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Our mission is to deliver value-adding products and services to the agricultural and related industries and to the communities in which we operate.


How strange to start spring on such a cold note. One morning I was standing in the sun in my home office, feeling a bit empty. I stared at the window and got a little irritated when I saw that it was yet again dirty, the putty had cracked, the glass was scratched and – needless to say – there were spiderwebs and dust to spare.

But then something in the distance caught my eye: a fish eagle soaring high in the sky. How beautiful it looked – so at peace, just gliding effortlessly through the heat of the sun, in the open blue skies.

How often do we see only the dust in front of us? The spiderwebs ready to entangle and strangle us, to an extent where we feel hopeless and unsure of what the future holds? If we could only remember to look out of the window and look up ...

Look through the window bars that are holding you back, and soar on tomorrow’s promises. Glide effortlessly through the heat that the day may bring, and I guarantee you, your situation will not look as irritable as before.

2019 has passed, and we can start to get a glimpse of the year 2020 ahead of us. We cannot tell what this coming year will hold, but we can assure you that the TWK group will be there through your trying times in 2020, helping you face the heat and getting rid of whatever might entangle

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And now, over to you: how can we be of service in 2020?


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Preparing farmers for a digital future.

TWK Ermelo. 2019 Winners of Agricultural Writers SA’s Farmer, Agriculturist and New Entrant to Commercial Agriculture awards. Hoe bye sien.

Woodchip Shipping.

Silage Preservation.

Know your tyre.

Summer care for livestock. TWK Logistics unlocks value with a new transport strategy and TMS rollout. New Holland presents new range for South Africa. Magwaza Pots, unique and world-famous.

My companion. German Shorthaired Pointer.

The battle of Sidi Rezegh.

The consumer.

Basjan se boomhuis.

TWK Seedlings.

Die roepstem uit die see.

Mental fitness, the link to overall well-being.

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Land Cruiser Namib. Engineered to conquer.

Strap your little ones in. Toyota records highest monthly sales in October. Medical scheme versus medical insurance. What are the differences? DIY met (ons eie) Riaan

Harvest day report.

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My lifeline.

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he TWK theme for 2019 was: ‘Attitude inspires action’. Victor Frankl defines attitude as the ‘space’ between what happens to us and our response. We believe that, as a company, we have the ability to

choose how we react to challenges and successes. During the year we have strived to always be aware of making this important choice in all the different situations in which we found ourselves.

It is with pride and respect that I acknowledge the TWK staff for the great attitude they have shown towards their work, our clients, and life in general during 2019. I thank you for the difference you made and for your contribution towards making TWK a company of outstanding value and service. Servanthood is not about position or skill. It’s about attitude. The truth is that the best leaders desire to serve others, not themselves (John Maxwell).

Our stakeholders, and especially the loyal farmers, are our






and cooperation we could share during 2019, but also throughout the many years we have been privileged to work in agriculture with our farmers. May we have many more years to come and keep on building strong relationships to achieve sustainable growth together.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season in which time spent with loved ones will be treasured. I pray that you will be aware of the Lord’s wonderful mercy and will be filled with an attitude full of gratitude.





GROUP FINANCE: Finance is one of the major pillars of any organisation and an essential ingredient of a successful business. Nowadays, a finance department has a broad range of roles to play inside or outside an organisation. The performance and success of any company greatly depend on how well the finances are handled. Keeping a close watch on the finance function is very important for the smooth operation of a company, especially a company like TWK, which is on a growing path.

It has been a year with economic and political disruptions that truly tested the framework in which we as TWK operate and report. Adapting to change is not something that always comes naturally, but we are pleased to know that the group welcomed the changes. The changing environment requires financial information and reporting systems that can also adapt.

It has been a refreshing experience to be part of the change as new financial reporting standards were successfully implemented in our financial reporting, resulting in even more transparent information on the TWK group in line with IFRS standards. The successful implementation instils confidence in our ability to adapt and to report accurate and useful financial information for all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

HOUT: Die houtmark het baie sterk afgeskop hierdie jaar met ’n ongekende internasionale vraag na spaanders, en ook ’n gesonde vraag na hout in die nasionale markte. Spaanderpryse het as gevolg van die vraag goed gestyg, en daarmee saam die pryse vir pulphout aan produsente.

Pulppryse was vir bykans 24 maande baie hoog, maar het gedurende Januarie 2019 skerp begin daal en is tans feitlik gehalveer. Daar word verwag dat die pulppryse laag sal bly tot tyd en wyl die voorraadvlakke hoog is. Dit sal ongeveer 12 maande duur om die voorraadvlakke te verminder. Die pulpvoorraadvlakke internasionaal sal noodwendig in die nuwe jaar druk op spaanderpryse plaas.

Die Richardsbaai-houtspaanderaanleg (CTC) het uitstekend presteer en produseer steeds spaanders van ’n uitstekende kwaliteit. Die aanleg word voortdurend opgegradeer om sodoende die spaanderkwaliteit en produksiekwaliteit te verseker. Daar word ook beplan om produksiekapasiteit te verhoog.

BedRock het ’n uitdagende jaar beleef, met ’n staking van vyf maande in hulle goudmynhoutmark. Dit het vir sewe maande groot druk op hulle verkope, en gevolglik op die finansiële prestasie van die maatskappy geplaas. Nieteenstaande hierdie omstandighede het bestuur en personeel baie positief gebly en nuwe markte ontgin en sodoende ’n internasionale uitvoermark en ’n nuwe platinummynhoutkontrak ingepalm. BedRock is ook in die proses om nuwe tegnologies-gevorderde bestuttingsprodukte vir die mynhoutmark te ontwikkel. Die toekoms blyk positief te wees.

Nuwe saagtoerusting is gedurende die jaar by die SAWCO-dennemeule geïnstalleer, wat die produksiekapasiteit en herwinningspersentasies van die meule verbeter het. Die SAWCO-mynhoutmeule is permanent gesluit en produksievolumes is na die BedRock Piet Retief-meule geskuif om sodoende van die sinergie te benut wat bestaan. Die vooruitsig vir die dennemeule lyk baie positief, met verhoogde volumedeursette en die verbeterde herwinnings wat behaal word.

Lydenburg Saagmeule is permanent gesluit weens sy swak finansiële prestasie. Hoë saagblokpryse en swak markplankpryse was die hoofrede vir die sluiting van die meule. Die meule se toerusting word in die bestaande TWK-saagmeulens benut.




Dit is met groot dankbaarheid dat ons weer kan rapporteer dat TWK geen verliese weens plantasiebrande gely het nie. Voorvalle van brandstigting op die plantasies het ook verlaag. Ons bedank ons bosboupersoneel vir hulle voortgesette bereiwilligheid om TWK se bosboubelange so besonders te beskerm.

TWK se plantasies is weer suksesvol FSC en ISO 14001 gesertifiseer. Die PEFC-sertifiseringstelsel (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is goedgekeur vir Suid-Afrika, maar ’n sertifiseringsorganisasie in Suid-Afrika moet nog geakkrediteer word. Die eerste plantasie-oudits behoort gedurende November 2019 plaas te vind, waarna dit na alle houtkwekers uitgebrei word wat in die PEFC-sertifisering belangstel.

TWK se Eucalyptus x Grandis Machaturii-teelprogram (G. Mac-teelprogram) verloop baie goed en die eerste klone is aan produsente beskikbaar gestel. Hoewel die hoeveelhede nog maar min was vir die jaar, sal die produksie van klone verhoog namate die kloonbanke groei. Hierdie kloon is bestand teen ryp en het baie goeie pulpkwaliteite. Die kloon se doel is om die produksievolume en volhoubaarheid in veral die groter Piet Retief-omgewing te verbeter.

TWK se Logistiek-afdeling het die vervoerbestuurstelsel (VBS) met sukses in die besigheid geïmplementeer, en dit werk besonder goed. Die stelsel het ten doel om TWK se totale logistiekbehoefte op ’n kostedoeltreffende wyse te bestuur en die stelsel is baie doeltreffend. Hiermee saam het TWK dié jaar 120% meer van spoorvervoer gebruik gemaak. Die TWK-voertuigvloot word ook deur die stelsel bedryf en dit begin baie goeie resultate toon.

Die Silulu Royal Forestry Projek is ’n samewerkingsooreenkoms tussen Shiselweni Forestry Company en Royal Silulu Holdings, en het ten doel om ongeveer 25 000 hektaar nuwe plantasies en ander akkerbouboerdery-aktiwiteite in Eswatini te ontwikkel. Shiselweni-personeel is vir die ontwikkeling en die bestuur van alle plantasies verantwoordelik. Die projek het in Januarie 2018 afgeskop en daar is reeds oor die 300 hektaar bome aangeplant. TWK is baie opgewonde oor die projek, wat ook verdere waardetoevoegingsgeleenthede vir TWK gaan inhou. TWK bedank ons houtprodusente vir hulle voortgesette ondersteuning oor die jare heen en hulle samewerking met TWK om vir ons ’n beter en volhoubare markomgewing te skep. Dit bly TWK se fokus om meer waardetoevoegingsprojekte vir ons houtprodusente te skep om sodoende in ’n omgewing van kostestygings marges te bewaar.

TRADE: Trading conditions were much more competitive and under pressure during the past financial year compared to the previous year.

Retail stores experienced lower turnovers due to lower customer spend because of drought in certain areas, lower sugar and milk prices, as well as lower maize and other grain yields. Customers also tend to buy cheaperoption products rather than higher-quality, more expensive products. With the lower spend, this led to lower margins and profits.

Mechanisation sales were less influenced by the factors above, as sales are only done in the Bethal, Ermelo and Piet Retief regions, where customers had average to above-average crops. Sales and net profits were even better than in the previous financial year. Fertiliser sales varied among the six regions where blending plants are operational, which were all dependant on the severity of the drought in the areas and the type of crops planted, as some crops require less fertiliser. Margins in this segment of the business were, however, under huge pressure due to competitors selling at very low margins to obtain market share. Prices during this period showed a constant drop, which also led to lower margins. In spite of the above, the fertiliser market share was increased during this period. The organic fertiliser and compost business also saw lower sales, and margins were under pressure, mainly due to lower customer spend, especially in retail chains and nurseries. All businesses in the Trade Division are well positioned going forward due to the change in strategies and effective cost management, which was enforced by difficult trading conditions.

GRAAN: Die 2018/2019-seisoen sal sekerlik onthou word vir die geweldige wisselvalligheid wat in die natuur voorgekom het. Die reën in veral die suidwestelike dele van die somersaaigebied het abnormaal laat gekom en daardie produsente kon eers vanaf 10 Januarie begin plant. Die laat aanplantings was nie net aangewese op goeie laat reëns nie, maar die ryp moes ook wegbly. Gevolglik het graanpryse voortdurend rondgeskommel en


TWK RADIUS was die prysvolatiliteit in die mark baie hoog. Toe dit lyk of die RSA se oeste deur die drif is, ervaar die VSA oormatige reën en word hulle aanplantings vertraag, wat op sy beurt die CBOT-pryse opgejaag het. Ons wisselkoers het ook kwaai rondgespring en gevolglik die prys beïnvloed.

Die Graanafdeling het onder die omstandighede goeie resultate behaal, gegewe die feit dat verbruikers onder druk is. Die produsente in die TWK-area het baie goeie opbrengste gestroop, en dit kan gesien word in ons goeie ontvangste by die silo’s. Ons klante is tevrede met ons dienste by die graansilo’s en graanbemarking. Selfs die grade van die mielies was onder die omstandighede goed.

Die meule breek basies gelyk, wat goed is gegewe die geweldige prysskommelings wat ervaar is. Die veevoere by Mkondo is geherstruktureer en ons sal van vooraf bou aan die verbruik van geelmielies. Groter sinchronisasie tussen Mkondo en Arrow geniet ook aandag. Arrow in Swaziland het weer goed presteer.

Veiligheid van personeel en voedselveiligheid by al ons fasiliteite geniet hoë prioriteit en ons meule het die ISO 22000: 2005 goed geslaag. Al ons silo's is PPECB geregistreer en uitvoere kan vandaar plaasvind.

Die Graanafdeling beskik oor lojale, gemotiveerde en opgeleide personeel wat ’n groot bate is vir TWK se klante. Ons wil met opleiding aan hierdie personeel die standaard daarvan verder verbeter.

FINANSIËLEDIENSTE VERSEKERINGSAFDELING: Tegnologie bly steeds een van die topfaktore wat verandering in die versekeringsbedryf sal dryf, gevolg deur veranderde wetgewing, demografiese en sosiale ontwikkeling en klimaatsverandering.

Wetgewing wat fooie reguleer wat deur die onafhanklike korttermynmakelaar verdien word, het ’n negatiewe invloed op TWK Versekering gehad, en alternatiewe maniere moes gevind word om die verlies aan inkomste aan te vul.

Ten spyte hiervan het die Versekeringsafdeling volhoubare groei getoon. Dit kan grootliks toegeskryf word aan die diverse produktereeks wat aan kliënte gebied word, asook goed opgeleide personeel, die oorkoop van korttermynportefeuljes en samewerking met ander makelaars.

Die oesversekeringsbeen het sy voetspoor vergroot met ongeveer 6% groei in hektaar. Tesame met ’n prysoorlog tussen die verskillende versekeraars en toenemende strawwe mededinging was dié deel van die besigheid onder druk.

Een van die jongste toevoegings tot die Versekeringsafdeling is die lewensversekerings- en mediese been. Dit bring ’n gediversifiseerde balans van produkte wat aan kliënte gebied kan word.

Ondanks uitdagende toestande en veranderde wetgewing en regulasies, is TWK Versekering deur aanpasbaarheid en die ontwikkeling van doelgerigte produkte ’n mededingende rolspeler in die mark. Alhoewel ons op die landbouportefeulje fokus, lê ons klem op die uitbou van ’n gediversifiseerde portefeulje wat kommersieel, persoonlik en lewens insluit om risiko te verminder en volhoubaarheid te verseker.

KREDIETAFDELING: Vir die jaar onder oorsig het die Kredietafdeling uitstekend presteer, ten spyte van verskeie uitdagings.

Seisoensfasiliteite het toegeneem oor die afgelope jaar, wat goeie renteverdienste tot gevolg gehad het. Ongelukkig het moeilike ekonomiese tye daartoe gelei dat oorbruggingsfasiliteite aansienlik verhoog het. Lae vlakke van slegte skuld is egter steeds gehandhaaf en die persentasie slegte skuld was 0,5% vir die totale debiteureboek van die groep. Die behoefte aan termynlenings en batefinansiering vergroot steeds. Ons verstaan dat ons kliënte en produsente toegang moet hê tot mededingende krediet wat aanpasbaar is vir unieke omstandighede ten einde mededingend en suksesvol te produseer. Deur die toepassing van ons effektiewe kredietbeleid wat kredietrisiko beperk, maar steeds groei ondersteun, kon die Kredietafdeling daarin slaag om uitstekende resultate te lewer, met aanvaarbare vlakke van oninbare skuld.




MOTORS: Tough economic market conditions and a decline in consumer spending were a reality. Still, the two Toyota dealerships and the Isuzu dealership managed to end the financial year profitably.

Excellent systems, with good product knowledge and customer relationships, were key to a profitable financial year. Also contributing to success is the strong brand portfolio and a product range that covers every segment of the automotive market.

Business development defined Lions River during the past financial year. Total Fourie Street in Ermelo was opened in December 2018, Total Wesselton and the Wesselton Mall were built and opened their doors in July 2019. Total Elukwatini is currently being upgraded.

CORPORATE SERVICES: The Corporate Services division continued their focus of adding value to the business segments in the TWK Agri group in 2019.

The ICT department put structures in place to simplify and enhance our current communication systems, and worked tirelessly in pursuit of the renewal of mainframes and infrastructure.

The Corporate Marketing and Communication department had some exciting changes, such as the brand new Radius magazine, and also ensured that the group stayed involved in the communities in which we conduct our business. The HR and Health and Safety departments conformed well to certain legislative changes, while keeping the safety and well-being of our employees a priority. 2019 has been, without a doubt, a hard, exciting and ‘full of surprises’ type of year. Thank you to each and every employee who differentiated TWK through their commitment, effort and attitude. We look forward to all the opportunities that 2020 will present!

PROTEA BANDE: Nieteenstaande uitdagende faktore in die ekonomiese omgewing en in die bandebedryf ook, het Protea Bande sy doelwitte 90% plus bereik. Omsette het nog konstant gegroei en netto winste het verviervoudig teenoor die vorige finansiële jaar.

Die beplanning vir 2019 en 2020 is ook om die voetspoor te vergroot, veral in die vragmotormark in Gauteng. Opsies in veral bandeversoolfabrieke word ondersoek.

TWK SHARES: 2019 was a year in which TWK share prices again reached new record heights.

TWK Agriculture Holdings (Pty) Ltd shares traded at a new all-time high price of R37,00 per share by October 2019. The TWK Investments Ltd share price increased from R18,85 in December 2018 to a level of R28,00 per share by October 2019.

Any investor in these companies or a client who received an allocation of shares through the TWK Loyalty Scheme have realised an exceptional return over the past few years. As a company with multiple sources of income, a strong underlying asset profile and an excellent history of financial performance, we look forward to unlocking more value for our shareholders in the coming years.

For more information on how to invest, visit the TWK website, or send an email to invest@twkagri.com




By: MC Loock // Senior Manager: Agribusiness

The digitisation of agriculture is transforming one of the oldest sectors in the world. These solutions are fast becoming integral in farming practices and will change the industry for the better.


recision farming, which refers to modern farming

Further to that, the data can be recorded and arranged into a



system so that farmers are able to make informed decisions about

combined with larger and more effective planting and

crops and future strategies for growing. This kind of information

farming equipment, has made it possible to cultivate

can also be used to justify support from financial institutions, as it





land more efficiently than before.

provides an independent view of the business that lenders and insurers can refer to when considering financing solutions for the

While agricultural technology (agritech) solutions are available


to farmers, affordability is often a stumbling block. For example, this sophisticated equipment is likely to be out of reach of the

Standard Bank invests in agritech solutions

average-sized grain operation, as a sizeable capital investment

As the uptake of agritech solutions continues to increase, Standard

is required.

Bank Group has committed to preparing its farming clients for a digital future. The bank is investing in innovative solutions that

Adaptation is key

will deliver enhanced data through remote sensing and digital

But as the digitisation of agriculture continues, farmers are

agronomy. This will allow farmers and their agronomists, whose role

forced to adapt to new practices and ways of thinking to stay

is to increase soil and crop productivity, to make better decisions


in everyday farming life.

