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2013 Issue

Table of Contents Letter From the Editor 5 Country-Wide Style 7-12 On a Scale from 1-8… 13-14 In the Spotlight 15-18 Color Splash 19-20 School’s Out 21-22 Looks for Less 23-26

The Team Birdy-The cofounder and creator of our blog, this twirl-ette has been a fashionista from the start!

Sky- bio Amour- bio

Table of Contents


From Drab to Fab 27-28 In a Hurry? No Worry! 29-32 The Penny-Pincher’s Guide to Fashion

33-36 Picture This ?-? Iphone Cases ?-? Earthy Tone Remix ?-? Style Feature ?-?

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Letter From the Editor: Amour

CountrySty Different regions lead to style-region do you live

Wide yle different tastes. Which in?




You’re going out to dinner. Upon putting a few outfits together, you decide the best outfit for the night is: b.


Where would you rather be right now? (out of these four, of course) b. a.





On a daily basis, you wear:





4) Going shopping means visiting‌ a.


d. c.


Seasonal Changes look like: b.


6) You describe your style as‌ a.


Preppy Nautical

c. Beachy Boho


Heavy and Warm

Airy and Luxurious

Results (it’s ok to be more than one!!) : Mostly A’s: You are an east-coast lover! Probably preppy, seafood and going outdoors are common interests of either you or those around you.

Mostly B’s: Cold winters and mild summers are the year-to-year climate in the north, also known as the region you match. Sweaters are a must, and this is another generally preppy region.

Mostly C’s: West-coast style is more relaxed than the east, and almost has a boho or hipster quality to it. The attitude here is more relaxed as well.

Mostly D’s: Southern and Proud! Very beachy and relaxed…you’re used to sun and hot summers so you dress accordingly. Think southern belle on the land and beach babe near the water!

Worried about being underdressed? Overdre s scale for every event. Now you can know

ssed? Fear no more! We’ve got a place on the what to wear where!


After starting our blog, I (Birdy), have been more and more exposed to other blogs, making me find a select few that are absolutely fabulous. Although I don’t have a true favorite, I have really been loving Classy Girls Wear Pearls written and documented by Sarah Vickers. Her style is flawless. She belongs in a J.Crew or a Brooks Brothers catalog and I can’t get enough! Check out her inspiring style on her blog!

S how: This year has been wonderful as far as discovering tv shows but my favorite did not come out in 2013, 2012, or even 2011. It was aired in 2008 and is a miniseries. It’s called John Adams. Ring a bell? Probably not! Our second president didn’t receive a lot of love but he’s as influential as the rest of our founding fathers. I know I probably sound like a nerd for watching this, but despite how geeky it sounds, everything about it is good. The historical accuracy is eye opening and the effects and costumes are right on par. I truly do suggest watching them!

This month’s inspiration comes from J.Crew. Their stuff is a tad expensive but très chic and good quality. Check them out! http://www.jcrew. com/index.jsp


May and June are the beginning of common, but brights are an absolute your wardrobe with these colors so you

FINALLY! You can wear white in large doses! Memorial Day is the mark of bright brights and white whites! Before then? Fashion suicide! After labor day? Likewise. But this practical neutral is a must this season.

This optimistic summer shade will get the season off to a great start! It reminds me of lemonade, sunshine and dandelions; all things that scream summer! So brighten up your wardrobe with this lovely shade

A warm color for a warm season! This color is bright, but it isn’t overpowering. This color goes with almost anything! From red, to blue, to pink, it’s super versatile! A musthave for sure!

Splash! Summer. During summer, the lighter colors are must. So we’ll give you tips on how to spruce up can start summer with a splash!

This belt is the same orange as the blazer! Putting it on the shorts would make the belt pop, despite what you may think. And it will also add subtle structure. Especially if you tuck the tee shirt in. J’adore this belt!

This orange blazer warms up an outfit and gives it a hint of sophistication. The structure is perfect for every occasion. Underneath, try a super soft black and white tee that gives the outfit a nautical look and a hint of comfort. Fabulous !

These shorts seem plain, but they really are one of the main focuses! They too have a certain nautical feel to them which add to the summery feel. The softness of the color counters the brightness of the blazer. Perfect shorts


Now that your whole day is no longer consumed by school, you have more time to do fun stuff like picnics or going to the pool! Or SHOPPING! But you don’t want to waste your time looking for the best deals? Of course not! We’ve got you covered! The IN list for under $20! H&M: $9.95

J.Crew Factory: $19.99

J.Crew: $9.99

Out! H&M: $12.95

J.Crew Factory: $16.99

Target: $14.98 Old Navy: $17.97

Old Navy: $14.99 Old Navy: $6

Target: $12.99

Old Navy: $19

Look$ For

Le$$ Lilly Collins

Old Navy: $18

Old Navy: $34.50

Old Navy Total: $72.44

Old Navy: $19.94

Target: $39.99

Target: $24.99

Target: $22.99

Target Total: $117.96

Target: $29.99

Forever 21: $17.50

Forever 21: $11.80

Forever 21: $19.80

Forever 21 total: $85.50

Forever 21: $6.80

Forever 21: $2.80 Forever 21: $26.80

From Drab to Fab:

Simple and

cost efficient ways to spruce up or redo your bedroom! 1) The first step is to choose an inspiration or focal point

2) Set a budget for yourself so you don’t go overboard 3) Based on the main focal point, choose a style and a color palette 4) Take the least used color to paint your walls so it will pop

5) Look around your house and try to find/refurbish things that you already have

6) Figure out a layout based on shape and size of furniture and accessories as well as what your needs are 7) If you don’t have something that you need, try to find it at a thrift store, goodwill, or in the sale/clearance section rather than settling for full price Walmart: $6

In a


Getting ready quickly in the morning here are 5 helpful tips and rules to together before walking out the door.

No Worries!

doesn’t have to mean looking sloppy; live by to look polished and put


Pincher’s Guide



Rule 1: Name brand isn’t always best You can easily find knockoffs that are of equal or better quality. Before buying your next pair of designer sunglasses for $100+, do your research! There is probably a pair at forever 21 for $5.

Tory Burch: $149

Forever 21: $5.80

Rule 2: Sales will be your best friend Unless it’s one of those pieces where you’ll DIE if you can’t buy it right then, try to wait for sale seasons. The same stuff is there, but for much more reasonable prices. In fact, I hardly buy things full priced anymore…

Rule 3: Clearance and outlets first Just like Rule 2, the clothing in these sections are tossed aside without thought. Some is just the trashy stuff nobody wanted, but if you pick through that, you can generally find some really great pieces! Those sections are the first places I go when shopping!

Rule 4: Repurpose things until they are no longer useable If you’ve had a piece for a while, give it a facelift! Hem it a little to change the length or cut it up and put it back together, making something entirely different. If you aren’t that crafty, then just cuff the sleeves now and then.

Rule 5: Things that are out of style will be back in in a few years. Hold onto it and only give it up if u HAVE to. High waisted shorts were in style back in the 80’s and now they are back in! Saving pieces like that will pay off but DON’T BE A PACRAT!

Fashion no-no’s that make me cringe 1) I know they are comfy, but terrible toms and ugly uggs are not fashion forward. sorry, but its true 2) please, mixing prints is ok, but mixing the same type of print isn't always a great idea…plaid and plaid? 3) Exercise clothing. Yes, its comfy. But it’s not in style!!! It looks lazy and not put together which is ok for sports, but not for everyday wear 4) In this season, beware of platform flip flops. They give me the willies just thinking about them… 5) Not being seasonally appropriate is not ok. Don’t wear linen in December or suede and corduroy in August