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A Tribute to Erica Andrews September 30, 1969 March 11, 2013 Erica Andrews was a Transexual woman widely recognized as one of America’s best female illusionists or drag queens. She was born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, lived in Texas for many years and made her final home Chicago, where she died of a lung infection. Her incredible talent earned her many titles, a few of which were Miss Gay Texas USofA 1997, Miss Gay USofA 1999, Miss Texas Continental 2001, Miss Florida Continental 2004, Universal Show Queen 2004, Miss Continental 2004, Miss International Queen 2006 and Entertainer of the Year 2006. TWiT Magazine is proud to offer you thoughts and memories shared from just a few of the people who knew and loved her as well as previously unpublished pictures of Erica from TiosPhotograhy.


riend, Teacher and Loving Mother, she inspired so many individuals in many facets of their lives. Erica Andrews wore MANY hats...but wore each one of them like a true DIVA and GODDESS! I met her at the age of 17 and now at 30 I find myself blessed and honored to have been part of her EPIC LIFE! The greatest gift she has left me was her LOVE and WISDOM. I will forever keep her in my heart. To all her friends, fans and people she touched in her amazing time here on earth: never forget she is with you. Through ALL OF US Erica Andrews will live FOREVER! - Nikko Andrews


rica Andrews changed my life by always being a true friend. Even when she was traveling or busy with pageants she always had time if I needed her. I will miss her, but I know she’s always with me. - Kourtney Devaroux

Pg. 8


rica changed my life the first time I saw her. When she walked onto the stage, I knew that was perfection! She was a transsexual and didn’t need all the hair and makeup but still wore it because what she loved to do was DRAGGGGGG no matter how fish she was! I had never seen that before. She was everything I wanted to be from head to toe. Her beauty was not only the outside, but it was on the inside too. She always made me smile and let me know that if I believed I was beautiful then everyone else would too! She always made me feel so special as she did with everyone she encountered. She not only was my idol, she was my mother and my friend. Without her, there is no way I would be who I am today. All the memories I have of her will live on forever with me as she is with me CONSTANTLY making her presence known. I love her and miss her terribly. Roxxxy Andrews


y relationship with Erica was sadly too short. What’s worse is that I can’t remember when I first met or even saw ‘Erica Andrews’. Erica Andrews is just one of those people that you just always knew about: and idol: an icon. Even now, I struggle to remember exact words she said to me. It’s not that I took those moments or our friendship for granted. I just think for me, Erica was the type of person that had a way of making you feel good. It wasn’t necessarily about what she was “narriating”, it was the feeling you’d have after spending a moment with her.


April 12, 2013

Being a Goddess…visually it’s hard NOT to remember Erica. I can visualize almost every time I’ve seen her…grabbing a bite, road tripping, costume and performance…making her watch me burn her yet another CD for the show. I can visualize every smile and glare…every mug. I can remember the sound of her voice, her frustrations, her passions, her hopes, but I can’t remember the things she said specifically to me…and it makes me sad. It’s almost as though I’ve misplaced something rare and special. What I find comfort in though is knowing that I’ll never forget how she made me feel. And I’m reminded of that when I hear every person speak on her behalf as of late. We’d be shooting smirks and reads through the mirror, cackling on the spin room floor at the Illume…on our backs with our legs spread wide open up in the air. I smile when I see these moments and images in my memory. They felt good. I remember that. I can also remember how intimidated I was working with her the first time. More importantly I remember that in her company, you didn’t have to feel intimidated. Richard Curtin has said that “Erica didn’t want to be the most beautiful person in the room…she wanted YOU to be the most beautiful person in the room.” And I can’t come up with a better way than that to describe my relationship with her. I learned from Erica …how to BE sickening. Because if she knew anything…it was how to do that…but more importantly…it was how to make you…FEEL sickening. And selfishly, I want more of Erica…the Goddess…and my friend. I wasn’t ready for this part of the gig..I’m still not …the “saying goodbye.” Erica was truly one of a kind and losing her has helped me appreciate the value of the “one of kinds” I’m surrounded by at The Rose Room. I’m blessed having the opportunity to cross paths with these ladies…these “one of a kinds”…and it’s been an honor sharing in their perspectives and their lives. - Jenna Skyy


April 12, 2013

first met Erica Andrews in 1995. Watching her on stage was always exciting. Her beauty and the way she commanded your attention was so impressive to me. When I found myself working alongside her in 1996, I quickly learned that IF I was going to work WITH The Best, I was going to have to BE MY Best. She had so much influence on my hard work and eagerness to get better at perfecting my craft. She played an instrumental part in helping me build my “look” together by sharing and teaching me different make-up and hair techniques. As we became closer friends we would often get booked for different shows across the state that we would drive to and would get the opportunity to discuss many topics about drag, home life, our goals and aspirations. Those road trips were the absolute BEST times I personally ever shared with Erica. I miss those trips the most. As much fun as Erica always had and was to be around, she was an extremely smart business continued on page 10


Pg. 9

woman. Watching her take control of her career encouraged and gave me the confidence to take control of mine and I did my best to follow her outline of what a Drag Career was supposed to be. She truly taught me so many things beyond hair & make-up tricks that she probably had no idea about. I told her on many occasions how special she was to me and so many in our industry. She would always just smile and say “aww, thanks Larue”. I was so proud when we had the opportunity to work together again in the Rose Room. My goal every night was to make her laugh at least once. I succeeded. I will miss that. My love respect and heart goes to Erica Andrews forever. – Layla Larue TWIT

Pg. 10


April 12, 2013

Pics - Erica Andrews Memorial in San Antonio Photos by Lauryn Farris,, see more pics at

April 12, 2013


Pg. 11

Kitchen By Blue Jean Granny

After The Dance Pralines

Actually by this point they were all drunk and the Gentle Men, were trying on the girls Hoop skirts.”

After The Dance Pralines

Hello everyone. When you were little, fell down and scraped your knee, what made it all better? Your Momma kissed your knee, put a Band-Aid on your boo-boo and gave you a cookie. Remember? Weren’t those wonderful times? You know cookies were nearly as good as medicine when we were kids. You got a bad report card, a cookie made us feel better, You got a good report card, a cookie was a wonderful prize. And remember the great smell from the kitchen when you came home from school or play and there were cookies just coming out of the oven? Cookies, cookies, cookies. As promised last time, today we are talking about cookies. First let’s start with a few cookie tips. Did you know most cookies can be frozen up to 6 months if you wrap them in aluminum foil or put them in freezer plastic bags? If you store soft cookies in a tightly covered container they do not dry out so fast. Also if you store a crisp cookie in a loosely covered bag they will stay much crisper. When you are baking cookies be sure to let the cookie sheets cool off before putting new cookies on them to bake. If you do not, the dough will start to spread even if you do not want it too. I know it is a pain, but what I do is turn my pan upside down and run a little cold water over it in the sink. It cools off pretty fast that way. If you frost your cookies, be sure the frosting is good and dry before storing. If you put a sheet of wax paper between layers it will help keep them from sticking together. I was so excited a few weeks ago by an email from one of our readers, Scott Adams. Scott sent me a very quick and easy recipe for a Praline cookie which is also extremely good. I was not familiar with this recipe so I asked him if he knew the origin of the recipe. He said he did and sent me this wonderful story I know you will enjoy.. “Back during the turn of the Century, our Southern Ladies would make a batch of these pralines before they went to the dance. When they came home from the dance they would be done and ready to enjoy in the parlor with their lovely Gentle...Men.

