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Spotlight By Brett Bonney

Project H.O.T., San Antonio’s Hot New Testing & Counseling Service As usual, I’d like to start our short literary adventure with two meaningful questions. The first of which is somewhat simple. Over the course of your lifetime, how much have you learned about yourself, others and life over a cup of hot coffee? If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent more than a few moments sitting in a coffee bar chatting with friends and coworkers, on dates and sitting alone reading a book or surfing the internet searching for the answers to life’s most meaningful questions. For most that means reading Facebook updates, posting Facebook updates, and doing research needed for school and work projects. Our modern lives have taken a turn for the super social as we venture out of our houses, apartments and comfort zones with our WIFI enabled devices to discover a little more about the world through the wonders and promise of caffeine and the java experience. My second question may sound a bit more perilous but as you’ve probably guessed, it is just as meaningful, if not more meaningful than the first to this article. How many times has a cup of coffee saved your life or given you the strength to find out more about your sexual health? For most, the answer to the first is quite obvious and probably easy to answer. We fit coffee and the internet into our days, weeks and years seamlessly without question or hesitation. It’s that second question that I asked that most likely has you drawing a blank. Well, for those struggling to answer it (which I’ll wager is most anyone reading this), your answer is at best inscrutable or nonexistent. Not many think about their HIV status or how much they don’t know about sexual health and education when ordering and drinking a latte or cappuccino or when we’re checking our E-mail and social media sites or possibly doing both of those at once.

Pg. 8

The world around us has become all about integrating the things in our lives that make our every days normal and trying to marry them with the parts that may not be as easy to do or easy to deal with. Project H.O.T. (HIV Outreach & Testing) is a new testing, treatment and counseling organization that endeavors to bring the creature comforts of your leisure and social schedule and the importance of STD testing and treatment under one roof, and is promising not to stop at that. While Project H.O.T.’s launch may have been quiet and fallen slightly under the GLBT and MSM radar about a year ago, its revolutionary services are pulling it into its rightful place in the spotlight. I took some time to visit their downtown facility and sit down with Nathan and Roman, the program’s founders and talk shop about what makes Project H.O.T. such a hot concept. It was that funny feeling that people get when they have just seen and heard about something that you just know is going to change the lives of many… well…forever. What began as the thoughts on few a complex problems with other testing options soon lead to a dream and the creation and implementation of a successful attempt to solve them. In all my years of writing, I’ve visited and worked with many testing facilities, trying to show the communities around them how much potential they have to help people do the right thing by preventing infection, reach the healthy realization of the importance of getting tested and get them through the rough patch that can potentially follow a positive result on one of the tests. A quick assessment of some of the issues faced by the wayward uneducated and untested individual reveals exactly what makes Project H.O.T. so revolutionary. Walking into a testing facility alone takes courage but staying there long enough to be educated, tested and treated can at times take a miracle. It’s like walking into a doctor’s office and seeing a waiting room full of very sick patients when all you’re there for is a simple test or an annual physical. It’s scary and intimidating. No one wants to see the worst of what they could become from the very decision they


March 15, 2013

have made by deciding to get diagnosed. Project H.O.T. strives to keep that kind of fear out of sight and therefor out of mind, making a visit to their facility one that people can feel good about before they even walk through the front door. In fact, you don’t even have to visit their facility to be tested. Project H.O.T. offers a home visits by their capable staff to be tested in the comfort of your own home – say goodbye to doctor’s office fears. For those out there that are concerned about your confidentiality, both Bruce Wayne and Batman can be tested without worrying about whether to take the Ferrari or The Batmobile. The next issue is even more perilous than the first. The process of getting educated, tested and then treated is a process that is often hard to make seamless and bearable. Over the course of a single visit or maybe even a few visits, a person may see a multitude of different people, from the front desk during walk in, the educative staff, the tester and then possibly even the therapist and case manager. In the modern world, we know this process as the call center customer service dilemma. You need to call customer service to pay a bill or ask a simple question about your bank account. Three years and 19 minutes later, you’ve talked with four people and have now been connected to someone in a foreign country that you can’t understand. Project H.O.T. solves that issue as well. From the moment you walk in, you’re assigned one liaison that will take you from the beginning of your visit, through the tough questions, new information about prevention, testing and then to whatever the end result of your visit becomes. Good news is followed by ways to keep getting good news and the not so good news entails treatment and a plan to make it healthy and successful. Bad news is already unpleasant without having four different people tell you about it. In fact, most might agree that even good news can turn bad depending on what process you’ve been through to get it. The truth is that every testing facility operates under a set of standards that is supposed to accomplish all of those things I mentioned above… prevention, education, testing and treatment. How well they do those things is often a gamble depending on what city you live in and what services are available. Luckily for San Antonio, Project H.O.T. is doing more, much more. So, why did I mention the coffee earlier? Well, apart from routine testing, they provide free computer access with WIFI and coffee. Imagine the comforts of Starbucks with the ability to get tested and sexually educated at the same time. You might visit for the free internet and coffee, and maybe stay for a test or get an education. Hell, I’d go to Starbucks a lot more often if it gave out free condoms with every mocha.

March 15, 2013

There are a few more things that make their program unique. The program itself is designed to be user friendly, even when it comes down to basic communication. Just about anything you need to communicate or ask can be done via text message with their staff including asking tough questions, scheduling appointments and finding out about their upcoming events. Although their program targets youth between the ages of 17 to 24, their services are available to anyone in need. They are also going further to connect with the community by placing clever and well worded posters and advertising components in vital areas of the community. Each appointment is carefully crafted, customized and tailored to meet the individual needs of the client taking into account age, race, cultural sensitivity, language, level of education and sexual identity. The program is also going further to reach out to the Hispanic and Spanish speaking community which is a huge population in SA. They also provide outreach, early intervention and risk reduction programs which at their core are designed to look at sexual behavior and risks in a modern way that realizes that sex is only unhealthy if it puts people at risk and in no way discourages sexual behavior across age, race and sexual orientation. In everything they do, Project H.O.T. is striving to raise the bar on our common conceptions and expectations of the testing community as well as ensuring that the testing process becomes easier, more comfortable, accessible and integral to the lives of everyone in the community. It reaches out in ways that become tangible to modern society and relatable to anyone interested in discovering more about what they can do to better their sexual health and how to take the first steps in getting tested, educated and treated. They plan to open the doors of their internet and coffee bar café by the beginning of April and all of the other services mentioned above are already available to the community. If you find solace, comfort or get excited about anything I’ve mentioned and are interested in learning more, paying their facility a visit to be tested or if you’re interested in helping their cause, visit their Facebook page (Search “Project H.O.T.”) or go to http://www.facebook. com/projecthot?ref=ts&fref=ts. There you will find ways to contact them via phone, text and E-mail. Their well put together Testing Center is located at 314 South Flores near downtown San Antonio. Regular testing doesn’t have to be scary and should be done a few times a year, especially for people that are at a higher risk of becoming infected. It’s fast, easy, anonymous and it’s completely free. Do yourself a favor and find out your status today.



Pg. 9

buns, and…Do I see a Key Lime Pie? Yes, I do, and today we are going to make a really quick version of Key Lime Pie. Because we have been so busy we are going to use a graham cracker crust from the grocery store, (I am giving you the ingredients to make your own just in case you have a little extra time or someone shows up to help out).

