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Drifting is Europe’s fastest growing motorsport, with active fans numbering in their hundreds of thousands and growing daily. Companies are quickly realising that it is one of the best value for money advertising platforms available in the current market. With Drift Allstars Livestreams each being viewed by an average of over 10,000 people when live, and an average of around 90,000 people seeing the recorded shows after the event, the coverage now being provided is huge. The question you should be asking yourself is not 'Why should I help?', it is 'What am I waiting for?'.


2005 results: UKD1 Round 4, 4th overall in Clubman UKD1 Round 5, 2nd overall in Clubman ‘Autocar’ magazine Sideways Challenge, 2nd place overall Pro-Drift Round 5, Ireland, 6th Qualifier, 9th overall

2006 results: D1GB Exhibition, Qualified 1st, 1st overall. D1GB Round 1, Qualified 8th, 12th overall D1GB Round 2, Qualified 12th, 3rd overall D1 Grand Prix Exhibition Match, Qualified 14th, 12th overall (Eliminated by Kazama) D1GB Round 3, Qualified 10th, 12th overall D1GB Round 4, Qualified 7th, 9th overall D1GB Round 5, Qualified 9th, 6th overall D1GB Championship placing - 7th SVA Drift Challenge, Qualified 1st, Finished 5th

2007 results: UKDC Round 1, Qualified, 3rd overall EuroDrift Series Round 1, Qualified 4th, 1st overall EDC Round 1, Qualified 1st, 9th overall EuroDrift Series Round 2, Qualified 1st, 1st overall EuroDrift Series Round 3, Qualified 10th, 1st overall EDC Round 2, Qualified 1st, 10th overall EuroDrift Series Round 4, Qualified 1st, 1st overall EDC Round 4, Qualified 6th, DNF car failure EuroDrift Series Round 5, Qualified 6th, 2nd overall EuroDrift Series Round 7, Qualified 1st, 1st overall Allstars Drift (not related to JDM Allstars/Drift Allstars) event, Qualified 2nd, 3rd overall EuroDrift Pro Series Championship - 1st overall

2008 results: JDM Allstars Round 2, Qualified 9th, 10th overall Lydd TeamDrift event, Qualified 1st, 1st Overall. CEASED COMPETING DUE TO LACK OF FUNDING

2008: JDM Allstars Round3, Judge Head instructor at DriftRacing school - until Mar 2011.

2009: JDM Allstars Round 1, Qualified 2nd, DNF as guest driver for Team LBD Judge of JDM Allstars series Round 2 onwards

2010: Judge of Polska Federacja Driftingu (Poland Pro) Head Judge of Drift Open series (Poland Pro-Am) Guest Judge of Northern Ireland series Guest Judge of JDM Allstars at Round 4

2011: Judge of Polska Federacja Driftingu Head Judge of Drift Open series Founded Allstars Driving Academy International Finalist in NISSAN GT Academy competition

2012: Judge of Polska Federacja Driftingu Guest Judge of Drift Open series Head instructor and owner of Allstars Driving Academy

2013: Director of Competition of Polska Federacja Driftingu Head Judge of Dansk Drifting Serie (Danish Pro) Guest Judge ASFA Motor Show (Lithuania) Head of Judging and competition for M.S.S. (DanishMotorsport Federation) and LASF (Lithuanian Autosport Federation) DVD Presenter for Polska Federacja Driftingu Official Series Commentator for Drift Allstars Livestream broadcasts.

BMW E92 M3 600bhp Supercharged V8 Nitrous Oxide Only one in Drift Allstars Custom made wide-arch GT body kit new for 2014

Power is NOTHING‌ ...without CONTROL!!

The M3 The BMW E92 is a car which is yet to become popular at the highest levels of competition in Europe and as such, has the potential to gain serious attention. James has taken the tough decision to turn his pride and joy into a the monster it has always had the potential to be. The car is being built in the Polish city of LĂłdz by BMW Jagiello Motorsport. The company has already built one E92 M3 (owned by a team mate of James) which has been very successful in it's maiden season in the Polish Pro Championship and so they are building a similar specification vehicle for James. With full chromoly steel cage and a custom lightweight wide arch bodykit being made especially for the car, weight reduction has been a key component of the build. However it is only part of the puzzle. James will be looking to supercharge the amazing S65 V8 engine in the car to give it the power to match the phenominal chassis. James target is around 650bhp, which should be competitive in the current top level climate where 600-800bhp is the standard power output. The car will also look the part, with a full custom bodykit being fabricated by the same company which fashioned the beautiful curves of the Opel GT belonging to multiple Polish Champion, Pawel Trela.