Pg. 12

Submitted by Scott Adams Preheat oven to ‘400 1 cup Light Brown Sugar 1 Egg white* 1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped Pecans 1 tsp. Vanilla In a bowl, mix brown sugar and egg white. Add vanilla and pecans. Stir till all is combined. On a baking sheet lay out wax paper*, drop Pralines on wax paper in the size praline you prefer. I like small ones they seem to come out better.. When done,(make sure the oven has reached 400 degrees don’t cheat) turn oven OFF and put Pralines into oven and leave without opening door for 6- 8 hours. I get about 30 cookies from a batch. *Hints. 1. Remember to pack brown sugar when measuring. 2. Do not stir or whisk the egg white, just dump it in. 3. I used 1 tsp. pecan flavoring also for a little added pecan taste. 4. I prefer to use parchment paper or silicone mats, my oven sort of melted the wax paper and it stuck to the pans. 5. A couple of these crumbled on top of ice cream or pudding is an extra treat. 6. You can also use Splenda Brown sugar in these cookies, in fact we prefer them that way. We have really enjoyed these cookies, as one son says, “sinfully good”. Thank you Scott for sharing this recipe with us. I sincerely hope this will encourage more of you to share a recipe or two with us. If you do not wish your name used, just tell me, it will be our secret. Until then work smart, play hard and take time out for a cookie. Show Blue Jean Granny how much you love her recipes and hints or make a dish suggestion for upcoming articles. You can reach her by email at



April 12, 2013

watch what they did and how they did it. That’s how my style of mixing has developed. Today with all the technology out there to help dj’s in mixing process, I still enjoy beatmatching the old school way.”

DJ Spotlight By DJ Mark D

DJ Blaine Soileau This edition’s spotlight DJ didn’t come from Texas – but don’t let that deter you to hearing and experiencing his abilities. In fact, he’s traveled all over the country and has spun internationally, plus he lives here, so that’s close enough! Put him behind a set of turntables and you’ve got a true power musical muscle bear. Here’s the scoop on DJ Blaine Soileau: Blaine’s DJ career began back in 1979 as a kid in Opelousas Louisiana. He loved music and did whatever he could to get his hands on music singles (45s back then). He knew from an early age that music was his future, “I used to bring records from home and have my kindergarten teacher play them for the class. I’m not bullshitting you on this. My teacher was so cool back then. Wow, thinking about it now, I was programming music for my kindergarten class! I think it all came together in high school after my first gig and I realized where the music was taking me!” When he’d go out with his parents, he’d make them stop at the local record store to see what music had come in, “I would usually come home with two or three 45’s (which back then were less than a dollar)” he describes. “It was my sophomore year in high school when my father cosigned a loan for me to purchase sound equipment. From there I started DJing school dances, weddings and any party I could. I stayed quite busy with it and always looked forward to lugging all that equipment around. I took my DJ business to college with me at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana and spun parties there. It was then that I began working for a small club The Keg and later The Student Body.” He put those 2 turntables and a mixer to use and started honing his beat matching skills. Doing an in depth mix with a 45 is quite different than a 12-inch single as 45s are basically radio versions or edits; which leaves no real room for a mixshow sound. To pull that off, you’ve really got to be good. “I used to pay a lot of attention to other DJs from New Orleans and Lafayette and

Pg. 14

Blaine’s past experience has lead him to be all about his dance floor and the people who fill it, “being a former wedding DJ from the beginning really helped me with my music programming. It taught me how to get the crowd moving and to spin for the people, not myself. I can honestly say I got into the business for my love of music. I never missed an episode of American Bandstand or Soul Train on Saturday mornings. I always knew I wanted to be in the music industry.” Aside from his DJ work, Blaine has been fortunate enough to find talent in the studio, which is a rarity. Blaine and Erik Thorensen teamed up and had 2 of their singles hit the Billboard Dance Chart! He’s worked with Abigail, Jeanie Tracy, Vicki Shepard, Pepper Mashay, Lane McCray and Rachael Panay. His passion is the high-energy, big-room vocal sound – you know the sound, you just can’t help move when you hear it! To get to know Blaine, you’ll need to get to know his music. When asked what three songs would describe him as a person, he told me “My entire life has been an endless soundtrack. It is hard to limit it to 3 songs but if I had to, these songs made a huge impact on me through my life: Superstar (Carpenters/ Luther Vandross cover), I’m a Believer (The Monkeys) and ABC- Jackson 5. He’s a very down-to-earth type of guy and maintains an open door to his DJ booth, “I always consider requests (within reason) as they tend to let me know what people are listening to in any particular market. You will not hear Gangnam Style or Harlem Shake coming out of my speakers” he laughs. DJ Blaine Soileau spins at the Dallas Eagle (every first Saturday and Sunday of the month). He’ll be in Houston for the “WOOF!” party at Eagle Houston. See you under the mirrorball!



April 12, 2013

Music Charts Club Traxx

Top 40/Club Play

Hot Country/Western

DJ JD Arnold

DJ Wild (Bayou City Bar)

DJ Jimmy Dale (Whiskey Dick’s)

1. Heaven - Depeche Mode/ Freemasons

1. Love Me - Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Future

1. Hope You Don’t - Tim McGraw

2. Done - Band Perry 2. Fckin Problem - A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick 3. Till My Last Day - Justin Moore 3. Hold Me Lamar Ono featuring Dave Aude’ 4. How About You - Eric Church 3. Bugatti - Ace Hood ft. 4. Oh My - SChu Featuring 5. Caroline - Parmealee Rick Ross & Future Mila Falls ` 6. Running Out Of Moon Light 4. Harlem Shake - Baauer 5. Like You - Hot Since 82 Randy Houser 5. Started From The Bottom 6. Never Been So Right - Cloud 9 Drake 7. Your Side Of The Bed Little Big Town 7. Mr Melody - Erick Morillo, 6. Lil Wayne - No Worries Harry Romero, Jose Nunez 8. Love You A Long Time 7. Ball - T.I. ft. Lil Wayne High Valley 8. Let Me Live Again Colton Ford 8. All Gold Everything 9. Better Don’t - Chris Janson Trinidad James 9. My Love Is Blind - Teddy 10. Fill In The Blanks Douglas Feat. Margaret Grace 9. Pour It Up - Rihanna Gregg Bates 2. Next To Me - Emeli Sande

10. Bring It Up Yass featuring Inaya Day

10. Wild For The Night - A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam*

NEW TEXAS COUNTRY MOVER Redneck Crazy - Tyler Farr

*Breakout Track

April 12, 2013


Pg. 15

Pics - Houston Nightlife Photos by Paul Stricklin, see more pics at

Anthony, Blaine at F Bar

Stephanie, Blythe, Lisa, Karen at JRs Andria, Rochell, Jourdan at Crocker

Anthony, Tayler, Juan, Michael, Alex at Crocker

Codi, Vanessa Raye at TC

Jere, Jody at George

Tina, Lulu at George

Julie, Mark at TC

Pg. 16

Joan, Tony, Juan at F Bar

Abe, Bobby, Estaban, Fernando at JRs


Paris London, Princess at TC

April 12, 2013

you’re wound up and ready to blow / like ‘do-re-mifa-so-oh-oh-oh.’” Well, they are not teenagers and their fans are grown men and women in their 30’s and 40’s who has been grabbing the microphone for years. This song will have you singing it over and over, ‘cause it’s that good - without being cheesy.

