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April 27th – May 3rd, 2012 Website: Facebook:

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Timoteo Score – Winning Rugby Designs

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After several successful years in Atlanta, she received an offer to join The Bourbon Pub/Parade in New Orleans. Lydia once again joined a nightclub with a national reputation, where tourists from all over the country were exposed to her amazing ability to take dancers on a journey like no other. The years in New Orleans led to a wide fan base and guest appearances far beyond the boundaries of the southern states. She currently returns to New Orleans 3 times annually to play at the city’s biggest events-Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence, and Halloween. Lydia has also played events with many wellknown DJ’s including Manny Lehman, Peter Rauhoffer, Tony Moran, Junior Vasquez, Chris Cox, Oscar G. and countless others.

'-/\GLD3ULP by Glenn Dillard, Jr. TWIT Magazine recently caught up with the heavily requested DJ Lydia Prim. We spoke with her extensively about her electrifying DJ career and as well as some of the amazing highlights along the journey. DJ Lydia Prim’s dedication to dance music was forged in the clubs of the South. Starting in Pensacola, Florida, and then Birmingham, Alabama, she was added to Billboard Magazine’s prestigious Club DJ panel. Soon she was playing major events in Atlanta and fell in love with the thriving dance scene and nightlife. She then moved to Atlanta, where she quickly won a residency at the famous 24-hour megaclub Backstreet. Pg. 8

When asked to describe Lydia, DJ/ Producer Tony Moran used the following words: “Over the years of experiencing some of the most incredible performances that bring out feelings of hope, love, inspiration and appreciation, Lydia Prim has to be one of the top of a very short list of those who have managed to consistently bring out the best of what a meaningful night has to offer. She proves that music is not a formula that you repeat over and over to create the same effect...” The Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles, had these words to say about Lydia: “I became familiar with Lydia’s artistry a number of years back thru my legendary friend, Buc From Atlanta,” says Frankie. “Not only is Lydia a great technician but her taste in music is absolutely exquisite. Her sounds know just how to reach you at just the right moment on the dance floor. And I don’t just say this because I love the woman (or the boy in her) but, there are only a handful of DJs that truly appeal to my musical spirit. Lydia is one. One amazing musician/dj/artist.”


April 27, 2012

one of the most talked-about parties of the weekend. In 2012, Lydia returns to GayDays as one of the DJs for Mark Baker’s Wonderworld. This year she will be playing on Friday night with Alyson Calagna at Tunnel, the official afterhours. After four successful years in South Florida’s booming club scene working at venues such as Voo Doo Lounge, Exit 66/CroBar, Halo, Discotekka, and Twist, Lydia moved back to Atlanta. She is the resident DJ at The Heretic and currently lives in Midtown with her two beloved “wolves”, Buc and Bernard. DJ Lydia Prim will be spinning at the HEAT during the Fiesta Block Party in San Antonio on April 27th. Venues Lydia has played in some of the greatest venues of the nation including: Twilo, Sound Factory, SBNY in New York, Nation in DC, Eleven in LA, CroBar in Chicago/Miami, Backstreet in Detroit, Pure in Philadelphia, and Universe in San Francisco just to name a few. Clubs across the nation were charmed by the wide-eyed, wildly enthusiastic DJ who pounded their dance floors with her unique blend of sexy vocals and sleazy rhythms. She became a repeatedly requested DJ at major events including Winter Party, Black & Blue, Cherry DC, Hotlanta, Pride New York, Fireball, Fashion Cares, Folsom Street Fair, Gay Disney, and White Party (both the Miami and Palm Springs incarnations). She was chosen by the most recognized producer of dance/circuit CD’s in the country, Centaur Records/Global Groove, for three of their popular mixed CD releases. Lydia recently made an impressive return to the Gay Days lineup in June of 2009 and 2010, where she was the DJ at the Let’s Go Play party held at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. With over 4000 in attendance, the event was April 27, 2012