That said, there are more economical digital technologies

Standard Bank’s satellite-based remote sensing innovation is

available to smaller-scale farmers. These solutions don’t require

delivered in partnership with UK-based RHIZA and backed by

expensive equipment and can be applied in areas such as yield

Origin Enterprises Plc and the European Space Agency. The bank

estimation, growth monitoring, soil fertility, crop stress, disease

joined forces with RHIZA to take advantage of the extensive

detection and weather forecasting.

research and development that the farming solutions company has produced over the years. RHIZA provides agricultural satellite

Agricultural productivity is inherently unpredictable. The industry

imaging and analysis, among other solutions, and offers the

is sensitive to things like weather patterns or biological processes,

highest-resolution image frequency available.

which, if unfavourable, can have an impact on growing conditions and crop production. But it is critical to produce crops of the right

Contour remote sensing

quality and quantity to farm successfully.

Available on mobile and desktop, Contour is a digital platform with precision farming tools that assist farmers to better understand the

Crop monitoring in the digital age

health of their crops. This remote sensing information platform is

To farm successfully, farmers need appropriate systems and infrastructure in place to best manage the demands of their crops. Technological systems such as remote sensing have made a significant impact in this regard. With this application, farmers can gather data that enables them to monitor crops and identify problems ahead of time.




equipped with a complete suite of field monitoring tools that help

This technology builds trust and transparency between the bank

to mitigate risks and improve yield through optimising operations.

and its client. It enables the bank to correctly assess risk and

Through algorithms that analyse and interpret images, Contour

accurately allocate capital and cover.

shares data on local weather conditions, field accessibility and leaf wetness while providing optical satellite monitoring of the

For more information on Standard Bank’s digital offerings for

area planted and its growth progress. This enables farmers to

farmers, speak to your Standard Bank relationship manager, who

conduct growth stage assessments, predict yield and ultimately

will put you in touch with the relevant individuals, or visit

enhance crop production over time.


Furthermore, soil sampling gives farmers insight into field conditions and indicates whether inputs are needed to address specific needs of the soil.

GRID digital monitoring Standard Bank also offers GRID, which can monitor crop performance on an aggregated basis across regions. This makes it possible to track a portfolio in terms of total hectares and total tons expected – information that is useful for the likes of buyer groups. GRID is a more affordable solution for crop monitoring in real time on farms of all sizes. Comparisons of budgeted and actual yield predictions assist with the identification of underperforming fields. If problem areas are not addressed, the farmer runs the risk of a potential loss in yield.


Oostelike produksie-area

Met Link Seed se Toppresteerders verbou die boer sukses. Noukeurige toewyding in die teelproses verseker ons toegewydheid aan kwaliteit, opbrengs en stabiliteit in elke kultivar. Beplan nou en bestel onmiddellik om teleurstelling te voorkom. “Ons onderskryf kwaliteit en diens - jou tevredenheid is ons trots!”

Westelike produksie-area

Maak deel uit van ons opwindende reis in die groeiende Suid-Afrikaanse Landbou in 2019

By: Cornelia Vermaak

TWK Ermelo makes an effort to ensure that employees know the products that are on hand and that they can make the right recommendations to the farmers. Getting the right products and information makes life easier for farmers.


n the Mpumalanga Highveld region one finds the charming and picturesque town of Ermelo. Ermelo has a rich history dating back to its origins in 1880, and has made its mark in the area. The area surrounding Ermelo is a hub for agriculture, the

mining industry and education alike.

The main route, the N11, from African countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe to Durban passes through Ermelo. Another main road, from Gauteng to the North Coast, also passes through the town.

It is in this bustling town, along the main road coming in from Piet Retief, where one finds the centrally located TWK Ermelo branch. TWK Ermelo, which can be found on the corner of Kleijnhans and Voortrekker streets, currently has 22 employees who strive to

TWK Trade, Ermelo.

deliver the best possible service to their clients.

First impressions of the branch set the bar quite high, with friendly and knowledgeable service being at the forefront. The store’s layout is neat and well thought out. Clients’ needs and requirements are of the utmost importance to the staff.

Arriving at mid-morning, one finds a busy yet friendly atmosphere. Farmers and TWK personnel bustle about, workers load products for clients. Business is in full swing!

TWK Ermelo’s manager, Rassie van Rooyen, has been with the branch for many years and knows all his clients well. It isn’t just in TWK Trade, Ermelo.



the branch that farmers can find him – he is also known for visiting

TWK Ermelo makes an effort to ensure that employees know the

them on their farms.

products that are on hand and that they can make the right

Rassie clearly shows his passion for the agricultural industry: ‘I

recommendations to the farmers. Getting the right products and

see agriculture as a challenge, it has always been a pleasure to

information makes life easier for farmers.

help the farmers.’ To Rassie, building relationships with his clients, whether they are new or have been known to him for several

When it comes to livestock feed and supplements, farmers have

years, is crucial.

the choice between Barnlab (a maize-based product), Molatek and Voermol (both are molasses-based) products for their

The branch stocks all the necessities for farmers – from animal feed


and health products all the way through to New Holland parts. The branch ensures that the right stock is always available for

With a wide variety of animal health products from all the brands

their clients at the best possible price. Because of the branch’s

being stocked by the branch, and having a very resourceful go-to

healthy working relationship with the sales representatives in the

on hand in the form of Angelique, all farmers’ animal health needs

area, clients will find new products on the shelves in the store. The

are covered.

branch and the suppliers work closely together, keeping clients’ needs satisfied.

For water and pressure pumps, Stefan and Ryno have the answers. They are very well versed in all the specifics and are sure to help

From left to right: Ryno Kirk, Morne Ellis, Alida Smit, Angelique Lombard, Gert Viljoen, Nerona Dheorajh, Charlotte Marais, Carina Smit, Rassie van Rooyen.


TWK RADIUS clients find what they are looking for. There is also a well-organised

two fully qualified mechanics, their apprentice and two general

hardware section that includes paint, tools and electric fittings.

workers work on other makes of implements as well, so this brings some ease of mind to clients. Quality services are therefore

About a year ago TWK Ermelo, with the assistance of Agrinet,

available on the farmers’ doorstep.

expanded the lines that were stocked and brought in new products in order to provide a wider variety of products for their clients. This has given clients the opportunity to consider brands and products to which they previously did not have access.

‘At the end of 2007 I started working here and I can honestly say I don’t see myself elsewhere,’ is the honest answer from Ryno Kirk, who has been working at TWK Ermelo just shy of 12 years. ‘We are a team, we help each other and in the process we help our clients.’

Just across the road from the branch one finds TWK’s mechanisation division, with the New Holland agency, where BJ Moolman can be found to assist farmers in acquiring what they need with regard to the full New Holland range, Monosem planters, BPI and Rovic &

TWK Trade, Ermelo.

Leers implements. The iconic blue New Holland tractors draw your attention – a sight not to be missed!

The workshop, which is about a kilometre from the branch itself, offers services to more than just New Holland implements. The

TWK Trade, Ermelo.

For customers looking to buy on a smaller scale, whether they be small-scale farmers or even those who are looking for products for their home gardens, the branch stocks smaller quantities of pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides, etc. The branch caters for

From left to right: Manqaba Ntsangase, Mduduzi Hadebe, Peet Meyer, Linda Mbageni, Doctor Malaza.

everyone in the market, no matter the size or budget.

In the last couple of years, the region has felt some economic strain due to the lingering drought. Farmers are more cautious in their spending habits, buying only what they need. Yet, despite this, clients have kept returning to TWK for their business needs.

TWK Agri is also closely involved in the community of Ermelo, sponsoring local schools. These schools have made a name for themselves over the years, and with TWK’s involvement, they can surely go from strength to strength.

The Highveld Show in Ermelo, which has for many years been an important agricultural event during March, has in recent years

TWK Trade, Ermelo.




hosted the Wool Show, of which TWK Agri also has been a sponsor. When it comes to future growth, building on a solid foundation and going forward with the current momentum, the branch will continue to make an impact and bring the best possible service to the community for many years to come. Ermelo itself is a growing town, and with the agricultural sector expanding, the potential is certainly there for the branch to become a market leader in the community.

Competitive prices, great service and close customer relationships have ensured that the clients’ needs have been placed first despite difficulties. Whether it be for fertiliser for a vegetable garden or a farmer coming in to find much-needed products and

Antiques Collection

advice, service, knowledge and the correct products are always on hand from friendly and helpful staff.

Things to know about Ermelo: •

Ermelo has an excellent 18-hole golf course for those who are up for a round of golf. There is also a fully functional clubhouse.

For the nature lovers, bird watching is ever growing in

War Memorial

Ermelo Country Club

popularity and can be done at several privately owned as well as government-owned properties surrounding Ermelo. •

In and around Ermelo there are a number of art galleries and antique stores that offer unique pieces for those who prefer

Bayer wens u ’n geseënde FEESSEISOEN toe.

something exclusive. •

A South African War memorial can also be found in Ermelo, commemorating those from Ermelo and the surrounding area who fell during the war.

TWK Ermelo Tel: (017) 811 1603 Email: ermelo@twkagri.com Cnr of Voortrekker and Kleijnhans Streets, Ermelo.

Facebook: Bayer Crop Science Division Southern Africa Twitter: @bayer4cropssa

www.cropscience.bayer.co.za www.bayer.co.za



Bayer (Edms) Bpk. Reg. Nr. 1968/011192/07 Wrenchweg 27, Isando, 1601. Posbus 143, Isando, 1600 Tel: +27 11 921 5002


2019 Winners of Agricultural Writers SA’s Farmer, Agriculturist and New Entrant to Commercial Agriculture awards.


By: Liza Bohlmann // Chairperson AWSA

outh Africa’s top contributors to agriculture have been

leadership in agriculture. “We are proud to be associated with

recognised at the Agricultural Writers SA Awards. The

you and thank you for your

event, sponsored by Bayer, Rovic Leers, Santam Agri

dedication to this higher calling that is agriculture.”

and Sanlam gives recognition to the work of those that

seek to elevate food security and rural economies.

“This evening is about more than celebrating excellence. It is also to acknowledge the vital role agriculture plays in every human’s

Nick Serfontein from the Free State has been named the Farmer of

life. Our very existence as a species relies on the expertise, grit and

the Year, Buks Nel from the Western Cape is the Agriculturalist of

determination of big and small farmers as well as farm workers to

the Year and Dirk Louw from the Northern Cape is the New Entrant

remain in agriculture and to do so successfully.

to Commercial Agriculture Award winner. “We also acknowledge the role of the men and women nominated Speaking at the gala event held in Pretoria on 15 November,

as agriculturist of the year. With their support and knowledge, this

Agricultural Writers SA chairperson Liza Bohlmann congratulated

battle against the odds can continue. It is our members’ privilege

the winners and said that the awards recipients were not only

to report on the stories of these heroes of agriculture.”

recognised for excellence in their respective fields, but for their outstanding

Willie Human (Rovic Leers), Klaus Eckstein (Bayer), Nick Serfontein, Gert Bezuidenhout (Sanlam), Albert Coetzee (Rovic Leers).

Klaus Eckstein (Bayer), Willie Human (Rovic Leers), Dirk Louw, Gert Bezuidenhout (Sanlam), Albert Coetzee (Rovic Leers).

Klaus Eckstein (Bayer), Willie Human (Rovic Leers), Buks Nel, Albert Coetzee (Rovic Leers), Gert Bezuidenhout (Sanlam).

Nick Serfontein – Agricultural Writers SA

Dirk Louw – Agricultural Writers SA New Entrant

Buks Nel – Agricultural Writers SA

Farmer of the Year 2019

to Commercial Agriculture 2019

Agriculturalist of the Year 2019

Headed up by Nick Serfontein, the Sernick

Dirk Louw manages his farming enterprise,

Although Buks is an industry and globally

Group is a diversified agricultural business that

Silver Moon Investments, in the district of


owns the whole value chain, from farm to fork.

Groblershoop. He was awarded Raisins SA’s

Management, he went on to focus on new and

They are based in Edenville and Kroonstad in

Upcoming Farmer of the Year award last year.

improved cultivar development at Tru-Cape.

the Free State and farming operations include





At present he is the New Variety Specialist

a Bonsmara stud, feed factory, feedlot and a

Currently Louw farms on 68ha of which 21ha

at Tru-Cape, where he has worked since its

deboning facility.

is rented. His farming enterprise comprises

inception in 2001.After many years of walking

of 30ha dry grape vineyards, 1ha of wine

orchards, Buks received the Plant Breeder’s


grape vineyards, 24ha pecan nut trees and

Rights for the improved Gala and Fuji strains,

people and the economic impact of their

14ha of interchangeable crops. He also farms

Bigbucks and Fuji Royal.

activities is estimated to be R2,37 billion per

with Dorpers and Meatmasters. He strongest

annum. Serfontein has been appointed to

farming enterprise is raisins, and Louw had a

While looking ahead to the new, he has also

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s advisory panel on

record harvest of 200t this year. Most of his

made an enormous contribution to finding

land reform.

raisin harvest is exported to the Middle East.

and preserving old apple and pear varieties –






including heading the search (with Tru-Cape colleague Henk Griessel) for the first recorded apple at the Cape.



Ons kan nie die weer beheer nie ...

maar ons kan jou daarteen verseker! Indien u belangstel kan u gerus vir TWK Versekering skakel.

Mielies Sonneblom, sojabone + graansorghum DroĂŤbone, grondbone, pekanneute, makadamianeute, katoen + aartappels

1 2 3

Vir meer ingligting besoek ons webtuiste www.impaccropsure.co.za

Stone House | 510 Makoustraat Monument Park | Pretoria | 0181

Bryte Insurance Company Limited ‘n Gemagtigde Diensverskaffer. FSP 17703 Onderskryf deur

+27 12 010 0697 Uitbreiding 2 info@impaccropsure.co.za


Deur: Annica Venter

Volgens die Verenigde State se Departement van Landbou (die USDA) is 30% van die wêreld se kos- en blomplante van insekbestuiwing afhanklik. Wetenskaplikes beskou bye as ’n hoeksteenspesie in ons voedselketting. Die USDA dui aan daar is amper 130 tipes kommersieel aangeplante gewasse wat van insekbestuiwing afhanklik is.


n Suid-Afrika is die heuningby ’n inheemse spesie en vorm

Bye het die vermoë om baie vinniger as die mens te sien.

’n integrale deel van ons biodiversiteit. In landbou is daar

Navorsing wat in 2010 deur die Queen Mary Universiteit van

plante soos makadamianeute en amandels, appels, blou- en

Londen gepubliseer is, het bewys dat hulle visie amper vyf maal

swartbessies, sowel as sonneblomme wat geheel en al van

vinniger as dié van die mens is, en dat die hommelby die vinnigste

die bestuiwing van bye afhanklik is.

kleurvisie van alle diere het. Wetenskaplikes stel voor dat dit hulle in staat stel om kleur in flikkerende lig waar te neem, byvoorbeeld

Bye se rol as bestuiwers is baie belangriker as net om heuning

wanneer die insek vinnig deur ’n bos vlieg. Dit help dus die by om


individuele blomme te identifiseer.









bestuiwingswêreld, en hulle geheime wapen om dit te bereik, is hulle sig.

Sommige blomblare lyk asof hulle kleur verander, afhangend van die invalshoek, en dit lyk asof dit glinster. Die mens kan

Bye het ongelooflike sig. Die Nobelpryswenner en wetenskaplike

nie hierdie verskynsel waarneem nie, omrede dit binne die

Karl von Frisch het bewys dat bye in staat is om kleur te sien,


en later is daar ook bewys dat hulle ’n wyer kleurspektrum van

geassosieer met suiker, en lyk dus vir die by meer aantreklik, wat

visie as die mens het. Die kleur wat ons sien, is gebaseer op

bestuiwing bevorder.






die hoeveelheid pigment wat geabsorbeer word as lig daarop weerkaats. Wanneer lig dus op ’n voorwerp val, word ’n deel

Die by se vermoë om kleur te sien, is te danke aan klein buise wat

van die lig geabsorbeer en ’n deel daarvan weerkaats. Dit wat

elk beskik oor agt selle wat op lig reageer. Vier van hierdie selle

weerkaats, is die kleur wat ons waarneem. Die verskeie kleure

reageer op geel-groen lig, twee op blou lig, een op ultravioletlig.

blomme en die feit dat blomme se kleur van dié van blare verskil,

’n By is ook in staat om gepolariseerde lig te sien. Dit is lig wat

is ’n manier om bestuiwers te lok. Alhoewel ons as mense die

in een rigting beweeg en is die gevolg van lugmolekules in die

verskillende kleure kan waarneem, beskik bye oor die vermoë om

atmosfeer wat die fotone verstrooi om ’n “superhoofweg” van

ultravioletlig te sien. Dit gee hulle ’n voordeel wanneer hulle nektar

lig te skep. Die by is in staat om hierdie lig te skandeer en die

soek. Baie tipes blomme het patrone wat vir mense onsigbaar is.

polarisasiepatrone aan te pas. Dit is die by se eie GPS en word

Hierdie patrone is soortgelyk aan “nektarteikens” vir spesies wat

gebruik om homself te lei en rigting te vind, selfs wanneer die son

ultravioletlig kan waarneem. Blomme soos sonneblomme en

nie skyn nie. Die bye kommunikeer ook hierdie aanwysings aan

gesiggies het nektargidse wat die bye lei.

die kolonie en vorm hulle eie padkaart daarmee. Bye vind hulle pad terug na die korf deur na die gepolariseerde lig in die lug te

Soos mense s’n, is bye se sig trichromaties, wat beteken dat hulle


oë fotoreseptore het wat kleurkombinasies van drie kleure kan sien. Mense baseer hulle kleurkombinasies op blou, groen en rooi,

Bye is ook in staat om te navigeer wanneer dit betrokke is omdat

terwyl bye se kombinasies ultravioletlig, blou en groen is. Omdat

ultravioletlig deur wolke kan penetreer. Die nektarteikens op die

rooi se golflengte aan die langer kant van die spektrum is, kan

blomme lei die by tot by die nektarbron, en dit verklaar vir ons

bye nie rooi sien nie, terwyl die mens wel kan. Bye sien rooi as

hoe bye in staat is om ’n spesifieke spesie blom in die veld te kan

swart. Hulle kan wel kleure in die rooierige golflengtes soos geel

kies. Onlangse studies het ook getoon dat bye meer aangetrokke

en oranje sien. Hulle kan ook blou-groen, violet en “bee’s purple”

is tot onkruid as ander plante, omrede die onkruid vir die

sien, wat ’n kleurkombinasie van geel en ultravioletlig is en vir die

by aanlokliker is.

menslik oog onsigbaar is . Volgens wetenskaplikes is blou, violet en pers die kleure wat bye moontlik die meeste sal lok.