Kitchen By Blue Jean Granny

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie For the Crust: 1 1/4 cups of Graham Cracker Crumbs 3 tablespoons of Sugar 1/3 cup of butter

For the Filling: 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup of sour cream 3/4 cup key lime juice 1 - 2 tablespoons grated lime zest Happy Easter Everyone, Chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Easter Baskets, fluffy little chicks, cuddly baby rabbits, colored eggs, and children having a wonderful time. Can you see the picture? And there’s the designated egg-hider, rushing home from church to get all of the colored eggs hidden before the little kids get home. They will be so excited and anxious to find the eggs the bunny left they will hardly notice that a lot of the eggs look like the very same ones they spent all Saturday afternoon decorating. Be sure and remember to hide some in very plain sight for the wee little ones to find, and of course rabbits can certainly climb trees so you must put an egg or two in the fork of that tree in the back yard. One other duty is to make sure the camera is handy to preserve those happy smiles that the kids have when they find an egg to put in their basket. Now a tip to the egg-hider, keep 2 or 3 eggs handy in your pocket. You know one of the little ones will have tears when they can’t locate any eggs, but with your help they can happily “find” one they missed and it was right behind them all of the time. Good job bunny. Now it is time to go into the house for that wonderful Easter dinner Mom prepared. Let’s see what it is this year: sliced ham; potato salad; green rice with mushrooms; carrot and pineapple orange Jell-O salad (with pecans this year); and asparagus with lemon zest. Look at that carrot cake on the side board, the hot cross

Pg. 10

Step-by-step: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F 2. Make the crust by combining the graham cracker crumbs and sugar, melt the butter and mix together. 3. Press grainy combination against the bottom and sides of a pie dish. 4. Grate the skin of a lime until you have 1 - 2 tablespoons - depending on how “limey” you like it! 5. In a medium bowl, combine condensed milk, sour cream, lime juice, and lime rind. 6. Mix well and pour into graham cracker crust. 7. Bake in preheated oven for about 8 minutes, until tiny pinhole bubbles burst on the surface of pie. Do not overcook, nor get even close to brown! 8. Chill pie thoroughly before serving 9. Garnish with whip cream and twisted lime slices. Serve and enjoy. I hope your Easter is very blessed. Until then work smart, play hard and take time out for a cookie. Show Blue Jean Granny how much you love her recipes and hints or make a dish suggestion for upcoming articles. You can reach her by email at



March 15, 2013

San Antonio AIDS Foundation’s


April 19, 2013

p r e s e n t s

7:30pm - 12:00am Lambermont Estate

950 E. Grayson San Antonio, TX


cand y

Tickets: 21 and up ONLY $75 advance tickets /$90 door

Event Partners:

Silver Sponsor:

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Media Partners:

Choice Hotel: Official Event:

Official Partners:

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” ~ Ethiopian proverb

DJ Spotlight By DJ Mark D

DJ Jimmy Dale Houston - Whiskey Dick’s For over 30 years, native Houstonian Jimmy Dale has kept his dance floor moving and has constantly delivered great memories – but with the closing of Houston’s only Country Bar, The BRB, is this the last dance for Houston’s cowboys? Jimmy’s DJ career started on a cheap Radio Shack 2 channel DJ mixer and a couple of lowgrade turntables, “When I was around 25 I loved to listen to the radio DJs mix one song into the next without stopping.” He knew this is what he needed to be doing in life, so Jimmy took the time and started learning; mixing cassettes at home to review and analyze – which he did constantly. He worked diligently learning keys, tempos, genres and mixing. Through the review of his work on cassette, this allowed him to quietly grow the ability to be a great DJ. For those not in the Country music scene (previously Country & Western), it’s all about tempo/ genre and playing music in dance group sets. It’s much more difficult that having an electronic dance track that starts and ends with a drum machine and has proper intros/outros. The dance floor is not a free-for-all, but a coordinated dance act. If the DJ doesn’t understand this – there’s no dance floor! Back to Jimmy; after about 6 months of practice, he was really getting the hang of it. In fact, he was able to start selling his mixtapes to his friends to play at parties. Then the break came – “a friend needed a “cheap” DJ for a Christmas party….wammo “Moveable Sounds Mobile DJ Service” was born. The company got HUGE, several DJs and myself playing weddings and company parties 3 times a week.” After 20 years, Jimmy decided to sell the company and focus more on his gigs at the BRB. Throughout the years, Jimmy racked up some memorable experiences that are too awesome not to mention! He was the voice of the Pasadena rodeo

Pg. 12

for 20 years and has played many a nightclub. He even worked for me when I was the DJ Manager for the company that owns Drink Houston, in our Whiskey River section of the bar. He’s spun the Fantasy Ball Houston for the past 17 years and has worked for both 93Q and KILT, the two country music radio powerhouses. He was even the music and voice of the SAMVCA Sisters dragshow back in the day. Jimmy enjoys being frequently booked for out of town gigs, “hopefully some of the other Gay C/W clubs in Texas will book other DJs at their clubs like the Dance clubs do. You would be surprised how much crowds love different DJ styles and personalities.” As everything changes and evolves, the DJ must keep pace; which Jimmy thrives on! “I love the change in the new dance driven country music. Lots more bass to feel the music thru the dance floor. It’s great to see a FULL dance floor and all the rest of the bar moving to the music you play. I get better when the crowd gets ROWDY & LOUD.” Jimmy’s excited to announce that after the BRB closes, he’s moving over to Eagle Houston to do their Whiskey Dick’s Fridays (starting April 12th)! “The amount of technology they have in that space is something the C/W community is not used to, it’ll make for a great great party every week” he says. “Plus it’ll be fun having HomoRodeo behind us and Eagle always loves bringing in stars and DJs, should totally rejuvenate the scene.” Of course, Boots are not required, but certainly do make a great accessory to those “painted on” tight Wranglers that are ever-so revealing. Come ready for ice-cold beer and a great time, and look for me, under that huge mirror ball at Whiskey Dick’s. TWIT


March 15, 2013

Music Charts Top 40/Club Play

Club Traxx

DJ Wild (Bayou City Bar)

DJ JD Arnold (Eagle Houston) DJ Jeff White (Ranch Hill Saloon)

1. Pour It Up - Rihanna

1. Hold Me - Ono featuring Dave Aude

2. Lil Wayne - No Worries 3. Fckin Problem - A.S.A.P. Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

2. My Love Is Blind - Teddy Douglas Feat. Margaret Grace

Hot Country/Western

1. Can’t Shake You - Gloriana 2. Like Jesus Does Eric Church

3. Joy - Suzanne Palmer

3. Blown Away Carrie Underwood

4. All Gold Everything Trinidad James

4. Let Me Live Again Colton Ford

4. Home - Dierks Bentley

5. Thrift Shop - Macklemore feat. Wanz

5. One Good Reason Eddie Thoneick

6. S.T.F.U. - Chloe Riley

6. Right Now - Inaya Day & Robin

7. Ball - T.I. feat. Lil Wayne

7. Free To Be Loved - Andrea Paci with Barbara Tucker 8. Bandz A Make Her Dance Juicy J feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne 8. Heaven - Depeche Mode/ Freemasons 9. Love Me - Lil Wayne feat. Drake & Future * 9. Oh My - SChu Featuring Mila Falls 10. Swimming Pools Kendrick Lamar 10. Like You - Hot Since 82

5. If I Didnt Have You Thompson Square 6. I Can Take It Fron Here Chris Young 7. Hope On The Rocks Toby Keith 8. Downtown Lady Antebellum 9. Changed - Rascal Flatts 10. Pirate Flag Kenny Chesney

* Breakout Track

March 15, 2013


Pg. 13

Pics - San Antonio Nightlife Photos by Allen Grubaugh & Mario Mares, Josef Sifuentes, see more pics at

Bartenders Chris and Lorenzo at 2015

Robby, Ari, Abe, Josee, Sean at Brass Monkey

Jake at SA Country

Brandi, Vanessa, Jessi, Amanda at Brass Monkey

Dakota, Tyler, Jeremy, Arik, Jacob, at Heat

Sean, Randy at Saint

Pg. 14

Josh, DJ Shawn at Silver Dollar

Cousin, Denis at SA Country


Fun Group at Saint

Vincent, Mayra, Jerry at Essence

Jonathan, Amber, Naomi, Mary Beth at 2015

Eremanette, Patience, Hailey at Bonham Exchange

March 15, 2013

All Hail the Volunteers The GLBT rooted River of Peace Pantry Receives Top Award Previously (in TWiT Volume 1 Issue 18 dated July 6-12, 2012) we told the story of a San Antonio food pantry sponsored by River City Living Church, a GLBT affirming church established to serve AIDS victims and their advocates in the early days of the epidemic. Seeing new needs in the community, the church with the guidance of veteran food pantry operators Tim Butler and Jack Nimmo, established a food pantry in April 2011 to serve anyone in need of help. To date they have provided 1.6 million pounds of nutritious foods to San Antonio residents without regard to sexual orientation or other disqualifiers.

