathrow but with much tougher measures to protect local communities. news-parliament-2017/airports-national-policystatement-report-published-2017-19/ Sections of the Airports National Policy Statement will need to be revised before Parliament will review this report prior to voting on the runway before the summer recess. Despite Heathrow posturing as if they already have approval to expand, the TSC has grave concerns about the poor economic case whereby Heathrow’s foreign owners have been accelerating the distribution of dividends such that their debt has wiped out the equity value.

expands and adds the projected 270,000 more flights per year, all other regional airports will be forced to reduce their flight numbers significantly. Another concern is noise not being properly assessed to the extent that the CAA has been forced to admit their methods are inaccurate and significantly more people are currently impacted and to a greater degree than originally reported. Additionally, Heathrow wants to reduce any respite from 8 to 4 hours, continue to fly some planes at night and start full scale airport operations at 5.30am. Potential new flight paths will be more concentrated to accommodate the 270,000 additional flights per year that would add 2.5 million more people under the ‘noise sewers’, as the CAA has described the flight paths. Neil Spurrier summarised the two Heathrow consultations currently being conducted on flight paths and a third runway. He pointed out that TAG offered suggested replies to the lengthy consultations (which closed on 28th March) but that the consultations were really just a media ploy because no expansion has yet been approved nor flight paths defined, so how could people make intelligent choices when they didn’t know the options?

As a result, Heathrow only offers to contribute £1 billion to the cost of infrastructure modification to M25, M4, A316, etc. and public transport that Transport for London (TfL) estimates will cost £20 billion (which means the taxpayer would be forced to pick up the £19 billion difference even though Heathrow ownership and profit is in private hands).

Sir Vince Cable summarised some of his discussions with the cross-party MPs who now question the benefit of Heathrow’s expansion. They also question who will pay for the expansion given Heathrow’s huge debt and the fact that it is now acknowledged that expansion at Gatwick and regional airports would deliver more economic benefit than Heathrow and enable politicians to say that ALL of Britain is open for business.

Pollution and air quality already break legal limits three times over and are so high that if Heathrow

Paul McGuinness, chairman of the No 3rd Runway Coalition, revealed some of Heathrow’s deceptive

4 | TW11 – April 2018

PR. One instance was John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow CEO, telling MPs that expansion was essential because Heathrow only had 80 long distance destinations compared to Paris’s 86. What he failed to point out was that Heathrow was only one of London’s airports and that the total long distance destinations from London (not just Heathrow) was 136. Additionally, Heathrow is the most disruptive airport in the world and any suggestion that expansion could be done without serious negative impact ‘is pants’. There were many good points made by attendees ranging from Heathrow’s inability to fund this expansion, as well as the effect on house prices and the fact that there should be no further expansion because of climate change.

Contributed by Jayne Chace of TAG

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Local Events Dates For Your Diary Friday 20th April, 7pm & Saturday 21st April, 6.30pm Don Giovanni Instant Opera is back with its sensational production of Mozart’s immortal masterpiece Don Giovanni. Set in the Victorian Gothic splendour of Whitby: Don Giovanni is a world weary libertine with a truly dark and horrific secret…. This revival features the original fabulous cast of singers, chorus, plus a new professional orchestra conducted by up and coming musical director Oliver Till, so strap yourself in and immerse yourself in a full-on operatic experience tailor made for Normansfield Theatre! Performed in Italian with English subtitles. Tickets: £25 each and £22 for special offers of three or more tickets booked together from 0333 1212 300 or online at Normansfield Theatre, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park, TW11

Saturday 21st – Saturday 28th April The 39 Steps Mix a classic Hitchcock film with carefully crafted slapstick, four fearless actors playing over 100 roles and you have ‘The 39 Steps’! Join the hero as he flees across the country, wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, hunted by police and mysterious secret agents. Can he overcome them? Will the truth save him? And, most importantly, will he get the girl? Call the box office, between 10 am and 7 pm only please, on 07484 927 662 6 | TW11 – April 2018

Richmond Shakespeare Society at The Mary Wallace Theatre,The Embankment, Twickenham, TW1 3DU

