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Letter From the Editors Let us start off by welcoming you to the 1st ever issue of Twirl! A magazine for teens that’s 100% fun, fashion and fabulosity! Was have everything from style to book reviews and it doesn’t stop there! Let’s meet the team!:

Lindsay: Our Go Getter! Marin: Our Style Specialist! Atalya: Organization Extraordinaire! Hannah: The fashion guru And contributing in this issue will be Lydia! So during this month of rain, shake off your umbrellas and enjoy! ~Hannah, Marin, Lindsay, and Atalya

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Horoscopes By Aries: Happy birthday Aries! You’re pretty busy this month with school and work, so make sure you don’t get overbooked! Planning time for your schoolwork is important, but make sure you spend enough time with your friends and family.

Virgo: April’s the month to switch things up! You usually stick to what you like to do, or what’s familiar. Try something unexpected and/or daring this month. Try a new food, or a new outfit. Maybe even make a new friend.

Taurus: You might like to be in charge a lot, and that’s not a bad thing! You’re a born leader! But sometimes it might be nice to step back and let someone else take the wheel. Got a small group project in science? Try not to take charge for once. You might be glad you did!

Capricorn: It’s your time to shine! You can be timid, but this month, be outgoing! Strike up a conversation with the people who sit near you in your classes. You might just make a new friend.

Gemini: Procrastination. You, know what, I’ll give you your horoscope later. Just Kidding! That big assignment that isn’t due for a while might be collecting dust just sitting around. Get the work done ahead of time and you’ll be glad you did.

Madame Faussaire Sagittarius: Don’t just lie on the couch all month (even if you reeeeally want to)! It’s beautiful outside, so take advantage of it while you can. Even having to walk your dog can be blast with this weather. If you want to try a new sport or activity, now’s the time to do it. Scorpio: You can be pretty stubborn. Try to go with the flow this April. It might bring some cool new things into your life.

Libra: You have someone in your life that’s really annoying you right now. Try to reason with them and get the annoyance out of the way. Forgiveness might be the only thing you haven’t tried, and it just might work!

Aquarius: Look ahead to the future! There’s something in your past that you’re focusing on, but if you dwell in the past, you might miss what’s right in front of you, or what’s just around the corner. Cancer: You lead a busy life. Not necessarily a bad thing, but having an unbusy day is also a good thing. Take some time to sit back and relax (with this month’s Twirl, of course!)

Pisces: You’re kinda bummed this month. After all, there’s almost a whole year until your next birthday, and you know how rainy April can be! What’s the perfect cure to that? Your friends of course! You can always turn to them if you have any worries. By Lindsay

So, you may or may not have heard of the LOL Cats. facial expressions, posture, etc. with misspelled taglines. Other animals can be funny too!

Like this guy. He’s a frog, but that doesn’t make him any less funny!

Or the worldfamous llamaworm. Not a cat, last time I checked.

Can someone say “Bad Hair Day”?

If you haven’t, it’s basically pictures of cats that have funny Why are cats getting all the glory?

Just look at these penguins!

Fluffy’s got a good sense of humor too. I think he’s a dog, but it’s hard to tell with all that fur.

Smoo Summer’s almost here! Soon it’ll be warming on the beach, and other fun stuff. But you’re right? Ditch the same old ice creams and just as tasty and better for you.

First, get out some2 cups fresh or frozen fruit! I suggest bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. These are all good combined or by themselves. 1 tbsp. Sugar or Splenda 1 cup Ice (preferably crushed) 1 small container (about 8 oz.) plain vanilla yogurt

OPTIONAL: if you want some extra healthiness, you can add 1 tablespoon of vanilla vitamin powder. Your smoothies will taste the same whether you add this or not.

By Lindsay

* Try adding a piece of sliced strawberry or another fruit on the side for a fun accent.

thies up enough to go to the pool, relax going to need a way to cool off popsicles and drink a smoothie! It’s

Once you’ve got all of your smoothie stuff, get out a blender and put your ingredients inside. Put the lid on. Otherwise, your walls will be enjoying a big helping of smoothie goodness. Blend everything on a high speed for a couple minutes until it’s at a desirable consistency. Enjoy!

