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When Virginia Beach native, Thomas Parker, created APOCALYPTO tequila the result was a brand poised to celebrate awareness and rebirth. “I just love the natural beauty of this area and wanted to protect it and keep that spirit alive here -everywhere really,” explains Parker. So you may wonder how this lead to the birth of Virginia Beach’s first tequila company? “I’m an artist at heart,” explains Parker, “And frankly, I was disappointed with the majority of tequilas that were available.” Parker decided a marriage of his artistic vision and an award winning sipping spirit was necessary. This became APOCALYPTO tequila and was soon one of the fastest growing new tequilas for 2013. “My main goals are to use this momentum to fund sustainability projects here and abroad and to use technology to solve society’s current socio-economic problems,” exclaims Parker, “The visually stunning packaging surely turns heads and the intention of APOCALYPTO’s half-man/half-jaguar packaging is to reconnect people to a more optimal form of the spirit. I crafted the bottle to represent man’s spirituality and intellect perfectly balanced with the jaguar’s raw instinctual determination and strength – a kind of self-reflection.” The spirit inside is 100% Blue Webber agave handcrafted the old fashioned way. It is defined by a big agave aroma with sweetness that is naturally abundant with floral and fruity notes. The flavors are rounded with spice, cinnamon, cardamom, green apple candy, caramel and ripe plum. “APOCALYPTO tequila has lots of natural spirit and is sure to grow the tequila category,” says Parker. “And we are winning people over one sip at a time.” Parker, along with his business partners Kim Brandi and Rachel Harris decided more was needed to continue to make a “visual impact.” But with one look at this lineup, “visual impact” seems an insufficient term to describe these eye-catching bottles. With the addition of DEADHEAD rum, which features shrunkenheads-as-bottles, complete with eyes and mouth sewn shut, and FLASHBANG SPIRITS, which comes in a 50 ml. replica of the U.S. Army’s M84 distractional device, these packages are

downright explosive. We’re a highly creative company,” says Brandi. “We produce premium spirits and have a lot of fun doing it.” DEADHEAD is inspired by blood revenge rituals practiced by the Peruvian Jivaro tribe and its unique packaging pays homage to the warrior spirit. “The Jivaroan people were the only natives to survive the Conquistadors,” says Brandi. “As an entrepreneur, I take that strength and spirit as a woman in a predominantly male industry. As a brand, we’re taking that spirit to rethink the rum category. “The bottle alone may draw consumers in for the first time,” says Brandi, “but it’s the spirit inside that keeps them coming back for more.” Produced on the Caribbean coast, DEADHEAD rum is made from fresh sugarcane and molasses, small-batch-distilled with melted glacial water. The rum is then aged for six years in a variety of former Scotch, Sherry, Cognac, and Bordeaux barrels and hand-blended, resulting in a complex, nuanced spirit that’s bursting with tropicality. “The bottle may be edgy,” says Brandi, “but the rum is premium.” While DEADHEAD and APOCALYPTO get in touch with their ancient roots, FLASHBANG SPIRITS targets a whole new audience—and warms hearts in the process. Designed to replicate the real-life Army M84 distractional device (you even have to pull the “pin” before taking this shot), FLASHBANG SPIRITS is a proud sponsor of Wounded Warrior Project and Operation Gratitude, a non-profit that supports military members and their families. “Practically my entire family served in some branch of the service,” says Parker, “And I wanted a brand that honored all those who serve and strive to preserve and protect life.” But even this do-good brand has quality at the forefront: “We’re very serious about the quality in all of our products. FLASHBANG may only be one generous shot, but you better believe it’s going to be good!” explains Brandi. All together, the Iconic brands are an eclectic, yet heartfelt group. “We are first of all selling spirits,” says Brandi. “Sure, we may have these crazy bottles, but every one of them has a meaning. And every one of them has a unique spirit.”

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Eazy D: Straight Outta Va Beach