The Skyline The spare car for 2014 is James’ original 2-door R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-T in which he contested 90% of his drift career. With an RB26 DETT 2.6 litre twin turbo in-line 6 cylinder engine from an R33 Skyline GTR as well as a larger and stronger gearbox from an R33 GTST. The rebuilt and strengthened engine has been fitted with a pair of HKS GT2860-10 turbos and supporting parts to enable it to produce over 500 horsepower at the rear wheels. The car was already fully modified for drifting during 2006. The car was then fully rebuilt from the ground up during 2008. The car was partially re-built by NisPro Performance in the UK, with further steering modifications, new suspension, brakes, cooling, differential, roll-cage, fire extinguishers and countless other parts replaced for the 2014 season.

Drift Allstars is THE professional drifting Championship in Europe right now, with the best talent, the craziest cars and the most committed sponsors and teams. James knows that NOW is the time to return. Time to remind the continent that he is a driver to be feared and can take the fight to the best in Europe. Drift Allstars has become a huge presence in Europe in the last 18 months and now garners a massive following via online media and social networking with viewing figures in excess of 10,000 for most formats of customer contact. In 2014 Drift Allstars will consist of eight rounds of competition which will take place in UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, making it a truly pan-european series. This will be combined with demos at international events like Gatebil in Norway. Please see the Drift Allstars Media Pack for specific details of coverage received by the series.


Over views of official highlights videos over the season

~35,000 followers ~3,750 followers ~11,400 followers

~3,500 fans and growing

As well as direct coverage from the Drift Allstars series, all our partners will see added benefit from our team's active social networking. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and In just 8 months Youtube to promote our team and partners all year round but with particularly intensive promotion during events. Since starting to use these tools at the start of 2013, followers across the three platforms have passed 4,000 with that and growing figure growing rapidly as we continue to promote the team and it's activites. We will also be working with several popular websites @jameshudsongt and @allstarsdriving and magazines who will be featuring the cars and team during the season to gain maximum exposure. All this will combine to mean maximum coverage for all and growing our sponsors and part@jameshudsongt and @allstarsdriving ners.




All motorsport is expensive, and drifting is no different. To run at the top level takes serious commitment and serious machinery. This is where we look to establish and nurture relationships with sponsors to help us achieve our goals and, in so doing, help them promote their businesses to the fullest possible extent. We have many opportunities available, and can tailor any deal to suit your requirements, whether it be companies providing parts and services to the team in return for corporate advertising on the car itself, all the way up to full car and team branding in return for partial/full funding of a season. All branding will be placed on both cars regardless of how big or small the sponsorship package is and all parts of the car are available for branding. We can provide fully tailored packages designed to suit your needs all the way from a few hundred pounds to full sponsorship of the team and cars.

Our full r unning budget for the season is approximately £60,000, broken down as follows: Tyr es for a full season Maintenance and improvements primar y car Spar e car pr epar ation Fuel Tr anspor t expenses Team staff/mechanics and related expenses (flights/hotels) Br anding, incl. vehicle gr aphics, r ace suits & team br anding Entr y fees to events

~£15,000 ~£16,000 ~£8,000 ~£3,000 ~£7,500 ~£5,000 ~£2,500 ~£1,600

As a guide:  Full coverage of the budget would result in full corporate branding of both cars including full colour changes of the vehicle body, in a design of the sponsors choice (e.g. the artist renders for Aramex on the left hand page) as well as branding of support vehicles and all team related clothing, plus paddock area branding including banners and flags.  Half coverage of the budget would entitle a company to coverage similar to the SRB Power branding on the Skyline R32 on the previous page). i.e. both doors, rear wing main panel, bonnet and driver’s race suit, as well as team clothing a merchandise.  Smaller packages can be arranged as per any sponsors requirements, so please feel free to get in touch and we can tailor a package to your direct needs.

As well as the vehicle branding, sponsors are eligible for VIP packages for Drift Allstars events with access to all the behind the scenes workings, as well as branding on the Drift Allstars driver blog, branding of our pit area at events and access to press and launch days for further publicity. We can arrange flights and hotels to events to enable you to treat staff/clients/executives to corporate entertainment at a low cost compared to the value provided.

Inga Sadovnikova PR Manager 07944 784 353 James Hudson Team Manager/Driver 07572 866 320

James Hudson Partnership Proposal 2014