Recently, On March 7, 2013 the San Antonio Food Bank recognized River of Peace Pantry as its 2013 Pantry of the Year. Over 400 food pantries were eligible for this honor. What makes this pantry such a special example of the goodness found in the GLBT community? The church and a dedicated group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds began the pantry on a foundation of religious principles where loving your neighbors as yourself is the by-word. This has also been a founding principle of the GLBT movement, to earn the respect in our various communities without discrimination. This pantry is changing lives in San Antonio. There are many in San Antonio and throughout Texas that are without jobs or under-employed. Food for families and individuals help to get them through these rough times. The pantry’s help does not stop there. Referrals for cell phones, commodities or senior oriented programs, prescription services and other ways persons can receive help are routinely provided through the pantry. Other assistance comes when the pantry makes referrals to agencies and churches. Individuals are changed. An autistic boy named Jose accompanied his mother, Debra, to pantry distributions. Once introspective, quiet, or at times disruptive, Jose now has

Tim & Jack

Pg. 16


March 15, 2013

blossomed as the pantry’s youngest volunteer. With the support of Debra, Jose assists Joe Juarez, the leader of the homeless client distribution effort, in preparing bags of MRE’s (meals ready to eat) and other items that do not need cooking. He is learning the lesson of giving to others despite his disability, and he is only ten years old. Others are changed by the pantry as individual needs are identified from among the 3000 client families it serves. Earning an award of this nature is a testament to the changing nature of our society where recognition is provided by mainstream organizations to the work of our community without regard to our orientation. It is also a testament to the hard work required in community service. In September, 2012 an unanticipated building sale necessitated a shortnotice relocation. Interim steps were taken. The Pegasus, a long-time San Antonio bar, provided their parking lot for the homeless distribution and Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church provided a location for the regular food distribution. The Partners at 501 South Main, a large law firm, provided temporary space in their offices as a distribution site for several weeks. The community came together to ensure the effort continued. Colortone Paint Company provided 1160 square feet of space at a deeply discounted rental rate for the pantry’s new permanent site. The pantry did not miss a single week of distributions. From their new

site at 617 Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, distributions are made on Friday from noon to 2pm for challenged clients and on Saturday from 1-5pm for the normal distribution regardless of holidays or other reasons to take a week off. The success of this pantry extends beyond its sponsoring church, individual contributors, and dedicated volunteers. While food purchased through the Food Bank is deeply discounted, it still has a cost. Imagine a grocery bill for 1.6 million pounds of food! To supply the food for the 300+ families the pantry serves each week requires monetary resources. Financial support comes from The Bears of San Antonio, Chase Bank, the San Antonio Area Foundation, and others. TWiT highlights this charitable effort from within our community as an inspiration to others to find ways within your own community to gain respect and admiration for a creative, generous GLBT community. If your group or you as an individual do not wish to establish your own community effort, you may want to consider a contribution to this excellent example of community service. They may be contacted at Tim Butler, Director, River of Peace Pantry, 617 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, TX 78201; (210)670-7298 or (202)3303882; or by email at TWIT

Megan Demers - SAFB, Dan Branche, Franklin Pace, Tim Butler, Dan Alexander, Gary Peters and Eric Cooper, Pres & CEO - SAFB

March 15, 2013


Pg. 17

Pics - Waco & Fort Worth Nightlife

Ft Worth Nightlife

Trix in Waco, TX

Photos by Allen Grubaugh & Eric Dickson see more pics at

John, Nathan, Katrina, Larry, Ana at Trix

Justin. Vanessa at Trix

John, Damen at Trix

Nathan at Trix

Katrina - Miss Gay Central Texas USofA Newcomer at Trix in Waco

Sunny, t-bone and Jake at Reflections

Hollister & Chris at Reflections

Christopher, Jacob & Eric at Reflections

Yes-Mama & Friends at Konections

Miss Anna Mosity at Changes

Pg. 18

Rachel, Auston & Kyle at Rainbow Lounge

Friends at Konections

Gianni at Konections


Lova Cochran at Changes

March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013



Music By Thomas “DJ Big Daddy” Edmond

Summer 2013 Concert Tours The x-mas shopping season has come and gone. The Grammy Awards was kinda of a bore this year, Beyonce tore up the SuperBowl and shut off the power after (good night, Queen B has left the building). Well it might be cold, rainy and even a bit of snow, where you are (it’s 80 and hot here in Ft. Lauderdale) but that’s not stopping the promoters, and artist from heating up your upcoming summer nights with some of the hottest upcoming summer tours in a long time. This summer looks like the summer of the major acts past and present and I for one will be screaming like teenage girl in heat. This summer we will have Alicia Keys, Maroon 5, One Direction, Sting, Kiss, Bruno Mars, Rhianna and Dave Matthews (Houston, you have the 1st DMB show May 17th, in the woodlands) criss-crossing the country and coming to play in your back yard, (now when I think of it, I would LOVE for Adam Levine, to come and play in my back yard anytime). There are two hot tickets I want to tell you about. Everyone on Facebook and Twitter are buzzing about these shows, and I plan to go broke seeing them, plus Beyonce’s concert this summer. You, too, need to be ready for NKOTB and Justin Timberlake with Jay-Z.

The Package Tour (New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees and Boys II Men) June 28th 2013 - Houston, Toyota Center, $ 69.50 to 89.50 VIP packs 175.and up June 29 2013 - Dallas, AA Center I screamed like a fat chick at Chippendales, when I heard about this show. Me and my bff Dana were the biggest NKOTB fans back when I went to Eisenhower Sr. High and I saw them at every show that came to Houston. Now they

Pg. 20

are sharing the stage with the biggest male group of the 90’s, Boys II Men, and they are throwing in 98 Degrees for some spice. And you should know, I thought the NKOTB/BSB show was good last year. Well, they are making sure to give 40-yearold women and men something to dream about this summer. All the members of each group will be on the tour, the stage is very up close and intimate with sitting right inside on the left and right of the stage. Get your tickets NOW if you can! The Legends Of The Summer Tour (Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z) Stadium Tour, 12 shows only Aug 16th Miami Sunlife Stadium $ 39.50 to $275.50 This show came way out of overnight, I didn’t see this one coming at all. But I am glad that it’s coming to my back yard of Miami and it will be a party that night after in south beach. The show has not went on sell yet at the time of this writing but is one of the biggest and most wanted tickets to have (sorry Texas fans no show date for your state as of yet). J.T. plans to do it up big time. A full backing band and a full 20 pc orchestra on stage, so many effects and stage lighting that could light up a small 3rd-world country. He is touring in support of his new cd “The 20/20 Experience” which will be out on March 17th world-wide and the has 2 singles out “Mirrors” and “Suit & Tie”. Jay-Z is working on a new cd at the time and the first single should be out by mid summer as well as he will start working with Will and Jada Smith on producing the new movie remake of Annie that will be out Dec 2014. I had been told that Justin might do a smaller area tour later in the year before his next two movie projects. So no matter who or what makes you move get out and check out your favorite artist or group this summer, if you can’t afford the big money shows stop in to a local live music bar or club and support a hot local act. Thomas “DJ Big Daddy” Edmond operates and can be reached at



