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Why every bride deserves a wedding album

Every Wedding tells a Story For those who appreciate the finer things, finding the right wedding photographer is very important. At TWK Studio we understand that the day truly belongs to the bride and groom. TWK always takes the approach that every wedding couple is looking for something different, something that is truly them. Every Wedding tells a story and is different. There is a rhythm to discover and follow. Intense moments of love, beauty, elegance; little unexpected moments of happiness and togetherness. Good communication is everything. Always guided by the knowledge that there is only one chance to make it work, we take the time to get to know you, enabling you to relax more with us on the day. And to exceed your expectations. As the years go by, and they go by very quickly, the joy that is experienced when the kids and grandkids share in your wedding day is a joy that can only be brought about by a family heirloom wedding album. A Photographic or Fine Art Album has a life expectancy of approximately 75 years and can truly be considered as a heritage item, something that can be handed down to your children and grandchildren

Wedding photographs these days are presented in different ways. 1. Cd / DVD 2. USB stick 3. Press print books 4. Photographic Album 5. Fine Art printed Album We will have a look at the life expectancy of each medium and see which suits you the best.

CD / DVD (Lifespan 3-5 years) When these mediums first hit the marketplace, they were advertised as providing “lifetime� preservation of data stored on them. The reality is that even the best quality of CD / DVD will only last around the 5 year mark. One small scratch in the wrong place of the disk will render the information unrecoverable. Best practice dictates that once your images are in your hand on a cd or dvd, it is always a good idea that they be downloaded on at least two computers and then on each wedding anniversary , the idea is to burn fresh dvd copy and store it away safely. That will ensure that when the computer that your images are stored on goes to the computer graveyard, you have the latest burnt disk to copy the back from. The other problem is that these images can only be viewed on an external device like an iPad, phone or computer. Not convenient 100% of the time.

USB stick ( lifespan 5 years ) Great little bits of electronics. But can you pick one up and start to look at your photos immediately? Nope. Would I rely on them to last for 40 or 50 years? Nope. Once again the advice to copy to two computers and burn a fresh disk every year. And the images still need to be loaded onto external electronic devices like an iPhone or tablet for viewing.

Press Print Books ( Lifespan 15-20 years) Some photographers call Press Print Books by the name of “Wedding Albums�, but traditionally this name should be reserved for Photographic flush Mount or Fine Art Albums. These Books are being printed on a Digital Offset Printer and may vary in colour and density from page to page and book to book. They may also look different in colour to what you are seeing on your screen. They are a lovely gift for parents and family as they are not as expensive as photo type wedding albums and lifespan will be somewhere around 1520 years. They are produced in varying qualities at many many outlets all over Australia including stationary supply firms and electronic suppliers.

Photographic and Fine Art Albums ( Lifespan 75 years) The two types of archival quality albums supplied and recommended by TWK Studio are the Fine Art Series Albums and the Flush mount series Albums. These albums come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every taste and budget and are truly a heritage item to be enjoyed with your kids and grandkids. Our Fine Art and Flush mount Series albums are designed with you at our Album Planning session a short time after your wedding and are hand crafted by a highly skilled and trained team. Using the highest-grade materials, our Fine Art and Flush mount albums are constructed to last with distinction within your family for generations. Archival quality longevity. How does about 75 years sound With colour reproduction of both the Flush Mount and Fine Art being true to life, the images just leap off the pages.

The Flush mount photographic album is made by printing each opening as a large photograph, a typical size being say 28 inches by 10 inches. This is then mounted on acid free card and mounted in a form that can be hand bound into an album where each page side is 14 inches wide and 10 inches high. This is a very high hand made time component in each album to ensure the highest quality. The Fine Art Album is inkjet printed on Acid free Archival quality Art stock, typical size being approximately the same as the photographic album. The difference is that the paper stock is a lot heavier than photographic paper and allows the album to be bound without needing to be mounted on card stock. This gives an extremely luxuriant feel to the album without the bulk of a flush mount Now let’s enjoy a few design spreads of our customers’ albums

TWK Studio Why Every Bride deserves an album  

Reasons why albums are the way to go to preserve wedding memories for a lifetime

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