Try experimenting with different flavors. Love guava? Put it in a smoothie. Wondering what it will taste like if you combine blueberry and pomegranate? Try it. Chances are it will be good!

Where do you want to live? Do you see yourself in a noisy city, or the quiet countryside? Take this quiz to find out!

1) The thing that relaxes me most is : A) Shopping, a new outfit is very comforting; you love to look your best. B) Eating, you love trying new restaurants, who knows what you’ll try next! C) Walking around, looking at all the beautiful gardens, and monuments. D) All of the above!

2) My favorite type of weather: A) As long as it’s not raining, it makes no difference. B) Rain and cloudy days are you favorite! Even though it makes you seem depressing, you love it. C) Cold doesn’t bother you and neither does rain! As long as your not planning a picnic… D) Balmy. A lovely 75 to 80 in the spring and HOT in the summer

3) Your favorite subject in school is: A) Fashion design, or journalism, anything creative you love! B) Math and science, you’re a braniac and your not afraid to show it. C) Foreign Language! You love learning how to communicate with others D) History! You love the rich character of our country!

4) When you grow up you want to be: A) Fashion designer, artist, lawyer, stock broker, actor, model, the possibilities are endless! B) A doctor, you love to help people C) An ambassador, or maybe a photographer… D) Anything that makes a lot of money…you like the good life

5) You love: A) To be in the spotlight, stay up late and to be surrounded by people, you hate being alone. B) To be in a city, but not be near to many people and to sleep C) Somewhere new, and exciting! You never finish exploring D) Luxury. Lavish Mansions, pools, shops, ect.

6) Your favorite mode of transportation: A) The subway B) The Metro C) Taxi, Train, or metro D) Walking. The only efficient way to get around.

TALLY UP YOUR SCORES A’s _____ B’s _____ C’s_____ D’s______

Your results are in!

Mostly A’s = Ahh…the spotlight, the constant energy, what place would be better for you to live than New York? This city was made for you! You love to walk around and central park has some great views. Plus since shopping is a passion of yours, the boutiques you pass are always high end and have beautiful close. As they say, “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York! New York!”

Mostly B’s= Do you like sports? Because for you, Boston is the place to live! The Red Socks and the Patriots are some of the best in their league (well maybe not the Patriots ) Plus, there are lots of great medical schools and

colleges to choose from which is great for you! Plus the Boston “T” (their subway) is very convenient and easy to use. Excellent choice!

Mostly C’s: You’re dream house will be in Europe! You excelled in foreign language at school, so learning something new won’t be a problem. Plus there is so much to see and do there, you’ll never be bored! Plus the food there is

amazing and the sights are breathtaking. Vous allez l’adorer! Lo Amerete!

Mostly A’s = You love luxury. You want everything to be right in your reach. Sound like you? Then Charleston, South Carolina is the place for you! Its fab location is the selling point. It’s fairly close to all the best beaches and in walking distance are shops from forever 21 to Louis Vuitton! Restaurants, parks, hotels, everything! But be careful because to live in these million dollar mansions, you’re gonna have to be mighty rich! But it’s WORTH IT!!!

This Month, all of our examples come from old navy because of the great looks for less. Not to mention, the color is in the name!

April April is usually the rainiest month light neutrals rein, but a splash of Day shades will make your mustThis pale blue color is like the raindrops. Very delicate and light. Because it is a pastel, it’s obviously a spring color and in small doses, can be absolutely adorable.

More vibrant, this blue will draw your eye. Like the sky after the rain, this happy color will give you a spring in your step! So did you get the memo? Bold colors are IN!

This dramatic shade is the perfect neutral! It’s dark and goes with almost anything, but it still has that little bit of color that lets you know it’s a blue!

Showers of the year. As always, pastels and color never hurt anyone! These Rainy have list

This chain Necklace and bracelet set are super cute! They have the navy we love and the chain will give the outfit a little edge but still make it supper cute!

This über-comfy jersey shirt dress is PERFECT for April! The long sleeves show that it’s not quite summer yet, but we’re getting there and the belt adds a great waistline. Love the vibrant color too! Great Dress!