Sunday 29th April - Saturday 5th May 7.45pm, except Sunday 6pm Stones in his Pockets By Marie Jones. When Charlie, from Co. Antrim, and Jake, from Co. Kerry, meet as extras on a Hollywood film shoot in Ireland they strike up an unusual friendship. As the days tick by and their pay adds up they learn more about themselves, their local community and the people who have arrived in it than either would have imagined. A West End hit and acting tour-deforce. Two actors, 16 roles – can they do it? Tickets: £14 / £10 Hampton Hill Theatre, Coward Studio

Saturday 5th May, 7.30pm La Traviata La Traviata (the fallen woman) tells the moving story of how a beautiful but doomed courtesan, Violetta, in the Paris of 1850, finds true love but then has to sacrifice her real happiness for the sake of her lover’s reputation. This intimate opera was considered very risqué at the time but, through its instantly recognizable arias and the tense emotionality of the music, has continued to be one of the most frequently performed operas through to today. Tickets : £20 and £16 from 0333 1212 300 or Normansfield Theatre, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park, Teddington, TW11 9PS


cultivating a lifelong love of learning


Contact Rachel Bowles, Registrar, to book a tour on 020 8614 0857 or visit our website at

Local Events Tough Talking in Teddington


ACK IN 1973 ADAM JOSEPH, A JOURNALIST writing for the Evening Standard, organised a public meeting to protest about the over development of our river frontage. Some tough talking took place that night and as a result the Teddington Society was formed. Our aim then as now is to make Teddington a better place to live and work. Recently we’ve had some tough talking with the Council regarding the proposed imposition of a Cycling Quietway along our busy High Street with little or no consultation particularly with regard to the loss of 28 parking spaces. Fortunately our Roads & Transport Group have brought some reasoned discussion to bear and the Quietway is silenced! Now we have the hubbub of the proposed Community Hub to contend with, again dropped on us with little or no forewarning, shortly before local elections. One for us all to watch in case we should lose valuable sites (Elleray Hall, 4 Waldegrave Road and North Lane car park) and much needed services for the more vulnerable among us. But for some REAL Tough talking you need go no further than the Beaumont Room at The Lensbury where at 7.30pm on Monday 21st May John Tough, seventh generation of the Teddington family of boatbuilders, will be giving a talk entitled Tough’s Boatyard & The Little Ships. Boatyards built up along the banks of the Thames in earlier times as the river was the main way to travel and move cargo. Famously his grandfather Douglas was responsible for gathering together over 100 small craft to take part in the famous evacuation of the British, French and Belgian troops trapped by the Germans on the beaches at Dunkirk in 1940. Later called ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’ over 300,000 troops were ferried out by little ships to the larger Navy vessels and brought home to safety. John will tell you all about the history of his unique family and their extraordinary contribution to life in Teddington. In addition Society member, local singer and songwriter, Mike Pemberton will perform a 8 | TW11 – April 2018

ballad he’s written about the famous Little Ships accompanied by a film of archive material showing the epic WWII evacuation in which Teddington played a vital part. Open to all: Tickets cost £5 and include a comp glass of wine. Apply to Teddington Society Treasurer at Email: sally.howland@btinternet. com or Phone: 020 8977 9404. The evening would not be possible without the generosity of our Corporate Member The Lensbury to whom we are very grateful. Contributed by Sheena Harold, Chairman, Teddington Society

Art ClAss stArts soon Call


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Young at Heart This course is a brilliant way to learn new skills you will be able to enjoy forever. It is also a great way of making new friends and having a fun experience you will always remember and cherish! It is open to adults of all ages. Limited Places To maintain our high standards of tuition, classes are restricted to small numbers – so places available are limited! If you are interested please call us now for details. For information on dates, course fees and bookings, call now on

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Booking in advance required, teddington@ Classes last 1 hour. £8.50 per session. Monday, 10am - 7-13 mths, 11.30am - birth - 6 mths, 1.30pm - birth-6 mths, 3pm - 7-13 mths Sari - 07932089848. Teddington Baptist Church

Busy Bees

Tuesdays & Fridays: 10–11.30am, parent and toddler group for 6 mths to pre-school. Contact: Siobhan Crowther 020 8977 8000. Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Mondays: various times and ages. Fun games and activities including ball handling skills, bat and ball techniques and agility. Contact: 020 8398 3034,, Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, TW11


Second Tuesday of the month: 4.15pm, school yrs 4-5 Chat about books, play games, do quizzes, find out about authors and have a lot of fun together! Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Church Mice Service

For parents/carers and children under 5 years old. 20 minute service followed by refreshments & play. Every Wednesday & Friday, 10.30am. St Mary with St Alban Friday, 10.30am. St Peter and St Paul Donation of £1 per family, no need to book..