Music By Thomas “DJ Big Daddy” Edmond

Justin Moore - “Point At You” The Valory Music Co.

Hot Singles

Now this is good country jamming here, if your local country dance club is not playing this song go bust the DJ in the head with a bottle of beer (NO, don’t really do that) but the DJ should really be playing this song. This is the first single from Justin’s upcoming third album. I have always liked his sound. He is balls to the wall country and he is not trying to change. And that’s cool if you still like to bootscoot-boogie and yell hot damn when your favorite country song is on. Well, this is for you... and it don’t hurt that Justin Moore is a big slice of sexy, so can I get two plates, please?

To Start Your Springtime

Well my TWITANS (those who follow page and read weekly) It’s April and that means it’s spring time, and as the world starts to heat up and we all have dreams of the summer around the corner, this is the time of year you really need to start hitting the gyms, getting outside or just opening up all the windows and doors to your home and start spring cleaning. Here are some tunes I know you will need to or want to download in to your iPods or what ever you play your jams on. Oh yeah, April 20th is Record Store Day in the USA! Please get out go and visit a local record store in your area and buy something. Trust me, records are still around and great to collect, please help keep local Music Retail alive in your town! Ok, here are my picks:

98 Degrees -“Microphone” Entertainment One Music All I can say is OMG! This is one of the catchiest pop songs and it’s hot! Also, its very different from anything they did back whey they one of the biggest boy bands. I never really was a fan of their songs, but they were all sexy, so I would watch the videos. “Microphone”, just demands you jump on the floor and throw your hands up, but that is not what the guys want you to do, really this song has some under tones to it. Let’s say its about oral sex...I read the lyrics and yes, its true. Hear how the chorus reads, “Hey lady, grab the microphone / and say ‘do-re-mi-fa-so-oh-oh-oh’ / yeah, baby,

Pg. 18

The Rolling Stones - “The Harlem Shuffle” ABKCO/Virgin Music Since this is spring and there will be weddings, proms and parities of all sorts, we all need a good party song to get the party started and that will get your mama up and on the dance floor. Well, this is it for me and it’s the first Rolling Stones 45 single I ever bought. Yes, it’s a throw back and not a new single (unless you are a 18 y.o. twink), but since The Rolling Stones are making big news with their “LAST” world tour (sorry Texas, they are skipping the state) and they just remastered their package ‘GRRR”, which is a career retrospective of their charting singles (34 songs on 2 cd). I wanted to pick one that I loved the most. Before the world was Cha-Cha sliding, we were doing the Harlem Shuffle and I do think this is one of the only Rolling Stones song to crack the R&B charts in the US, but go to any old school party and somewhere in the step dance mix the DJ will break this song out and the dance floor will get in line and move to it in style cause you must be cool to do this dance. It’s a cool enough song to play at a party or clean house to and in classic Rolling Stones style it rocks. It’s a classic and a timeless song in their collection. Thomas “DJ Big Daddy” Edmond operates and can be reached at



April 12, 2013

Pics - Galveston see more pics at After many years of competing, this year Texas’ own Kourtney Paige Van Wales brings home the Miss Continental Elite 2013 crown to Galveston. This former Miss Texas Continental and current Miss Minnesota Continental competed recently and captured the title of Miss Heart of America Continental Elite which led her to nationals in Chicago. There she went on to compete in Group Interview, Bathing Suit, Talent, Evening Gown and Question & Answer. Island favorite hottie Gregory Gudz accompanied Kourtney to Chicago. There they went on to win the Talent category with an electric, passionate, professional Latin number which brought about the only standing ovation from the sold out crowd both nights of competition. Kourtney is thrilled to be one of nine current national title holders who reside in Texas and is honored to be reigning with her “Drag Mother” Miss Continental Plus 2013, Whitney Paige. You can catch Kourtney performing regularly at Stars Beach Club in Galveston as well as Michaels Outpost & F Bar both of which are in Houston. For booking information please contact Kourtney at You can also reach Kourtney through social media at clubkourtney or

Whitney Paige & KPVW

Photo by Jack Neilsen

April 12, 2013

Miss Continental Elite 2013 Kourtney Paige Van Wales and Gregory Gudz her dancer/choreographer at the Baton show lounge in Chicago right after her crowning. Photo courtesy Gregory Gudz.

Heart of America promoter Steve Sena & KPVW


Gregory Gudz & KPVW Photo by Tony Lowe

Photo by Tony Lowe


Photo by Jack Neilsen

Pg. 19

Pics - Dallas Easter in the Park Photos by Eric Dickson, see more pics at

Isreal, Lee, Amy at JR’s

Allen & Gary

Purple Foundation

Equality Pooch

Pink Poochs

Pg. 20


Chris and Friends


Mark Reed and Dante Walkup



Chick Magnet

Walking Dead Poochs

Green Poochs

Legacy Counseling Center


April 12, 2013

Pics - Dallas Mary Poppins at The Round Up Photos by Eric Dickson, see more pics at



April 12, 2013

Eric Austyn & Friends

Eric Austyn & Sister


Dade & Charlie

Herschel Alan Weisfeld

Pg. 21

Pics - Fort Worth Nightlife Photos by Eric Dickson see more pics at

Friends at Best Friends

James and Latasha at Changes

Brandon & Quentin at Rainbow Lounge

Cody, Robbie & Brandon at Crossroads

Chris, Richard, Jake, Doug & Kyle at Reflections

Rusty & Cody at Crossroads

Dancer at Rainbow Lounge

Pg. 22

Vicki & Kelly at Best Friends

Friends at Crossroads

Erica at Best Friends

Arkansas at Rainbow Lounge


Alex at Rainbow Lounge

Cory & deAhtry at Rainbow

Kyle (manager) & Chad at Reflections

Hollister & London at Reflections

Jake at Reflections

April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013



Photos by Addicted Available at

Spotlight By James Poindexter

“Well Ced”: A Brief Discussion with Cedric Thomas Smith San Antonio Q Fest Featured Filmmaker Do you have a favorite genre of film?

“My favorite thing is to make movies that move people.” ~ Cedric Thomas Smith

I would have to say definitely it is drama. What is your favorite film of all time?

The San Antonio Q Fest is San Antonio’s International LGBT Film Festival. San Antonio Q Fest is a Pride San Antonio event and will be held at The Josephine Theatre located at 339 W. Josephine in San Antonio, Texas on April 21-23, 2013. San Antonio Q Fest 2013 will feature a variety of films over its three-day run including comedies, dramas, and documentaries. There will be short films as well as feature length films. The featured filmmaker of the opening night festivities will be Cedric Thomas Smith. Cedric Thomas Smith is a native of San Antonio. He is a graduate of Judson High School who attended Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University) for a brief period before heading off to San Francisco California to make a life for himself. Recently I had an opportunity to talk with Cedric and gain some insight into this upand-coming film artist from San Antonio’s own LGBT community. How did you know you wanted to be a filmmaker? I was an actor first. I was involved in junior high theatre and high school theatre and in 1991 I saw a movie by Barbara Streisand called The Prince of Tides that so moved me and had such an impact that I said to myself, “I want to do that. I want to tell stories that move people.”