DJ Lydia Prim Playlist Top 10 (no particular order) 1-Yejaaa - Ivan Gomez 2-Titanium - David Guetta f/Sia 3-Sax N Beats - Codar 4-Girls Gone Wild - Madonna 5-Menergy - Ralphi Rosario f/ Shawn Christopher 6-Love On Top - Beyonce 7-Keep On Keepin On - Suzanne Palmer 8-Together - Peter Gelderblom/Aad Mouthaan 9-Never Give Up - Phil B. f Debby Holiday 10-Alley Cat - Volta Bureau


Pg. 9


Double Double Bacon Cheese Quiche

by Blue Jean Granny

Hi there. It’s a beautiful weekend day once again and I do not have to work today. Sometimes on these days hubby and I will get out of bed whenever we get ready. Then each of us will nibble on whatever is handy; no prepared breakfast, just a bowl of cereal, a banana or some cheese crackers while we look at the newspaper or watch the television. This day is one of those days. I treated myself to a little package of crackers and a cup of coffee for breakfast. So about 1 o’clock, feeling a little hungry, I asked hubby if he wanted something to eat. He said no, he wasn’t hungry. Oh, joy, joy. When I don’t need to worry about feeding him, I get to treat myself. Usually something I grew up eating and loving and he won’t touch. But it is so good I get to share it with you. Now bear in mind, I did not say it is low in Pg. 10

calories or that you would want it every day, but now and again…bring it on. Just be sure you have, some nice cold milk to go with it, or in lieu of that a Coke. Now that I have whetted your appetite lets fix a sandwich. Now do not scoff or make faces until you try it. Here goes. On one slice of bread you cover one side with butter - real butter thank you, then you slice a banana and cover the butter with slices of the banana. Then on the other slice of bread you cover it with peanut butter (your choice, smooth or crunchy) and pour on some dark molasses, and sort of work it into the peanut butter. Turn the two slices of bread together, pour that glass of milk and enjoy a trip to food heaven. Now I will admit that because we are trying to eat healthy at our house I used whole wheat bread, gone is my


April 27, 2012

April A Ap prriil 27 2 27, 7, 2 20 2012 012 12


Pg. 19 Pg. Pg 19

wonderful soft white bread that I can eat without anything on it when fresh. I can’t even imagine anyone not loving this sandwich. Oh, by the way, have you ever tried a fried Spam, cheese and mustard sandwich. That should be on everyone’s recipe list also. Well enough about me. You want a good and quick recipe for dinner and I have one for you. How about Double Double Bacon Cheese Quiche? No I can’t say why it is called double double it just is. Neither can I tell you where I got it, just one of those hiding in my box. I must learn to always write down where or who from that I get these things. Here goes:

scallions with green tops. Cheese grater: Spraying your grater with cooking spray will help keep the cheese from sticking to it. By the way, it was very nice to meet so many of you at the San Antonio Launch Party. Sure seemed like everyone was having a great time. Until next time. remember to work smart, play hard and always take time for a cookie.

Ingredients: 10 strips bacon 4 large eggs 1 ½ cups light cream (or half and half) ½ teaspoon dried thyme ¼ teaspoon pepper ½ cup shredded Gruyere cheese (2 oz.) 1 unbaked 9 inch deep dish pie crust Cook bacon in skillet over medium heat until crisp. Crumble bacon and drain on a paper towel. In a mixing bowl whisk together the eggs, cream, thyme and pepper. Pour into pie crust and sprinkle with the cheese and crumbled bacon. Bake in 375 degree oven until golden and quiche is set: about 30 minutes. Hints: Crust: Use preformed crust from the grocery store it is already in a pan. Bacon: Use your kitchen shears and cut your bacon strips crosswise in ¼ inch slices then cook. Gently stirring the bacon into the egg mixture, instead of sprinkling it on top helps to distribute it more evenly. Just sprinkle the cheese on top. Spicy: You want your quiche a little zingier drip in a few drops of hot sauce. Next time: I will add ¼ cup thinly sliced Pg. 12