Die invloed wat bye op die ekonomie het, is amper



ongelooflik. Navorsers by die Universiteit van Reading in Berkshire,


Engeland, het bereken dat bye meer tot die Verenigde Koninkryk

se ekonomie bydra as wat die koninklike familie deur toerisme lok. In die Verenigde State van Amerika berus $14,6 miljard se


gewasproduksie op bye se bestuiwing.



Met bye se ongelooflike visie is hulle in staat om met baie groot


akkuraatheid te bestuif, en faktore soos betrokke lug of winderige


weer raak nie hulle sig nie. Hulle kan kleur en ligpatrone waarneem

wat vir die menslike oog onsigbaar is, en dit alleen maak hulle die beste bestuiwer in die diereryk. ’n By se sig is sy geheime krag!


https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/03/100317101348. htm

Wat kan jy doen om te help? •

Moenie die habitat van blomplante en bye versteur nie en vermy die gebruik van plaagdoders.

importance_of_bees_in_agriculture •

Neem ingeligte besluite wanneer dit kom by insekdoders wat op gewasse gebruik word. • Indien




plantsoorte wat blom en voordelig is vir die



https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/main/national/ plantsanimals/pollinate/farmers/

plaas en bestuiwers. •

https://www.teagasc.ie/media/website/publications/2017/ Teagasc-Bee-Leaflet.pdf







Masehela, T. (2017) An assessment of different beekeeping

weidingslande toe vir veldblomme

practices in South Africa based on their needs (bee forage


use), services (pollination services) and threats (hive theft and



bemestingstowwe Moenie


groei, of plante

voordat dit geblom het nie.

sonder kunsmis.

vandalism). PhD Agric Thesis. University of Stellenbosch. Available


at http://scholar.sun.ac.za/handle/10019.1/100915 (Accessed 06 September 2019). ■


Keeping your cargo dry since 1996 Manufacturer and supplier of PVC tarp, cargo nets and load equipment

Ratchet binders • Hand ratches • Bowl clips Grab hooks • Truck nets • Truck winches • Load binder Church tents • Ratchet chains • Tarpaulins • Braider cord Lapa canvas • Pool covers • Corner plates Bakkie covers • Shading • Offcut tarpaulins (different colours) Dam liners ORPIE: (082) 851 8724 // info@liontarps.co.za OFFICE: (013) 932 4248 // (013) 935 1132


By: John Swaine

The timber provided by our suppliers travels approximately 14 500 km with various modes of transport before reaching its final destination in the form of woodchips at a customer’s pulp and paper mill in Japan or China.


oodchips are mostly shipped in woodchip ships

Depending on the price of the fuel and oil consumed during

that are specifically designed to maximise the

the voyage, the total cost of a round-trip voyage from Japan to

volume of woodchips, as woodchips have a very

Richards Bay and back is around R25 million. It is therefore very

low bulk density when compared to other bulk

important to maximise the volume of woodchips loaded onto a

cargoes like coal. Depending on its size, such a ship can carry

ship so as to reduce the cost per ton for shipping the woodchips.

between 36 000 and 47 000 tons of woodchips.

The ship is normally owned by one of the large Japanese shipping companies like NYK and MOL. The pulp and paper companies then conclude a 15-year time charter contract with the shipping company. These ships have a life span of 20 to 25 years before they are scrapped. The ships sail empty from Japan to Richards Bay, with the voyage taking around 26 days, depending on the weather conditions at sea. The average sailing speed is 14 knots, or 26 km per hour, and the vessel consumes on average 30 tons of fuel and oil per day, equating to 1 560 tons of fuel and oil for a round trip. The ships normally stop over in Singapore to take on An empty cargo hold, showing the ribbed structure. These holds are approx. 22-23m deep and can hold between 5500 and 8000 tons of woodchips when fully loaded.

fuel for their voyage. It takes on average three days to load a ship and three days to unload it, equating to a round trip of 58 days, inclusive of loading and unloading. A ship can therefore do six round trip voyages from Japan to Richards Bay every year.

During the loading process, the woodchips on the stockpile are pushed by three large, wheeled dozers into a reclaim pit, where

The ship normally has a crew complement of 23, mostly of Filipino

the chips are then fed onto a set of conveyors approximately 4 km

origin, and they do a six- to nine-month stint of consecutive

long, providing a direct link to a dedicated pneumatic woodchip

voyages before resting for three months.

ship loader in the port at the berth where the vessel is being loaded. The loading takes place at a rate of 850 tons an hour. The pneumatic loader has a large blower that forces air into a pipe together with the chips to effectively blow the chips into the hold under pressure. Due to the high speed of loading, friction is created in the loading pipe of the loader and approximately 2 000 tons of water per shipment is induced in the loader together

A view over the loading deck with the open cargo holds.

Electronic control panels in the bridge office.

with the chips to reduce the friction.

A woodchip ship has six separate holds into which the woodchips are loaded. In order to maximise the volume of woodchips loaded onto the ship, the holds are all loaded in a specific sequence to 80% of capacity at first, which allows the chips to settle before the holds are topped up in the same sequence. Ship's compass.

The ship's electronic navigation system.




The loading takes place 24 hours per day until the vessel is full.

of the vessel in the water, and the difference between the

Loading can, however, be interrupted due to high wind speeds,

draught survey before loading and that after loading determines

when the port closes for all loading and ship movements in and

the quantity of woodchips loaded. In order to determine how

out of the port. Woodchips are one of the very few bulk cargo

well a ship has been loaded, we calculate two measurement

commodities that can be loaded while it is raining.

parameters: •

Stowage, which is expressed as cubic foot hold space utilised per metric ton of chips loaded.

Compaction, which is expressed as cubic foot hold space utilised per bone-dry ton of woodchips. This is the important measurement







effectively purchase the woodchips from us measured in bone-dry tons.

A woodchip ship normally has a conveyor running on the deck along the length of the ship and three cranes with large grabs that are used to discharge the woodchips at the customer’s unloading port. The cranes and their grabs are used to lift the chips out of the holds into hoppers that feed the conveyor, which is connected

Electronically operated Elmec Loader nozzle, through which the woodchips are blown into the cargo holds.

to a shore conveyor to discharge the chips to a storage area. Small dozers are placed in the holds during the unloading process to accumulate the chips into piles for the grabs to effectively maximise the volume per grab load. In many cases when the pulp and paper mill is not situated adjacent to the unloading port, the woodchips are then loaded from the storage area in trucks with a 20 ton capacity, which equates to 2 000 loads to transport a shipment of 40 000 tons of chips to the mill where the journey ends before the chips are converted into pulp and paper products. ■

This hold is loaded up to 80%. All holds are loaded in a specific sequence and are loaded in two runs, to give the woodchips time to settle. First run is to 80% and the second to 100%.

If there are any non-weather-related delays that interrupt ship loading, e.g. equipment breakdowns, or if the vessel has arrived for loading but there is another vessel at the berth, TWK as the supplier is charged a demurrage fee of $12 500 per day by the customer if it takes longer to load than the contractually agreed loading time. It is therefore very important to ensure that the ship is berthed and loaded with minimum delays. A conveyor that is conveys the woodchips from the mill to the ship.

This is the Elmec loader that loads the chips from the conveyors into the ship's hold.

A view over the open cargo holds. Woodchip carriers have six cargo holds.

View of raised finger jetty where woodchip carriers have a dedicated berth to load woodchips.

In order to ensure that no contaminants enter together with the woodchips while the chips are being loaded, the conveyor route of 4 km is patrolled by four persons at all times and we have persons on the ship also dedicated to watching for any possible contaminants that may enter the hold during the loading process. We use a total staff and contractor complement of 17 persons per shift for all the vessel-loading activities.

In order to determine the final quantity of woodchips that are loaded into a ship, draught surveys are conducted by a marine surveyor before loading commences, and when loading has been completed. The draught survey determines the displacement



By: Johan Bender


Available at TWK Trade branches. he Polydress® O2 Barrier 2-in-1 is the first combination

film absorbs moisture from the silage. Meanwhile, its stability,

of protective film and sealing film with a 6- to 10-times-

puncture resistance, and stretchability increases significantly. It is

improved oxygen barrier. The highlight: the 2-in-1 film

recommended that an additional silo protective cover and gravel

combination can be put on silage in only one work

bags are used to protect the silo. The water vapour permeability

step, and is exceptionally robust and flexible at the same time.

of the PA sealing film enables the separation of the two films: the

The ‘clinging’ sealing film detaches itself from the protective film

water vapour from the silage diffuses through the sealing film and

within a short time after application. There is no difference in

condenses on the PE protective film, which acts as a barrier. After

handling compared to other conventional silage films. The end

a few days, the separation of the film combination is complete.

user simply puts the newly developed Polydress® O2 Barrier 2-in-1

The sealing film clings to the silage surface. This helps to effectively

film combination over the silage to be covered. After covering

avoid moisture spots and decreases the risk of mould formation –

and once the fermentation process has begun, the sealing

an advantage over conventional vacuum films.



Handel Trade


Award winning film combination

1,230 x 3,600 m R 2,750 excl. VAT

The innovation for more sustainability

Sustainable material and recycling concept Material savings and disposal costs up to 60 %

More constant silage preservation while protecting resources Material usage and disposal costs reduced by up to 60 %

Less effort for logistics, storage, and work Savings over the entire product life cycle up to 50 %

More constant silage preservation Greater oxygen barrier – less losses through aerobic metabolism Oxygen permeability <30 cm3 · m-2 · day-1 · 0,2 bar-1

Lighter roll weight and less packaging 50 % less packaging waste through 2in1 System


By: Elza van de Venter

It is important to know your tyre tread. The tyre tread is one of the most important components of the tyre, and the appearance is often one of the deciding factors for people buying a tyre.


he tread has to transmit the forces for acceleration, braking

If the depth of the water is too much, the depth of the tread too little,

and then cornering from the vehicle to the road surface in

or the speed of the vehicle too high for the tread grooves to process

order to provide the necessary grip.

this water, aquaplaning will occur. The tyres lose contact with the road,

When you consider that most vehicles weigh in the region of 1

and the rest is history. It is not surprising then that tyre dealers can do

500 kg and are capable of speeds well in excess of our legal limit of 120

good business the day after it has rained. Funny thing, human nature

km/h, this is quite a tall order to ask of the tyre.

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the risks we take in an effort to get the best possible mileage out of our tyres.

The tread has certain features, the most noticeable being the tread grooves. Contrary to popular belief, they do not disperse the water

Even though the national standard is only 1mm, and the general

from the footprint, but are designed to hold water in them in order for

international standard is 1.6mm, it is the writers personal view that

the raised portion of the tread, or blocks, to make physical contact with

these values are insufficient and a minimum tread depth of 2mm is

the road. At speeds of around 120 km/h, there is no way that the water


will channel itself through the tread grooves and come out of the side of a tyre.

So please remember to check your tyres regularly, in the interest of your own safety and that of the other motorists who travel our roads daily.

To give you an idea of how much water the tyre would have to process

Protea Tyres fitment centres in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Gauteng

at 120 km/h, consider the depth of water at 2 mm and the tyre size of

and the Northern Cape are able to perform checks on your tyre treads

205/55 R16. Each tyre would have to process nearly 12 litres per second

and you can also replace any worn tyres at our fitment centres.

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the equivalent of running your garden hose at full blast for 6 seconds.



By: Cornelia Vermaak

During summer months when you pass by a farm and see the animals grazing, they can usually be found with their calves and lambs by their sides. This gives the idea to those looking on that all is well. But keeping them in peak condition in the summer isn’t always a walk in the park, especially with the drought still haunting many farmers.


or the past few years South Africa has been suffering from

have to produce even during a drought, farmers have to give

drought in the greater part the country. The drought has

additional care and feed to these animals in order to achieve

placed more than just economical strain on the farmers –

optimal outcomes.

it has also affected the productivity and profitability of the

animals. Farmers have had to think outside the box.

Even when giving supplements and additional feed in summer, one needs to remember that a good herd management system

There are many factors farmers have to keep in mind with their

includes the winter months too. Some areas have a higher need

herds – from herd health and condition to conception and

for certain trace elements or minerals in feed, while other areas

profitability. Animals rely heavily on nutrients that are found in

need less of the same trace elements and minerals. Working

their feed, but due to the drought, the levels of these nutrients

alongside local agriculture companies and livestock nutritionists,

have unfortunately dropped. This means farmers have to bring

farmers are more likely to find exactly what it is their animals need

in alternative nutritional supplements in order for their herds to

and, in the process, increase their profitability.

remain profitable, and yet this in itself causes a profitability issue. Products like Voermol’s Premix 450 and Molatek’s Master 20 can

TWK Agri stocks feed and supplement products for BarnLab,

make a significant impact.

Molatek and Voermol, which provides their clients with options and information surrounding these products. These products ultimately influence animals’ health and their productivity. Farmers who make use of these products also have higher conception rates among their animals because of their improved condition.

A common occurrence that has been plaguing farmers for many years is second conception among heifers that have calved for the first time. In order to improve this, one has to look at the feed requirements of the heifers from the winter season before they go into the summer breeding season. When the bulls are added to herds, products like Supermol from Voermol will help improve the conception rate. It is a long road that one has to follow in order to improve conception in these animals. Questavest Afrika Huguenot

The profitability of a herd relies heavily on female animals

At the end of summer, just before winter starts, the ideal is to

producing offspring every year, even during a drought. The

provide production licks for breeding animals. This will help them

fastest way to increase profitability is with higher calving and

to go into winter in a better condition, especially during dry years,

lambing percentages. This means that farmers would have to look

and ultimately have lower feeding requirements during winter. The

at alternative feed and supplements to improve reproduction,

more weight healthy animals put on during summer, the better

which will also influence the profit gained. Because these animals

they will be able to go into winter.




‘We have had poor rains in the early part of the season over the

local veterinarians who know the area in which the farmer

past few years and therefore livestock have been under nutritional

operates, regardless of whether it is for large or for small livestock.

stress, which will depress immunity and increase susceptibility to

It is always a good plan to incorporate a vaccination schedule

disease (such as clostridial diseases),’ is the insight from Dr Niel

into a herd’s management. Environmental conditions in KwaZulu-

Nixon. ‘Conversely, late and poor rains have decreased the

Natal and Mpumalanga differ, so the management plans for

incidence of insect-borne diseases such as blue tongue, lumpy

these two areas will also differ.

skin disease and three-day stiff sickness.’ Therefore, agriculture companies and livestock nutritionists also Healthy cows rear healthy calves, healthy weaners are sold

play an important role that should not be forgotten. Co-ops stock

to feedlots, which in turn produce high-quality meat for the

numerous animal healthcare ranges with different products for

consumers. The same can be said about small livestock. In the

farmers to choose from. If farmers are unsure about what it is their

end, one has to consider the pros and cons, profitability as well as

animals need, it is always a good idea to take a sample to their

the economical side to farming.

local vet to test it and determine the culprit that has to be treated.

Ultimately, whether it is the main breeding herd, young animals that are being reared or even older animals, their feed and health requirements differ from area to area. You increase the value of your animals by taking care of them.

A healthy herd’s profitability is always higher than that of an unhealthy herd.

Credit: Dr Niel Nixon, Memel Photo credits: H du Preez, Perdekop Questavest Afrika Huguenot, Memel

RCH Ile De France

When it comes to parasite problems in livestock, every area has

RCH Ile De France, Ermelo

parasites that are more prone to affect the animals in that area. However, keeping in mind the current situation surrounding the drought, farmers should keep an eye out for health concerns in their herds. The sooner a problem can be stopped, the smaller the chance of losses.

When asked about the main culprits among parasites during summer months, Dr Nixon is of the opinion that ‘wireworm (Haemonchus contortus) in sheep and blue ticks in cattle, particularly because of increasing problems with redwater.’

Many farmers lose animals every summer due to redwater. Redwater is something that animals can recover from if they RCH Ile De France

receive the right medication on time. Wireworm, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on a farmer’s sheep and result in unnecessary losses.

In the last couple of years there have been cases of diseases that have occurred among livestock herds. While these have been brought under control, it is always good to be in contact with a veterinarian to ensure that there are no risks, and if there are, to prevent them.

Farmers should develop a good working relationship with their Questavest Afrika Huguenot



By: Bill Germishuys and Carsten Schubert

There was a time when companies ran their transportation networks with a few human resources, a couple of spreadsheets, a reliable phone line (or more recently on WhatsApp groups), and a perception that cost reduction was only achieved through robust rate negotiations with transporters.


n a world where supply chains are continuously evolving

After going to the market with a request for a quotation (RFQ)

and in the face of increased complexity, there is now a

to identify suitable supply chain partners who would be able

global shift towards companies taking control of their supply

to assist with the roll-out of the new logistics strategy and the

chain by developing a well-thought-through strategy that

implementation of the TMS platform, TKW appointed Transnova

unlocks the latent value in the supply chain; and through the

as its preferred supply chain strategy and enablement partner.

use of technology ensuring that the strategy is sustained as was intended.

An important factor in the decision to partner with Transnova was that the company was 100% independent and objective, without

In line with leading global supply chain trends, in mid-2018 TWK

any ties to existing transport companies. It could therefore assist

undertook a critical review of its logistics costs and the way in

TWK to identify the best transporters to award the work without

which its transportation is managed.

being conflicted or having a vested interest.

The TWK Logistics team identified the need to formulate a

As a fourth-party logistics service provider (4PL), Transnovaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

comprehensive logistics strategy that was aligned to the groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

company philosophy is not to own any assets (trucks or

overall business strategy and encompassed all movements â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from

warehouses) so that it can remain an independent adviser in

the forest/fields to the final destination. This strategy included a

order to add maximum value to its clients.

multitude of options such as rail, owned fleet, outsourced fleet and a dedicated contracted fleet.

A key takeout from the new strategy was that the best ad hoc rates for TWK would come from established transporters who

In addition, the complexity of the varying seasonality of the

are looking for return cargos that complement their operational

commodities they transport, the specialised equipment types

footprint. It was imperative that Phase 1 of the strategy was to

required and the ever-changing collection points associated with

gain an understanding of the rates and capacity that existed in

the timber and grain industry were central to the strategy. One of

the transport lanes that TWK required.

the outcomes of the new strategy was that TWK should establish a centralised logistics platform that would manage all logistics

To this end, Transnova deployed the fully automated online

activities in the most cost-effective manner possible.

e-sourcing platform of its global technology partner (BluJay Solutions) to manage the RFQ process with training provided for

Improved visibility and control of all logistics activities with access

new and existing transporters to submit their best possible rates

to good, accurate data was central to the strategy. In order to

and available capacity by equipment type on each of the lanes

achieve this goal, TWK Logistics made the decision to invest in a

via the portal.

leading transport management system (TMS) platform.