Pg. 26

I would have to say Love Actually. I watch it all the time. First of all it is well written and a well written film moves me. I really like stuff that moves me. How many films do you have in your personal repertoire? I have only been doing this seriously for a brief period of time. So I have made 1 feature and 7 or 8 shorts. Do you tend to use family, friends, or professionals in your projects? I use mostly professionals. We have traditional casting calls and auditions and we tend to look for professionals from the world of films. But there are times that, on occasion, I have used friends but the majority of the time it is professionals. Of the films that you have made, which one is your favorite and why? That is a really hard question but if I have to choose one I would say Symphony of Silence. Almost everyone who has seen it has some definite reaction to it. And when something moves you and you have a powerful reaction you will talk about it. What is Symphony of Silence about? Symphony of Silence is about bullying and how it affects some in the LGBT community. Many people who are bullied try to find some kind of outlet or safe haven to get away from it all and


April 12, 2013

one of the tag lines of this movie is “When the bullies and the bullied are brothers.” In the case of this film the bullied youth has to go home and he actually lives with his own bully. So when you think about how one would think they would be safe in their own home, in this situation the youth has no safe haven. Why do you think bullying has a different tone when it involves the LGBT community? I think our society conditions males to seek out those who can be perceived as weak and taunt them. We live in a society where males are raised to see Gay males as being sissies and weak. Our society tends to send the message that all Gay males wish they were women and want to dress like women, and we all clearly know that isn’t true.

ex-lover comes to visit him before he dies and his current boyfriend has issues with the ex. What topics do you feel need to be explored more fully in films? I would have to say anything that deals with the transgendered community. There are so many stories that need to be told about that community and that is one of the next projects I would like to tackle. Tell me the origin of the name of your production company-Well Ced Productions. Well when we were making Unimaginable we were really happy with the writing and felt that there were some powerful things that came out and someone sat back after reading some of it, and reacted by saying, “Wow, that was really well written, well said.” And so from that I made a bit of a play on words with my name and thus came Well Ced Productions. What advice would you have for young, aspiring filmmakers? I have to say to stick with it. If it is truly your passion, only you will know that. And there will be people who will discourage or at least attempt to

Which of your films will be featured at San Antonio Q Fest?

continued on page 28

Symphony of Silence, Unimaginable, Nana’s Brunch, and The Game of Life. The Game of Life will be having its debut at the San Antonio Q Fest. Tell us a little about Unimaginable. Unimaginable is about domestic violence in the LGBT community. It is a little bit of uncharted territory. People do not think about domestic violence happening in the LGBT community. But it does exist. What about Nana’s Brunch? Nana’s Brunch is really about a group of my friends and the experiences that we had when we were dealing with the passing of a great friend. My friend Daniel Bazan, former Mr. Texas Continental, was on hospice and was going to pass away from cancer and a group of our friends spent time together with him during this time. Nana’s Brunch is a reflection of what we went through during that time. Give us a little preview of The Game of Life. Well, in short, it is about a terminally ill man whose

April 12, 2013


Pg. 27

discourage you. But if it is your passion, stick with it to the best that you can. Filmmaking can be a very difficult career path but, at the same time, it can be very rewarding. Cedric Thomas Smith will be making appearance at San Antonio Q Fest on April 21 where he will debut his latest film, The Game of Life. San Antonio Q Fest runs from April 21 through April 23 at The Josephine Theatre. Tickets for San Antonio Q Fest are available at Tickets are $10 per showing or $18 for the entire evening’s presentations. VIP Badges which include entry to all the festivities including opening and closing parties and complimentary swag bags are available for $75. San Antonio Q Fest will have a variety of films including the documentary films, The San Antonio Four and Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, which are scheduled to be screened on April 23. For a detailed schedule of the over 40 movies and shorts visit: TWIT

Pg. 28


April 12, 2013

Pics - El Paso Nightlife Photos by the “Dovarazzi”, see more pics at

Latin Dream

Mercedes De Marco

Dee Jay Rae

D Js Fresco and Rob

Arianna Andrews

April 12, 2013

Jenny De Marco in Silver Sequins

Jaidah in Garbage Bag Dress

The Rae Family at EPIC

Fun and Fabulous staff of EPIC

Jak and the Bud Light Girls

Bartender Fabian

Dave and the Boys

Eric Andrews


Danielle in Flower Garlands, Chris in Bubble Wrap and Dov E. in Rope and Plastic Sheeting at Pish Posh

Monique Norelle


EPIC Grand Opening Party

Josh, Edward, Dave and Hunter management of EPIC

Monique in White Sequins and fabric

Anything But Clothes Party at Pish Posh

Malina in Flowered Dance outfit

The Raedashians

Valerie and Luna

Monica, Samson and Jaidah

Pg. 29

The Production was by Jacques Fred Petrus, who was beginning to make a name for himself on the disco scene with pseudonyms like ‘The Peter Jacques Band’ and ‘Revanche’.

Retro Rewind By JD Arnold

It was ‘The Glow Of Love’ by Change that launched him to worldwide success and fame. I was still living and DJ-ing in the UK at the time of its release and the album became a firm favorite at my gigs at Heaven in London and The Curtain Club in Brighton. In fact my favorite bartender from The Curtain Club, Simon Bainbridge decided to join me on my adventure to Houston, Texas and every time I would see him at my retro gigs here he would request at least one track from the album. Simon became a popular bartender on the Gay Country & Western Scene in Houston and is best remembered for ‘Simon’s Whorehouse’, his unique version of the ‘Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’. I still miss him! The first single from the album was entitled ‘A Lover’s Holiday’ which became a million seller and featured a sound heavily influenced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic.

With The Spring Equinox I started to think about the change in seasons and also about the dance albums that changed and influenced club music with a lasting effect. So many of the disco albums of the time really only had one or perhaps two tracks that were worth playing, but there was one album that I actually played just about every track and each one had its own appeal. The one constant in the universe is Change and so it seems appropriate for me to pick the group ‘Change’ to be my Retro Rewind this week. The band formed in 1979 but their debut album, ‘The Glow Of Love’ was actually released in 1980 as the tracks were mostly recorded in Bologna, Italy and then the vocals were added later in New York where the final mix-down was completed.