April 27, 2012





steps on to the dance oor. The bass pounds. His body begins to move. His thoughts turn to all the ones he’s lost. Laser lights ash. He closes his eyes. No, tonight isn’t for sadness. He’ll save that for another day. Tonight, it’s all about the music. The beat throbs, the oor shakes. He lets it all go. Sweat drips down his face, trickles down his spine. And he dances, and he dances, and he dances . . . Welcome to Dallas Purple Party 2012, the all-dance fundraiser beneďŹ ting AIDS Services of Dallas. Now in its 12th, the 3-day event shows no signs of slowing down. Its bigger and better than ever, and this time, there’s even a few new tricks up its sleeve. For starters, two contestants from the hit reality TV-series RuPaul’s Drag Race lend their star quality the opening party at S4. “Igniteâ€? features glamazons Sahara Davenport and Manila Luzon, both of whom join the cast of the Rose Room for a night of comedy and drag excellence. Plus, Dj Paul Gauthreaux from NYC April 27, 2012


Pg. 13

Pg. 14


April 27, 2012

teams up with local DJ Paul McElroy for a night of high-energy dance music in the main room. It’s two parties for the price of one. Not a bad way for the Purple Party to return to The Strip, eh? “We’ve changed a few other things, too” says Blake Baker, executive director of the Purple Foundation. There are two brand new venues for the Saturday night parties. “The Main Event” will be held at South Side Music Hall at the Gilley’s entertainment complex. Then the fun continues on into the wee hours with “Resurrection”, the after hours party located downtown at the Dallas Grand Ballroom. Such adaptability has contributed to the organization’s long-term success. Last year, the Purple Foundation presented a donation of $50,000 to ASD. “We’re proud to say it was our biggest contribution yet,” Baker says. This year, event planners are hoping to write an even bigger check. To date, the Purple Party has raised almost $400,000 for charity. April 27, 2012


Pg. 15

That’s a long way from its beginnings. The organization got its start in 2001, when Saul Flores first took note of other dance parties raising money for charities across the nation. “He noticed that Dallas didn’t have anything of its own,” Baker says. “This was at a time when he was losing a lot of friends to HIV/AIDS. Saul wanted to do something to make a difference.” Thus, the Purple Foundation was born. Flores has since left, but the organization still flourishes by adhering to a rigid doctrine: to help the Dallas community cope with HIV/AIDS. Same end results. However, some of the faces are new. Like Baker’s, for example. “I started out by volunteering in 2005, just picking up DJs at the airport and stuff,” Baker recalls. “Then I went on a tour of an ASD facility. I was surprised to find that there weren’t just gay men there, but whole families. Children too. It changed my life.” Baker took over as executive director shortly after. “I saw how I could make a difference and vowed to do Pg. 16

everything I could to make Purple a success.” Not that much needs to change. Crowds flock to the events because of what they provide: namely, a fun-filled weekend of great dance parties. Just the same, the Foundation’s members, all volunteers, by the way, meet year ‘round to make any necessary adjustments. “If an event doesn’t go over the way we liked, we change it. We either add a new venue or change the time. The party only happens once a year; we want it to be as memorable and fun as possible.” While Baker and the Foundation keep a close watch on what’s happening now, they also keep an eye turned toward the future. “There’s plenty of room for growth. Dallas is the 6th largest gay community in the country. The potential here is huge. The more we get the other parts of the community involved, like bears and lesbians for instance, the more we’ll grow.”


April 27, 2012

The organizers hope to do this by diversifying. “We’re going to try some new ideas in the future to appeal to more people. This year we’ve added the show at the Rose Room. Next year, we’re looking at doing some daytime events, maybe throw in some cocktail parties and happy hours.” If you haven’t been to Purple Party in a few years, it’s time to renew your acquaintances. “We try to offer a world class event at a great price,” Baker beams. “It’s pretty cheap compared to other events, a great value.” And if you’re a first timer, those in charge want you to know you’re in good hands. “People will be surprised to know how well produced and exciting it all is.” Plus, you get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that every dollar you spend on tickets goes to ASD, a worthwhile cause. Robert Stahl is the weekday afternoon bartender at the Dallas Eagle.

April 27, 2012


Pg. 17

7KLV:HHN,Q7H[DV Do you know of events, outside of the regular club schedules, that are happening in your city? To request your event be listed, email complete event info along with your contact information to the editor at Allen@ Type Calendar in the subject line.