Dragon Drama

Improvisational theatre, storytelling, acting, movement, mime, magic and mayhem! Workshops for Preschool - Eighteen year olds. Contact 07590 452 436 or askus@


Hampton Hill Theatre Pre-school Drama (2-4 years Thrus 9.45-10.30am) United Reformed Chruch Musical Theatre Training (7-16 years Weds 4.45-7.30pm) Contact 020 8408 0245 or email contact@ 10 | TW11 – April 2018

Footie Tots

Wednesdays, 2∞–5 years. An Introduction to the world of fitness and football for children. Teaching basic ball skills, scoring lots of goals and having fun on the way. Contact Andy 07931 707720 or Teddington Baptist Church, Church Rd, & Salvation Army, Church Rd, TW11

Frankie & Flo’s Play Cafe

Tues/Weds/Thurs, 2.30-5.00pm 5 years and under, older siblings welcome. A friendly environment with bouncy castle, ride on toys, craft activities, baby area, dressing up clothes, play shop, roller coaster. Cost: Under 1 yr £2.50, 1 yr and over £4.50, 1st Sibling £2, additional siblings £1 (under 6 months free) Contact: Jenny on 07828 450145 St Mary’s Parish Hall, Langham Rd, TW11

The Hot House Funky Dance Class

Tuesdays – 4–4.45pm ages: 5–7 years & 4.45pm-5.30pm ages 8–11 years Fun, confidence building, street-style dance classes for boys and girls as taught at Newland House and St Catherine’s schools. Cost: £75 per school term Contact: Kym on 07979 108717 or Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Jo Jingles

Thursdays, time dependant on age Music, Singing and movement. For babies – 5 years. Teddington.Jojingles. com/classes.asp. Teddington Baptist Church. Church Road.

Kids’ ART Club

Saturday 21st April, 5th May 10am – 12 noon 5 -11 yrs, Fun workshops with a different project for each session. January’s workshop is Pop Up Puppets! Limited places, so early booking essential. Tutor: Sarah Richardson. Cost: £13.50 per child, per session, inc. mats. Contact: 020 8977 7558 or info@

Little Wrigglers Dance, Perform & Play

Monday 1.45-2.30pm 2-4 years

If you are interested in attending any of these activities, please phone first to check the details.

Thursdays: 9.30-10.15am, 2-4 years, 10:3011.15am, 2-4 years. A creative mix of dance, music and mime to inspire your child to move to music. Contact: Rachel 07817 691660, littlewrigglers. Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, TW11

Mini Professors

Fun science for pre-school children. Booking required in advance - £9 per session, Classes last 40 minutes. Thursdays – 10am - 3-4 yrs, 11.30am – 2-3 years, 12.30pm – 3-4 years. richmond@ Nansi - 07951535734. Teddington Baptist Church.

Monkey Music

Mondays - Thursdays Times according to age group. Age: 3 mths-4 yrs. Pre-school music classes that captivate through catchy songs, activities, percussion instruments & props. Encourages children to grow in confidence, improve listening, communication & concentration skills Contact: Claire Slade 020 8847 4031, Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Rd, Tw11 9NN

Noah’s Ark

Thursdays 10-11:30am Join us with your babies or children under 4 for fun with toys, crafts, singing and stories. There is a baby area for pre-walkers. All are welcome. Contact St Michael’s Fulwell, Wilcox Rd, TW11 0SP

Rainbow Music

For children aged 9mths-4yrs Fun and colourful drop-in music sessions. Popular children’s classics and new songs to learn, bought to life on the guitar with singing, actions, animals, bubbles, a variety of instruments. Mondays 9.30am and 10.15am. Teddington Baptist Church (conference room), Church Rd, Teddington Thursday 9.30am and 10.15am. St Marks Church Hall, St Marks Road, Teddington £6 per class (£10 if bringing 2 children).