The next two singles featured a then little known male vocalist on lead by the name of Luther Vandross. Both songs, ‘Searchin’ and ‘The Glow Of Love’, not only became massive hits for Change but also helped launch the career of the future superstar. Another vocalist featured in the Change lineup also has an unmistakable voice and soon earned huge respect amongst dance music enthusiasts worldwide, Jocelyn Brown (one of my all time favorite vocalists). No wonder this album made a lasting impression. Another stand out track ‘The End’ features an electronic sound more like Giorgio Moroder than Chic and even the remaining couple of tracks were well rated and were played heavily in the clubs at the time. The album was certified Gold and went on to become the top selling disco album of the year 1980 and I still consider it to be the most wellrounded disco album off all time and you will hear me play many of the tracks on my Classic Nights at The Eagle. Luther and Jocelyn soon left to launch their hugely successful solo careers and in 2001 Janet Jackson sparked renewed interest in the album when she sampled ‘The Glow Of Love’ for her Number One single ‘All For You’. “Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.” Lord Tennyson TWIT

Pg. 30


April 12, 2013

Pics - San Antonio Nightlife Photos by Mario Mares, Josef Sifuentes, see more pics at

Aaron, Robert bartenders at Annex

Shelley and Julian at The Saint

Mikayla @ The Saint

Jay Angel at Silver Dollar Saloon

Ali at The Saint

Adrian, Joann doorstaff at HEAT

The Saint Friday Night Wonder Woman Showcast, Kylie Crawford, Ka’aliyah McKim-Diamond, Kourtney Devereaux and Emcee Kelly Kline

Mark, Sean, Selene, Efrain at Sparkys

Big Daddy Matthew & His Princess Lorraine @ The Saint

Bill, Steve at Sparkys

Sofonda, Heather at Annex

Patrick, Bryan, Don at Silver Dollar Saloon

Douglas, Maria, Mario, Eduardo at Bonham Exchange

April 12, 2013



Trans-Focus By Stephanie Mott

Trans-A-Rama-DOMA Wait, they say, change is coming. Like I am waiting for a television show to come on. Not like that at all. Not at all. I am waiting to breathe the air of equality. I am waiting to be seen as a full and equal human being, worthy of the dignity that is owed to me by the fact that I am alive. I am not waiting. My job is not to change the whole world. My job is to be part of the process by which the world changes more quickly. It is my job to change the world for those who cross my path. To offer hope. To show strength in the face of darkness that comes from discrimination. VAWA. ENDA. HRC. NCLR. NCAA. EEOC. Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell. HHS. ObamaCare. Medicare determinations. Prop 8. DOMA. There is a lot going on in the transgender world in the last couple years. How quickly things are changing in the world for transgender people. I remember - before the Barbara Walters special on transgender children, Unconditional Love, that aired on 20/20 nearly six years ago - when the only imagery most people were able to see about people who are transgender came from TV shows like Jerry Springer and Cops. It is an interesting phenomenon that when one uses the word people, it is inclusive of people who are transgender. As in, transgender people also see the imagery that all people see. Sometimes, it’s like watching the original Clash of the Titans when the gods are reaching down into the world and moving things about in a way that affects certain people, only as you watch everything unfold, you become aware that the world that is being affected is your world, the transgender world. Watching the Violence Against Women Act unfold was an interesting experience. The gods all circled up around a campfire discussing the meaning of

Pg. 32

life, and whether or not LGBT people have an equal right to a life free of violence. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act sits endlessly in committee in Congress while the Human Rights Campaign ponders whether or not transgender people are actually a subset of people. Although, the HRC did just offer an apology about that kind of stuff. The National Center for Lesbian Rights is working together with the NCAA to allow collegiate athletes to compete according to their gender identity. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works on bringing gender identity under the umbrella of sex under Title 7 via a sex stereotyping definition. The fall of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell celebrates the end of discrimination in serving our country - and again - we must remember that transgender people are included when we are talking about people. Just not this time. The Department of Health and Human Services ruling that the anti-discrimination clause in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) applies to transgender people for non-transgender related health care. But now there is talk about reconsidering that long-held Medicare policy about medically-necessary surgery being disallowed if you happen to be transgender. Which brings us to Prop 8 and DOMA, the two marriage cases that were recently heard before the Supreme Court of the United States. Consider the following:

Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival.... To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial sexual


April 12, 2013

orientation classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial sexual orientation discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race the same sex resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.

~ Chief Justice Earl Warren - 12 Jun 1967 (edited by Stephanie Mott - 2 Apr 2013).

I took the liberty of substituting a few words in the statement made by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1967 when the SCOTUS knocked down laws banning inter-racial marriage. The lives of many people, including transgender people, will be altered depending on which way the gods move these things about. They don’t actually say transgender when they are talking about marriage equality, but it does affect us. Do you think they

April 12, 2013

would move things about differently if they knew that transgender people are a subset of people? Wait, they say, change is coming. Like I am waiting for a television show to come on. Not like that at all. Not at all. I am waiting to breathe the air of equality. I am waiting to be seen as a full and equal human being, worthy of the dignity that is owed to me by the fact that I am alive. I am not waiting. I am not asking anyone to give me special rights. I am saying that they need to stop taking my civil rights away, whether it is by persecution or by apathy. I am worthy of equality. My LGBT brothers and sisters are worthy of equality. Wait? Wait?? I will not wait. I would rather die living than to live dead. 50 years, I lived dead. Not one more second, not one more breath, will I live dead. It is not my job to change the whole world. It is my job to be part of the process by which the world changes more quickly. It is my job to change the world for those who cross my path. To offer hope. To show strength in the face of darkness that comes from discrimination. Wait, you say. Not an effing chance in hell.



Pg. 33

Events Friday, April 12

Wednesday, April 17

Dallas Miss Gay Oaklawn America 2013, Round Up Saloon, 3912 Cedar Springs

San Antonio


Fiesta Carnival, Alamodome Parking Lot C 5-11 p.m. (Dollar Night, All Rides Just $1)

Fire Ball - Red Themed Disco Party The Iron Bear 121 W 8th St, Austin

Dallas Pump! Fridays at Dallas Eagle Live workout demonstrations by the Hottest Men in Dallas. Dallas Eagle 5740 Maple Ave. Dallas TX

El Paso

Thursday, April 18

Dallas Mr. Kaliente 2013, Kaliente, 4350 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX, 9 pm

San Antonio

Alex Ubago, Club Lotus, 201 N. Stanton. El Paso, TX, 9 pm

Fiesta Carnival, (Military Appreciation Night)

Saturday, April 13

Fiesta Tejano Explosion at Cattleman’s Square, 915 W. Houston

Denison Vanity Halston @ Good Time Lounge, 8 pm 2520 N. State Highway 91, Denison, TX,

Friday, April 19


San Antonio

Miss RMC Pageant Rainbow Members Club, 203 S. High

San Antonio AIDS Foundation WEBB Party, at Lambermont Estate and Events, 950 E. Grayson St., San Antonio, TX, 7:30 to midnight - After Party at Bonham Exchange, Heat, SA Country

Sunday, April 14

Dallas Dallas Diablos Bachelor Auction, 4-7 pm Woody’s Sports and Video Bar, 4011 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas , TX,

Fiesta Lackland Fiesta Military Parade 9a-10a JBSA-Lackland Parade Grounds


Wonder Woman Show hosted by Kelly Kline at The Saint 800 Lexington SATX

Miss Gay Houston America at Meteor, 2306 Genesee Street, Houston, TX , 7 pm

San Antonio

Saturday, April 20

Bexars Beer Bust The Annex 330 San Pedro


Monday, April 15

Hanky Panky Party w/ DJ Danny 9p-2a The Iron Bear 121 W 8th St, Austin

Fort Worth Cowtown Leathermen Meeting, 7-8 pm Club Changes, 2637 E. Lancaster Ave.,

San Antonio

Dallas 2013 Bloomin’ Ball, Hilton Anatole, 2201 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX


Martini and Heels @ Luther’s Cafe, starring Lyn-Z Lang Andrews, 1422 N. Main Ave.,