Friday, April 27

Fiesta Carnival 12pm-12am Alamodome Parking Lot, 100 Montana

UnRun 8th Annual Special Drink Prices 4-8pm at Town n Country

A Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA) 5:30-10:30pm La Villita

UnRun 8th Annual 6pm Hanky Hangout 9pm Mr Hot Bear Contest at The Iron Bear

Tejano Explosion, 5:30pm2:00am Cattleman’s Square W Houston & N.Frio

John Edward at Hilton Austin


Fiesta on the Strip in front of HEAT

Hill Country Ride for AIDS Registration 4-8pm at First United Methodist Church Family Life Ctr 1300 Lavaca at 13th St

Mariachi Festival 7-10pm River Walk River Bend & extension of Paseo del Rio

UnRun 8th Annual Meet & Greet 8pm at Chain Drive

Dallas Ben Folds at Bass Performance Hall

Zac Brown Band – AT&T Center

South Padre Splash South Padre Island EXTRAVAGANZA at Tequila Sunset 200 W. Pike St, South 78597

Houston La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars Grindr’s 3rd Year Anniversary Party at Meteor

Saturday, April 28

Wanda Sykes at Paramount Theatre

Dallas Cedar Springs Art Festival Sat 10am – Sun at 6pm at the strip Brunch & Bulldozers: Celebrating Our Future 11am2pm at 5714 Cedar Springs Rd

Fort Worth REO Speedwagon at Billy Bob’s Fort Worth



San Antonio

Hill Country Ride for AIDS 7:30am at Reunion Ranch 855 County Road 255, Georgetown 78633

Fiesta continues (19th – 29th) This is 11 days of over 120 events! We will not list them all: for more info: http:// all-events/

UnRun 8th Annual Cocktrails 12am at Midtowne Spa UnRun 8th Annual Bear Breakfast 10am at BakeHouse

Legendary Day Parade Party Noon at Bonham Exchange

UnRun 8th Annual 12pm Zilker Botanical Gardens at Zilker Park

Battle of Flowers Parade 12:45-4:00pm Parade Route

UnRun 8th Annual Special Drink Prices 2-6pm at ‘Bout Time

Pg. 18

Blue October at Stubb’s Barbecue


La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

San Antonio King William Fair & Parade 9:30am-6:00pm King William Historic District Fiesta Flambeau Parade April 28, 7:45-11pm Parade Route Fiesta on the Strip Block Party in front of HEAT Tejano Explosion, 5:30pm2:00am Cattleman’s Square W Houston & N.Frio

April 27, 2012

7KLV:HHN,Q7H[DV Fiesta Carnival 11am-12am Alamodome Parking Lot, 100 Montana

San Antonio


RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party at Silver Dollar

La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

South Padre


George Clooney – Brown Theatre Wortham Center

Splash South Padre Island CARNIVAL at Louie’s Backyard 2305 Laguna Blvd South 78597

Florence and the MachinePalladium Ballroom

Tuesday, May 1 Sunday, April 29

Houston Austin UnRun 8th Annual Beer Bust 2pm-2am at The Iron Bear UnRun 8th Annual Beer Bust 6pm at The Chain Drive

Houston La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

San Antonio Bonham Fiesta Finale 8m at Bonham Exchange Tejano Explosion, 5:30pm2:00am Cattleman’s Square W Houston & N.Frio Fiesta Carnival 12pm-11pm Alamodome Parking Lot, 100 Montana

Monday, April 30

Houston La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars RuPaul’s Drag Race Viewing Party at F Bar The Fray – House Of Blues

La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars Roger Waters – Toyota Center

San Antonio Fresh Beat Band – Majestic Theatre Wednesday, May 2 Austin Ziggy Marley at Stubb’s Barbecue

Grand Prairie Creed – Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie


San Antonio Miss Gay Alamo City USofA & Mr Gay Alamo City USofA at The Saint Nina Flowers of RuPaul’s Drag Race at Silver Dollar