The benefit of using BluJay’s automated tendering platform was

shopping across all modes, select the appropriate route and

that the procurement event could be completed and analysed

carrier, and manage freight bills and payments, a TMS serves a

in less than 10 weeks. With visibility of rates and capacity on

vital role in supporting the logistics activities of a company.

the individual lanes, TWK used the ad hoc rates to compare alternative solutions such as rail, owned fleet and dedicated PBS

When deployed, a TMS delivers business value in the form of

fleets to conclude its logistics strategy. Guided by the ad hoc

reduced costs, but also gives companies improved accountability,

capacity and rates, the use of TWK’s own fleet and rail strategy

better supply chain visibility, and greater flexibility to make delivery

was amended to ensure the lowest overall cost of distribution for

plan changes.

TWK. Its key functionality includes managing orders, optimising loads Once transport service providers had been selected, rates

and planning, the selection of best carriers, management of rates,

submitted and contracts negotiated, Phase 2 of the project got

automation of shipping for all modes of transport, tracking delivery

underway with the implementation of the TMS platform.

progress (track and trace), and sending notifications of transport status, settling payments automatically, managing claims and

For TWK, the benefit of investing in a TMS platform is that it ensures

providing management reporting for key business decisions.

an automated, auditable, systematic allocation of loads to transporters in accordance with the TWK logistics strategy and

The analytics that logistics managers glean from a TMS also helps

the RFQ outcomes. In this way, TWK makes sure that the lowest

them pick up on trends, identify problem areas, and stay agile

cost transporter with capacity is always allocated the load, which

when addressing issues like how to meet future cost- and service-

translates into reduced logistics costs at the defined service level.

related goals. They also gain from the efficiencies that come from being able to automate and execute tasks, and then report back

‘Putting a TMS platform in the TWK ecosystem gives TWK leadership

on those activities.

and shareholders peace of mind that the lowest cost plan is deployed every day based on the resources available to TWK.

‘Today’s TMS is a critical tool for predictable execution and

In the meantime, the TWK Logistics team has access to much

measurement,’ says Bill Germishuys, manager of logistics at TWK

more information and data than they would ever have had


before,’ says Carsten Schubert, operations director at Transnova. ‘Equipped with this intelligence, the TWK Logistics team can focus

‘One of the biggest ROIs for companies that invest in a TMS is

on continually driving costs out of the businesses and looking for

the consistency and adherence to business strategies they get in

further opportunities to optimise the TWK network.’

return,’ says Schubert.

As the TMS is an end-to-end solution that incorporates rates

‘There was a time when a TMS was cost prohibitive for small to mid-

management and payment to transporters, TWK now has the

sized companies, but with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model

added benefit of simplified administration processes and an

you can leave the hosting, IT work, installation, and maintenance

auditable, accurate transport payment process that ensures that

to someone else,’ says Schubert. ‘This advantage alone has

the correct rates are paid to the transporters at all times.

opened up the opportunity for a TMS to a much broader market, and allowed companies of all sizes to achieve their ROI goals

Defined by leading global research and advisory firm Gartner as

relating to their transportation management investments.’

a system used to plan freight movements, do freight rating and ‘For TWK, the decision to centralise logistics and invest in a TMS platform has led to savings in excess of 6% of annual transport expenditure thanks to better visibility, optimisation and automated decision-making,’ said Germishuys.

‘We now benefit from effective and efficient planning with improved visibility and control of deliveries. Logistics performance is up and we have access to world-class management information that enables key decision support and reporting'.



By: Nthabiseng Kgafela // CNH Industrial

New Holland Agriculture was looking to make a big impression at the second annual Nampo event, the Nampo Cape 2019, which was held in Bredasdorp from 4 to 6 September. New Holland was present with new products for its customers on the south-western coast of the country.


he latest New Holland T5.S Electro Command™ and

with redesigned lift arms and a chassis with 1,98 m clearance,

TS6.120 high-clearance tractors, the Guardian™ SP310F

the SP310F gives an even more unobstructed view. The spray is

front-boom sprayer, the CR7.90 IntelliSence™ combine

delivered into the crop before the tyres go over it, eliminating the

and – most importantly for the Western Cape region – the

potential for dust to neutralise the spray. Tanks are available with

TD3.50F tractor for orchards and vineyards, made their debut in

3 800 or 4 500 l capacity, and there are five available boom sizes,

the Western Cape province of South Africa, being presented to

ranging from 27 to 41 m.

farmers and customers at the show. The T5.S Electro Command™ Series tractors are fitted with the FPT During the show, New Holland also organised a customer day at

Industrial S8000 4-cylinder engine with intercooled turbocharger,

its stand (71 and 78) on 5 September. The customer-dedicated

with three models offering power outputs of 65 kW, 72 kW and 81

day was split into two sessions, allowing customers to explore the

kW. The Electro Command™ semi-automatic transmission, with 16

new products while interacting with the New Holland sales and

forward and 16 reverse gears, differentiates this tractor from others

product marketing team.

on the market. The T5 Series can be equipped with 540/540E/1,000 rpm PTO with ground speed, and with 84 l/min hydraulic flow and

New TD3.50F tractor extends New Holland’s extensive offering for

close centre remotes. The 145 l fuel tank makes it possible to work

South African vineyard and orchard farmers

long hours without interruption.

To the vineyard and citrus producers, the new TD3.50F is the ideal


solution for working with table grape vineyards. New Holland

unprecedented ground clearance of 645 mm and a rated power

TD3.50F ROPS platform 4WD and 2WD tractors have earned a

output of 88 kW, enabling use with larger implements to increase

reputation for dependable and versatile performance in the

productivity. When connected to a 16x8 dual-power synchronised

sub-50 hp category. Combined with a proven record for whole

hydraulic shuttle with creeper transmission, and with 83 l/min

lifetime low operating costs, the TD3.50F is the tractor of choice

hydraulic pump flow, this tractor can do all the spraying required.

for orchards and vineyards, and as a general workhorse across a

A 540/1 000 rpm PTO is part of the package.







wide range of enterprises. By reducing the overall length, stability has been improved too, the tractor having a longer wheelbase to

The CR7.90 IntelliSence™ combine has the FPT Industrial Cursor

enhance its performance when fitted with a front loader or heavy

9 engine and Twin Rotor™ technology, which achieves best-in-

mounted attachment. With its stylish new look, wide platform,

class grain and straw quality, thanks to its gentle multipass action.

improved comfort and proven rugged build, the TD3.50F now

Grain cracking, at an industry-leading level of just 0,1%, is a thing

offers even better performance and value, just as you would

of the past. Opti-Clean™ ensures the cleanest grain sample and

expect from New Holland.

there are two types of rotor to choose from. Advanced harvesting technology, including IntelliSteer® auto guidance, means that

The Guardian™ SP310F front-boom sprayer is the easiest way to

harvesting can continue around the clock without stopping.

spray, combining rugged construction with an innovative design,

Innovative features such as the SmartTrax™, IntelliCruise™ and

which saves time. With the boom in front you never look back,

Opti-Spread™ systems further enhance productivity.

because the operator gets the best view of the spray nozzles and the field ahead to confidently cover ground faster. And




C 0 8 . 6 R

Meganisasie Mechanisation


NEW R 3,300,000

• Up to Prime -6% • Deposit of 50% • Payment over 36 months

TWK’s Mechanisation division sells New Holland tractors and equipment, as well as a full range of other implements and spares from outlets in Piet Retief, Ermelo and Bethal. We also have a full range of our own TWK Mechanisation implements.


Titanium 1,000L 14m Boom Sprayer-lift-new R195,000 Excl VAT

Troner 2,000L 14m Boom Sprayer Trailed-new R340,000 Excl VAT Troner 2,000L 18m Boom Sprayer Trailed-new R405,000 Excl VAT

CONTACT YOUR AGENT Joe Filter: (082) 662 7706 BJ Moolman: (072) 593 8648 Corne Laas: (072) 818 8911 Johan Bender: (082) 550 5595 *Images may vary from products.

TWK Agri 11 De Wet Street Piet Retief www.twkagri.com


By: Stella Cockburn

Pots made by the incredibly talented Magwaza family members can be found from Nkandla to homes and galleries across the world.


uzephi Magwaza, who heads one of the Magwaza

The technique used by Magwaza is known as coiling, commonly

families at Nkandla, is a member of the fourth generation

used in hand-thrown pottery. The pots are burnished in an open

of potters (as far as can be safely recorded). Buzephi

fire, usually using dried aloe leaves to fuel the fire. Thereafter the

recalls, as a little girl, watching her great-grandmother

clay pots are scoured with a stone to produce a smooth surface,

crafting pots in the same way that she does â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and she is now the

and finally the pot is polished with boot polish to give it a beautiful

great-grandmother who is watched by the younger ones as she

black or brown shine.

crafts her beautiful pieces. Buzephi Magwaza works together with her sister-in-law, Zikoti It was customary for Zulu potters to start their craft by producing

Magwaza, to produce stunningly beautiful works of art. Locally

beer pots that were used in traditional ceremonies. The main

they rely on orders for weddings in their community and the

purpose of the pots was to brew, store and serve beer, or to store

occasional craft market.

milk and sour milk. The patterns on the pots are of no specific significance, although in recent times it has become fashionable to etch peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s names and significant dates on the pots.

More recently, as the demands of the market have grown far beyond the immediate family and community, the shape and design of the pots and the patterns have evolved into a host of fabulous combinations of pieces of unique art.

However, many of the procedures have not changed over the four generations. The process of harvesting the clay, preparing it for use, and forming, drying, decorating, firing and polishing the pots is time-consuming and takes an enormous amount of dedication and skill.

Clay is collected from a nearby riverbed and broken up into small pieces using stones or a hammer. These pieces are then ground on a stone, similar to the stones used for grinding maize in the traditional way. After the clay has been thoroughly ground to look like fine soil, it is passed through a sieve to remove any impurities that would cause the finished article to burst when it is exposed to heat. Once the clay has been reduced to pure fine grains of soil, water is added to turn it into malleable clay, which is then stored in air-tight bags until it is removed to be moulded into a beautiful piece of pottery.


The talented master potter, Buzephi Magwaza has a relaxed way about her, which betrays the precision, with which she turns out her works of art.


An international collector of ethnic artworks recently visited the Magwaza potters and bought several pieces, and as a direct result of this visit, one of Zikoti Magwaza’s beautiful pots now takes pride of place in an art gallery in Switzerland – talk about putting South Africa on the global map!

Anybody wanting to visit the pottery and to experience the artists at work is welcome to contact Stella (082 578 1356) for further information.

Drilling, cutting, sanding or fixing? Ruwag’s range of POWERTOOL ACCESSORIES offer MATERIAL SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS for steel, masonry, wood and ceramic.


Buzephi uses a minimum of tools, her main tools being her creative hands.



A simple piece of wire is used to etch the perfectly symmetrical designs onto the finished article, no measurements are taken, Buzephi's eye is spot on every time!


Buzephi's sister-in-law, Zikoti, who is every bit as talented as Buzephi produced a pot, which caught the eye of an art collector a few months ago. This piece now has pride of place in an art gallery in Switzerland.

THE POWER TO CREATE tel: 0861RUWAGT, email: sales@ruwag.co.za, www.ruwag.co.za


One of the most versatile sporting breeds around, the stylish and regal German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP for short) is a superb hunting dog that also excels as a family companion. In the evening, he plays with the kids or curls up next to you on the sofa. Not a hunter? The GSP will be happy to hike or jog with you. Slightly smaller than a pointer, the GSP has an elegantly chiselled

This is one of the few hunting breeds that can perform virtually all

head with dark almond-shaped eyes, an intelligent, good-

gundog roles. The GSP can be a pointer and a retriever. He can

humoured expression, and a large, dark nose. Broad, dropped

hunt upland birds and waterfowl, as well as rabbits, raccoons and

ears are set high and lie flat against the head. However, the most

deer. Whatever you ask of your GSP, he will gladly comply with

striking aspect of the GSP's appearance is his short, dense, sleek

unshakable reliability.

coat of solid liver or liver and white, which can be patched, ticked

GSPs are high-energy dogs. At least an hour of intensive exercise, preferably off-leash, each day is recommended. Without sufficient exercise, your GSP may become nervous and destructive.

or roan. The tail is usually docked, leaving about 40 per cent of the original length.

This energetic, intelligent dog is enthusiastic at work and play. He

GSPs are people-oriented and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time without something to keep them busy. Since they are so intelligent, they will find something to keep them occupied if you do not â&#x20AC;&#x201D; usually getting into something that you do not want them to get into.

likes being with people and is a good friend to children, albeit a bit loud for little ones. That people-loving personality causes the GSP to be unhappy if left alone for long periods, and he can become nervous and destructive if he is not provided with regular companionship and exercise. He will bark at strangers, but is

aggressive hunters than females.

Bored GSPs can become escape artists, so you need at least a six-foot-high fence if you plan to leave them alone outside.

The muscular GSP needs a great deal of exercise. Expect to give

GSPs bark at strangers and noises. They are also a bit reserved with strangers.

not aggressive. Males tend to be more outgoing and are more

him a workout of an hour or two daily. With his webbed feet and

Female GSPs typically are very protective of their puppies if they have a litter.

water-resistant coat, he's a great water dog and loves to swim. If you have a pool, expect him to be in it with you.

To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they are free of genetic diseases that they might pass on to the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments.

GSPs like to please their people and will work hard for them, especially if they are rewarded with praise, play, or food. They typically are not stubborn and learn new exercises quickly. The biggest challenge is to keep them focused on training. They can

Size: Males are 58 to 63 centimetres tall at the shoulder and weigh 22 to 32 kilograms. Females are 53 to 58 centimetres tall at the shoulder and weigh 20 to 27 kilograms.

get bored quickly.





Entropion: This defect, which is usually obvious by six months

Smart, friendly and willing, the GSP is enthusiastic in everything

of age, causes the eyelid to roll inward, irritating or injuring

he does without being nervous or flighty. He does not like being

the eyeball. One or both eyes can be affected. If your GPS

left alone, however, and can develop separation anxiety. This is

has entropion, you may notice him rubbing his eyes. The

a house dog, not a yard or kennel dog. He willll love everyone

condition can be corrected surgically. •

in the family, but may choose a particular favourite. He is highly

Von Willebrand's disease: This is a blood disorder that can be found in both humans and dogs. It affects the clotting


process of blood due to the reduction of the Von Willebrand Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including

factor in the blood. A dog affected by Von Willebrand's



disease will have signs such as nose bleeds, bleeding gums,

temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people

prolonged bleeding from surgery, and prolonged bleeding

and be held by them. Choose the middle-of-the-road puppy,

during heat cycles or after whelping. Occasionally blood is

not the one who is beating up his litter mates or the one who is

found in the stool. This disorder is usually diagnosed in your

hiding in the corner. Always meet at least one of the parents —

dog between the ages of three and five years and cannot

the mother is usually the one who is available — to ensure that

be cured. However, it can be managed with treatments that

they have a nice temperament that you are comfortable with.

include cauterising or suturing injuries, transfusions of the

Meeting siblings or other relatives of the parents is also helpful for

Von Willebrand factor before surgery, and avoiding certain







evaluating what a puppy will be like when he grows up. •

Like every dog, GSPs need early socialisation — exposure to many

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), also called bloat or torsion:

different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they are

This is a life-threatening condition that can affect large, deep-

young. Socialisation helps ensure that your GSP puppy grows up

chested dogs like GSPs, especially if they are fed one large

to be a well-rounded dog. Enrolling him in a puppy kindergarten

meal a day, eat rapidly, drink large volumes of water after

class is a great start. Inviting visitors over regularly, and taking him

eating, and exercise vigorously after eating. Some people

to busy parks, stores that allow dogs, and on leisurely strolls to

think that raised feeding dishes and the type of food given

meet neighbours will also help him polish his social skills.

may be factors in causing this to happen too. GDV occurs when the stomach is distended with gas or air and then


twists (torsion). The dog is unable to belch or vomit to rid itself

GSPs are generally healthy, but, like all breeds, they are prone

of the excess air in its stomach, and the average return of

to specific health conditions. Not all GSPs will get any or all of

blood to the heart is impeded. Blood pressure drops and the

these diseases, but it is essential to be aware of them if you are

dog goes into shock. Without immediate medical attention,

considering this breed.

the dog can die. Suspect bloat if your dog has a distended

If you are buying a puppy, find a good breeder who will show

abdomen, is salivating excessively, and retches without

you health clearances for both your puppy's parents. Health

throwing up. He may also

clearances prove that a dog has been tested for and cleared of

be restless, depressed,

a particular condition. In GSPs, you should expect to see health

lethargic and weak,

clearances for hip dysplasia (with a score of fair or better), elbow

with a rapid heart

dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and Von Willebrand's disease; for

rate. It is essential

trombopatie; and a certificate that their eyes are normal.

to get your dog to

Hip dysplasia: Many factors, including genetics, environment

the vet as soon as

and diet, are thought to contribute to this deformity of the


hip joint. In mild cases, with a proper diet and exercise,


the animal can lead a full and active life. In more severe

that a tendency

cases, surgical correction may be required. Your veterinarian

towards GDV is

can x-ray your dog's hips for an evaluation. Dogs with hip

inherited, so it is

dysplasia should not be bred.


Cancer: This was one of the most reported health problems


in a recent survey by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club


of America. The types of cancers most often reported were


mammary tumours, mast cell tumours, and lymphosarcoma.


Lymphoedema: A disorder in which valvular blockage of


lymph flow or twisted lymphatic ducts cause tissues to swell from an accumulation of fluids.






that this should





in the field. Dry him thoroughly after hunting to prevent a chill.

GSPs are not recommended for apartment dwellers. They are

Examine the ears regularly for signs of infection, such as a bad

best suited to active people who have a home with a large yard

odour, redness, or tenderness. If your GSP scratches frequently at

surrounded by a high fence. GSPs were bred to have energy and

his ears, he may have an infection.

stamina to last all day in the field, so exercise is essential for them. If they do not get enough exercise, they can become nervous

Children and other pets

and destructive. Expect to exercise them an hour or more each

GSPs can do well with children if they are raised with them. They

day. Your GSP will enjoy a strenuous hike, a long walk, or a good

have lots of energy and make excellent playmates for active

game of fetch. Given enough exercise, GSPs make excellent

older children. They can be too loud for toddlers, however. Adult

house dogs. Because they are so curious and intelligent, it is a

GSPs who are not familiar with children may do best in a home

good idea to crate young GSPs when you are not around to

with older children who understand how to interact with dogs.

supervise, so they do not get into mischief.