Spring Hoedown, 3rd Coast Downtown, 2416 Post Office St, Galveston, TX, 7 pm

Tuesday, April 16

San Antonio

San Antonio

Fiesta Rainbow Fandango Show Silver Dollar Saloon 1812 N. Main SATX

Wine Tasting @ SA Country, 10127 Coachlight St., San Antonio, TX, 8 pm

Pg. 34

Bexars Night Out The Annex 330 San Pedro San Antonio, TX


April 12, 2013

Sunday, April 21

Thursday, April 25

San Antonio

San Antonio

The Chili Queens Cook Off, Bonham Exchange, 411 Bonham, San Antonio, TX, doors open at 3 pm

Fiesta House Party at Sparkys, 1416 N. Main, San Antonio, TX, 8 pm

Club Sin Wet Boxer and Wet T-Shirt Contest @ the Heat, 1500 N. Main, San Antonio, TX Fiesta Carnival, Alamodome Parking Lot C 11 a.m.-midnight

10th Street River Festival noon- all day Fiesta 2013

Friday, April 26

Dallas Purple Party Weekend 2013 OPENING PARTY · 9:30 PM – 4:00 AM Station 4 · 3911 Cedar Springs Road · Dallas, TX

Monday, April 22

Austin Carmen Carrera From Ru Paul’s Drag Race OCH!, 211 W. 4th St., Austin, TX, 10 pm

San Antonio Angelo Marconi & Bobby Hart Go Go Dancing for Fiesta Parade & Weekend 411 Bonham, San Antonio, TX,

San Antonio Martini and Heels @ Luther’s Cafe, starring Lyn-Z Lang Andrews, 1422 N. Main Ave., San Antonio, TX, 9-midnight

Battle of Flowers Parade 11:30am - Vanguard, 12:30pm Parade

Texas Cavaliers River Parade San Antonio River Walk

Block Party at Sparky’s Pub with DJ Roland Belmares with TWIT Model Search at Heat 1500 N. Main, SATX

Luther’s River Parade After Party 1422 N. Main Ave., San Antonio

Tuesday, April 23

Saturday, April 27

San Antonio


A Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA) In the historic downtown village of La Villita, or call (210) 226-5188 Pride Ride Shuttle on The Strip

Purple Party 2013 Main Event 10p-6am Southside Music Hall · 1135 South Lamar St Dallas, TX

San Antonio

Mariachi Festival at Fiesta along the River Walk For more info call (210) 227-4262 or

Fiesta Rainbow Fandango Show Silver Dollar Saloon 1812 N. Main SATX Bexars Gear Night The Annex 330 San Pedro San Antonio, TX

Fiesta 2013 Cornyation at the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre

Angelo Marconi & Bobby Hart Go Go Dancing for Fiesta Parade & Weekend 411 Bonham, San Antonio, TX, 10p-2a

Wednesday, April 24

Dallas Mr/Miss Round Up 2013, Round Up Saloon, 3912 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX, 9 pm

2013 Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade 65th Anniversary 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM 2.6 mile route thru downtown San Antonio Block Party along the Strip with DJ Tony Moran and a TWIT Model Search

San Antonio Fiesta Backdoor Party at HEAT, 1500 N. Main, San Antonio, TX, 9 pm Fiesta 2013 Coronation of the Queen Order of the Alamo at The Majestic Theatre (800) 745-3000 or

Sunday, April 28

San Antonio 2013 Fiesta Wildflower Bike Ride

for a more extensive calendar visit April 12, 2013


Pg. 35

Famous Birthdays April 12 Vince Gill April 13 Al Green April 15 Seth Rogen April 16 Martin Lawrence April 17 Lela Rochon April 18 Kourtney Kardashian

April 19 Ashley Judd April 20 George Takei April 22 Jack Nicholson April 23 George Lopez April 24 Shirley MacLaine April 25 Al Pacino

Aries March 20 April 19 Keenly aware of the power of money, you plan carefully, enjoying time-honored procedures above speculation. Pension plans and future investments are as important to you as earning a living now; be alert to responsibilities at hand. Resist the temptation to freely offer yourself to coworkers. Although it may seem the best way to get them to admire you, you’re likely to lose their respect. Submission is hardly cooperation!

Taurus April 20 May 20 The success of others spurs you on to match their accomplishments--you have an uncanny ability to size up coworkers achievements and devise plans for recognition or monetary rewards. Although not materialistic or miserly, the only alliances that excite

you are those that show financial promise. You’re not prejudiced, nor do you look down on fellow employees who are in a less fortunate position.

Gemini May 21 June 20 You cover a large area first and fill in the blanks later. For you, to get to the top there is no other way but to just keep on truckin’. Unfortunately, you may not have much discipline, growing quickly impatient by sloppiness, or work not done neatly. You work well when supervised because it’s easy for you to get sidetracked, or misled. Set goals, and clarify your objective; don’t mistake on-the-job friendliness for honesty.

Cancer June 21 July 22 You always maintain good work performance and a positive attitude and rarely fly off the handle at coworkers, choosing cooperation over clash flow chaos. It’s hard for you to understand philosophical concepts or finger future trends, but hands-on experience and repetition serve you well. You work fairly well in teams but would rather lead than follow. You have an insatiable appetite for activity and always aim to make things peaceful, although usually on your terms.

Leo July 23 August 22 You are full of ideas, a good organizer, and a valuable member of any team. It’s challenging for you to work alone, preferring small group activities. You don’t enjoy management positions because of the paperwork involved--”paperwork” meaning “you’re not good with it.” You pay your

Pg. 36


April 12, 2013

personal bills promptly but have a little problem with long-term savings because you live very much in the reality of right now.

Virgo August 23 September 22 You enjoy working in a planned and organized capacity, always knowing what’s expected from you and fellow employees. Even if a job doesn’t appeal to your imagination, you plug away and get it done. You wear your iron-clad principles on your sleeve and practice what you preach. “Time is money” to you, and you know how to get the most bang from every buck, as well as how to manipulate each minute on the timeclock!

Libra September 23 October 22 Your clever mind quickly grasps ideas that others don’t. You are good at work that requires originality or innovative and unusual ways of doing things like design, education, the arts. Your mind moves quickly from topic to topic, sometimes without pausing long enough to understand what you have learned, even though you spot solutions quicker than most. Although you’re not silly with spendings, saving isn’t your expertise.

Scorpio October 23 November 21 Although never lazy or accusatory, you hate being challenged because you believe that your way is best. You’re not a know-it-all, simply an individual who has specific personal wants and nots. You read all contracts clearly, honor obligations, and always aim for punctuality. Although you are curious about the private lives of coworkers, you demand that they respect your privacy. You are a wise counselor and give candid, considered opinions.

Sagittarius November 22 December 21 You need clear guidelines and rules about every job description, because you’re a better team player than solo act. You need specific guidelines

April April12, 12,2013 2013

and rules to follow in order to get the job done because you’re not great at making decisions. You must learn not to let sudden changes in schedule or setbacks become frustrating. Learn how to budget your time and expenses, because impulseshopping and sloppy bill-paying come naturally for you.

Capricorn December 22 January 19 Being productive and making profits grow keep you smiling! You’re a conscientious and patient worker who hates making mistakes; you accept the lessons of the pasty only as a basis for continued development and prosperity. Your analytical skills and natural understanding of current trends help you excel in business. In whatever career you choose, you do your best work when independent from teams or groups.

Aquarius January 20 February 18 You think big and have grand ambitions, but are inclined to always be in a hurry and, therefore, often ignore the important steps. Determined? Indeed-but not slow, nor inclined to go solo. You learn best in structured environments with others, but not so organized that you lose your freedom to think and explore. Try to learn to relax and have fun on the job! Fear of making a mistake keeps you from taking action.