Friday, May 4

Allen Bret Michaels – Allen Event Center, Allen Tx

Dallas Purple Party benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas IGNITE The Opening Party 9:30pm -4am at Station 4

Houston La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

Saturday, May 5

Rye Rye Single Release Party at JR’s


Florence and the Machine – Bayou Music Center

San Antonio Staind – Illusions Theatre Alamodome

Thursday, May 3

Michael Brandon at TapeLenders 6:30-10pm 1114 W 5th St The Plunge, First Splash Party of the Summer 9pm-2am at The Iron Bear, 121 W 8th St, 78701 Esperanza Spalding at Paramount Theatre

Dallas Death Cab For Cutie – McFarlin Auditorium

Pg. 20


April 27, 2012

7KLV:HHN,Q7H[DV Dallas Bloomin’ Ball – Sowing Seeds of Hope benefiting AIDS Interfaith Network 6-10pm at The Hilton Anatole–Grand Ballroom

Services of Dallas RESURRECTION Afterhours 1:30am -? (Sunday) at Dallas Grand Ballroom, 1015 Elm St, 75202

Houston Purple Party benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas RISE The Pool Party Noon – 6pm at The Crown Plaza DT, 1015 Elm St., 75202 Born This Way-A Night of Fundraising 7-10pm at TMC Purple Party benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas THE PURPLE PARTY Main Event 9pm-2am at South Side Music Hall, 1135 S Lamar St, 75202 Purple Party benefiting AIDS

La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars


RESURRECTION Afterhours 1:30am -? at Dallas Grand Ballroom, 1015 Elm St, 75202 Purple Party benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas GLOW The Closing Party 6pm-2am at Plush Nightclub, 1400 Main St, 75202


RMC Cinco De Mayo Party at RMC, 203 S High, 75601

La Cage Aux Folles at Theatre Under The Stars

San Antonio

San Antonio

Kevin Hart – AT&T Center

Sunday, May 6

Dallas Purple Party benefiting AIDS Services of Dallas

Gipsy Kings – Illusions Theatre Alamodome

Monday, May 7

San Antonio Janes Addiction – Lila Cockrell Theatre

Do you know of events, outside of the regular club schedules, that are happening in your city? To request your event be listed, email complete event info along with your contact information to the editor at Type Calendar in the subject line.

Pg. 22


April 27, 2012

6&25( ZLWK5XJE\ 8QGHUZHDU E\7LPRWHR By Ben Coleman Photos by

Timoteo is made for the stylish athlete who seeks the ultimate in comfort and design. Best known for their Clubhouse Athlete Jock– the first to feature the ass-less back – Timoteo is unleashing several new lines this season, available at Hollywood Super Center in Houston, Skivvies in Dallas, and Package Men’s Wear in Austin.

So far, their Rugby line is getting the most attention. Produced in striking colors of blue, yellow and white, with a custom designed waist-band boldly emphasizing the brief’s strength, Rugby is taking the ‘play’ from the locker room into the bedroom. “Rugby may just become the ‘it’ underwear this spring,” predicts Timoteo Ocampo, the company’s founder and head designer. Before launching Timoteo, Ocampo worked as a designer for XOXO and Baby Phat, a brand he helped launch with Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee. “The collection is infusing fashion into fitness wear by combining high quality fabrics, vibrant colors, and a fit that accentuates a well-toned body.” “Design is about attending to the littlest details,” he continues. “Color, texture, fit and construction all have to compliment one another. Ultimately, Timoteo is about looking and feeling good in clothes. My job is to provide guys with gear that enables them to play hard in this game we call life.” What inspires you when you’re creating a new line? Inspiration comes from what I see in the world: art, architecture, design, and photography. Also, travel: seeing how people live in the world inspires me. Do customers influence your collections? Yes, we listen and respond to customers as well as to buyers who bring our merchandise into their stores. What kind of man does Timoteo cater to? We cater to men who take care of themselves and how they look. Fashionable and fit guys who go to the gym and enjoy a healthy social life. They understand and follow trends but avoid gimmicky fashion fads. Timoteo, the company, turned ten this year. How has the company evolved April 27, 2012