Always teach children how to approach and touch dogs, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young

GSPs work well with people, but because of their hunting heritage

children to prevent any biting or ear or tail pulling on the part of

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; which often requires them to work well away from the hunter

either party. Teach your child never to approach any dog while

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; they can be independent thinkers. Train them with kindness

he is sleeping or eating or to try to take the dog's food away. No

and consistency, using positive reinforcements that include food

dog should ever be left unsupervised with a child.

rewards and praise. The GSP that is treated harshly will become

GSPs can get along with other dogs, although some may be

more stubborn and less willing to do your bidding. Your best bet

aggressive towards members of the same sex. Because they are

is to keep training interesting. Keep training sessions short, and

hunting dogs, they may also be aggressive toward small furry

always end on a high note, praising him for something he did well.

animals such as cats or rabbits. They can become socialised to them if raised with them from puppyhood,

Coat colour and grooming

but they may not extend the same

The GSP has a short, thick, water-repellent coat that is slightly

courtesies to strange animals that

longer on the underside of the tail and the back edges of the

intrude on their property.

rear end, known as the haunches. On the head, the hair is softer, thinner, and shorter.

The distinctive coat is solid liver or a combination of liver and white. It can be ticked (small, isolated areas of black hairs on a white background), patched, or




mixture of coloured hairs with white hairs). For instance, a liver roan GSP has a deep reddish-brown coat lightened by white hairs. Reference:

The GSP's smooth, short coat is easy to groom and does not shed excessively.


Brush it weekly with a firm bristle


brush and bath only as needed.


Rub your GSP's coat with a


towel or chamois to make it gleam. Be sure to check your GSP's feet after he has been exercising or working



For over 50 years, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve stood by farmers. It takes time to develop a thorough understanding of the agricultural sector. At Total, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had over half a century to develop a thorough understanding of the agricultural sector. This knowledge and experience has helped us to develop innovative solutions while keeping our focus ďŹ rmly on our most important customers: the farmers.


By: Garth van Rensburg

In October 1941, during World War 2, the 1st South African Infantry Division was moved from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to join the Allied 8th Army in Egypt. The Springboks, as they had become known, arrived in North Africa fresh from a considerable victory in Abyssinia, having defeated the Italian forces under the Duke of Aosta and reinstated Haile Selassie as the emperor of his country. However, the division, which had been trained at Barberton in conditions very similar to those they had found in Abyssinia, was somewhat out of their depth in the harsh desert conditions of North Africa.


he campaign in Egypt and Libya had gone poorly for

The operation was named Crusader, and it was launched by

the 8th Army during 1941 and the Allies had suffered a

the 7th Armoured Division, which moved out from Bardia on the

number of reversals against General Rommel’s Afrika

morning of 18 November 1941. The division crossed the border into

Korps. The reasons were twofold. Firstly, Rommel was a

Libya on the same day and took the airfield at Sidi Rezegh in a

genius of desert warfare and he had thoroughly out-generalled his

sharp encounter with German and Italian troops, destroying all the

opposite number, Cunningham. Secondly, and most significantly,

aircraft on the field too. In their wake came the 5th South African

the Crusader and Mathilda tanks at the Allies’ disposal were

Infantry Brigade, and on their southern flank, the 1st SAI Brigade.

hopelessly inferior to the German panzers, many of whose

The 5th Brigade was made up of the 3rd Transvaal Scottish, the

seasoned crews had gained invaluable experience in the German

1st SA Irish, the 2nd Regiment Botha and B-Echelon (the brigade’s

invasions of Poland and Western Europe. By the time the South

workshops and stores).

Africans arrived, the Germans were across the Libyan border and had laid siege to the entire Allied garrison in the strategic port of

The 5th reached Sidi Rezegh on 21 November and were sent into

Tobruk. In fact, Rommel’s sorties were proving a threat to Allied

battle south of the airfield in a giant inverted horseshoe, facing the

survival in Egypt itself, and with it the crucial Suez Canal, Europe’s

heights to the west occupied by the Germans. In the lead were the Scottish, with the Irish to the left rear and Regiment Botha to the right rear. B-Echelon set up camp at the bottom of the horseshoe. The 5th Brigade perimeter, it must be noted, was nearly 12 miles long, which gives us an idea of the vast distances involved in desert warfare.

By the time that the South Africans arrived, Rommel, who had thought that this attack was just a reconnaissance force, had realised that he was facing a full-scale attack and that the South Africans were a major threat. Consequently, he ordered the 15th and 21st Panzer divisions and massed trucked infantry to move to Sidi Rezegh. Simultaneously, the Italian Ariete Division was supply link to the Middle East.

ordered to move into the northerly path of Brigadier Dan Pienaar’s

In an effort to reverse this threat, the Allied Command formulated a

advancing 1st SAI Brigade. They achieved great success with this

plan to attack Rommel’s forces south of Tobruk on the escarpment

job, as the 1st Brigade never reached Sidi Rezegh – the one factor

around the tomb of Sidi Rezegh, and take the crucial airfield on

that possibly contributed a great deal to the eventual defeat and

its plain. The idea was then to turn north towards the coast. At

decimation of the 5th Brigade. On 22 November the South Africans

the same time, the garrison in Tobruk would attack the forces

woke up to the horrifying sight of giant dust clouds in the distance.

besieging them in an attempt to break out and join up with the

It was evident that the Afrika Korps panzers of the 15th and 21st

Allied forces attacking off the escarpment, which was only 12

divisions were heading in their direction.

miles south of the Tobruk perimeter.




My father was a private in the 3rd Transvaal Scottish, and although

either side were hit by an attack of 108 panzers, accompanied by

he spoke very little about Sidi Rezegh, we sometimes managed

massed trucked German infantry.

to get some details out of him. He told us that when they were given orders to dig in next to the airfield, they hit solid limestone at about 9 inches. This gave them at best very shallow trenches for protection from the advancing panzers. He recalled that when the panzers attacked, these huge machines got into their lines and literally squashed men around him with their giant tracks, as the shallow trenches afforded no protection. Other survivors spoke later of the screams of those who had been run over and maimed by the German tanks.

The cemetery soon after the battle

The outcome was obvious. B-Echelon itself had no defence, and the German tanks and massed infantry simply stormed through them directly into the Transvaal Horse Artillery. The story of these brave gunners is an epic. They stood by their guns although surrounded and hopelessly outnumbered until they were eventually firing over open sights at the rapidly advancing panzers. It is now known that the Germans lost 50 tanks in this last attack, thanks to these South African gunners. Most of them kept firing until they ran out of

The wrecks of tanks strewn over the Sidi Rezegh battlefield

ammunition, and there was one incident when an artillery piece Somehow, the South African troops managed to repulse this

that was still firing was crushed by a German tank. They lost all but

massed tank attack. A great deal of the credit has to be given to

seven of their 24 guns, although some were later retrieved.

the Transvaal Horse Artillery, as their gunners began to find their target from ground behind the South African troops.

Allied troops inch forward in the desert

The landmark tomb of Sidi Rezegh

My father told me that as it grew dark, the South Africans received

On the morning of 23 November, Rommel changed his tactics.

orders to retreat in an easterly direction in an effort to find a New

During the previous day the German panzers had made the

Zealand tank division somewhere to their rear. He and a friend

mistake of attacking along almost the entire 12-mile perimeter

took what they could and headed into the dark, sandy country.

in very thin formations. Although the tanks had got into the South

One cannot contemplate their state of mind after three days of

African lines, their formations had been too thin to penetrate

continuous fighting and the witnessing of so many friends killed

completely. On Sunday, 23 November, which the Germans call

and maimed. He told us that after many hours they spotted lights

Totensonntag – Death Sunday, Rommel’s tanks attacked in more

in the distance and headed for what they believed were the New

concentrated formations. But more importantly, the 15th Panzer

Zealanders. One can only imagine their surprise when only a few

Division managed to move around to the rear of the horseshoe.

hundred yards from the lights a German voice bellowed at them

During the afternoon, the men of B-Echelon and the infantry on

‘hands up, for you the war is over’. They were staring down the


barrel of a German soldier's rifle. These were the panzers that had been making their lives hell for three days.

The battle of Sidi Rezegh was a disaster for the 5th Brigade. By the evening of 23 November it had been decimated and had lost 3 800 of the 5 800 men of its original strength. It was never reconstituted as a fighting force again. This disaster was bigger than the losses at Delville Wood on the Somme in July 1916 during World War 1 (which, fortunately, my grandfather had survived). The 7th Armoured Division had suffered a worse fate. By 22 November they had lost 146 of their 150 tanks, which probably explains the fate that befell the South Africans the next day with no tank support.

Burning tanks during the battle of Sidi Rezegh

However, the Germans were in a worse situation. Rommel had lost 70 panzers, which he could ill afford, and had to retreat back into Libya for re-supplying and refitting. Sidi Rezegh was the end of Rommelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s domination in the desert and the turning point of the battle for North Africa, as the Germans never regained full ascendancy. Sadly, the prisoners of war had worse suffering to come. Although some, including the wounded, were given truck transport, the bulk of them had to suffer a three-day walk through the desert. They had little food or water, and were marched to a holding camp in Derna prior to being shipped to Europe from Benghazi. My father told us that during that thirsty march, a German staff car pulled up and a senior officer got out and addressed them. He congratulated them on such a brave fight, but stressed that they should have surrendered earlier. He also apologised for the lack of rations, as none were available. It was of course Rommel, the Desert Fox. No wonder that he was so respected by both sides â&#x20AC;&#x201C; just proving that there can be chivalry in war.




Sebenza Ngokholo, Sebenza Ngokholo, Sebenza Ngokholo! Be on the lookout for the launch of TWK Agri's very own song and music video, written by the talented Jacobus Silwer. Loofgroen blare, ruik die reën kom. In sy are klop die Winterson, Groen Genade! Op sy knieë vir sy mense, elke treë vir die dag wat kom. By TWK is hy die man, hy’s jare deel van ’n gedigte span. Hy dra die liefde op sy mou, en sy trane kom, as Groen Genade blom! In sy oë leef sy drome, goue lande tot teenaan die horison. By TWK is hy die man, hy lees die donderweer soos niemand kan! Hy dra sy liefde op sy mou en sy trane kom... Groen Genade! Saai jou drome in die wind, lig jou hande, seën jou land! Groen Genade! Mag jy in jou velde sing, mag jou kinders vrede vind. Sebenza Ngokholo, Sebenza Ngokholo, Sebenza Ngokholo!




By: JH Eugenè Joubert // CP(Int) CMP(Int) MCE(USA) M.Inst.D FICM(SA & UK)

Let me start by saying that the consumer legislation passed since 2004 has a golden thread weaved through it, and also a golden thread lacing everything together.


he golden thread that laces consumer legislation together

relied on to contribute to a consistent, predictable and effective

is the National Consumer Council (NCC). The NCC is the

environment to safeguard the interests of consumers, goods,

primary regulator of consumer-business interaction in

services and credit providers in South Africa.

South Africa, and was created under the auspices of the

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to ensure the economic

The National Consumer Tribunal

welfare of consumers. Consumers play a vital role in the growth of

As an independent adjudicative entity, the NCT’s mandate is to

the economy and thus contribute to the national fiscus and the

hear and decide on cases involving consumers, suppliers of goods

development of the country.

and services, credit providers, regulators, debt counsellors, credit bureaux, payment distribution intermediaries and alternative

The Competition Commission and the NCC have an agreement

dispute-resolution agents.

to work together to ensure that consumers receive the best deal when it comes to the protection of consumer rights.

In so doing, the tribunal hears applications and cases that are based upon the terms outlined in the NCA, the CPA and the Rules

The DTI sets the policy direction and also determines the

of the NCT.

regulatory and dispute-resolution frameworks for the consumer. In

The NCT has a solid three-fold mandate founded in the South

order to ensure that this policy direction and these frameworks

African Constitution (SAC). The following sections of the SAC are

are a reality in the lives of the citizens of our country, the National


Consumer Tribunal (NCT) was created and is expected to fulfil its


functions in terms of its dual mandates set by the National Credit

Section 32 – Access to information •

Everyone has the right of access to:

Act (NCA) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). The NCT has a


Any information held by the state.

crucial role to play in these two pieces of aligned legislation and is


Any information that is held by another person and




that is required for the exercising or protection of

and awareness raising for property owners, occupiers and other

any rights.


National legislation must be enacted to give effect to this right, and may provide for reasonable measures to

National Consumer Commission

alleviate the administrative and financial burden on

The NCC regulates consumer-business interaction in South Africa.

the state.

This body conducts investigations into alleged prohibited conduct by suppliers and promotes the resolution of complaints between


Section 33 – Just administrative action •

consumers and suppliers.

Everyone has the right to administrative action that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.

Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman

Everyone whose rights have been adversely affected

This office was established to guide the consumer goods and

by administrative action has the right to be given

services industry on expected minimum standards of conduct and

written reasons.

to resolve disputes between consumers and suppliers. If you have

National legislation must be enacted to give effect

unresolved complaints against a supplier, this is the right office to

to these rights, and must provide for the reviewing of

assist you.

administrative action by a court, or, where appropriate, Credit Ombudsman

an independent and impartial tribunal.

This office was established to resolve complaints from consumers 3.

Section 33 – Access to courts

and businesses that are negatively affected by credit bureau

Everyone has the right to have any dispute that can be managed

information and disputes with credit providers.

and adjudicated by the application of the law decided in a fair public hearing before a court, or, where appropriate, another

National Credit Regulator

independent and impartial tribunal or forum.

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) is tasked with carrying out education, research, policy development, registration of industry

The golden thread that weaves through all consumer legislation

participants, investigation of complaints, and the enforcement

can be summed up in two words: consumer protection.

of the NCA. This office also deals with the registration of credit providers, credit bureaux and debt counsellors.

Consumers in South Africa enjoy certain rights that are protected under the SAC, as was mentioned above. There are also numerous

Ombudsman for Financial Services Providers

institutions established to specifically deal with matters relating to

This ombudsman’s objective is to consider and resolve complaints

consumer rights. One institution set up and positioned to look into

by clients against financial services providers. Any act or omission

consumer complaints is the ombudsman. An ombudsman is an

complained about must have occurred on or after 30 September

independent, impartial person with the authority and responsibility

2004. The complaint must not constitute a monetary claim in

to receive, investigate or formally address complaints.

excess of R800 000, unless the responding party has agreed in writing to this limitation being exceeded.

Below are some of the ombudsman offices available in South Financial Sector Conduct Authority


The mission of this organisation is to ensure that there is a fair Ombudsman for Banking Services

and stable financial market in which consumers are informed

This office resolves complaints involving banking services and

and protected. This is done by enhancing and supporting the

products. The service is free and the only requirements are that it

efficiency and integrity of financial markets and customers by

must be a banking issue and the customer must have followed the

promoting their fair treatment by financial institutions, and by

bank’s complaint-handling procedures before approaching the

providing financial customers with financial education.

ombudsman. Businesses may also lodge complaints, provided the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance

business has a turnover of R10 million or less per year.

Established in 1985, this office mediates in matters of insurance Community Schemes Ombudsman Service


The Community Schemes Ombudsman Service (CSOS) regulates

ombudsman may still decide to follow the conventional civil

the conduct of parties in community schemes and presides over

justice process, although these two processes are not allowed

the issues or complaints relating to the regulation, control and

to proceed simultaneously. The key requirement for getting

quality assurance of all scheme governance documentation. This

assistance from this office is that insurance policies should have

office also provides stakeholder training, consumer education

been marketed or effected in South Africa.










Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa


This independent institution resolves disputes if a deadlock has

To promote a fair and non-discriminatory marketplace

been reached between the motor and related industries and their

for access to consumer credit and for that purpose to

customers. While the service is free, should it prove necessary for

provide for the general regulation of consumer credit and

a technical inspection to be carried out, the costs incurred during

improved standards of consumer information; to promote

such an inspection will be paid by the complainant.

black economic empowerment and ownership within the consumer credit industry; to prohibit certain unfair credit and

Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance

credit-marketing practices; to promote responsible credit

This independent office was established in 1989 and provides

granting and use and for that purpose to prohibit reckless

consumers with a free, efficient and fair dispute-resolution

credit granting; to provide for debt re-organisation in cases

mechanism. Short-term insurance disputes accepted by this office

of over-indebtedness; to regulate credit information; to

include motor, homeowners (buildings), householders (contents),

provide for registration of credit bureaux, credit providers

cellphone, travel, disability and credit protection insurance and

and debt counselling services; to establish national norms

commercial insurance on a limited basis.

and standards relating to consumer credit; to promote a consistent enforcement framework relating to consumer

Tax Ombudsman

credit; to establish the National Credit Regulator and the

This office has been set up to enhance tax administration and

National Consumer Tribunal; to repeal the Usury Act, 1968,

provide an independent redress channel for taxpayers who have

and the Credit Agreements Act, 1980; and to provide for

exhausted the normal SARS complaints mechanism. The Tax

related incidental matters.

Ombudsman maintains a balance between SARS powers and duties and taxpayers’ rights and obligations. The Tax Ombudsman

The preamble to the latest National Credit Amendment Act (2019)

therefore communicates with SARS officials and has access to

reads as follows:

the SARS system and taxpayer information in order to resolve


To amend the National Credit Act, 2005, so as to provide for debt intervention; to insert new definitions; to include the evaluation and referral of debt intervention applications as a

Health Ombudsman

function of the National Credit Regulator and to provide for

The Health Ombudsman operates under the Health Professions

the creation of capacity within the National Credit Regulator

Council of South Africa (HPCSA). This office addresses complaints

and logistical arrangements to execute this function; to

of miscommunication against health practitioners and determines

include the consideration of a referral as a function of the

their nature and validity in line with the Health Professions Act No.