March 15, 2013

Pics - Galveston & Webster Nightlife Photos by David Tritico, see more pics at

Jon and Louie at Stars Beach Club

Ray, Gustavo, Will, Hector at Stars Beach Club

Lee Ann Woods, Terry Benson at Robert Lafittes

Tim and Reid at 3rd Coast

Michael, Ron, Joel at Robert Lafittes

Jeff and Laura at 3rd Coast

Lexi, Cara, Larissa, Mandy, G, Micheel at Jack’s Pub

Debbie, Debbie, Crystal at Stars Beach Club

David, Jack, Allen at Jack’s Pub

March 15, 2013

Amy Club Pride in Webster


Carrie and Abbie Club Pride in Webster

Paris Club Pride in Webster

Club Pride in Webster, TX

Christy and Autumn Club Pride in Webster

Pg. 21

Motivation By Jennifer Webb

Perception (part two-final) A Formula for Success! If perception is reality, as we all know, and if reality can be changed based on perception, then what does it take to be the most effective in business? Good relationships, building a reputation based on credibility and likability so people want to be around us, right? So if you’re following this train of thought and it makes sense, then think about this story: Forty five years ago Mike Herr started working the night shift at the Fraser Street Post Office, which accommodated Penn State students. According to the college president Herr is the most popular person on campus. Why? Because he likes his job and makes every student feel good when they come into the post office. He is still working there after all these years and apparently so popular that a few years ago when a new mandate said he had to take down his posters and other wall decorations, the students were so upset for him that they rallied together, and staged a protest. He got to put things back the way they had been. His popularity has been documented in news specials and through a variety of sources, and it goes back to what we all learned many lifetimes (it seems) ago, treat people as if you care, as if what they say really matters. Now think about Send Out cards. Almost 20 years ago a young college graduate named Kody Batement had just gotten an internship in New York City and when he and his wife and infant daughter were leaving their home in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kody saw his brother down the road but because he was running late he honked the horn on his moving truck and kept on going, instead of stopping to say goodbye. He had felt a strong inclination to go talk to his brother, but didn’t have the time. Three and a half months later his brother was killed in an accident, and in his grief, Kody vowed to never ignore an instinct to reach out to someone again and he founded Send Out Cards. And how does that apply to all of us and our hectic on-the-go lives? The more we stop, even for ten seconds at a time, and remember to listen, to pick up the phone and acknowledge or go out of our

Pg. 22

way to help, the more successful we’ll be. Does it make good business sense? Absolutely. You’ve heard me say this again and again, but people want to do business with or learn from or hang out with people they trust, people they feel connected to or respect, and it starts with the relationships they build. There’s never a better time than now to test out this theory! Quick, Let’s Disagree! As we continue talking about perception, another assumption that has gotten more intelligent, successful people in trouble is the belief that if we’re going to move forward with any project, we have to really-- I mean really--agree. We can start off by disagreeing, politely if possible, and then come to an agreement where we all change our minds except those whose argument is most persuasive. Suddenly there’s consensus. And once we do see things the same way we’ll vote accordingly and things will move ahead without a hitch. This will never happen, except in a Hollywood script. The reality is we disagree and continue to see, perceptually, the issue from different directions. And if we decide it’s worth the energy to speak out, it usually only means more time wasted, someone acting out and intensified aggravation, so we often figure it’s just not worth it! How do we effectively communicate disagreement without causing additional challenges? And how do we change the organizational belief system to rally around disagreements, seeing them as healthy and vital and a way of energizing a meeting? In teaching people a new paradigm-- that it’s not only OK not to agree but really a smart idea-we need to understand how to set the example. But before we can even do that it’s important to work on establishing trust within the department, management team, company, or wherever you’re working on really getting people to communicate openly and honestly. When we feel we can trust those we work with, we start to lose our façade of always having to be right and perfect, which gives us the freedom to relax. Only when we feel relaxed can we be our most effective, our most creative. Think back to when you had an incredibly important presentation to give and you were nervous; it just


March 15, 2013

didn’t go as well. And think back to a time you felt you could conquer the world and then you had an opportunity to speak, or teach, or sell. You were so amazing, you were even better than imagined. When we start to establish trust and vulnerability, then we look at how we can communicate disagreement to others. Sometimes it’s in dialogue as a simple statement, “In your place I don’t think I could have done that nearly as well as you did, but I disagree that’s what we should be doing now.” Or “I see your point and I would like to hear more, but I reserve the right to disagree with you.” Abraham Lincoln reminded us that example isn’t the most important thing in influencing others, it’s the only thing. And so it’s up to all of us to set the example, be willing to get outside our comfort zone and disagree, question, and suggest other directions without apology, but with respect. What often happens when you create this kind of environment is the undercurrent of ongoing frustration or aggravation disappears because people get to voice their opinions and disagree. It takes work, but it’s quite liberating. It’s usually not the way business is done, yet it’s a great way to create a dynamic, synergistic, high energy team where people like and respect each other, and can even enjoy disagreeing! The Voice of Power! As we continue our conversation about perception, what about self-perception, does that count, or is it a redundancy since we perceive only from our own point of view? Yes and no. We always have our own internal dialogue going on, but as with observing the outside world, we can easily misperceive our own abilities and strengths, and get stuck with internal conversations that limit our success. Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself, and if you start to hear repeating patterns that are limiting or negative in any way, stop and examine. I’m not saying we can’t learn, stand corrected, and take constructive criticism. But when we have an ongoing dialogue about what we are worried about or what we are doing wrong, this is sabotaging and unproductive. As an example, have you ever heard anyone who is always talking about what he can’t afford or splitting a lunch bill down to the last penny and agonizing over the tip? Maybe this individual is always worrying about what tomorrow is bound to bring and forecasting doom, gloom and misery. We know misery is optional and choices are available, but for those whose conversation is always spiraling downward, they are typically not surprised with where their lives are going, just ask them!

taking the opposite side of what I want far too often. And it’s this dialogue we have with ourselves (research says 600 to 800 words per minute) that defines who we are and how successful, healthy and happy we will be. Just think how often we’re reminded to be very smart about what we eat, every single thing we put in our bodies, that it’s crucial to our health. But regrettably we often put a lot of junk in our minds, and on an ongoing basis. Almost daily I will talk with someone who tells me about a problem, and then goes over it again in more detail, and then anchors it even more when talking about how it will impact the rest of the week, month or year. It’s repeating history over and over again. To stop this pattern we have to pay attention to what we’re saying to ourselves. And how do we start doing that? Say we have a very simple goal, to go through the week with less stress. So the first thing we might do is look to see how we’re going to change what we think/say to ourselves each day ,and check in with ourselves a few times during the day. We might change our dialogue to start the day appreciating the fact that we’re smart enough to handle stress, and feel appreciative that our stress is only mental, thank goodness it’s not rooted in a life threatening illness (or anything else that is bigger than what you have to deal with). As we get to work and someone asks how our day is going or how we are, smile and say “Wonderful, and yours?” Talk the language of feeling good, even if it’s not completely accurate. Mirror the body language of feeling good (the spring in your step, the smile). And, when colleagues call or come by to tell you the awful news of the hour nod empathetically and cut them off. If we’re going to create a different life in any way, whether it’s a job with more responsibility or more fun, or a relationship that’s ideal or a better body through exercise and dieting, we’ve got to pay attention to what we’re saying to ourselves. Close the history book on the past, it’s foolish to think it can be rewritten. Be the person whose voice you always want to hear. A smart inner dialogue changes outcomes, changes attitude and of course can change history. Write and talk the future the way you want it to be, and just smile at all those who prefer to keep on telling you what can and will go wrong, it’s their choice! Jennifer Webb is a Business Communications Specialist, Motivational Speaker, and Author who has been making an impact on America’s Top Organizations and traveling the world inspiring audiences, and changing lives. Jennifer’s website is

Perhaps every single person reading this is an optimist (I know I am), and yet I can find myself

March 15, 2013



Pg. 23

Model: Glenn, Bartender at Round-Up Saloon on Wed, Fri, & Sat Nights Shoot Location: Round-Up Saloon, Dallas Tx Photographer: Arcus Media