since it’s beginning? We’ve grown from a small store front into a brand that now produces a full line of product across multiple categories including underwear, swimwear, active wear, denim, and sportswear. It is a great feeling and sense of accomplishment to create a brand that didn’t exist ten years ago. What has been the secret to your success? Brand integrity is important to us and essential to our success. Customers love our design, they like the way our clothes fit. They also agree with our philosophy that fitness wear doesn’t have to be boring and should be original. The guys that buy Timoteo don’t want to look like everyone else working out in the gym. How has being a ‘made in the USA’ company helped Timoteo? We constantly hear from buyers and customers how they love that all of our merchandise is made in the USA. Being locally made allows us consistency with production. We can closely monitor how a collectionis doing and produce only what is needed. We’re careful not to over produce as it would devalue the brand and hurt our retailers. What is Timoteo introducing this summer? New underwear styles. New swimwear, active wear, sportswear, denim styles and accessories. This season, Timoteo is more cohesive across all product lines. What’s new in underwear? Rugby is all the rage right now. It is the follow up underwear line to our best selling Clubhouse collection. We’re seeing a lot of mesh this season. That’s true. Our Water Polo swim brief is a traditional cut with a sporty design and stretch mesh details. What else is new in swimwear? Malibu is our traditional brief. It’s coming out in new pop colors this season. We


Pg. 27

also have our new Zip board short, a relaxed fit board short with zippers on the sides that open to reveal a coordinating color. Both feature our Timoteo Surf patch. And then we have new Cargo swim shorts, which are neat, and a Convertible swim brief that can be worn inside and out. Two suits in one! How do you choose the colors for the collections? Like all fashion designers, we follow trends and forecasting. The colors we chose for 2012 are bright, subtle, rich and classic. What advantages does a smaller company like Timoteo have over the bigger brands? We can produce with more frequency and variety. If something is working, we can update it quickly in new colors and fabrics. We are also very quick to communicate virally with our customers. We frequently poll guys on what they want and then we bring it to market in a short time. It sets us apart from larger brands that only design two or three times a year. Variety and frequency seem to be key to staying relevant with consumers. Exactly. We don’t outsource on any of our creative. We even shoot 90% of our marketing campaigns in-house. Sounds like it takes a lot of hard sweat to compete in today’s fitness-fashion world. We’re lucky. We have the perfect gear to wear to play hard and win.

Visit Pg. 28


April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012


Pg. 31



April 27, 2012

Photo by

April 27, 2012



Photo by

)LHVWD By Richard Munguia

Hopefully this guide will help you with your Fiesta decisions. I say just do it all. Fiesta only comes once a year. Texas Cavaliers River Parade April 23, 7:00pm–9:30pm San Antonio River Walk “Rocking on the River,” is the theme for this years river parade and promises an evening of family fun with live music, celebrities and lights. Over 40 festively decorated floats sponsored by local community organizations and military installations drift down the San Antonio River. Tens of thousands of spectators will be partying up and down the river to the accompaniment of singers, musicians and live bands. King Antonio XC reigns over the evening’s festivities and gives a Fiesta-sized welcome to the enthusiastic spectators along the winding route. Admission: $12-$22. Night In Old San Antonio April 24 thru April27 5:30pm-10:30pm La Villita Each year the historic La Villita, located downtown has become center stage to over 80,000 visitors as they gather to celebrate the city’s unique heritage at an event know as A Night in Old San Antonio. With over 240 elaborately decorated delicious food booth and thirst quenching drink booths. Make sure you try the chicken on a stick – pure heaven. NIOSA also has more than a dozen nonstop entertainment stages that represent the diverse cultures and customs of the city in 15 heritage-themed areas. NIOSA is the largest historic preservation festival in the nation. It supports the community through the preservation, education and research programs of the San Antonio Conservation Society. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the gate, $2 for children 6 to 12, $1.50 in advance. Cornyation April 24 thru April 29 8:00pm-10:00pm Charline McCombs Empire Theatre Cornyation first came to light in1964, when it was staged at the Arneson River Theatre as part of “A Night in Old San Antonio”. Its cheeky, bold pokes at politics and prominent and not-so-prominent world events led to its demise as part of NIOSA. But fortunately in 1982 a group of local artists and designers revived the celebration, and it has grown to be a major part of Fiesta. This year King Anchovy presides over the festivities surrounding the duchesses, queens, vice empress and empress of the 2012 court’s bows. The allvolunteer crew of more than 150 donates 100 percent of the box office receipts to charity. Cocktails and refreshments are available and the show is recommended for adults only. The doors usually open one hour before show time. All seats reserved. This year the Cornyation sold out it in 6 minutes! P Pg. g. 32