Story Time @ Teddington Library

Contact: 020 8734 3304, Teddington Library, Waldegrave Rd, TW11 8NY

Singing Hands

Learn how to sign using Makaton to develop your child’s communication skills with puppets, multi-sensory props and instruments. Contact: 020 8288 1706,


Singing, Dance & Drama: Build confidence, have fun, make friends! Saturdays, various times. 0208 9770843/ 07824 999414 St Marys & St Peters School (SMSP) Somerset Road, Teddington, TW11 8RX

Story Time @ Twickenham Library

Tuesdays: 3.45pm. Free weekly story time for the under 5s. Tel: 020 8734 3340, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

Teddington Dance Studio

Ballet, modern, tap, street jazz and melody movement, musical theatre, tinny tappers. For ∞ to 16 year olds. Contact: Natalie 07887 353950,

Tiny Teddies

Second and fourth Friday of the month: 10.30-11am. Bounce and rhyme for babies and toddlers. Contact: 020 8734 3340 Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT.

Teddington Tots

Drop in toddler group for children up to 3 yrs old. Open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.30-11.30am. Offers a session full of fun, activities , music and wide selection of toys. For any queries please contact Alice Smith 07851936189. Methodist Church Hall, 1 Stanley Road

Tiny Tunes

Thursdays 10am and 11am mixed ages 3 months-5 years £6 per child/£2.50 siblings. Contact: Lisa 07977 585020, info@ Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

Tuesdays, 2.15pm A free weekly session for the under 5s. TW11 – April 2018 | 11

History Focus The Teddington Hospital War Memorial II


AST MONTH I TOLD YOU HOW THE memorial came into being and I mentioned some of the people who had been researching the names of some of the fallen, particularly the work of Valerie Sullivan. For this edition I will bring you a particularly poignant story that she unearthed. PRIVATE CHARLES ARTHUR MOLE From the Surrey Comet : August 24 1918. Mr and Mrs Mole of 82 York Road, last week received the sad news that their younger son, Private Charles Arthur Mole, Royal Fusiliers, previously reported missing, had died whilst a prisoner of war in Germany. He was wounded in action on March 26, and his death, as reported through the Geneva Red Cross, occurred a few days later, the burial taking place at Cambrai in the military cemetery. Charles Mole, whose age was 19, attended the Teddington Council School under Mr Orton and won a four years’ scholarship at Hampton Grammar School. He devoted himself with much thoroughness to church work at the church of SS Michael and George, Fulwell, where he was an altar server, and acted as assistant scoutmaster to the local troop. His early death will be regretted by many comrades and friends. From the Surrey Comet : September 4 1918 The following letter, ‘written in a shell funnel on Good Friday March 29 1918’ was recently received by Mrs Mole of 82 York Road. It was written by a German soldier and sent to a missionary in Birmingham, who translated it and sent it on to Mrs Mole. ‘Dear Family Mole, Love and a sense of duty compel me to communicate to you what will be the greatest interest to you. I am a German soldier, whose name is H. Weingartner. When our forces were moving onwards over the battlefields, which had been evacuated by the English, some of my comrades hit upon three English soldiers, of 12 | TW11 – April 2018

whom two were dead already and one still alive. When they returned from their reconnaissance trip they told me about it. I asked them together with some other comrades to follow and see what we could do for our fellow soldier. We took with us also a man of our ambulance staff and some warm tea. When arriving on the spot, we freshly dressed our English comrade, who evidently had made himself some provisional dressing before we came. Both his legs were badly wounded. His left leg had two big holes above the knee and three holes lower down on the foot. I severed his shoe with a knife as gently as possibly. In order to dress him properly I had to cut off the upper part of his trousers. His right leg was wounded on the shank. His hands were also wounded. After we had bandaged him up and refreshed him a little with a cup of tea, we carried him on a tent bed to the main road, lest he should succumb on the spot. We attached a little flag to his bed to direct our sanitary soldiers’ attention to him when passing by. He had two letters with him, which he handed to me. These letters I am sending you with this. Whether they ever will reach you I do not know; I will try at least and send them on to a friend of mine, a missionary, Mr I Genahr, who is married to an English lady. He will know how to deal with these letters, which I presume are written by your son. Near the place where we found your son, I picked up two photos of which for the present I keep one for myself and send you the other. Maybe that it shows his own likeness, though I am not quite sure of it. Maybe Continues on page 14

