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HOUSE Trinity House Newsletter Vol. 6 December 2010

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Trinity House about Belief taking his main text from Mark 9 vs. 14 to 23. Belief he said, “makes you see a great future. It restores what was lost. It puts an end to fear. It brings about repentance and salvation.” On Sunday September 19, 2010, the church moved its venue of services from the Civic Centre to the Landmark Village situated at Water Corporation Road, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island, where it presently holds it services. Trinity House is an non-denominational, free flow Christian worship centre powered by leaders, professionals and leaders to be with the vision to build a people of change, influence and impact based on the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so that people can take their various leadership roles, make the world a better place, fulfil their purpose here on earth and make it to heaven.

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo

photograph by Sunmi Smart Cole

Everyone is welcomed at Trinity House: young and old; rich and poor; all denominations and all nations; it is a place where everyone is comfortable and most welcome and everyone can fit in.

We have a strong support system for the weak and down trodden in the society. Our goal is Our dream is uncommon...our goal is simply unique. to teach people to live right according to God’s word, Changing lives...transforming nations. spread the word, preach the gospel and bring the impact rinity House was inaugurated on Sunday July 18, of Christianity beyond Christians and the immediate 2010 at a special inaugural service held at the Church and into the larger society. Civic Centre, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Lagos. The Civic Centre, venue of the event probably witnessed We are a disciplined, smart and efficient group of peoits largest crowd since its opening in 2007. At the occa- ple who encourage individual and corporate creativity. sion, the pastor in charge, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo spoke Our worship centre is a peaceful place of excellence and simple elegance



ISSUE Is anything incomplete in your life? - as we enter the twelveth month of the year, the significnace of the number 12 What is the essence of Christmas? As we celebrate another Christmas , what is the meaning and importance of this special season

where there is always something exciting going on; a centre where there are different types of practical and realistic down to earth activities. We intend to ‘take the church out of church’ to meet the people and their needs. Our motto is obtained from the book of Acts chapter 10, verse 38: “Everywhere he went he was doing good.” We intend to be a voice to leadership across all spheres and challenge leaders to do the right things in the right way that will bring about a positive change. We have a strong spiritual base with a lot of prayer, praise, worship, deliverance and sound teaching of the word featuring different teachers and teaching styles. At Trinity House, we believe... 1. in the Trinity; the efficacy of the power of the Godhead. 2. in the power of God to save, to heal and to deliver and in the working of signs and miracles. 3. in Christianity, in the power of unity and the uniting of Christians under one God. 4. in holiness and righteousness. 5. that with God all things are possible. 6. that Christians are meant to work hard and be outstanding. Christians must succeed and excel in spite of insurmountable situations. 7. in serving others and helping others to fulfill their dreams. The church must be relevant to the society. 8. that we are on our way to bring about a transformation in our nation. We believe we have the voice to speak to leadership. 9. that overnight; God can give outstanding promotions, solve impossible problems and make a way where there seems to be no way.


here is something interesting about the number 12. The Bible tells us that Jacob had twelve sons (Genesis 35:22). We also had twelve tribes in the ancient nation of Israel (Genesis 49:28). The Bible also tells us that Jesus had twelve apostles (Matthew 10:2). The number 12 is symbolic of God’s purpose. It is the number and symbol of government and the number and symbol of strength. It was as twelve sons that the sons of Jacob were complete. It was also as twelve apostles that the apostles of Jesus were complete.

12: The Number of Completeness Ituah Ighodalo

You will find also that in life we have twelve calendar months, which makes the Christian calendar. You also discover that when Jesus fed the 5,000 there were twelve basketfuls left. In Revelations 21:12 you will discover also that there were twelve gates in the New Jerusalem. The walls of the city also had twelve foundations. In Matthew 26:53, you will discover also that Jesus was saying that he could command twelve legions of angels to come and strengthen him. So twelve is the number that makes us complete as individuals, as Christians and as a Church. Now from time to time, there is something missing from the twelve that leads to incompleteness. This is why in Joseph’s case; we had eleven brothers against one brother because there was incompleteness in their lives. Eleven brothers lost their places because their lives were incomplete. We find that we too might lose our places if our lives are incomplete. If there is something missing in your life, if you are not complete the way Jesus made you and you are not going the way that God is sending you, then you have to aim for completeness. Sometimes there might be incompleteness in you that makes you go astray or move away from God’s side. Most of the time, we discover that because of something in our character or something in our attitude,

we are incomplete Christians and when a child of God is incomplete, he automatically becomes a child of the devil. That was what happened to the brothers of Joseph. So if there is something missing in your life, if the purpose of God in your life is missing or incomplete, then you become something else entirely. So in this Christian walk, you have to make sure that you are complete. After Judas left the disciples, the first thing they did was to find a replacement for Judas be-

WORTHY QUOTE “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” - Zig Ziglar

cause they knew that being eleven would make them incomplete. They knew that the number 12 is a powerful number. There is something about a Christian that makes him complete so you need to watch if there is anything missing in your life. As you continue in this last month of December, the month of completeness, may everything incomplete in your life be completed in Jesus name.