April 27, 2012 2012 2

Battle Of Flowers Parade April 27, 12:45pm-4:00pm The first Battle of Flowers® Parade took place in 1891 to honor the heroes of the Alamo and to commemorate the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836, where Texas won its independence from Mexico. Now that we got that out of the way! The parade was the first major celebratory event to take place on Alamo Plaza. It is sponsored by the Battle of Flowers® Association, a nonprofit and civic women’s organization chartered in 1914 to celebrate Texas history. Remembering the heroes of the Alamo has remained the focus of the parade The theme of this year’s Parade is “Battle of Flowers …Where Fiesta Began!,” R.O.T.C. units march in a Vanguard ahead of the parade and delight spectators with precision drills. It’s really something to see. The parade arrives with an explosion of bright luminous color and brightly colored flying flags that announce the festivities to come. Meticulously designed floats carrying costumed Fiesta royalty are interspersed with flower-bedecked antique cars and carriages. The music of military and high school bands keep the parade in rhythm. One of the best and largest parades in the country maybe even the world. Fiesta Block Party April 27 & 28 On the 27th latin fusion group Mainstream will be performing outside HEAT nightclub and inside the club DJ Lydia Prim from Atlanta, GA will be spinning the latest hits from 10pm till 3am. On the 28th Rockabilly band Vinyl 45’s and Dj Roland Belmares will be taking over. See you there! King William Fair and Parade April 28, 9:30am-6:00pm Another great Fiesta event is put on by the King William Association. You are invited to celebrate the history and diversity of Texas’ first historic neighborhood. Stroll past stately Victorian mansions as you enjoy a wide variety of drink and fine ethnic cuisine. Restored homes provide the scenery for many of Texas’ best artisans. Live music, dance groups and a small parade all play a part in the King William experience. Children can enjoy rides and games in the Kids’ Kingdom. Part of the proceeds from this event provide educational scholarships for inner-city students. Admission: $10 for adults. Children 12 and under free. Fiesta Flambeau Parade Downtown Parade April 28, 7:45pm-11:00pm The theme for the 2012 parade is “Saturday Night at the Movies.” This parade is the largest illuminated night parade in the nation. The sponsoring group is a nonprofit civic organization, which stages the parade with more than 100 volunteer members. The Fiesta Flambeau® Parade will starts at 7 p.m. with the ROTC and civilian patriotic organizations that will perform precise drills along the 2.6-mile parade route through downtown San Antonio. The main parade begins right around 7:45 p.m. give or take a few minutes. The parade is one of the largest in the U.S., with an estimated 600,000 spectators along the streets of San Antonio and another 1.5 million in the television viewing audience. The University of Texas Longhorn Band is the band that traditionally leads the parade every year. The parade will also feature precision marching units, outof-state bands, equestrian and musical groups, and many other surprises that will entertain and create a memorable experience for everyone. This makes a fantastic, wonderful ending to an incredible couple of weeks of pure magic. Viva Fiesta! Apriil 2 Ap April 27, 7, 2012