Internal Revenue Service has granted us 501(c)(3) tax deductible status. Your donations to us are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Texas Bear Round-Up 18 in Dallas, TX

TBRU 18 Casino Bear Royale Howdy from Big D! The members of the Dallas Bears welcome y’all to Texas Bear Round-Up 18 – Casino Bear Royale. Casino Bear Royale, the mystery, intrigue, and thrill of secret bear agents, international men, spies, sexy bears, casinos and passionate encounters await you. In this installment of TBRU you take on the role of the international playbear spy seeking some payback from some of your colleagues. The secret exchange of room numbers, late night rendezvous, sweaty dances, underwater adventures, and much more await you for this adventurous weekend. Come and let your inner spy out at Casino Bear Royale. We have a great weekend planned with entertainment, food, activities, contest, and transportation to all our events and bars, our famous hospitality room and of course a thousand plus bears, cubs, admirers and more! Each year our small group of volunteers works hard to plan a great event so that your time here in Dallas is fun and exciting. We work just as hard to keep our costs down in order to keep the cost down for You to attend. Through volunteers, donations and sponsorships we continue to be able to provide one of the best packages at one of the lowest prices on the circuit. At the same time our event is a “Party with a Purpose”. While you are having a good time remember we are also doing some good work in our communities. Our three beneficiaries this year are Youth First Texas, Sharon St. Cyr Fund and the Nutrition Program for the Resource Center Dallas (check out the Beneficiaries page to the left for more information). After TBRU 17 we were able to give $58,000 to our three beneficiaries. This year we will strive to continue to give the most back to the community as possible. We are excited to let you know that the

Pg. 26

Get your Casino/International Bear Spy costume ready for Thursday night’s Kick-Off Party! We will have a Costume Contest, Food and more. Of course, there will be fabulous prizes for the contest… also some of the bars may sponsor contests as well, so keep those costumes handy. Get ready for the Mr. TBRU Contest on Saturday as we show off our Bears, Cubs and Admirers. The Dallas Bears’ Texas Bear Round-Up began circa 1995 with a hand full of Dallas Bears members coordinating their first event. The event was attended mostly by the Bear community in Texas. It was a small event with lots of Fun, Fur and Frolic. Each year TBRU has grown in numbers and in purpose. Once a small friendly bear, TBRU has grown into a large Bear family reunion and fundraiser. TBRU 7 began our robust growth period. The Dallas Bears have continuously evolved TBRU – going from a chair person organized event to a cochair system and now to a large team effort lead by a moderator. In the last 4 years TBRU attendance has grown by 200 people each year. In 2012 at TBRU 17 we hosted over 1,700 registrants. TBRU is a party with a purpose. Our international Bear family comes together in Dallas every third weekend in March. It has commonly been called a Big Bear Reunion – a time we see our Bear friends from all over the world. It is always fun to see some many familiar faces and to meet new ones. TBRU feeds our souls, but it also does a lot of good work in the community. Each year the Dallas Bears take the proceeds from TBRU and donates them to local charities. The members of the Dallas Bears, and friends, work diligently all year long to produce a fun event and to raise as much money as possible for our charities. In 2012 at TBRU 17 we gave $58,000 to local charities. We hope that you will consider coming to Texas Bear Round Up. With almost 2,000 fellow Bear community members, Food, Entertainment, Tasty Refreshing Beverages, Games, Contest, our Infamous Hospitality Suite and much, much more you are destined to have a wonderful time. For the complete schedule of TBRU 18 Events and for more of their story: Visit www.TWiTmagazine. com/TBRU18



March 15, 2013

TBRU 18 Local Bar Venue Events WEDNESDAY 8pm 9pm 11pm

2am 2am

TBRU "Early-Bear" Party Bears in Underwear – Underwear Night Underwear Contest

Dallas Eagle Dallas Eagle Dallas Eagle

8:30pm 9pm 9pm 9pm

10:30pm 11pm 12mid 2am

Dance Lessons TBRU Cigar Social Bearaoke BEARS: Bare Back and Bare Chest Night

Round-Up Saloon TMC Woody's Dallas Eagle

8pm 9pm 9pm 11pm

2am 2am 2am 1am

Country Dancin’ GROWLr Party Karaoke with Eric Way TBRU Cigar Social

Round-Up Saloon Dallas Eagle Round-Up Saloon Dallas Eagle

8pm 8:30pm 9pm 10pm 10pm

12mid 10pm 2am 12mid 2am

“007 A Bear Affair” with the DFW Sisters Mr. TBRU Contest L.U.R.E. Fetish Party (Leather, Uniforms, Rubber, Etc) Mr. TBRU Winner Reception and Toast Mr. TBRU Victory Party & Dance

TMC Round-Up Saloon Dallas Eagle TMC Dallas Eagle

12noon 1:30pm 3pm 3pm 6pm


Round-Up Saloon Round-up Saloon Round-Up Saloon Hidden Door Round-Up Saloon



TBRU BBQ & Closing Ceremony C&W Dance Lessons with Juanita TBRU Cigar Social "Church" the famous bear beer bust TBRU Volunteer Appreciation Party Official TBRU After Party Glow Bear Trash Disco – glow sticks and more





4pm 6pm 8pm

Dallas Eagle

Logo by Dubon Bear Art

March 15, 2013


Pg. 27

Pics - Houston Nightlife Photos by Paul Stricklin, see more pics at

Brett, Cody, Kraig, Brett at SOBE

Thomas, Blake, Tony at F Bar Fara Dion, Miss Lonestar 2013 at the BRB

Adrian, Paul, Rodie, James at Meteor

Stylin at TC’s

Luke, Marvin at SOBE

Mauricio and friends at South Beach

Chris, Chris, Paul, Ben at George

Pg. 28

Crystal Star at TC’s

Sean, Miles, Jose at Meteor


Jeremy, Jay at Crocker

March 15, 2013

Retro Rewind By JD Arnold

“Cassanova Brown” by Gloria Gaynor Gloria Gaynor will always be best remembered for her time honored empowering anthem ‘I Will Survive’, despite the incompetence of her record label. They had made the mistake of originally releasing it as the ‘B’ side of the track ‘Substitute’ (a cover of a Righteous Brothers song). I remember buying the US import single from my local dance music record store just two streets down from my apartment in Brighton, England. I, like most DJ’s at the time, listened to ‘Substitute’ and immediately flipped it and started playing the other side. It had immediate appeal and soon became a huge hit for me at my gigs in Brighton and London long before it became a crossover pop hit. I had always liked Gloria Gaynor since my days of DJ’ing in the Netherlands when she released the first dance album to include 3 tracks mixed together on one side of the album. I could put the record and run onto the dance-floor and dance for 15 minutes and still have 3 minutes left. The groundbreaking king of the 12 inch Mix Tom Moulton mixed together ‘Honey Bee’, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ and ‘Reach Out, I’ll Be There’ to the delight of DJ’s like me who liked to dance! The album became so popular that he repeated the formula on her next album ‘Experience Gloria Gaynor’. This time he mixed together Casanova Brown. ‘Do It Yourself’ and ‘How High The Moon. It is from this medley that I have chosen my Retro Rewind of the week. ‘Casanova Brown’, clocking in around 109 beats per minute it has a wonderful sleazy feel that mixed with so many of the bitch tracks of the time like Linda Clifford’s ‘Runaway Love’& ‘Don’t Give It Up’ or The Jones Girls ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else.’ The

Pg. 30

hypnotic breakdown in the middle of the track slides into Gloria’s sexy talking vocals: “I was sittin’ there mindin’ my business Feelin’ good, checkin’ things out Sippin on a Little wine Then I spied him! ……. And then the sultry Saxaphone solo sweeps you up in into the track’s climax. It was not only a great dance track but also a perfect sex track! This was at the height of disco before ‘Saturday Night Fever’ took it to it’s commercial peak which eventually lead to it’s decline. Back then the dance floors became hot and heavy with sexual tension as the night progressed and we actually danced with out partners, holding on tight whenever we could! It sure was fun! I have had the pleasure of working with Gloria Gaynor many times over the years and she has always been a true professional with amazing vocal prowess. On one of these occasions after a fun sound check she offered to sign a record and of course I chose the ‘Experience Gloria Gaynor’ album because of the memories associated with ‘Casanova Brown’. She signed it using my nickname: “To J*** D**** (you cheat), with the love of Jesus, Gloria Gaynor” …. and no I am not repeating my old nickname! I still treasure the signed record although I cannot remember why she put ‘you cheat.’