Tribunal; to provide for the recordal of information related to

56 of 1974.

debt intervention; to require a debt counsellor to investigate whether an agreement is reckless; to provide for a court to

Following closely in the footsteps of the legislature is the court,

enquire into and either refer a matter for debt intervention

with its interpretation of all these pieces of consumer protection

or make an order related to debt intervention; to provide


for a Magistrate’s Court and the Tribunal to determine the

Since we have moved away from a rules-based interpretation

maximum interest, fees or other charges when re-arranging

of legislation and adopted the principle-based reading of

debt and for guidance to be prescribed in this regard; to

our statutes, we have seen a far bigger impact on consumer

provide for an application for debt intervention and the

protection than that envisaged by the legislators. The preamble,

evaluation thereof; to provide for the Tribunal to re-arrange

purpose and application of any piece of legislation has now

a consumer’s obligations and make an order in respect of

become the scapegoat to put more emphasis on ‘consumer

an unlawful credit agreement; to provide for orders related


to debt intervention and rehabilitation in respect of such an order; to provide for mandatory credit life insurance; to

The first of the ‘principle-based’ interpretations, and probably the

provide for offences related to debt intervention, prohibited

most significant of them all, is the NCA. The preamble reads as

credit practices, selling or collecting prescribed debt and




related to failure to register as required by the Act; to provide

Acts’ have also been made by our senior judges, and we trust

for measures when an offence is committed by a person other

they know the demographics of our consumers as opposed to

than a natural person; to provide for penalties in relation to

foreign and international consumers.

the newly created offences; to provide for the Tribunal to change or rescind an order under certain circumstances; to

The courts also have to interpret legislation, and while doing

require the Minister to make regulations related to a financial

so, we get comments like: Unfortunately, the NCA cannot be

literacy programme; to provide in a transitional provision for

described as the ‘best drafted’ Act of Parliament that was ever

the application of this Amendment Act to credit agreements

passed, nor can the draftsman be said to have been blessed

entered into before its commencement; and to provide for

with the ‘draftsmanship’ of a Chalmers. Numerous drafting errors,

matters connected therewith.

untidy expressions and inconsistencies make its interpretation a particularly trying exercise. The numerous appeals demonstrate

If we compare the two versions as quoted above, we can clearly

the numerous disputes that have arisen with respect to the

see that the aim is to give more power to the courts to protect

construction of the NCA. The interpretation of the NCA calls for

consumers. The flip side or balancing act of the rights of consumer

a careful balancing of the competing interests sought to be

protection should, in my opinion, be the protection of the rights of

protected, and not for a consideration of only the interests of

business. I fail to see any reference being made to the protection

either the consumer or the credit provider.

of the rights of businesses. In fact, the opposite is true in that the actions of businesses, in contravention of the Act, will in future be

In summary, consumers are the best-protected species found in

offences – in plain language: criminal deeds.

South Africa – I dare you to prove me wrong. Businesses, you will have to wait your turn to do business with this protected species

The courts have often made the statement that consumer

on an equal-protection footing.

legislation must be interpreted in a manner that gives effect to the ‘objects’. The term ‘objects’ refers to the objectives and

CORPORATE REBELS │ Email: eugene@rebels.co.za

purposes of the legislation. Statements like ‘Appropriate foreign

Web: www.rebels.co.za

and international law may also be considered in construing the

Krediet Financing

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a blessed holiday and a prosperous new year. May the joy of the Lord fill each and everyone’s heart with peace, kindness and grace. We thank you for your continued support.

TWK Financing Team Email: claudine@twkagri.com Tel: (017) 824 1518


It’s Competition Time

World Credit Congress

The World Credit Congress and Exhibition will be held in Johannesburg on 10 and 11 March 2020. Here is the link to the congress website: www.worldcreditcongress.com.

. ..... ... ..... .. .. .. .. ...

The WCCE moves to a new continent every second year and will be back in SA only in 2030. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend and hear from the international and local presenters what is happening with credit.

If you are a TWK Agri client and

you give us the correct answers to the following three questions in

your email, we will give you a 50% discount on your booking fee, excluding travel and accommodation costs.

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.the . . .scope . . . . .of. .the. . NCA? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......

To enter, visit www.worldcreditcongress.com/TWK/ and send your entry to eugene@rebels.co.za

Don’t miss out being part of this auspicious event – the 6th World Credit Congress and Exhibition in South Africa. 48

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Kinderstorie deur Jaco Jacobs Illustrasies deur Alex van Houwelingen

Op Basjan-hulle se plaas is ’n boom. ’n Groot ou boom met digte blare. Dis die perfekte boom om kaalvoet in rond te klouter. En in hierdie boom is Basjan se boomhuis. Basjan se boomhuis is die beste plek op aarde om te speel, skatte weg te steek, te dagdroom, planne te maak … of weg te kruip as Ma jou roep om huiswerk te kom doen! Maar vandag het Basjan nie huiswerk nie. Om die waarheid te sê, hy gaan WEKE lank net mooi NIKS huiswerk doen nie! Vandag is immers die eerste dag van die Desembervakansie. Basjan, Nandi en Neville sit in die boomhuis. Nandi en Neville is ’n tweeling. Hulle pa boer op die buurplaas. Dit is glad nie ver nie – die tweeling kom kuier amper elke dag by Basjan in sy boomhuis. “Gaan julle die vakansie weg?” vra Basjan. Nandi en Neville skud hulle koppe. “Nee,” sê Nandi. “My pa sê hy het te veel werk op die plaas. So, ons gaan met Jan Tuisbly se karretjie ry.” “Ek hou net mooi niks van Jan Tuisbly se karretjie nie,” brom Neville. “Ek wens ons kon eerder see toe gegaan het.” Dit lyk sowaar amper of Strepies verstaan wat Neville sê. Hy skud sy kop vies. Muishonde hou nie van seewater nie! “Ag nee, ek wens weer ons kon eerder wildtuin toe gegaan het,” sê Nandi. “Ek hou daarvan om elke aand die leeus te hoor brul.” Strepies maak ’n verskrikte piepgeluid. Muishonde hou nog minder van leeus as van seewater! Nandi en Neville is nou wel ’n tweeling, maar hulle stem amper NOOIT saam oor ENIGE IETS nie. Basjan sug. ’n Vakansie by die see klink darem baie lekker. En ’n wildtuinvakansie klink net so opwindend.



“Ons gaan ook met Jan Tuisbly se karretjie ry,” sê hy. “My pa het ook te veel werk.” ’n Rukkie lank is dit tjoepstil in die boomhuis. Nandi sug. Neville sug. Basjan sug. Selfs Strepies gee ’n muishondsuggie en gaan lê met sy kop op sy voorpote. Basjan weet sommer Neville dink aan ’n lekker seevakansie met bont sonsambrele, sandkastele en roomys op die strand. Nandi dink seker aan ’n avontuurbelaaide wildtuinvakansie met 4x4-roetes, wilde diere en malvalekkers braai oor die kampvuur. Dit klink asof hulle al drie maar ’n vervelige vakansie gaan hê. Basjan byt op sy onderlip en begin kliphard dink. Hy MOET net aan ’n plan dink om hulle vakansie lekker te maak. Gelukkig is die boomhuis ’n fantastiese plek om blink planne uit te dink! Basjan sit regop. “Ek het dit,” sê hy. “Gaan kry gou julle swemklere!” Nandi en Neville kyk verbaas hoe hy ondertoe klouter.




Dan klim hulle agterna en stap weg om hulle swemklere te gaan aantrek. Basjan spring sommer dadelik aan die werk. Hy grawe in die buitekamer rond, gaan haal handdoeke uit die gangkas en maak ’n draai by sy ma in die kombuis. ’n Rukkie later stap hy uit met ’n hele klomp goed onder sy arm. Basjan kry ’n lekker sagte plekkie op die gras naby die plaasdam. Hy vou die geel-en-blou strandsambreel oop wat hy in die buitekamer gaan haal het. Daarna gooi hy drie bont handdoeke oop en pak die grafies en emmers uit wat hulle altyd see toe saamvat. Nandi en Neville kom teruggestap. Hulle het hulle swemklere aan. Verbaas kyk hulle na die sambreel en die strandhanddoeke. “Wat is dié, Basjan?” vra Nandi. “Ons gaan ons verbeel ons is op die strand,” sê hy. “Eerste gaan ons ’n modderkasteelkompetisie hou.” “Wat is ’n modderkasteel?’ vra Neville. “Dis soos ’n sandkasteel,” verduidelik Basjan. “Maar dis modderiger.” Nandi en Neville lag. Maar dan spring hulle aan die werk. Die plaasdam se modder is lekker bruin en glibberig. Dit maak sjliep-sjliep tussen jou tone as jy daarin trap. Basjan bou ’n kasteel met dik mure en ’n groot brug voor die hek. Neville bou ’n plat kasteel met ’n ronde koepeldak. Nandi bou ’n hoë kasteel met dun torinkies. “Neville, jou kasteel lyk soos ’n miershoop,” terg Nandi. Neville snork. “Gmf! Wel, jou kasteel lyk soos ’n troukoek.” Strepies snuffel aan die drie modderkastele. Toe krul hy hom so ewe in Basjan se kasteel op en raak aan die slaap. “Kyk, julle!” sê Basjan laggend. “Strepies dink hy is die koning van my modderkasteel!” “Kyk, ek is ’n moddermonster!” sê Neville en vee ’n blerts modder oor sy gesig. “Grrr!” Terwyl hulle lag, kom Basjan se ma aangestap. “Wie het lus vir roomys?” vra sy. “Ons!” roep al drie kinders uit. Hulle was gou die modder van hulle hande af. Daarna eet hulle lekker roomys. Basjan gee skelmpies vir Strepies ook ’n piepklein lekkie van sy roomys. Toe hulle klaar geëet het, mag hulle in die dam swem terwyl Basjan se ma kyk. Hulle spat en speel tot hulle stokflou is. “Sjoe,” sê Neville toe hy op een van die handdoeke gaan lê. “Basjan, jy is briljant! Dis amper so lekker soos ’n seevakansie.” “Dis nog niks,” sê Basjan. “Wag tot julle sien wat ons môre gaan doen. Onthou om julle pa se verkyker saam te bring. En ’n sonhoed en stapskoene.” “Waarvoor?” vra die tweeling gelyk.



Maar Basjan glimlag net geheimsinnig. Die volgende oggend vroeg is die tweeling al daar. Nandi het haar pa se verkyker om haar nek. Basjan is gereed. Hy het ’n knypbord, ’n paar velle papier en ’n pen uit sy pa se kantoor gekry. Hy het ook sy pa se voëlgids geleen. Sy ma het sy rugsak vol kos en koeldrank gepak. “Ons gaan kyk hoeveel verskillende soorte voëls ons vandag kan sien,” sê Basjan. Hulle begin stap. Op die plaasdam is bleshoenders, kolganse en eende. “Dis geelbekeende,” sê Nandi. “Is nie,” stry Neville en beduie na die voëlgids. “Dis swarteende.” Basjan lag en skryf net EENDE op die lysie. Die kolganse raas kwaai toe hulle vir Strepies sien. Hulle hou nie van ’n muishond naby hulle neste nie. Basjan-hulle stap verder. In die tuin sien hulle geelvinke, ’n suikerbekkie en ’n kwikkie. “Dis ’n bontkwikkie,” sê Neville en wys na die voëlgids. “Nee, dis ’n gewone kwikkie,” stry Nandi. “Kyk mooi.” Basjan skud sy kop en skryf maar net KWIKKIE op die lysie. Die vinkmannetjie kom lawaai bo hulle koppe. Dit klink of hy vir Strepies probeer wegjaag. Hy hou nie van ’n muishond so naby aan sy kuikens nie. Daarna stap Basjan-hulle landerye toe. Daar sien hulle tarentale, fisante en ’n oulike klein valkie. “Dis ’n swerfvalk,” sê Nandi. Neville rol sy oë en beduie na ’n foto in die voëlgids. “Is nie! Dis ’n edelvalk.” Basjan proes van die lag en skryf maar net VALK op die lysie. Toe hulle moeg voëls gesoek het, stap hulle terug huis toe. Pappa sit op die stoep. Hy het gou ’n tydjie afgeknyp om te kom koffie drink. “Hallo, julle!” groet hy. “Sal Pappa asseblief gou vir ons ’n vuurtjie aansteek?” vra Basjan. Nandi en Neville kyk verbaas na hom. Basjan help sy pa om die hout reg te sit. Daarna steek sy pa die vuur aan. Toe dit mooi brand, rits Basjan sy rugsak oop. Hy grawe ’n groot pak malvalekkers uit. Hulle kry elkeen ’n lang stok, en daarna braai hulle malvalekkers oor die vuur.






Dis lekker soet en taai en warm. Strepies wil ook een hê. “Nee, Strepies!” raas Basjan. “Malvalekkers is nie goed vir muishonde nie. Maar jy kan ’n lekker gebraaide kriek kry as jy wil!” “JIG!” lag Nandi en Neville. “Sjoe,” sê Nandi en vryf oor haar maag toe sy nie meer ’n enkele malvalekker kan eet nie. “Basjan, jy is briljant! Dis amper so lekker soos ’n wildtuinvakansie.” “Dis nog niks,” sê Basjan. “Wag tot julle sien wat ons môre gaan doen.” Die tweeling kyk opgewonde na mekaar. Dit lyk asof hulle nie kan wag om te sien watter vakansieplanne Basjan NOG het nie. Toe die tweeling huis toe gaan, spring Basjan aan die werk. Hy gaan snuffel in die stoorkamer rond tot hy kry waarna hy soek. Kort voor lank kom daar ’n gekap en ’n geskuur uit die stoorkamer. Dit is al skemer toe Basjan uiteindelik klaar is. Hy staan tevrede terug om sy handewerk te beskou. Fantasties! Hy kan nie wag om die tweeling se gesigte te sien nie. Die volgende oggend net ná ontbyt is Nandi en Neville daar. “Wat gaan ons vandag doen, Basjan?” vra Nandi opgewonde. “Ja, toe, vertel!” sê Neville. Basjan glimlag breed. “Wel, vandag gaan ons … met Jan Tuisbly se karretjie ry.” Die tweeling kyk verbaas na mekaar. “Wat?” vra hulle gelyk. Basjan verdwyn by die stoorkamer in. ’n Oomblik later stoot hy iets by die deur uit. Nandi en Neville se monde val oop. Basjan het sy ou kaskar reggemaak en dit bloedrooi geverf! Voorop is ’n geel weerligstraal. En teen die een deur het hy die naam van die kaskar in netjiese letters geverf: JAN TUISBLY SE KARRETJIE! ’n Paar minute later hoor jy vrolike gille oor die plaaswerf trek soos Basjan en sy maats speel. Hulle maak beurte om in ’n stofwolk oor die grondpaaie te jaag, met Strepies wat stert in die lug agterna hardloop. “Whoehoee!” juig Basjan. Dit gaan die beste vakansie OOIT wees. Jan Tuisbly se karretjie is sowaar baie meer pret as wat enige van hulle gedink het!




1 2 3 4

1. 2.

Suid-Afrika se somervakansieseisoen val in dié maand. Groot groen vrug met ’n stroopsoet rooi binnekant waaraan jy in die somermaande heerlik kan smul.


As jy in dié gewilde vakansiestad gaan kuier, kan jy ’n draai by uShaka Marine World maak om haaie, dolfyne en ander seediere te sien.


Dié gemaklike somerskoene is perfek vir die strand!


Groot heuwels van sand wat dikwels teenaan ’n strand vorm.



25 Desember.



Dié wêreldberoemde vakansiestad word Suid-Afrika se Moederstad genoem.


’n Ander woord vir hengel.


8 9


Dié grys-en-wit voël sal jy gereeld op ’n seevakansie teëkom.


Dié drywende seediertjie spoel soms op die strand uit en het giftige stekels wat


Smeer dit aan om te keer dat jy seer brand op die strand.


As ’n mens die vakansie by die huis gaan bly, sê ons jy ry met Jan Tuisbly se


Iemand wat vir die pret reis om ’n plek te besoek.


Hawaii, Mauritius en die Seychelle is gewilde _____ waar mense graag vakansie

jou vel baie erg kan brand as jy per ongeluk daarop trap.

10 11 12


13 14


A Funny Story

Create your own wacky holiday story! First, write down your answers to the questions below. Then insert your answers in the blank spaces in the story, and read it out loud! 1. What animal are you afraid of? _____ 2. Write down the name of the first flower you can think of. _____ 3. What is your favourite toy? _____ 4. Look around you and write down the name of the first object you see that starts with the letter “t”. _____ 5. What is your favourite colour? _____ 6. Name any vehicle that doesn’t have four wheels. _____ 7. Write down the first number you think of. _____ 8. Write down the name of your favourite dinosaur. _____ 9. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? _____ 10. Write down the plural of any word starting with a “c” (e.g. “children”). _____ 11. Write down your age. _____ 12. Write down a word that describes a feeling/emotion (e.g. “sad”). _____ 13. Write down the name of any kitchen utensil. ____

Going on holiday with my grandfather is loads of fun. He always takes along his pet 1. __________ called 2. __________, and before we leave, he packs his 3. __________ and his favourite 4. __________. Grandpa drives a wonderful 5. __________ 6. __________ which can easily reach a top speed of 7. __________ kilometres per hour. While driving to our holiday destination, Grandpa and I enjoy singing our favourite song, which is called “Your 8. __________ Ate My 9. __________”. Along the way, we always stop to take pictures of 10. __________. Finally, after 11. __________ hours of driving, we reach our holiday destination, the lovely town called 12. __________ 13. __________. I can’t wait for this holiday to start! 57














The names of 12 bird species are hidden in this word search. Can you find them all?

The Table Mountain Cableway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa. The cableway was opened in 1929 so that visitors could enjoy the beautiful views of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain. In January 2019 the cableway received its 28 millionth visitor! Table Mountain is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Why are pirates so slow to learn the alfabet? They spend years at C. Why are lobsters not fond of sharing? Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re shellfish. Where do fish go on holiday? Finland What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved.





Leidraad: ’n Soort boom

Leidraad: Soort knaagdier

Leidraad: Hengelaar




Leidraad: Vrug van ’n soort palm

Leidraad: Driebeenpotgereg

Leidraad: Planteter



Leidraad: Kruiesoort

Leidraad: ’n Knopie is een, en ’n bobbejaan ook.



Leidraad: Sinterklaas

Leidraad: Hou hier stil!

Skommel die letters in elke woordblok om ’n woord te vorm. Die leidrade sal jou help!





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Geneem uit Die Beste Spookstories van C.J. Langenhoven. ’n Keuse deur Danie Botha, Tafelberg ns was klaar om strand toe te gaan, ek en my huisgesin; en aan dieselfde strand, aan die mond van Groot Brakrivier, tussen Mosselbaai en George, sou Hennie en Sielia hulle wittebroodsweke gaan deurbring. Hulle was jare lank verloof gewees voordat Hennie se bevordering in die Staatsdiens hulle in die vermoë gestel het om te trou. En in dié tyd het daar dikwels maande en maande omgegaan – een keer twee jaar – dat hulle mekaar nie gesien het

nie, deur Hennie se diensverplasings. Maar hulle liefde was bestand teen tyd en afwesigheid, en ’n gelukkiger bruid en bruidegom het ek nooit gesien nie as hulle twee toe ek hulle gaan gelukwens op die bruilof. Hulle had maar net hulle oë die een vir die ander.

Op hulle weg strand toe, vroeg in die oggend, sien hulle my met die verbygaan voor in my blomtuin. Die motor hou voor die hek stil en hulle klim af.