Pisces February 19 March 20 You don’t fly off the handle at coworkers, choosing to cooperate rather than create chaos. You have a bit of difficulty achieving material goals, however. It is important that you learn to stand alone and secure in your independence. Because you hate being alone, it’s easy for you to be overly accommodating to coworkers or overspend. You have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and are intensely determined to make everything work.


Pg. Pg. 37


To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

Club Los Rieles Dallas Eagle Drama Room Exklusive Grapevine, The

600 S Riverfront Blvd 5740 Maple Ave 3851 Cedar Springs 4207 Maple Ave 3902 Maple Ave

75207 75235 75219 75219 75219

214.741.2125 214.357.4375 214.443.6020 214.556.1395 214.522.8466

4006 Cedar Springs 3923 Cedar Springs 4350 Maple Ave. 5334 Lemmon Ave 600 S Industrial Blvd 3909 Cedar Springs 2615 Oak Lawn Ave 3326 N Fitzhugh Ave 3911 Cedar Springs 3903 Cedar Springs 3912 Cedar Springs 2514 Hudnell St 4011 Cedar Springs 3333 N Fitzhugh Ave

75219 75219 75219 75209 75207 75219 75219 75204 75219 75219 75219 75235 75219 75204

214.526.9494 214.528.1004 214.520.6676 214.599.8834 214.741.2125 214.521.4205 214.528.3333 214.559.4663 214.526.7171 214.559.0650 214.522.9611 214.526.6365 214.520.6629 214.526.9519

2520 N State Hwy 91



1215 E University Dr



504 N Stanton St 508 N Stanton St 310 E Missouri Ave 610 N Mesa 510 N Stanton St

79901 79901 79902 79901 79901

915.315.0262 915.577.9555 915.351.0095 925.222.5483 915.881.4912

506 N Stanton St



2620 E Lancaster 2637 E Lancaster 2500 E 4th St 604 S Jennings Ave 515 S Jennings Ave 2500 E 4th St 1002 S Main St 651 S Jennings

76103 76103 76111 76104 76104 76111 76104 76104

Hidden Door, The 5025 Bowser Dallas, TX 75209 214.526.0620

Abilene 220 Club

201 N 1st St



212 SW 6th Ave 701 S Georgia St 309 W 6th St

79101 79106 79101

806.372.7997 806.342.9000 806.374.3029





Amarillo 212 Club R and R Sassy’s

Arlington TX 1851 Club Arlington 1851 W Division

Austin TX 606

606 E 7th St

‘Bout Time II 6607 North I-35 Austin,TX 78729 512.419.9192

Havana Lounge JR’s Bar Kaliente Kitty’s Bar Los Rieles Mining Company Peker’s Pub Pegasus Station 4 Sue Ellen’s Round Up Saloon Tin Room, The Woody’s Dallas Zippers

Denison TX Good Time Lounge

Iron Bear, The

Denton TX

121 W 8th St Austin,TX 78701 512.482.8993 Basement, The Chain Drive Lipstick 2 OCH-Oilcan Harry’s Rain

422 Congress Ave # B 504 Willow St 606 E 7th St 211 W 4th St 217b W 4th St

Mable Peabody’s

El Paso TX

78701 78701 78701 78701 78701

512.522.4044 512.480.9017 512.474.2950 512.320.8823 512.494.1150



1260 W Price Rd



121 N Main St



512 S Staples St 609 McBride Ln 424 Schatzell St

78401 78408 78401


4026 Cedar Springs 325 Centre St 3215 N Fitzhugh Ave 2525 Wycliff 2506 Knight@ Maple

75219 75208 75204 75219 75219

214.559.0720 214.941.2145 214.526.9510 214.521.3154 214.443.0499

8 1/2 Briar Patch, The Chiquita’s Bar Club Alive! Epic

Pish Posh

Beaumont TX Orleans St Pub-Patio 650 Orleans St

3115 Alameda Ste. A El Paso, TX 79905 915.500.3672

Brownsville TX Studio 69

Bryan TX Halo Bar

Corpus Christi, TX Seven Triangle Vault

Dallas TX Alexandre’s Barbara’s Pavillion BJ’s NXS Brick, The Cherries

Tool Box, The

Fort Worth TX Best Friends Club Changes Club Los Rieles Club Reflection Crossroads Lounge Los Rieles Konection Rainbow Lounge

817.413.2332 817.420.9258 817.870.8867 817.332.0071 817.420.9258 817.870.2466

Galveston TX

3rd Coast Downtown 2416 Post Office St. Galveston, TX 77550 409.621.1806

Jack’s Pub 2406 Post Office St Galveston Tx 77550 409.539.5595 Pink Dolphin, The Maria’s Place Robert’s Lafitte

Pg. 38


1706 23rd St. 3909 39th St 2501 Avenue Q

77550 77550 77550

409.621.1806 409.771.6336 409.765.9092

April 12, 2013

Stars Beach Club

Bonham Exchange

3102 Seawall Blvd Galveston, TX 77550 409.497.4113

411 Bonham San Antonio, TX 78205 210.271.3811

Gun Barrel City TX Garlow’s

308 E. Main St.



611 Hyde Park Blvd 2409 Grant St. 710 Pacific 2400 Brazos St 2020 Leeland St 2312 Crocker St 6680 Southwest Fwy 213 Milam St 2517 Ralph St 2707 Milam St 202 Tuam St

77006 77006 77006 77006 77003 77006 77074 77002 77006 77006 77006

713.526.7070 713.522.2867 713.529.3447 713.528.9192 713.227.9667 713.529.3355 713.278.2582 713.236.8777 713.527.9071 281.554.3336 713.522.3227

Houston TX 611 Hyde Park Pub Bayou City Bar&Grill Blur Brazos River Bottom Club 2020 Crocker Crystal Nightclub Eagle Houston EJ’s EVO Lounge F Bar

Boss, The 1006 VFW Blvd Brass Monkey 2702 N. Saint Marys St. Creed 18730 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 108 Colbalt Club 2022 McCullough Cowabunga 402 E Travis Electric Company 820 San Pedro Ave Essence 1010 N Main Ave

210.550.2322 210.584.0103 210.233.6249 210.251.2027 210.226.1338 210.212.6635 210.223.5866

78209 78212 78212 78218

210.820.0906 210.299.4222 210.227.2623 210.257.0712

78212 78212

210.525.0915 210.737.9191

24704 I-45 Frontage 77386 4915 FM 2920 Rd #148 77388

936.441.6426 281.907.6866

714 Laurel St



229 E NASA Pkwy



15256 Hwy 110 S



1205 Lamar St



Heat 1500 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.227.2600

Luther’s Cafe


1500 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.227.2600

617 Fairview St Houston, TX 77006 713.528.8012

Guava Lamp 570 Waugh Dr JR’s 808 Pacific St Meteor 2306 Genesse St Michael’s Outpost 1419 Richmond Ave Montrose Mining Co 808 Pacific St Ripcord 715 Fairview St South Beach 810 Pacific St TC’s Show Bar 817 Fairview St Tony’s Corner Pocket 817 W Dallas St Viviana’s 4624 Dacoma St