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that it shows one of his friends. I could not make it out, as we could not make ourselves understood, he talking English and me German.’ ‘All this happened on the 26th in the afternoon. He tried also to speak some French, from what I understood that he had been lying there for two days. As the place was within some distance from the main road, no one had noticed him. Happily our column did not march the same evening. So I went again to see my poor friend late at night, when the others had taken to rest and found him still lying there, no doubt only because everything had to be done in the greatest hurry in those days. I was glad to find him still alive, and felt very happy that I was enabled once more to do him some small service of love. I had some tea and water with me and allowed him to choose what he preferred. In some other things I could also give him some relief and tucked him up as well and as warm as I could. Before I left him I knelt down at his side and prayed with him. Though he may not have understood me he well knew that I was praying with him and for him. I was moved to tears to see how grateful your son looked at my little service, and I took such a fancy to him and shall continue to remember him in my prayers. Among other things he told me that he was only 19 years old. With a sore heart I bade farewell to him late in the night. I should have liked to have stayed with him all the night, but of course this was impossible. The next morning I went again to see him and to bring him some refreshment in case he still should be there. However, he had been removed to some field hospital by an officer who had passed by, and ordered him to be driven off in a carriage to a place of safety, where he could be properly looked after.’

‘This is all I can tell you about your son. I have asked God to keep and safeguard his young life and grant him a meeting again with you all. And my sincere and fervent wish is that this letter will safely reach you, especially in case your son should succumb to his wounds, and no news about him should ever reach you. If there is any possibility to write me a line and tell me whether you had any other news about your son and what has become of him, Mr G will be pleased to forward. Should your son survive, which I hope and pray for, I hope to hear from him later on. May the Lord soon grant us peace according to His everlasting mercy and grace, Yours sincerely, H Weingartner’ Information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission : Pte. Charles Mole died of his wounds 28th March 1918 aged 19 and is buried at Cambrai East Military Cemetery. I wonder whatever happened to H Weingartner. Did he survive the conflict? Did the Mole family ever establish contact with him? Perhaps we shall never know. I am sorry that this story has been so long but it is probably the first time in a hundred years that the Weingartner letter has been published. I will bring more stories to the next edition.

14 | TW11 – April 2018

Ken Howe is a historian and author of several local history books. Tel: 020 8943 1513

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Teddington Update ELLERAY HALL CONSULTATION HE COUNCIL HAS BEEN CONSULTING users and reviewing the options for providing a new Elleray Hall and rehousing the Disabled and Independent Living charities (RAID and RUILS) at present in a c 1970s building at 4 Waldegrave Road (between Teddington Library and Elmfield House). At this early stage the Council seems to see advantages in the option of providing new premises for all three users in a new building at 4 Waldegrave Road, whereas those running Elleray Hall would prefer to stay in Elleray Road. The future of the North Lane East car park, which had been under consideration for a relocated Park Road GP surgery, is also likely to be reviewed


The only site in Teddington, significantly above the 40 micrograms per cubic metres safe limit in 2016 was Broad Street, by Boots, which was 49. The High Street was 37 and Waldegrave Road was 29. By contrast the worst level in the borough is George Street in Richmond which is 96 micrograms per cubic metre.

At rather short notice a Drop-In session was held at Elleray Hall on 28th February when a number of residents gave their views on these ideas. Any redevelopment of 4 Waldegrave Road has to have proper regard to the fact that it sits between two listed buildings, Elmfield House and Teddington Library. This would suggest a suitably subordinate building and it hard to believe this could provide sufficient accommodation for both Elleray Hall and the charities even with possible shared facilities with the Library. This is all at a time when the Police Station is facing disposal where another community use would be the Council’s preference. This would be an attractive alternative location for the Park Road surgery which is right opposite and possibly for other community uses. Clearly a lot more thought needs to be given. AIR QUALITY CONCERNS The Council’s air quality plan is under review at a time when concerns are rising about the impact on our health of air pollution. The diagram shows annual mean concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide in micrograms per cubic metre, 40 being the EU target safe limit. Green and blue are below the safe level, yellow and red above it. 16 | TW11 – April 2018

THE GARDEN LAST MONTH The Japanese quince or Chaenomeles japonica is a spiny shrub with flowers in a variety of colours from white and pink to orange. Later in the year there are hard scented golden yellow fruit which can be used in the same way as fruit of quince trees to produce quince jelly full of pectin. Little pruning is required.

Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward

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What’s On Twickenham Art Circle Spring Exhibition Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th April, 10am – 5pm The TAC’s 8th exhibition at the Landmark will show work by local artists in a variety of styles and media, all at affordable prices. With regular drawing, painting and demonstration events throughout the year. If you would like to join us - members are on hand during the exhibition to answer questions about all the Society’s activities, or visit the website Admission: Free, including free catalogue. Maddy Prior in Concert with Hannah James and Giles Lewin Friday 20th April, 8pm Over the course of her remarkable career, maddy Prior has made it her mission to work with exceptional musicians – both within Steeleye Span and beyond. To that noted list she has added Hannah james (Lady Maisery) and Giles Lewin (Bellowhead / Carnival). The trio perform songs from their two albums plus highlights from Maddy’s career in a daring acoustic style that enhances one of this country’s finest voices. Tickets: £20 / £19

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy Tuesday 24th April, Doors open: 11.45am The UK’s premier baby friendly comedy club! We provide soft flooring, toys, buggy parking and baby changing, so that your baby is happy and you can relax and be entertained by the funniest comedy stars in the UK. Please note: our brilliant comics will be performing their usual adult material, which is why we have a strict 12 month age limit for our little laughers. Tickets Price: £10 in advance / £12 on the door. Contact: info@BYOB Comedy Lunchtime Book Club Friday 27th April, 1pm This month’s book: The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah Read the book and meet to find out more about the author and enjoy an informal discussion led by staff from Waterstones, Teddington. Cost: £5 / £3.50 concessions Offer: Book in advance and get 10% off the book at Waterstones, plus the discussion topics. Richmond Art Society Summer Exhibition Saturday 5th May - Monday 7th May Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm; Monday 10am – 5pm Private View: Friday 4th May, 6pm – 8pm. The Richmond Art Society Summer Exhibition features artists from across the borough presenting work in a variety of media, including oils, watercolours, prints, sculpture, ceramics, photography and more. All original work is for sale, together Continues on page 20

18 | TW11 – April 2018

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What’s On with greetings cards and reproductions. This year the Society presents work by artists interpreting the theme Going to Waste. More information on their website Free Event

ballads evoking vivid images of Tzigane fiddle maestros, Budapest café life and gypsy campfires - with a few surprises along the way. “the finest purveyors of Eastern European gypsy music this side of a Lada scrap heap” - The Times Tickets: £16 / £15 LAC Members Pre-show supper available; £9.50 per person. Men’s Singing Workshops Saturday 12th May 10am - 1pm Acapella workshops for men. No experience required, all welcome. Register in advance; pay on the day. Cost: £12

The Budapest Café Orchestra Thursday 10th May, 8pm Back by popular demand, the hugely entertaining Budapest Café Orchestra’s traditional folk and gypsy music from across the Balkans and Russia will make you want to book a holiday along the Danube! Led by jazz violin superstar Christian Garrick, the BCO repertoire includes Klezmer, Romanian Doinas, Hungarian Czadas and beautiful

20 | TW11 – April 2018

The Richmond Brass Band Sunday 13th May, 3pm The Richmond Brass Band presents an afternoon of music written specifically for brass bands. Traditional and contemporary, ‘Made to Measure’ features works by Eric Ball, Peter Graham, Gavin Higgins, Derek Bourgeois and more. With something for the whole family, don’t miss this chance to see the true variety and style of brass band music, lovingly curated and presented by the Richmond Brass Band. Tickets: £12 / £10 concs & LAC Members / £5 U16s / Free U5s / £29 Family (2 adults & 2 children)

TW11 April '18  

TW11 is a glossy A5 magazine, distributed free of charge every month to a minimum of 5,500 homes within the Teddington area. TW11 delivers a...

TW11 April '18  

TW11 is a glossy A5 magazine, distributed free of charge every month to a minimum of 5,500 homes within the Teddington area. TW11 delivers a...