“Môre, oom Koos,” skree Sielia met die aankom. “Wanneer kom Oom en tant Hessie?” “Môre is die plan, my kind. Ons gaan vanaand op die stasie slaap om die nagtrein te haal. Ons is nie ryk mense wat motors kan bekostig nie. Hou vir ons môre-oggend brekfis klaar – vyftig oesters vir my.” “Nee, Oom, kom ry sommer nou saam vir geselskap. Die tante en die kinders kan met die trein agterna kom.” “Nee, Sielia, Hennie sal ontevrede wees. Wag tot hy ook veertig jaar getroud is nes ek en begin lus kry vir ander geselskap.” “Hoor so ’n onbeskofte ou man,” sê Greitjie agter my. Sy het net by die voordeur uitgekom. “Maar kom in en drink eers ’n koppie koffie, julle twee tortelduifies. Die pad is lank en droog.”

En so, met laggies en grappies, hulle oë blinkend van geluk, is die twee dan vort strand toe. Toe ek en Greitjie en die kinders die volgende oggend by Groot Brakrivier afklim, by die tydelike dorp van tente en waens wat daar opgespring het vir die vakansieseisoen, was die kamp verlate. Almal was onder na die see toe gehardloop. Daardie verraderlike strand eis byna jaar vir jaar sy slagoffers en dieselfde oggend vroeg was dit weer so gewees.

Twee seuns, een van Graaff-Reinet, die ander uit die Transvaal, albei studente op Stellenbosch, se lyke lê op die strand toe ek en die vrou daar kom. Kunsmatige asemhaling was beproef geword, maar toe ons daar kom, staan die dokter net op by een van die liggame. “Daar is niks om te doen nie,” sê hy. “Hulle is dood.” En hy slaan die sand van sy broek se knieë af met sy sakdoek.




Maar ons merk op dat die skare, buiten ’n paar vriende of naasbestaandes wat om die liggame staan en huil, nie daarheen kyk nie, maar hulle oë op die see het. Daar was nog een, ’n pasgetroude, sê een van die mense vir my toe ek navraag doen. Hy het sy bobaadjie uitgeruk, sy bruid ’n soen gegee en ingespring om die twee wat aan’t verdrink was te gaan help. Hy was ’n uithalerswemmer, maar voor hy by hulle was, vat ’n dwarsstroom hom en trek hom eenkant verby in die see in. Sy liggaam was nog nie uitgespoel nie. Op ’n afstand, alleen, besonders van die dik klomp mense af, staan Sielia teen die water aan, oop arms na die see toe. “Hennie,” skree sy oor die branders uit, “kom dan nou, Hennie.” Greitjie en nog ’n vrou het Sielia aan die arms geneem en byna met geweld weggelei van die see af en haar by ander mense in ’n tent ingebring. In haar eie tent wou sy rasend word. My tent was nog nie opgesit nie. Die aand het Sielia bietjie stiller geword en ons het gedink dit sou beter wees om haar maar te laat bly waar sy was. Daar was ’n baie liewe ou moeder in daardie tent.

Die nag het Sielia stilletjies opgestaan en uitgeloop en afgeloop see toe in haar nagklere. Van die jongmense wat nog in die rondte was, het haar gesien en gevlug na hulle tente toe en vertel van ’n spook in wit klere. Maar van hierdie dinge wis ek nog niks.

Ek kon die nag nie ’n oog toemaak nie. Oor middernag staan ek op: ek maak vir my ’n koppie koffie; en ek sit by die vuur en rook. Maar dis al vir my of iemand my van die see af roep. Naderhand staan ek op. Ek loop tussen die tente deur, langs die rivier af, om die hoek van die sandkop by die mond, en tot waar die golfies vlak voor my voete omtuimel en in stille stroompies teen die skuins sand ophardloop en bo omdraai en stil weer agteruit gly. Die nag en die see was kalm. Vir hulle was dit geen treurspel wat daar plaasgevind het nie. Ek stap langes die water op die nat sand met my oë voor my op die grond, want my hart was swaar in my. Dit was helder sterlig, met ’n dunne sekeltjie van ’n maan.

Meteens kyk ek op. Ek het byna teen ’n wit gedaante aan geloop wat by die kant van die water staan, ope arms na die see toe. “Hennie,” sê Sielia, “ek het jou geroep en jy het nie gekom nie. Maar nou hoor ek jou na my roep en ek kom.” Nog met ope arms vaar sy die see in. Ek spring agterna in die water. Ek gryp haar om die lyf. Waar ek ’n liggaam in my arms moes gehad het, is niks. Die gedaante is verdwyn.

Ek kom uit die water uit. Buitekant, teen die sand-skuinste, lê ’n vorm uitgestrek, in wit gekleed. Ek kniel op die sand, ek trek ’n vuurhoutjie, ek voel aan die hand en agter die nek (want die gesig is na onder toe). Dis Sielia se lyk, yskoud.

Ek probeer om haar om te draai sodat ek haar gesig kan sien. Sy is onbeweeglik, haar arms vasgeklem om ’n swaar ding wat onder haar lê, half toe van die sand.

Dis Hennie se liggaam.



By: Claudine Klingenberg & Letitia Coetzer

In our endeavour to become fully flourishing individuals, we tend to focus on our external appearance, which is associated with tiny figures and regular exercise. We can easily overlook a fundamental part of our health – our mental health. It is almost impossible to ascertain if someone is leading a happy, balanced life by just looking at them. Understanding the link between physical and mental health

If mental health problems are left untreated for too long, more

Wikipedia defines mental health as follows: The level of

severe or even pathological conditions can develop. Mental

psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is

health problems do not occur in isolation: it is estimated that 46%

the state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of

of people with mental illnesses also have a long-term physical

emotional and behavioural adjustment.

condition. This means that conditions such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory disease and coronary heart disease are more common

The emotional discomfort that we experience when facing

in people with mental illness.

stressful decisions is necessary for growth, to initiate change and to develop character. However, too many unhealthy and stressful

We are what we eat

thoughts can lead to the onset of mental health conditions and

Do you eat when you are hungry, or also when you are frustrated?

the development of severely dysfunctional thinking patterns. Our

Once again: behaviour is linked to our decisions, which in turn

mental health state also affects our behaviour directly.

are linked to our mental state. Eating for comfort when facing challenging situations – usually in the form of sugar cravings – can

In 2011, rigorous studies in Europe revealed that 38% of the

seriously affect our physical health. There is an abundance of

population of 165 million people suffer from mental illnesses or

material and resources available on the topic of healthy eating

neurological disorders. Experts estimate that only one third of

and dieting. Health shakes and supplements sell quickly, but what

people affected by these disorders receive help.

is the success rate of reaching the target weight?

According to the blog of the Nuffield Trust, one in six adults has a

It may seem simple when we listen to all the talk about limiting

mental health problem at any given time. These problems include

our portion sizes and making the most nutritious choices. It can,

disorders such as depression, anxiety or phobias, or feelings and

however, be gruelling to walk the talk if you are not feeling

behaviours such as panic attacks or acts of self-harm. Roughly

contented, and self-regulation is lacking. If our dysfunctional

one in a hundred people will have a mental illness, which may

thoughts take over, we consume food accordingly and are

include more severe conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar

left with feelings of shame and guilt. This spirals the process of


unhealthy eating even further. We have to be able to change our




thoughts in order to change our habits.

you’re right.’ •

Familiarise yourself with healthy functional thoughts as

Fuelling your mind: we are what we think

opposed to dysfunctional thoughts, so that you can recognise

Do you frequently entertain negative thoughts, creating pathways

them and stop dysfunctional thoughts in their tracks.

that cultivate branches in various directions like an overly detailed

mind map? Do you know that the more you give in to this pattern,

Read, read, and read uplifting material like Switch on your brain.

the more of a struggle it becomes to recognise and remove these

branches of dysfunctional thinking?

Use an eating journal to keep track of all that you have eaten for the day.

Perceptions, combined with dysfunctional thinking, interfere with

Exercise regularly to get rid of the negative toxins.

our choices and behaviour.

Get involved in the community – do something fulfilling that

Reading is an excellent habit to cultivate in your aim towards

Take up a hobby to distract you from overthinking.

attaining optimal mental health, especially if you read positive

Don’t allow others to talk negatively, or talk down to you to

brings meaning to someone else.

content or ‘self-help’ books.

control your reactions or limit your beliefs. Remember that your value is not reflected by how others treat you – it only

Dr Carolyn Leaf, who has over 30 years of experience in her

reflects their real character.

clinical practice, wrote a couple of books that are exceptionally

insightful in guiding you to a sound mind by aligning scripture from

You know what they say about drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep – try it!

the Bible with our attitudes and neuroscience.

Talk to a person you trust or book an appointment with a professional counsellor or a psychologist if you realise that

Some of the titles available in her book range are:

you cannot cope like you have in the past.

Switch on your brain – Connecting the Bible and science through

neuroscientific research (a must-read book).

Learn from the scripture regarding our thoughts: 2 Tim 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind, and Rom 2:12 – Do not conform

Think and eat yourself smart – This book was voted as Christians’

to the patterns of the world, but be transformed by the

best health fitness book in 2017 – aligning healthy thinking with

renewing of your mind.

healthy eating.

Don’t be embarrassed when you struggle to cope. There are many people out there who suffer from depression, anxiety

The Perfect You – The blueprint to our identities and abilities.

and other mental health conditions.

Carefully consider the words you choose to read and listen to, and also what scenes you watch, as they have a subtle way of

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. We

entering our subconscious minds.

cannot perform as fully functional beings if either our physical or emotional health is not optimal. Start taking care of your entire

How can we combat our emotional, mental, and behavioural

health state. Leap fearlessly into today with a positive frame of


mind and change the way you think and behave forever!

Be careful of what you say to yourself about yourself: Selftalk should be aimed at reinforcement and not at bringing yourself down. The self-fulfilling prophecy implies that people’s beliefs influence their actions. Remember the wise words of Henry Ford: ‘Whether you think you can or can’t,



By: Riaan Esterhuysen // Manager: Product Communication

The Land Cruiser 70-series is an automotive symbol of go-anywhere-ability, off-road engineering excellence and infallible competency. The Land Cruiser name carries high esteem even in the most demanding circles, acquitting itself peerlessly under the harshest conditions around the globe.




leveraging the design of Land Cruiser heritage models. Unique

mechanical DNA, Toyota South Africa is proud to






stylised Namib badges can be found on the flanks alongside the

announce the introduction of a bespoke double-

Land Cruiser brand mark, as well as the tailgate.

cab derivative, enhanced with application-

specific accessories. Bearing the Namib nomenclature, this Land

A steel front bumper with integrated heavy-duty nudge bar

Cruiser 79 takes inspiration from the Namib Desert in Southern

and headlight protectors, add utility and ruggedness. Large,

Africa – one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world.

high-intensity LED spotlights ensure optimum visibility under all conditions. Moving towards the business end, a tubular rear step

“The Namib Desert presents some of the most challenging terrain,

with integrated towbar make loading and towing a breeze, whilst

and surviving in these extreme conditions requires the right

protective loadbin skins round off the package.

preparation and equipment. I am proud to announce that we have created this special Land Cruiser model to offer customers

The ‘Namib’ is available in Ivory White and Sand Beige.

a ready-to-go vehicle prepared and equipped to tackle the most daunting challenges,” says Calvyn Hamman: Senior Vice-

Interior Additions

President of Sales and Marketing.

To combat desert temperatures, the glovebox features an added cooling duct, allowing items to be kept chilled via the vehicle’s

Enhanced Exterior

air-conditioning system. The Land Cruiser Namib package has

Starting with the exterior, the Land Cruiser Namib projects a robust

been designed with the customer and unique-usage situations

appearance. The front grille has been changed to a simple mesh

in mind, therefore the interior has been fitted with bespoke grey

design with prominent Toyota lettering (akin to the Hilux GR Sport),

canvas seat covers, embroidered with the sand-dune-inspired




Namib logo. The edges also feature anti-scuff panels to prevent

airbags alongside an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

degrading of the material during ingress. Warranty and Service Plan An application-specific roof console has been added, enhancing

A 3-year/100 000 km warranty is provided whilst customers can

versatility by means of rear-facing LED lights, lined storage

purchase optional service plans according to their needs.

binnacle, driver and passenger LED lights, two-way radio compartment and microphone cord hook.

Model Line-up and Pricing

Land Cruiser 79 4.5D V8 D/C Namib – R 893 600 Off-road improvements The Land Cruiser Namib has been fitted with an upgraded offroad suspension (manufactured by a respected local off-road suspension expert for Toyota), whilst maintaining the existing payload and towing capacity. The tyres have been upgraded to larger 265/75/R16 Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx versions, complete with white lettering, affixed to durable 16” alloy wheels.

Engine Performance The ‘Namib’ makes use of the revered 1VD-FTV 4.5-litre turbodiesel engine, churning out 151 kW and 430 Nm from a low 1200 rpm (up to 3200 rpm). The Fuel Consumption index is pegged at 11.3 l/100km with CO2 emissions registering 300 g/km.

Standard Specification The Namib edition retains all of the standard Land Cruiser 79 D-Cab V8 specification, which include a touchscreen audio system with built-in Navigation, Bluetooth, front power socket, power windows, tilt and telescopic steering column, remote central locking and anti-theft system. The safety systems include driver and passenger



Your child is by far the most precious cargo your vehicle will ever have to carry. We love our children and would never want anything to happen to them, yet here in South Africa we still display relatively low awareness of car seat safety. It is critical to have your child – of any age, from infant to adolescent – properly restrained on every trip. Most Ford vehicles feature standard lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH), compatible with many car seats, but parents

• Your children are your most precious

should always double-check that their car seat can be properly

cargo – always put their safety first.

attached to the vehicle’s lower and top tether anchors. It is

• In South Africa, it is illegal to travel in

important to take into account all the other vehicles in which this car seat may likely be used too.

a car with a child under three years old

If your retailer provides fitting services, take advantage of that, or

who is not strapped into an approved

contact a professional to ensure your car seat is properly installed.

child safety seat.

The number of car seats that are incorrectly installed around the world is sobering, even in countries well-informed on child and

• Never compromise on strapping your

car safety. An international study found that 95% of new parents

little travellers into a car seat. A car

make at least one mistake when installing their car seat. An

seat reduces the risk of your child dying

incorrectly installed car seat is not safe. One should always follow the installation instructions in the car seat manual.

or being hospitalised.

Younger children should be seated in a car or booster seat and secured properly for the journey, no matter how short it is. Many

Why this is crucial

road accidents happen close to home, with 52% being within 8 km

Road accidents are the second leading cause of death in children

and 77% within 25 km of home.

aged 5 to 14 years in South Africa. According to the Automobile Association of South Africa, it is the law that any child under the

Where, when and why

age of three must be in a properly secured car seat. A car seat

Rear-facing car seats are the safest way for infants and young

can help reduce the likelihood of a fatal crash, ‘but only if the seat

children to travel. Ford recommends that you keep your child

is properly installed and appropriate to the make and model of

in one until they have exceeded the highest weight or height

your car,’ cautions Kuda Takura, Ford South Africa’s spokesperson.

allowed by your car seat manufacturer before you transition to a

Studies have shown that children who are not properly restrained

forward-facing seat. There are also many convertible seats out in

and who are involved in crashes – even at slower speeds – have

the market now, which can be used as a rear-facing, and later as

a greater chance of being seriously injured or, worse, killed, than

a forward-facing car seat.

those who are.


Children should not ride in the front even when strapped into their



car seat,’ warns Derek Kirkby, training director for Ford’s global

lap belt low on their hips and pelvis and the shoulder belt resting

Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) programme in South Africa. ‘In an

comfortably on the middle of their chest and shoulder – before a

accident, an inflated airbag can hit your child in the face – or

seat belt is appropriate.

can hit the back of a rear-facing car seat where your child’s head is – potentially causing serious injuries.’

Take note Car seats have expiry dates, so make sure you double-check your

Also take care to ensure the car seat is reclined at the correct

manual. Parents should also make sure to replace any car seat

angle so your child’s head does not flop forward. Babies, in

that has been involved in an accident, even if it looks fine on the

particular, need to be placed in a semi-reclined position so that

outside. This is also why parents are discouraged from reusing car

their airways are kept open. Bear in mind that you may need to

seats for a second child or buying car seats second-hand unless

readjust the seat as your child grows.

they are well-informed of its history.

Once your child outgrows their car seat, it’s important to introduce a booster seat, as most children at that point might still not be

Source: MotoPress ■

tall enough or weigh enough for an adult seat belt to fit snugly around them. Children must be about 1,5 metres tall – with the


VERLAAGDE PRYSE op Warrior en York produkte in alle TWK-takke

Bekostigbare kwaliteit hondekos beskikbaar in twk-takke sedert 1996!



By: Toyota South Africa

Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) recorded its highest sales month with a total of 13 694 vehicles sold in October – effectively claiming a 26.3% market share. The industry total of 51 978 also marked the first time that local sales went past the 50 000-mark this year.


ccording to the National Association of Automobile

share for TSAM.

Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa), out of the total industry sales of 51 978 vehicles, an estimated

TSAM’s sales in the passenger segment totalled a respectable 6

38 558 units or 74.2% represented dealer sales, 20.3%

727 units – mostly attributable to notable performances by Corolla

vehicle rental industry, 3.7% corporate fleets and 1.8% government

Quest (1 313), Yaris (1 065), Fortuner (1 018), Etios (957). Avanza

sales. NAAMSA confirmed that aggregate domestic new sales

(610) and RAV4 (558). On the truck front, the Hino 500-Series

reflected a marginal increase of 122 units or 0.2% from the 51 856

recorded a 21.5% market share in the Heavy Commercial Vehicle

vehicles sold in October last year.

(HCV) segment while the 300-Series posted a 15.4% share in the Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) category.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TSAM, Calvyn Hamman says: “Despite market detractors, such as shrinking

“We are grateful to the entire TSAM team and dealers across

disposable income as well as volatile trading conditions, the local

the country for their continued efforts towards making Toyota a

automotive industry has shown tremendous resilience against

market leader, but we cannot be complacent because there is

the backdrop of an ailing economy. We understand that these

always room for improvement. Our mandate is to create customer

are trying times for the consumer, yet we value the continued

smiles and to continue making Toyota, Lexus and Hino brands of

support from the local market. We are also grateful to the rental,

choice for our market,” concluded Hamman.

corporate and government sales for the huge role they play in supporting the industry.”

In the TSAM stable, it was once again the evergreen Hilux that led the sales charts with a laudable total of 4 377 – recording its second best aggregate since the record-breaking 4 770 units sold in June. South Africa’s most popular people-mover Hiace sold no less than 1 738 units, thereby contributing to the total of 6 640 models sold by Toyota in the LCV category – or a 49.7% market









Back in Black. Back by popular demand! The Limited Edition X-Rider Black now available at Isuzu Ermelo.