Photos: Michael Bailey

by Andrew Wolfe Meet Dennis Spence aka “Eazy D” from Virginia Beach, Virginia, born and raised...and for all his life, music and art has been a part of it. To quote the man himself, “Whether it’s music or writing or visual arts or making videos or making records...I just want to create” Dennis is best known for his music from fronting local ska-punk rockers Jackmove to his solo performances as Eazy D, but his talents don’t end there. He is also a prolific painter. According to him, “Music and art go hand in hand...for all their differences there’s more similarities...just being a creative person at the root of the word, just creating something, anything...I would say that’s more where I’ve aligned myself as opposed to being just more of a musician or more of an artist.” If there’s anything creative, he’s interested in the process. For Dennis it’s the actual creation of the piece more than the end product, unlike his music; “I appreciate the actual creation process of all of them the same... it’s actually making the painting that means so much to me not the painting itself, I intend to sell it for it to go on somebody’s wall that thinks it looks cool somebody that feels that they get some kind of message from it...where as music is totally different, you make a point and it’s there forever, once you record it, it’s there, it’s always yours once you write it.” His songs are more focused in intent, trying to express a specific point and getting people to understand his perspective. “As far as visual art goes it’s something I don’t really have to communicate to anybody I don’t need anybody else to really get my point where as with music you do, if you’re gonna sing a song you want it to be about something you want people to understand your point and cut right to it, with art I don’t necessarily have to worry about that I can just kind of discover the point as it comes.” In music as well as art, Dennis is self taught. Mostly influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol and Basquiat, he has made his own way. Truly an organic artist he would have turned to any available medium even if he had grown up on a primitive island. His is the same cloth from which the best original artists were cut. He doesn’t see the great works of the old masters and try to emulate them, he sees the canvas and what it could be. “I started painting out of a desire to just paint something, never had anyone else around to swap ideas with, to trade secrets with or something like that as I do with music, with music everyone around is a musician, it’s really to just learn something by having a conversation...with art I don’t know whether it’s art or not, I just know when it’s finished.”

Photos: Michael Bailey

Dennis’s art has created a metaphorical bridge from visual to musical as well...he has begun to make his own custom guitars. Using old non-functioning guitars in a move at once reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstrat...but with a touch more of the aesthetics you’d associate with a visual artist. “I’ve always had a major affinity for guitars themselves...this instrument becomes your really good friend and you want to know everything about it...I feel even more close to my guitars inside and out...” In much of his art there is a skeletal motif present. “The skull represents this very important thing that you have to figure out before you drop dead, you have to figure out how to be alive.” And that’s what it’s all about. The further refinement of his art. There are no old favorites here, only the latest and greatest: “For me the music [and art] that I like the most is always the most current, I really feel that it’s about something that just happened to me or something I just realized or something I just identified with so it’s always more current ...the new songs are the ones that I really feel like my point is getting clearer, that i’m getting to a point where I am able to trim the fat from songs and really just get down to the point and give a direct this is my thesis this is my feelings on the subject ending conclusion, thank you good night, the current music, all the new songs are the ones that are closest to my heart.” If you’d like to see (or hear) more of Eazy D’s works visit Jackmove’s official Facebook page (make sure it says official), their website (, or hit up the man himself via his personal Facebook page under Dennis Spence. He adoes custom paintings for people, so if you have an idea of what you want, contact him and he’ll give you a price range. Jackmove’s entire discography to date (2001 to 2012) is available on a custom Jackmove USB drive through Duburban Records.


Don’t miss as two tattooed chefs go head to head in a cookoff... ...results and photos in next issue and video will be online. Details in the next issue!

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L ocated in the Marketplace at Hilltop, Burtons Grill in Virginia Beach is the perfect place for lunch, after-work drinks, dinner inside, or on their outdoor patio. With a contemporary-American menu in an upscale casual atmosphere, Burtons Grill has something for you, whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. Burtons Grill uses only the freshest, most premium ingredients, coveting strong relationships with local suppliers and never compromises their commitment to quality food or service. The menu items range from crisp salads, hearty sandwiches and juicy burgers to aged beef served with seasoned butters and sauces. Known for its menu of grilled meats and seafood to regional specialties, Burtons Grill offers an extensive glutenfree menu. All allergies are treated with the utmost of respect and from hire to first shift, restaurant staff undergo intensive allergy awareness training.

Burtons also puts its own spin on local flavors and seafood. Traveling with your family? Burtons Grill’s {B} Choosy menu for kids is modeled after the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new MyPlate program, an initiative reminding consumers to make healthier food decisions, the {B} Choosy kids menu allows children to choose from a list of ingredients and preparation methods which will be portioned and served according to the newest guidelines for nutrition. Kids can still enjoy the classics, such as chicken fingers and hamburgers, but they’ll also be able to expand their palate with options such as haddock, steak, salmon or grilled chicken. Burtons Grill has everything you need to start or finish your night out or try their Sunday brunch. If you are in town for a special occasion, the private dining room can be used for casual gatherings or business meetings or receptions and seats up to 50 guests. Come in and be delighted at Burtons Grill in Virginia Beach! Reservations are recommended. Check us out online at or at burtonsgrillvirginiabeachva!

PHILLY STYLE What you need:



Rules by Style

2 beer pong balls 2 teams of 2 people big table a lot of beer 14 cups Rules Line cups up 6 on each side (other 2 are to wash beer pong balls off) - line up starting with 3 then 2 then 1 kind of like bowling pins. *You can either bounce it in or throw it in the cup *beer pong ball goes in cup opposite team has to drink the cup *Both members of the team shoot, if both players on the same team make it in they get the beer pong balls back and get a chance to do it again. Whoever has cups left wins the game and the winner stays. *Side notes - after 2 bounces you may block the shot and you are allowed to try to blow the beer pong ball out of the cup with your mouth. If a cup is knocked off the table the opposing team has to drink it.

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