March 15, 2013

Pics - Dallas, DIVA Bachelor Auction benefiting LifeWalk at Woodys Sports & Video Bar Photos by Eric Dickson, see more pics at

Matt & Jessie at Woody’s

Jamie Altom

Bryan Kirk

Carlos Xavier


James Milton

Anthony Laurenzo

Chad Calhoun

Brandon & Friends

KyKy LeChic

Kyle Cassady

James Berglund

Randy Boberg

Matt Brooks

DFW Fuse’s The Big Gay Party at the Brick photos by Kimdee Photography


Pg. 32



Andrew, Andy, & Jonathan



March 15, 2013

Pics - El Paso Nightlife

Latina Invasion at Lotus Night Club

Photos by the “Dovarazzi”, see more pics at

Alexa, D’Andra & Chanel

Bar Crawl with Sonique from RuPaul’s Drag Race

Lizbeth D’Anni

Jaidah Simon’a

Danielle, Sonique & Chris at Pish Posh

Sonique and Dante at Toolbox

Letty, Carolina and Elvira at Pish Posh

Pg. 34

Cassandra Paige Jones

Ares & Damion

Luna Di Santi

Alexis Mateo

Dave, Malina and Edward G3 at 8 1/2

Sonique and Danny at Club Alive

Dov E. and Sonique at Alive

Sonique and Malina At Toolbox

Vivian at Pish Posh


Yara Sofia

Jessica Wild

Sonique and Gilbert at Briar

Sonique and Jak at 8 1/2

Valerie, Ashley and Sonique at Toolbox

March 15, 2013

Events Friday, March 15


Austin OUTlander 2013 Spring Music Festival Kick Off Showcase, Oilcan Harry’s, 211 W. 4th St., Austin, TX, 4 days of live music featuring 40+ LGBTQ and allied artists from across the country and around the world


Lucky Leprechaun Party, 2 pm till close 3rd Coast Downtown, 2416 Post Office St

Houston Lone Star Classic Registration and Beer Bust, George Your Country Sports Bar, 617 Fairview St., Houston, TX, 6-10 pm


Bear Happy Hour- TBRU Style, 5-8 pm Woody’s Sports and Video Bar, 4011 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas , TX

St. Patrick’s Party & Show 8pm, Rainbow Members Club, 203 S. High, Longview, TX

San Antonio

TBRU Country Dancin at Round Up Saloon 3912 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas 8p-2a

St. Patrick’s Celebration @ Essence, 1010 N. Main, San Antonio, TX, doors open at 2 pm

TBRU GROWLr Party Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 9p-2a TBRU Official Cigar Social, Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX, 11 pm to 1 am

Saturday Night Live 94.1 Live Broadcasting 10p-2am Bonham Exchange 411 Bonham, SATX


Sunday, March 17

Lone Star Classic Registration and Beer Bust, George Your Country Sports Bar, 617 Fairview St., Houston, TX, 6-10 pm


San Antonio St. Patrick’s Celebration @ Essence, 1010 N. Main, San Antonio, TX, doors open at 2 pm

Saturday, March 16

Pot of Gold Raffle Ticket Drawings 6pm ‘Bout Time 2, 6607 IH 35 N Austin GAYBIGAYGAY2013 !! A big ol gay music festival in the woods of Austin, Texas. 3506 Rogge Lane, Austin, TX



TBRU BBQ & Closing Ceremony at Round Up Saloon 3912 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas

AIDS Walk South Dallas 2013, St. Philip’s School & Community Center, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Dallas, TX, 8-11am

TBRU Official Cigar Social, Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX, 3 p to 4p

Mr TBRU 2013 Round Up Saloon 3912 Cedar Springs Rd, Dallas 8-10p

“Church” the famous bear beer bust Hidden Door , 5025 Bowser, Dallas

L.U.R.E. Fetish Party 9p-2a Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX

“Glow Bear Trash Disco” - TBRU After Party, Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX, 8 pm

Fort Worth 2nd Annual Spring Out Art and Music Festival, Trinity Park Pavilion, 2300 W. Seventh St., Fort Worth, TX, Noon to 6 pm

El Paso Luck of the Irish @ 8 1/2, 504 N. Stanton, El Paso, TX, doors open at 4 pm

for a more extensive calendar or to submit your event to be included on the calendar free, visit Pg. 36


March 15, 2013



Bear Underwear Party at Stars Beach Club 3102 Seawall Blvd, Galveston

Spring Break at the Trailer Park - QOTC, Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX, 6:30-10 pm

San Antonio 4th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Street Party, Sparky’s Pub, 1416 N. Main, San Antonio, TX, doors open at 3 pm TWIT Model Search at starting at 9pm

DFW Pups Meet & Greet/Pup Mosh Pits, Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX, 9-11 pm


St. Patrick’s Day T-Dance @ Bonham Exchange, 411 Bonham, San Antonio, TX, doors open at 4 pm

Ivana Tramp’s Spring Break Bash, Good Time Lounge, 2520 N. State Highway 91, Denison, TX, doors open at 7 pm

Monday, March 18

San Antonio

San Antonio

First Annual Alamo City Leather & Fetish Ball, Silver Dollar Saloon, 1812 N. Main, San Antonio, TX , 9 pm

The All New Martini and Heels @ Luther’s Cafe, starring Lyn-Z Lang Andrews, 9-12a 1422 N. Main Ave., San Antonio, TX

Bexars Night Out 9pm-2am Annex 330 San Pedro, SATX

Tuesday, March 19

San Antonio Newcomer of the Year Pagents Weekly & Monthly Contests Brand New Car Grand Prize The Saint 800 Lexington Ave. SATX

Wednesday, March 20

Dallas Miss Gay Highland Park America 2013, Round Up Saloon, 3912 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX, 8 pm

Fort Worth Trinity River Bears: Rhonda Mae’s Wall of Food Show, Club Changes, 2637 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX, 9 pm

San Antonio Amatuer Dance Night w/ Cash Prizes Essence 1010 N. Main, SATX

Saturday, March 23

Austin FurBall Leather Bear Party a Bear Balls ATX series at The Iron Bear 9pm-2am 121 W 8th St, Austin, TX

March 15, 2013


Pg. 37

Famous Birthdays March 15 Eva Longoria March 16 Blake Griffin March 18 Adam Levine March 19 Bruce Willis March 20 Spike Lee March 21 Gary Oldman

March 22 Reese Witherspoon March 24 Alyson Hannigan March 25 Danica Patrick March 26 Steven Tyler March 27 Quentin Tarantino March 28 Lady Gaga

Aries March 20 April 19 Until you learn to compromise with coworkers, you will find it difficult to achieve monetary objectives. Listen, rather than act defensively or be a know-it-all. It’s difficult for you to work on a tight schedule or with strict procedures. You are happiest when working alone; that way, you don’t have to compare yourself with others. Because you are so concerned about doing good work, you are rarely caught with your defenses down. Taurus April 20 May 20 You make the most of opportunities by demonstrating your creative talents without alienating competitors, and you assert yourself positively when you encounter resistance to your plans. Because you express fairness to coworkers, you easily gain their support. You’re disciplined and are a strong decisionmaker. Authority figures admire your ability to

stimulate dependent fellow employees to be independent. Gemini May 21 June 20 You are a tireless worker and give everything your full effort and focus, (regardless of how inspired or sporadic your attention span). You go to great lengths to provide top-notch service and accomplish what must be done before the urgings of fellow employees. In other words, keep away from weak-willed coworkers and aim for management positions or on-the-road kind of jobs. You’re confident saying “no.” Deep within, you understand that you can accomplish almost anything. Cancer June 21 July 22 Never accusatory, you dislike being challenged by coworkers because you believe that your way is best. You’re not a “know-it-all,” simply an individual who has specific personal wants. You read contracts clearly, honor obligations, and always aim for punctuality. Although you are curious about the private lives of coworkers, you keep your distance and demand that they respect your privacy. Leo July 23 August 22 When you have money, you carefully plan what to do with it and how to get the most from every drop of your blood, sweat, and tears. Your mind enjoys learning in a wide variety of topics. Your enthusiastic personality makes you a terrific salesperson, because