These print-wedges are the main focus of the ensemble. The colors presented on the wedges are the same ones we suggested! But the feature that I fell in love with was the lacing. Très Magnifique!

Cheap, Cheap! When did cheap start meaning ugly? We found pieces that you’ll love and that won’t bust your wallet! Our Spring finds for under $20.

Forever 21: $16.80

Forever 21: $12.80

Old Navy: $14

Target: $15

Old Navy: $9.99

Target: $16.99

Old Navy: $15

Target: $12.99

Twirl’s Fashion Guide TO Spring

Here’s what Spring Fashion has to offer! Yellows

Mint Green





Colored Shorts


Trench Coats

Tribal Prints Menswear

Polka dots

Using these items and some others you can create an entire week’s worth of outfits!

Introducing Twirl’s Spring Fashion Look Book




This is sure to beat those Monday blues! To complete this outfit, pick a piece of bold jewelry and use a simple shoe, such as flats or flip flops (but PLEASE no plastic ones)

This is very sailor chic! The white and blue compliment the pink very well. But because the shirt is your main piece, you need no jewelry (except maybe a simple necklace) and again simple shoes.

It’s the middle of the week, and you’re probably tired. This outfit is comfortable but still looks amazing! It’s a very preppy style and be sure to roll up your jeans so everyone can see the main focus-your shoes!





This is for colder spring days or when the air conditioning is turned up a little too high. Since this outfit is pretty simple, feel free to pile on the accessories… but remember too many colors is never a good thing fashionwise.

This is my favorite outfit! While looking great for school, it can easily turn into a party dress with a few changes. Red looks amazing with black and white, and here’s another example!

I love this bracelet! If you look closely, the design actually matches the skirt. Quick Fashion Hint too: when in doubt what color to wear with a top, if the bottom’s dark do white, if the bottom’s light, do a grey or black.

The lighter...the brighter! Since this outfit is so pale, you need some bright colors (or darker colors) to compliment it. This is perfect for looking stylish on an outing with your friends too.



Not everyone can get the latest styles prices are outrageous! $400 for a skirt? way to get the same looks for everyday for less! Featured Designer: Kate Spade New York


Forever 21: $5.50


Le$$ $148


from the big name designers. Their Puh-lease! So Twirl has devised a budgets! So without further ado, Looks Why?: Her pieces are absolutely to DIE for! Her prices? Not so much…



Forever 21: $5.50

Claire’s: $5

Everyday chic! Everyday style is difficult to achieve, what with our hectic schedules and all. Here at twirl, we understand! Budgets and time don’t always allow you to reach your style potential! But, fabulous outfits may not be far out of reach. Our stylist has put together an everyday outfit that is très chic for your inspiration. Enjoy!

This outfit is super comfy and super easy for a rainy spring day! The colors are bright and because green and pink are contrasting, they bring each other out. Most trench coats are a neutral (commonly tan) and higher priced than other items. You can get this one at old navy for only $40! What a steal! And, not to mention, super useful for the rain! This ruffle-y tank top adds excitement to the outfit but you should probably wear a cardigan (or a trench) with it because it isn’t warm enough to wear it alone yet. The bandana in the hair acts as sort of a vintage and more stylish version of a headband and is coordinated with the rest of the outfit. Lastly, there are the Aeropostale skinny jeans. These jeans look great under a trench but if you look better in boot cut, flare, straight or any other cut, they will look fine too. I can guarantee it. So pair this with some flats and you’re done! Easy!