One O Six, The Pegasus Silver Dollar Saloon Sparks Club

77019 77006 77006 77006 77006 77006 77006 77008 77019 77092

713.524.3359 713.521.2519 713.521.0123 713.520.8446 713.529.7488 713.521.2792 713.529.7623 713.526.2625 713.571.7870 713.681.4101



78046 78040

956.774.0446 956.727.0113

75601 75601

903.757.4884 903.753.9393

2211 4th St



Ranch Hill Saloon Room Bar, The

101 S 17th St 200 S Broadway 3300 N McColl Rd 2010 Nolana Ave 2000 Nolana Ave 2908 N Ware Rd

78501 78503 78501 78504 78504 78501

956.457.9827 956.310.5935 956.627.3312 956.686.7590 956.213.8425 956.682.8019

Texarkana AR

2319 E 2nd St


1607 F. Veterans Mem

1416 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78218 210.320.5111

The Saint 800 Lexington Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.225.7330

Laredo TX El Maguey Bar Lounge 4415 Hwy 359 Zebra’s Nightclub 1416 Houston St

106 Pershing Ave 1402 N Main Ave 1812 N Main Ave 8011 Webbles Dr

Sparky’s Pub

Killeen TX The Beach

78223 78212 78258 78212 78205 78212 78212

Longview TX Decisions Club 2103 E Marshall Ave Rainbow Members Club 203 S High

McAllen TX Aria Broadway Ave Club 33 Club Rehab Jackie O’s PBD’s Lounge

Chute, The

Waco TX

Trix 110 S 6th St Waco,TX 76701 254.714.0767

Odessa TX Sinciti

10127 Coachlight St 2211 San Pedro Ave

Spring TX

Lubbock TX Club Luxor

The SA Country Wax Club

San Antonio TX

Webster TX

2015 Place

Club Pride

2015 San Pedro Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.733.3365

Whitehouse TX Outlaws

Wichita Falls TX Odds Bar, The Annex, The

330 San Pedro Ave



Babios Eat, Drink, Dance 527 W Hildebrand San Antonio, TX 78212 210.409.7245

April 12, 2013


Pg. 39

Professionals THIS WEEK IN TEXAS

To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

Texas Statewide / Printers Resource Printing Services GLBT Printers for the state of TEXAS 210.829.0842

Nationwide / Self Help Multiply Your Success in 2012 Communications & Performance Coach helps companies & individuals reach goals J. Webb ........................................775-232-7753

Austin / Legal Services Illegal Towing Concerns? Pat Johnson .................................. 512.680.3190

Austin / Photographers Seductive Sensations Photography Freelance imagery for individuals, couples, and groups. Photagrapher: Aryel Pena .............. 512.905.2194

Dallas / Photographers Eric Dickson with Arcus Media Voted Dallas’ Best Photographer 2012 972.467.1123

El Paso / Photographers Dov E Kupfer in El Paso .......................... 915.309.5658

Galveston / Bed & Breakfast Villa Bed & Breakfast 1723 25th Street Galveston, Tx 77550 ..................... 409.766.1722

Houston / House Cleaning Maids in Trousers Cleaning with a Gentlemanly Flair! Edwin Chovanec ........................... 832.468.5478

Pg. 40


April 12, 2013

Houston / Photographers Paul Stricklin ........................... 281.932.4863

San Antonio / Graphic Designers Javier Lopez, Graphics Design & Photography ........ 210.324.6406

San Antonio / Funeral Services Sunset North Funeral Home, Terry Goleman 910 N. Loop1604 East, SATX........ 210.495.7770

San Antonio / Hair Salon Chop Shop Hair Lounge Misha Ortiz, Owner/Stylist Open Tuesday-Saturday, by Appointment 5801 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX .... 210.912.6668

San Antonio / Locksmiths Apollo Pop Lock Specializing in Emergency Unlocks 24 Hr Service in San Antonio ......... 210.250.1205

San Antonio / Photographers ILM Productions NY Photographer in SA Richard Munguia .......................... 917.334.6177 R Wayne Ashabraner San Antonio, Tx ............................ 210.279.6505

San Antonio / Real Estate R Wayne Ashabraner Real Living / Best Homes Realty 4800 Fredericksburg Rd. Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78229.................. 210.279.6505

April 12, 2013


Pg. 41


To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

Austin / Health Clubs - Gym - Fitness Big Tex Gym 1921 Cedar Bend Drive # A130 Austin, TX 78758 ........................... 512.363.7376

Austin / Spas & Health Clubs Midtowne Spa 5815 Airport Blvd Austin, TX .................................... 512.302.9696

Austin / Fashion, Gift & Video Stores Megaplexxx 7111 S IH 35 Austin, TX 78774 512.442.5430

Package Menswear 1114 W 5th St Austin, TX 78703 512.472.0844

Dallas / Fashion, Gift & Video Stores Adult New Releases 9109 John W Carpenter Fwy Dallas, TX 75247 210.905.0500

Alternatives 1720 W Mockingbird Dallas, TX 75235 214.630.7071

Condom Sense 4038 Cedar Springs Rd Dallas, TX 75219 ........................ (214) 522-3141 Tapelenders 3926 Cedar Springs Rd Dallas, TX 75219 214.528.6344

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April 12, 2013

Dallas / Spas & Health Clubs The Club Dallas 2616 Swiss Avenue Dallas, TX 75204 (214) 821-1990

Midtowne Spa 2509 Pacific Dallas, TX .................................... 214.821.8989

Galveston / Tours Precise History Paranormal Tours Galveston, Tx ................................ 832.618.4446

Houston / Fashion, Gift & Video Stores Blackhawk Leather 711 Fairview Houston TX 77006 ....................... 713.522.1414 Hollywood Super Ctr 807 Fairview Houston TX 77006 ....................... 713.527.8510

Houston / Spas & Health Clubs The Club Houston 2205 Fannin St Houston, TX 77002 (713) 659-4998

Midtowne Spa 3100 Fannin Houston, TX ................................ 713.522.2379

League City / Health Clubs - Gym - Fitness Iron Den Gym 1611 Dakota League City, TX 77573 .................. 409.234.IRON

San Antonio / Fashion, Gift & Video Stores Encore Video 1031 N.E. Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78209................. 210.821.5345 Encore Video 1031 N.E. Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78209................. 210.821.5345 Leather & Lace Video 2525 N.E. Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78217................. 210.657.3771 Lover’s Lane 4828 NW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78229................. 210.531.3340

April 12, 2013


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To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

San Antonio / Fashion, Gift & Video Stores, cont. Megaplexxx 11827 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216................. 210.404.0111 Megaplexxx 9405 N IH 35 San Antonio, TX 78233................. 210.657.9999 On Main 120 W Mistletoe San Antonio, TX 78212................. 210.737.2323 Zebraz 1608 N Main St San Antonio, TX 78212................. 210.472.2800

San Antonio / Spas & Health Clubs ACI 27 Elmira San Antonio, TX ........................... 210.223.2177 The Executive Health Club 402 Austin St San Antonio, TX ........................... 210.299.1400

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April 12, 2013

TWIT Vol 2 Issue 3  

This Week in Texas - TWIT Vol 2 Issue 3 - March 12th – April 25th, 2013

TWIT Vol 2 Issue 3  

This Week in Texas - TWIT Vol 2 Issue 3 - March 12th – April 25th, 2013