Pg. 38


March 15, 2013

you have a gift for comfortable gab and can talk about anything with anyone you encounter in the workplace. You’re confident and very wellequipped to hold your own. Virgo August 23 September 22 You always think twice before spending money, are punctual and dependable with your onthe-job responsibilities, and devoted to every mission. Coworkers and employers know that they can count on you. You’re frugal with time and money and have an uncanny knack of knowing how to utilize both. You accept the daily trials of the workaday world, convinced that you can solve any problem that comes your way--or at least know when to admit defeat, if you can’t. Libra September 23 October 22 Your easy way with words and pleasant demeanor allow you to cope quickly and generously with difficult employment or financial problems. You are always willing to learn something new as long as it doesn’t require lots of numbers or memorization, and you enjoy demonstrating your skills at every chance. You know who you are and understand your capabilities and shortcomings. You’re rarely at a loss for words and are always ready to lend a hand. Scorpio October 23 November 21 You learn quickly and keenly but tend to overdo, overreact, or expect too much from yourself and coworkers. It’s hard for you to relax when projects need attention or deadlines loom. Compromise and slo-mo tempos aren’t your strengths, even though you always try to maintain your cool. A diligent and hard-working employee, you always aim for victory and to get the job done well. Sagittarius November 22 December 21 Although not driven by applause, you enjoy recognition and acknowledgement for your efforts. You keep your ego under control,

March March15, 15,2013 2013

even though it’s hard for you to keep silent. Coworkers know that you are reliable and are a team player. However, you have to learn how to censor those very strong opinions of yours! Your mouth isn’t any bigger than anybody else’s, but your bark loudly competes with your alwaysready bit whenever you get upset. Capricorn December 22 January 19 You hate being the one-in-charge, but follow rules very well and aren’t afraid of(some) responsibility, but always draw the line when it comes to rocking the employment boat. Being part of an extended family keeps you smiling. Routine work bores you; you need to perform at your own pace, no matter how radical, or relaxed. You work best in small businesses where you’re on a first-name basis with others, rather than as a faceless employee. Aquarius January 20 February 18 Because communication is important, you are attracted to people who seem intelligent. You know how to cooperate, and do your best work with a partner with whom you can brainstorm. You enjoy a good argument, simply as an exercise of wits. Although not executive material(you have difficulty being the Bad Guy), you follow rules and tend to bottom lines. Your mindful high standards quickly understand how any situation works best. Pisces February 19 March 20 Employers know that they can count on you to work above and beyond the call of duty, and coworkers never hesitate to ask for your help. Indeed, you’re talented and generous(perhaps too much so). However, you need to invest some effort in improving self-worth and learning to say “no.” It’s ok to seek confirmation and applause as long as it’s well-balanced and honest. You are a valuable team player--just be sure to not martyr your gifts or your time and money to the lazy.


Pg. Pg. 39


Dallas Eagle Drama Room Exklusive

To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948 201 N 1st St



212 SW 6th Ave 701 S Georgia St 309 W 6th St

79101 79106 79101

806.372.7997 806.342.9000 806.374.3029







Arlington TX 1851 Club Arlington 1851 W Division

Austin TX 606

606 E 7th St

‘Bout Time II 6607 North I-35 Austin,TX 78729 512.419.9192

Basement, The

422 Congress Ave # B

Grapevine, The Havana Lounge JR’s Bar Kaliente Kitty’s Bar Los Rieles Mining Company Peker’s Pub Pegasus Station 4 Sue Ellen’s Round Up Saloon Tin Room, The Woody’s Dallas Zippers

Iron Bear, The

Denison TX

121 W 8th St Austin,TX 78701 512.482.8993

Good Time Lounge

Chain Drive Lipstick 2 OCH-Oilcan Harry’s Rain Rusty’s

Mable Peabody’s

512.480.9017 512.474.2950 512.320.8823 512.494.1150 512.482.9002

Orleans St Pub-Patio 650 Orleans St



121 N Main St



512 S Staples St 609 McBride Ln 424 Schatzell St

78401 78408 78401


4026 Cedar Springs 325 Centre St 3215 N Fitzhugh Ave 2525 Wycliff 2506 Knight@ Maple 600 S Riverfront Blvd

75219 75208 75204 75219 75219 75207

214.559.0720 214.941.2145 214.526.9510 214.521.3154 214.443.0499 214.741.2125

8 1/2 Briar Patch, The Chiquita’s Bar Club Alive!

214.522.8466 214.526.9494 214.528.1004 214.520.6676 214.599.8834 214.741.2125 214.521.4205 214.528.3333 214.559.4663 214.526.7171 214.559.0650 214.522.9611 214.526.6365 214.520.6629 214.526.9519

2520 N State Hwy 91



1215 E University Dr



504 N Stanton St 508 N Stanton St 310 E Missouri Ave 610 N Mesa

79901 79901 79902 79901

915.315.0262 915.577.9555 915.351.0095 925.222.5483

510 N Stanton St 506 N Stanton St

79901 79901

915.881.4912 915.351.1896

2620 E Lancaster 2637 E Lancaster 2500 E 4th St

76103 76103 76111

817.413.2332 817.420.9258

Pish Posh

Beaumont TX

3115 Alameda Ste. A El Paso, TX 79905 915.500.3672

Bryan TX Corpus Christi, TX

Dallas TX Alexandre’s Barbara’s Pavillion BJ’s NXS Brick, The Cherries Club Los Rieles

75219 75219 75219 75219 75209 75207 75219 75219 75204 75219 75219 75219 75235 75219 75204

El Paso TX 78701 78701 78701 78701 78701

Seven Triangle Vault

3902 Maple Ave 4006 Cedar Springs 3923 Cedar Springs 4350 Maple Ave. 5334 Lemmon Ave 600 S Industrial Blvd 3909 Cedar Springs 2615 Oak Lawn Ave 3326 N Fitzhugh Ave 3911 Cedar Springs 3903 Cedar Springs 3912 Cedar Springs 2514 Hudnell St 4011 Cedar Springs 3333 N Fitzhugh Ave

Denton TX

504 Willow St 606 E 7th St 211 W 4th St 217b W 4th St 405 E 7th St

Halo Bar

214.357.4375 214.443.6020 214.556.1395

5025 Bowser Dallas, TX 75209 214.526.0620

Amarillo 212 Club R and R Sassy’s

75235 75219 75219

Hidden Door, The

Abilene 220 Club

5740 Maple Ave 3851 Cedar Springs 4207 Maple Ave

Epic Tool Box, The

Fort Worth TX Best Friends Club Changes Club Los Rieles

Jack’s Pub 2406 Post Office St Galveston Tx 77550 409.539.5595 Club Reflection Crossroads Lounge Los Rieles Konection Rainbow Lounge

604 S Jennings Ave 515 S Jennings Ave 2500 E 4th St 1002 S Main St 651 S Jennings

76104 76104 76111 76104 76104

817.870.8867 817.332.0071 817.420.9258

77550 77550

409.621.1806 409.771.6336


Galveston TX

3rd Coast Downtown 2416 Post Office St. Galveston, TX 77550 409.621.1806 Pink Dolphin, The Maria’s Place