VAT R462 ooo* INCL.


T: 017 811 1827 A: 120 Church Street, Ermelo

*On-the-road & registration fees excluded. Ts & Cs apply. Model/s shown may differ. Es & Os excepted. Offers valid while stocks last.

17814/65612 ADMAKERS.COM



By: Michael Clemente

As a financial intermediary who specialises in health insurance, I am asked daily: ‘What is the difference between a medical aid and a medical insurance policy, and which one of these is a hospital plan?’


here is no denying that medical schemes are expensive

cover for serious and unforeseen medical events in your life,

in South Africa, causing a lot of people to opt for more

whether it be a planned pregnancy or a diagnosis like that of

cost-effective alternatives like medical insurance. With


so many insurance companies out there offering health

insurance, it can be difficult to ascertain what you are covered

Payment of claims

for. To add to the complexity, each of these insurers offer products

Generally, and speaking from experience, the payment of claims

ranging from basic to comprehensive cover.

is the area in which most of my clients realise there is a major difference between the two types mentioned.

It is very important to know the difference between a medical scheme and medical insurance to minimise your risk of being

Medical schemes have well-developed administration systems

inadequately or incorrectly covered. Inadequate or incorrect

that are integrated with and continuously evolving in pace with

cover can cost you a lot more than you think.

the private healthcare system. What is important to realise, is that these systems take over the administration of claims against the medical scheme from providers like a hospital.

Key differences between a medical scheme and medical insurance:

Have you ever considered why you require pre-authorisation from Regulation

your medical aid for a medical procedure? A procedure in a

Medical schemes are regulated by the Medical Schemes Act and

hospital may cost a fortune and is also highly complex. Medical

governed by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS). Regulation

schemes need to keep costs in check to protect the scheme

is a crucial safety net backing up your medical aid, and ensures

from unnecessary claims, and at the same time they have to

that you have access to the prescribed minimum benefits as

make sure that they are providing cover for what is necessary to

a medical scheme member – see more on this below. With a

aid its members to get adequate medical assistance. Because

medical scheme you also have access to a very effective ombud

a private hospital is a collection of smaller businesses that have

with the CMS, who ensures that members of a medical scheme

to run together to offer the holistic treatment needed, the

are looked after in accordance with the Act.

authorisation code the scheme provides is a number to which every item claimed can be linked. This assistance can involve

Medical insurance is governed by the Short-Term Insurance

the radiology department that administers an MRI scan, which is

Act, and you do not have access to the assistance of the CMS

needed for the private orthopaedic surgeon, who is assisted by

should you be insufficiently covered for your medical treatment.

a private anaesthetist – and this does not include the complexity

Importantly, you also forfeit the backing of the Medical Schemes

of everything the hospital needs to have ready for the upcoming

Act, which provides the peace of mind that, regardless of the


medical scheme or option of choice, you have the necessary




Medical insurance does not have this link to the private healthcare

scheme must fund this, regardless of the option you have selected.

system and differs a lot with respect to involvement. Some companies may pay only a fixed amount per day in a hospital,

Medical schemes and insurance policies usually have a range of

and this can place you at risk because this amount is not aligned

options and focus on cover for hospital and day-to-day benefits.

to what your actual expenses are. For example, an insurance

A hospital plan is also a medical scheme if it is registered with the

product can pay you R3 000 per day in a hospital, but you were


involved in an accident that needs a CT scan of R7 500 and a night in ICU for R 10 000. This does not even include an operation

Even though medical insurance is no replacement for a medical

and the theatre time involved. You can see that your R3 000 will

scheme, it is better than nothing at all. The key is to understand

leave you in financial trouble – fast.

exactly what you are covered for, and the pitfalls involved.

An additional problem is that if you arrive at a private hospital

Luckily, you can discuss this with a broker who specialises in

with a medical insurance policy, the hospital has no guarantee of

insurance to assist you in making the best decision for the

payment and will ask you to pay or provide proof of your ability to

healthcare funding you and your family need.

pay your claims, or will suggest and/or transfer you to the closest public hospital.

For more information on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What are prescribed minimum benefits?

Keep well, and remember – prevention is always better than a

The CMS explains prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) as a set


of defined benefits to ensure that all medical scheme members have access to certain minimum health services, regardless of the

For more information, contact:

benefit option they have selected. Their aim is to provide people

Michael Clemente, Broker: Medical Aids at TWK Agri.

with continuous care to improve their health and well-being and

Tel: (013) 590 7266 or (076) 182 7041

to make healthcare more affordable.

Email: mclemente@twkagri.com

PMBs are a feature of the Medical Schemes Act, in terms of which medical schemes have to cover the costs relating to the diagnosis, treatment and care of: •

Any emergency medical condition.

A limited set of 270 medical conditions.

25 chronic conditions defined in the chronic diseases list (CDL).

What this means is that if you have a diagnosis of something serious like a heart attack or cancer, or you have a chronic condition that could result in something serious if it is not managed, a medical



Deur: Riaan Snyder


Kersfees. Die woord self bring ’n verfrissende, warm gevoel in jou hart: familie, vriende, almal na aan jou hart om een tafel, terwyl jy smul aan tant Sannie se soet varkboud, of daai skaapvleis in die oond. Maar genoeg van die terugblik. In hierdie uitgawe wys ons jou hoe om daardie leë ingelegdevrugtebottels te benut om sodoende jou tuiste weer in ’n Kersfeessprokie te verander.

op ’n glasbottel geplak. Volgende verf ons een lagie van die Chalked Paint-reeks (landswyd by TWK-handelstakke beskikbaar, die kleur is ook na smaak) daaroor en laat dit vir 20 tot 30 minute droog word. Verwyder die plakker (templaat) versigtig en


verwyder enige agtergeblewe papier en gom met ’n klam lappie. Ek het vir hierdie spesifieke projek vernis bo-oor die wit Chalkedir die eerste opsie het ons slegs ’n eenvoudige

verf gesmeer om sodoende ’n hout-effek te skep.

Kersfeesboompie se vorm gedruk en uitgeknip. Ons het dit met Pritt (dit bind nie aan glas nie en maak

Vir die tweede houer het ek ’n eenvoudige herbruikbare

die verwydering van die plakker later veel makliker)

geskenk geskep. Ek het weereens begin deur ’n prentjie van ’n




eenvoudige raampie te vind en uit te knip. Soos voorheen het ek dit met Pritt vasgeplak. Vir hierdie ontwerp het ek die Chalked Paint-reeks se sproeibare swartbordverf is








beskikbaar) gebruik. Die verf verander enige oppervlakte in ’n swartbord en sorg vir versiering met prettige prentjies en kreatiewe skeppings met bordkryt. Ek het twee lagies opgesit om enige breuke in die patroon te vermy. Vir my eerste laag het ek 10 minute droogtyd gegee, en vir my tweede laag 20 tot 30 minute, afhangende van die temperatuur. Soos met





die raampie versigtig en skrop dan die






sponsie en water af. Van daar af kan jy die kreatiwiteit laat vloei: ’n oulike boodskappie, persone se name, oulike prentjies wat geskets kan word na jou eie smaak en keuse. ’n Mens kan hierdie houer weer in en om die huis benut as bêreplek vir ditjies en datjies, wat nou maklik benoem kan word.

Vir die derde houer het ek weereens vernis





“rustique”-effek te skep. Een lagie is meer as voldoende, maar kan geskep word na jou eie smaak of idees. Laat dit vir 30 minute droog word. Ná die tyd kan jy jou eie vryhandboodskappie of selfs ’n Bybelversie byvoeg. In die foto het ek in my eie doktershandskrif Lukas 2:11 gekies om by die tema te pas. Jy kan selfs ’n voorafgedrukte plakker of skrif byvoeg om dit uniek te maak – weereens is jou

Met trots geborg deur

kreatiwiteit die basis van al jou idees, en hierdie is slegs riglyne vir ’n groter prentjie.

Die doel van al drie die projekte is om glas se herwin en te wys hoe dit hergebruik kan word. Al drie bogenoemde bottels kan weer met water en ’n growwe spons skoon geskuur word en volgende jaar in iets nuuts omskep word.

Handel Trade



By: Elize Bruwer

A partnership between the Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (DRDAR) and the Grain Farmer Development Association (GFDA) is assisting grainproducing farmers as part of the grain farmersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; commercialisation programme in the Joe Gqabi District. Local farmers requested the hosting of a harvest day and the presence of all stakeholders involved in assisting farmers with fulfilling the goal of producing grain at a commercial level. The harvest day was held with the aim of showing the impact of the partnerships with the DRDAR, the GFDA and Grain SA on grain production.


he harvest day was held at Matuana Farm, Ugie on 31 August 2019 in the presence of all stakeholders involved in grain production working with the DRDAR. The office of the premier and the DRDAR head office

were represented by the chief of staff and the chief operations officer respectively.

The event started with visits to farms that are part of the DRDAR and GFDA grain-cropping programme. The farms visited included Goedehoop and Evian. Some farms were also visited on the way to the venue, including ones that had been hit by a hail storm. These farmers were insured by TWK, who managed Grain Sorghum Lady Frere Information Meeting to pay for the damage caused by the hail storm.

In preparation for the harvest day event, various contributions were made by stakeholders, ranging from donations with money to donations with branded caps by different stakeholders.

The stakeholders present on the day of the event were the chief of staff of the office of the premier and the DRDAR chief operations officer, the Joe Gqabi District director, the Elundini Local Municipality mayor, GFADA, Grain SA, TWK, Monsanto, Pannar, Border Seeds, ECRDA, communal and smallholder farmers. Approximately 350 farmers from communal areas and smallholder farms attended the event. â&#x2013;



Matatiele farmers with Lucas Ndlovo

Harvest Day Farmer Mr T Mzinzi




We would like to congratulate you on outstanding results! Congratulations to Sphesihle Makhanya for achieving top results at Weston Agricultural School in the KZN Midlands. Sphesihle received the Headmasterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Award, TWK Trophy for Top Student 2019 based on Academic, Practical & Sporting Ability, Character & Leadership.

Well done Sphesihle, you have the creativity and determination to do whatever you can dream. We hope you feel proud and confident in your abilities to rise to your next challenge.

Sphesihle Makhanya and Wayne Muller.

Geluk en dankie aan mnr. Seis Prinsloo van Bethal met die aankoop van sy nuwe New Holland T9.615(399KW). Ons hoop mnr. Prinsloo gaan nog duisende gelukkige ure daarmee deurbring. Baie geluk aan Corne Laas, die Heelgoedere Bemarker, en die res van die Bethal-tak vir julle harde werk. Hierdie is ook die eerste van die reeks wat TWK Meganisasie in die groep verkoop het. Dankie vir al die getroue ondersteuning en skakel gerus as daar enige navrae is. TWK Meganisasie: (082) 550 5595

Van link na regs: Johan Bender (Bestuurder: Meganisasie), mnr. Seis Prinsloo, Corne Laas (Heelgoedere Bemarker)



TWK Trade held another successful Suppliers Award Function and Golf Day at Champagne’s Sports Resort on 15 October 2019. The golf players started to arrive early in the morning, getting ready for the great 18-hole course. With much anticipation, the players teed off on a shotgun start at 10:00, starting the day off in full swing.

The aim of this day is to thank and show appreciation to TWK Trade suppliers for another year of dedication and teamwork that have gone into giving TWK the best possible products and services at competitive prices. After the game of golf had come to an end, players went to freshen up for the prize-giving ceremony that followed that same evening. The hall was, as always, decorated to perfection with a Moulin Rouge set. Waitrons buzzed politely through the crowd, serving drinks and snacks.

The Bottomless Coffee Band entertained the players and TWK staff members with their unique sound, leaving all the guests in a joyous mood. The buffet catering was delicious, with plenty of dishes to choose from, followed by delicate desserts. Congratulations to all the suppliers who received awards during this gala evening. The Excellence Award went to Consolidated Wire Industries (Pty) Ltd for their outstanding performance throughout our retail network.

The other awards went to: •

Agrinet (Pty) Ltd

Bester Feed and Grain (Pty) Ltd

Fuchs Lubricants SA (Pty) Ltd

KRM Plastics (Pty) Ltd

Monsanto SA (Pty) Ltd

MSD Animal Health t/a Intervet (Pty) Ltd •

RCL Foods Sugar and Milling (Pty) Ltd

Rovic and Leers (Pty) Ltd

SQM Africa (Pty) Ltd

We look forward to the year




strengthening the bonds with our suppliers even more.




The end of the year brings no greater joy than the opportunity to express to you seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s greetings and good wishes. TWK wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year, and would like to thank you for your continued support.



Café Welverdiend DIFFICULTY: EASY





1 roll ready-made puff pastry 1 packet bacon bits

1 block mature Cheddar, grated 1 block Emmentaler cheese, grated 2 sprigs of rosemary leaves, picked 1 handful of chopped chives 1 egg, beaten 1 tbsp (15 ml) water baking paper

METHOD Start by frying the bacon in a frying pan over a low heat. The trick is to cook it slowly, rendering the fat so that it gets crispy and crunchy. When the bacon is done, leave it to drain on a piece of kitchen towel.

Unroll the puff pastry onto a sheet of baking paper. Mix the beaten egg with the water and brush the surface of the pastry with the mixture.

Sprinkle the bacon onto the pastry, followed by the cheese. Then sprinkle on the rosemary and chives.

Cover the pastry with another sheet of baking paper, then, using a rolling pin, gently roll the ingredients into the pastry. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, slice the pastry into strips and gently twist. Slide the baking paper onto a baking tray, arrange the twists neatly and brush any exposed pastry with the egg mix. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 °C or until golden brown.

Tip: You can also use the grill for a few minutes to get a perfect golden colour, but keep an eye on them as you do it.





INGREDIENTS 1 kg thick wors of your choice 6 boiled eggs 1 small handful chopped thyme panko bread crumbs 2 eggs, beaten flour for dusting 3 C (750 ml) vegetable oil for deep frying Tomato sauce, salsa or your favourite chilli sauce for dipping

METHOD Remove the wors meat from the casing, mix in the thyme and then portion it out into 6 balls.

Boil the eggs for 5 minutes, then remove from the water and plunge into a bowl of ice cold water to stop the cooking process. Once the eggs have cooled, peel them and set aside.

Flatten the sausage meat balls in the palm of your hand and place the egg in the centre. Gently work the meat around the egg until it is sealed completely, covering it as evenly as possible. Give the completed balls a dusting of flour and leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.

Place the oil in a deep saucepan and heat to frying temperature.

Remove the balls from the fridge and give them another light dusting of flour. Roll the balls in the egg mixture and then in the panko crumbs. Use a slotted spoon to place the balls into the oil, deep-fry two at a time for 3½ minutes.

Once golden, remove them from the oil and drain on a sheet of kitchen towel. Allow to cool completely before packing in a container for the road.




INGREDIENTS 1 C (250 ml) cake flour 2 C (500 ml) oats 1 C (250 ml) Chocolate Horlicks 1 C (250 ml) fine desiccated coconut 250 g butter 2 tbsp (30 ml) golden syrup ½ C (125 ml) brown sugar 2 tsp (10 ml) bicarbonate of soda baking paper

METHOD Preheat the oven to 180 °C and line a baking sheet with baking paper.

Place the flour, oats, Horlicks and coconut in a large mixing bowl and stir to combine.

Melt the butter in a medium-sized saucepan and then add the sugar and syrup. When the butter starts to boil, add the bicarb and stir. When the mixture starts to foam, remove from the heat.

Pour the butter mixture into the dry ingredients and combine with a wooden spoon – the mixture will be moist but crumbly. Tip the mixture onto the prepared baking tray and, using the back of the wooden spoon, press down evenly.

Bake for 15 minutes at 180 °C, and then turn the oven down to 160 °C and bake for a further 13-15 minutes. Let the crunchies cool before cutting into squares.



Welverdiend We are open for business! Contact us for your design and layout needs. We believe your special day should be coordinated and matched in every possible way. Let us design beautiful wedding stationery for you!

Chantell Grobler at (082) 370 4180 or welverdiend@twkagri.com



e need to ask ourselves a real question as

We need to understand that the land belongs to God, not to any

modern-day farmers: ‘Is the Bible still relevant

political party or in the family hierarchy, but to God alone. We

in today's society?’ This country of ours, South

have been given the responsibility of being caretakers of the land

Africa, is 90% Christian, and even though many

and of looking after it so that we can hand it down to our children

are only nominal Christians, we are regarded by the world as a

and grandchildren one day. The Bible has also become a very

Christian nation. We need to ask ourselves: ‘How much are we

dear friend to me in times of great turmoil and tribulation of family

using the holy Bible in our day-to-day farming experiences?’ I

tragedies, economic testing, when the elements have been

often say that the Bible is my agricultural handbook.

unfavourable and when disease has plagued us. The Bible has


become a friend that keeps me strong and also keeps me going.


I can honestly tell you that it is the absolute truth. Although the

The Bible also gives me clear-cut direction. Often we refer to it as


Bible was written 2 000 years ago, it is still relevant today. The Bible

our compass. It gives us short-term goals and long-term goals. In


has taught me how to appreciate the land that God has allowed

fact, in Psalm 119:105 (NKJV) the Word of God says clearly ‘Your

me to farm, how to care for the soil, to treat it with the greatest

word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.’



respect and it will, in turn, yield bountiful crops. When we abuse the soil, we cannot expect to get the maximum returns.

I would like to say to all young farmers that even as you carry your notebook around with you, as diligent young farmers do, don't

The Bible has also taught me not to muzzle the ox while it treads

forget your Bible. When I was actively farming, it went with me in

out the grain. In other words, we need to pay a fair day's wage

my pickup wherever I went. Often I would go to the Word of God

for a fair day's work. The Bible has taught me not to overwork the

when I was undecided about something and I would ask myself:

staff and not to take advantage of the farm animals, for example,

‘What does God say about the situation?’ When I obeyed Him, I

giving them time to recover after they have calved and not to put

was regarded as a wise man every single time purely because I

them straight back into calf again.

had consulted the word of life.

I remember clearly being told at the agricultural college: ‘One

May God bless you as you continue to farm for Him and also to use

year’s seeds, seven years’ weeds.’ We were taught to continue to

every asset that is given to you for the furtherance of His kingdom.

make sure that the land had no weeds on it whatsoever. But my Bible tells me that we need to rest the soil every seven years, and when I was actively farming, I would rest one seventh of my arable land every year. After seven years the whole farm would have rested once, and this has paid great dividends for us.

The Bible also teaches me to love my spouse, to respect my elders and not to antagonise my children. The Bible has told me in Mark 8:36 (NKJV) ‘For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?’ I have met some farmers who are extremely wealthy, but at what cost? Some of them have lost their families and their relationships as a result.





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