Pg. 33



April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012





Aries March 21 April 19 Your romantic interests are stimulated by partners who are serious, honest and hard working. A mature individual represents security to you. You don’t waste time on a lover who wastes his or her time, or your time. Maintain your integrity and checklist, but try to give potential objects of affection the beneďŹ t of the doubt before judging. Don’t view differences of opinion as threats. Taurus April 20 May 20 You’re always concerned whether or not a lover understands you, and are masterful at sending crossed signals. However, you aren’t so good at interpreting the signals of others. You respect devotion and promises but are uncomfortable with emotional demonstrations. It’s easy for you to take on the traits of vague or negative people. Be cautious whom you trust, but always tell the truth. Gemini May 21 June 20 You are happiest with mature but active lovers who help and encourage you to recycle your energies and inspire you to have fun, move ahead. It’s not easy for you to forgive a lover’s past indiscretions because you are fervently concerned about one’s background and want to know everything. Live in the moment, rather than fret over history! Cancer June 21 July 22 You’re either too much, or not enough in love! You are happiest with partners who accept your needs and mood swings, someone whose patience and

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understanding are not depressing or too demanding: happiest with a serious, older lover. You appreciate and enjoy play time and private moments and, once committed, you hold securely and steady. You don’t take affections or emotions lightly, and are philosophical and fun, yet wise. Leo July 23 August 22 Not that you’re overly self indulgent but there’s a big eat, drink and be merry part of you that needs constant supervising. Like many fun loving Leo’s, you tend to do everything in excess. Less is more. Learn to temper your enthusiasm with new friends and lovers, don’t come on too strong or smother or overwhelm. You enjoy spontaneous partners and are always ready for a good laugh and new experience. Virgo August 23 September 22 It’s difďŹ cult for you to give lovers a lot of leeway or the beneďŹ t of too much doubt, because you don’t take risk or act on impulse. You expect suitors to share equally in a relationship, and maybe even a bit more, because lazy liaisons make you ee fast. You are unerringly faithful and sentimental about friendship and family matters. Your worst failing in a partnership is your inability to see yourself as others do: strong willed. For this reason, you abhor criticism. Nonetheless, you always try harder and harder.


April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012


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Libra September 23 October 22 You always test the waters before plunging into a relationship, cautious about sharing your feelings upfront. Never rash but always hopeful, you enter a union only after much consideration, building momentum and clout slowly and surely. You’re rarely verbally abusive and never physically cranky, even when frustrated. Your drive for self improvement keeps you quite tolerant of a lover’s quirks and needs. Make love, not war.

Capricorn December 22 January 19 You enjoy the excitement that relationships deliver, never seeking a fixed itinerary, only enjoyment of the moment. Open minded but not always realistic, you work well with lovers who are not static or rigid, preferring unplanned quality time. However, once boredom sets in, you’re out the door! A roll with punches partner complements your need to escape from the real world. You’re a lover, not a fighter!

Scorpio October 23 November 21 Your needs and desires are clear and defined, and you have a reasonable understanding of what is expected in a relationship. You easily forgive lovers when situations don’t come out as expected and let bygones be. You take emotional disappointment in stride and always jog forward. You know how to cooperate and display yourself in a relationship, and are clever at conjuring up novel ways to attack any problem.

Aquarius January 20 February 18 You like good old fashioned relationships that are down to earth, conventional, and practical. You express your affection without great fanfare, but always employ your personal built in lie detector for fingering insincerity in others. You would do well to choose an energetic lover who can take care of details you may overlook. You have a natural gift for inspire change in people and are best suited for a partner who will commit and share wholeheartedly and equally.

Sagittarius November 22 December 21 You hate arguing and will do almost anything to maintain peace and not make waves. You need a romantic partner who talks candidly yet kindly from the heart, treats others as equals, and confides freely in you. Even if your lover isn’t financially savvy, your understanding and compassionate nature is complemented by sincere partners with down to earth hopes and lucid dreams.

Pisces February 19 March 20 You are an idealist who requires that lovers live up to your very special standards. You know what you want, and specifically outline your ideals and priorities. In matters of romance, you are never vague or soft spoken. However, you’re very forgiving and value intentions more than results. Make sure that significant others truly understand you, and appreciate your wealth of fantasies.

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April 27, 2012


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2520 Highway 91 North



1215 E University Dr



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April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012


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2103 E Marshall Ave 203 S. High

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April 27, 2012

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April 27, 2012


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April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012


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April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012


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April 27, 2012 21

April 27, 2012



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