Pg. 40


1706 23rd St. 3909 39th St

March 15, 2013

Robert’s Lafitte

2501 Avenue Q



Boss, The

Stars Beach Club

308 E. Main St.



611 Hyde Park Blvd 2409 Grant St. 710 Pacific 2400 Brazos St 2020 Leeland St 2312 Crocker St 6680 Southwest Fwy 213 Milam St 2517 Ralph St 2707 Milam St 202 Tuam St

77006 77006 77006 77006 77003 77006 77074 77002 77006 77006 77006

713.526.7070 713.522.2867 713.529.3447 713.528.9192 713.227.9667 713.529.3355 713.278.2582 713.236.8777 713.527.9071 281.554.3336 713.522.3227

Houston TX

713.524.3359 713.521.2519 713.521.0123 713.520.8446 713.529.7488 713.521.2792 713.529.7623 713.526.2625 713.571.7870 713.681.4101

1607 F. Veterans Mem. 76541


One O Six, The Pegasus Silver Dollar Saloon Sparks Club

78046 78040

956.774.0446 956.727.0113

75601 75601

903.757.4884 903.753.9393

2211 4th St



3300 N McColl Rd N Ware Rd at Daffodil

78501 78501

956.627.3312 956.682.8019

2319 E 2nd St


Longview TX

Lubbock TX McAllen TX Club 33 PBD’s Lounge

78212 78212

210.525.0915 210.737.9191

24704 I-45 Frontage 77386 4915 FM 2920 Rd #148 77388

936.441.6426 281.907.6866

714 Laurel St



229 E NASA Pkwy



15256 Hwy 110 S



106 Pershing Ave 1402 N Main Ave 1812 N Main Ave 8011 Webbles Dr

Sparky’s Pub 1416 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78218 210.320.5111

The Saint 800 Lexington Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.225.7330

Laredo TX

Club Luxor

210.820.0906 210.299.4222 210.227.2623 210.257.0712

Luther’s Cafe

Killeen TX

Decisions Club 2103 E Marshall Ave Rainbow Members Club 203 S. High

78209 78212 78212 78218

1500 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.227.2600

1500 N Main Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.227.2600

77019 77006 77006 77006 77006 77006 77006 77008 77019 77092

El Maguey Bar Lounge 4415 Hwy 359 Zebra’s Nightclub 1416 Houston St

210.233.6249 210.251.2027 210.226.1338 210.212.6635 210.223.5866


617 Fairview St Houston, TX 77006 713.528.8012

The Beach

78258 78212 78205 78212 78212

Creed 18730 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 108 Colbalt Club 2022 McCullough Cowabunga 402 E Travis Electric Company 820 San Pedro Ave Essence 1010 N Main Ave


Guava Lamp 570 Waugh Dr JR’s 808 Pacific St Meteor 2306 Genesse St Michael’s Outpost 1419 Richmond Ave Montrose Mining Co 808 Pacific St Ripcord 715 Fairview St South Beach 810 Pacific St TC’s Show Bar 817 Fairview St Tony’s Corner Pocket 817 W Dallas St Viviana’s 4624 Dacoma St


2702 N. Saint Marys St. San Antonio, TX 78212 210.584.0103 @brassmonkeytx

Gun Barrel City TX

611 Hyde Park Pub Bayou City Bar&Grill Blur Brazos River Bottom Club 2020 Crocker Crystal Nightclub Eagle Houston EJ’s EVO Lounge F Bar


Brass Monkey

3102 Seawall Blvd Galveston, TX 77550 409.497.4113


1006 VFW Blvd

The SA Country Wax Club

10127 Coachlight St 2211 San Pedro Ave

Spring TX Ranch Hill Saloon Room Bar, The

Texarkana AR Chute, The

Waco TX

Odessa TX Sinciti

Trix 110 S 6th St Waco,TX 76701 254.714.0767

San Antonio TX

2015 Place 2015 San Pedro Ave San Antonio,TX 78212 210.733.3365

Webster TX Club Pride

Whitehouse TX Annex, The 330 San Pedro Ave 78212 Babio’s Eat Drink & Dance 527 W Hildebrand 78212

210.223.6957 210.409.7245


Bonham Exchange 411 Bonham San Antonio, TX 78205 210.271.3811

March 15, 2013


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Professionals THIS WEEK IN TEXAS

To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

Texas Statewide / Printers Resource Printing Services GLBT Printers for the state of TEXAS 210.829.0842

Nationwide / Self Help Multiply Your Success in 2012 Communications & Performance Coach helps companies & individuals reach goals J. Webb ........................................775-232-7753

Austin / Legal Services Illegal Towing Concerns? Pat Johnson .................................. 512.680.3190

Austin / Photographers Seductive Sensations Photography Freelance imagery for individuals, couples, and groups. Photagrapher: Aryel Pena .............. 512.905.2194

Dallas / Photographers Eric Dickson with Arcus Media Voted Dallas’ Best Photographer 2012 972.467.1123

El Paso / Photographers Dov E Kupfer in El Paso .......................... 915.309.5658

Galveston / Bed & Breakfast Villa Bed & Breakfast 1723 25th Street Galveston, Tx 77550 ..................... 409.766.1722

Houston / House Cleaning Maids in Trousers Cleaning with a Gentlemanly Flair! Edwin Chovanec ........................... 832.468.5478

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March 15, 2013

Houston / Photographers Paul Stricklin ........................... 281.932.4863

San Antonio / Graphic Designers Javier Lopez, Graphics Design & Photography ........ 210.324.6406

San Antonio / Funeral Services Sunset North Funeral Home, Terry Goleman 910 N. Loop1604 East, SATX........ 210.495.7770

San Antonio / Hair Salon Chop Shop Hair Lounge Misha Ortiz, Owner/Stylist Open Tuesday-Saturday, by Appointment 5801 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX .... 210.912.6668

San Antonio / Locksmiths Apollo Pop Lock Specializing in Emergency Unlocks 24 Hr Service in San Antonio ......... 210.250.1205

San Antonio / Photographers ILM Productions NY Photographer in SA Richard Munguia .......................... 917.334.6177 R Wayne Ashabraner San Antonio, Tx ............................ 210.279.6505

San Antonio / Real Estate R Wayne Ashabraner Real Living / Best Homes Realty 4800 Fredericksburg Rd. Ste 101 San Antonio, TX 78229.................. 210.279.6505

Spas & Clubs Midtowne Spa Club Dallas Midtowne Spa Club Houston Midtowne Spa ACI The Executive Health Club

5815 Airport Blvd, Austin 512.302.9696 2616 Swiss, Dallas 214.821.1990 2509 Pacific, Dallas 214.821.8989 2205 Fannin, Houston 713.659.4998 3100 Fannin, Houston 713.522.2379 27 Elmira, San Antonio 210.223.2177 402 Austin St, SanAntonio 210.299.1400

March 15, 2013


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To Advertise in TWIT contact (210) 724-3160 or Call Toll Free (855) 843-8948

Austin / Bar & Night Club EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY ‘Bout Time 2 NOW HIRING ALL POSITIONS!! Apply TODAY! 6607 iH 35 N Austin, TX 78752 Call today! 512.419.9192 website:

Austin / Health Clubs - Gym - Fitness Big Tex Gym 1921 Cedar Bend Drive # A130 Austin, TX 78758 ........................... 512.363.7376

Galveston / Tours Precise History Paranormal Tours Galveston, Tx ................................ 832.618.4446

League City / Health Clubs - Gym - Fitness Iron Den Gym 1611 Dakota League City, TX 77573 .................. 409.234.IRON

Nationwide / Male Enhancement New Male Enhancement Supplement Effective in 45 minutes. Lasts up to 3 days Great for Diabetics, All Natural, No Side Effects We ship directly to you 210.798.5433 .......................... 877.543.3501 #2

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March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013


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TWIT Vol 2 Issue 1  

This Week in Texas - TWIT Vol 2 Issue 1 - March 15th – March 28th, 2013