Let’s Go shopping! Store: Why:

The clothes are really cute and

the price tag will make you smile

Best Top:

Best Dress:

Best Accessories:

Book: Bright Young Things Author: Anna Godbersen The year is 1929, the last year in the “anything-goes” era of the Roaring Twenties. The place is New York City. The social scene is ruled by The Bright Young Things, socialites and flappers that seek thrills and adventure in the glittering lights of New York. Letty Larkspur and Cordelia Grey escape their small town of Union, Ohio and venture out to New York. All Letty wants is to see her name in shining lights, and live the life of a star. But she soon discovers that Manhattan is filled with a lot of pretty girls who are willing to do anything to become a star…

Cordelia longs to find the father that she’s never known, a man who’s as infamous for his outrageous parties as he is for his shady schemes. In a matter of a few hours, Cordelia enters a world that is more glamorous thrilling than she could have ever imagined. But it is also a world filled with danger. Cordelia now has a life that anyone would kill for…and someone will. The only person that Cordelia trusts-can trust-is Astrid Donal, a flapper who has it all: good looks, money, and the heart of Cordelia’s older brother, Charlie. But behind all the glitz and glamour of Astrid’s life lie family secrets that have to be kept secret…

The lives and fortunes of these three girls will rise and fall, across the plush green lawns of Long Island and inside the illicit speakeasies of Manhattan. New York Times best-selling author of The Luxe brings you an epic story set in the dizzying last summer of the Jazz Age.

Surf The Web! Check out Twirl’s favorite sites for everything from social networking, to music, to shopping! Find an interesting topic, and start surfing!

Lindsay’s Pick: You like cake right? Of course

Hannah’s Pick: Most of

you do! So why not look at some pictures of some seriously wrecked cakes, most of which are made by actual bakeries? you have heard of Pandora or Cake Wrecks is a blog by Jen Yates, but it is not a fashion or maybe listen to the radio. Those are beauty blog. It's a blog of pictures of wrecked cakes! The fine, but sometimes, you can’t find cakes feature multitudes of misspellings, "creative" any good songs! Know the feeling? grammar, and cakes that are just plain bizarre. Of course, each picture comes with some hilarious commentary. Be Try grooveshark! It’s free and you careful, because sometimes the cakes can be a tad can find whatever song you want inappropriate, but nothing past pg-13, and not very and listen to it as much as you want. frequently. And if you just want to see cakes that look And it has any song you can think of! good, you're in luck because every Sunday, cool cakes are Check it out! featured! Check it out!!/

Marin’s Pick: Thought you

Atalya’s Pick: Barnes & Noble is my favorite bookstore, so it only makes sense that my favorite website would be theirs. Going to their website can be very helpful when you are searching for upcoming books. By typing in an author’s name, you can see what books they already have “out” and what books are “coming out.” Some of the books won’t be coming out for months, but you can already see information about it and its release date! So check out the Barnes & Noble website! Trust me; you’ll be glad you did!!

couldn't text your friends without a cell phone? You're wrong! Textfree is a website (and app) that allows you to call and text your friends! All you have to do is make a username and password and pick a number, it's that simple. Even if you have a cell phone, it's useful for spam texts, typing (it's a lot easier to text on your computer than on your phone), and if you get charged per text or call...this is absolutley free (well calling isn't free, you have to buy or earn minutes.) What's not to love?

FRIENDS!!! The Hardships, the Wonders, the Advice

3 Tips on how to Avoid Drama:

1. Try not to talk about people behind their backs, because feelings might be hurt. 2. An optimistic look on things always seems to make situations better. 3. Try not to comment negatively on a person even though it might be done as a joke. My message is short and sweet... Stress isn't worth your time, so make the most out of life.

Friends= very important people in your life

Who do you go to for help, comfort, and fun times? Your friends! When your relationship with a friend gets complicated, your life seems to get complicated as well. It seems like teens today get caught up in lots of drama, maybe their friends or just people at school. Well this is just a reminder to people that are dealing with this...there are easy ways to avoid this disaster of an event. These tips might help you in future situations that you might not want to get involved with. What can go wrong with trying? Staying out of drama will definitely make your times with you friends much more enjoyable and more comfortable.

Editors Hannah Atalya Lindsay Marin

Photographers Carl

Writers Hannah Atalya Lindsay Marin Lydia

That’s All Folks! Look out for our May/ June Issue! Questions? Comments? Feedback? Shoot us an email at! Do you want to contribute in our next issue? Send us an email! Do you know someone that would like to get Twirl? Spread the word! Thanks For reading! Happy April! ~Hannah, Marin, Lindsay, Atalya

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