Trinity House: November Picture Reel Mr. Segun Olukoju celebrated his 50th birthday last month with a special thanksgiving attended by friends, family and well wishers. Two babies were dedicated in the month of November namely Oluwafolajimi Olalekan Oladunni and Oluwadarasimi Agostinho Ferreira. The Childrens’ department (Hannah’s Haven) celebrated the children born in the month of October and November with a cake cutting and special birthfday presents. We also have pictures of our monthly Thanksgiving service that holds on the first Sunday of every month.

Springboard at Get Arena

Springboard, the teenage arm of Trinity House took its members for a day out on Sunday November 28 at the Get Arena, Lekki. It was a period for them to bond and take ‘church’ out of the church.

The Essence of Christmas Ituah Ighodalo


his again is Christmas time. A time to thank God for the benefit and privilege of this wonderful season. Christmas is usually a time of joy, happiness, generosity and the exchange of gifts because it is the time when we remember that the Lord God Almighty gave the greatest gift of all to the world. The Bible says that we love him because He first loved us. Xmas is also a season to love and to show love to your neighbours, friends and family. The truth of the matter is that we do not really know precisely when Jesus was born. As a matter of fact, it might not have been at this particular time if we are to follow the times and seasons, but quite frankly, this does not really matter; what is important is that He came into the world to teach us a few things.

Christmas Crossword Puzzle

Christmas therefore tells us that there are many lessons to be learnt from the birth of Jesus. What are these lessons? (1) God in his infinite mercy and wisdom decided to create us. He gave us an opportunity to live with Him forever. This is not something that should be taken for granted. (2) He provided for us. The Bible tells us that even before we were created, all that we needed has been made available for us and even more than enough. (3) We learn also that even after the fall of man, God also in His infinite mercy gave us a second chance. (4) God has made it possible for us to achieve what would otherwise have been impossible. He has made it possible for us to be healed. He has made it possible for us to be empowered. He has made it possible for us to be delivered. He has made it possible for us to be who He wants us to be.

(5) Perhaps the most important lesson of the Cross is that God came down to earth as man to die for our sins and through His death He gave us life. At this season the issue is that without the Cross, there would have been no Christmas. There just would have been no need for a Christmas. In celebrating Christmas, a lot of us with the festivities forget that the real influence of Christmas is the deep lessons of the Cross. We are celebrating the Christ of the Cross who Himself is the greatest lesson of all. As you eat, drink and celebrate this Christmas, please love our Lord in return. Remember that without the Cross, there would be no Christ. What you need to focus on are the lessons of Christ hanging on that Cross. May you have a wonderful season that will bring you specific good tidings in Jesus name.

CHURCH CONTACT INFORMATION: 18B, Olu Holloway (Temple) Road, Ikoyi Lagos. 2, Fawole Lane, Obanikoro, Lagos. 01-4630869

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Transportation for going over snow (4) Mixture of seasoned ingredients (8) Baby’s bed (4) Period from December 24th to January 6th (4) Red-breasted bird (5) Twelve days after Christmas (8) Alcoholic drink normally served in a bowl (5) Jolly (5) News (7) Goes with the turkey (9,5) A type of tree used at Christmas (5) The colour of Santa’s hat (3) ____ log; traditonally burned at Christmas (4) Sanctified (6) Cured leg of pork (3) Christmas song (6,5) Found under the Christmas tree? (8) Grace (8) Snow falls in this season (6) Given at Christmas (4) Bright celestial body (4) Christmas tree type (4) Take aback (8) No room here! (3) Elvish colour (5) Sweets; flavoured sugar (5) Container usually found in a stable (6) Beginning of life (5) Amazing event (7) Written after Christmas? (5,3,6) Formal events (10) Ring out from churches (5) Accompaniment for food (5) Printed or written greeting (4) Month in which Christmas falls (8) Nature of God (6) One was born in Bethlehem (5) Sweetened milk drink, with eggs and alcohol (6) Pastry dish (3)

trinity newsletter DEC2010  

Is anything incomplete in your life? - as we enter the twelveth month of the year, the significnace of the num- ber 12 What is the essence o...

trinity newsletter DEC2010  

Is anything incomplete in your life? - as we enter the twelveth month of the year, the significnace of the num- ber 12 What is the essence o...