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Partnering with Producers for Success

“Nothing is more precious than life…” Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care: Working at the Cross Roads of Nutrition and Health By Steve Weisman


onsumers are becoming more and more in tune with what they eat, where their food comes from and how it is grown. At the same time, farmers and ranchers are raising the bar in the agriculture production systems by providing larger quantities of healthful products through innovative food production practices and systems.

At the forefront of this agricultural evolution is Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care the animal health and nutrition business unit of Lesaffre. Lesaffre is a family-owned business that was founded in northern France in 1853 with a philosophy that “Nothing is more precious than life”. Lesaffre is a global expert in the field of yeast and yeast extracts with a global presence in more than 70 countries with 63 production sites across the five continents. The Phileo team is working at the crossroads of nutrition and health and committed to delivering 26

April 2018

ev idence-based solutions that enhance animal health and performance. Phileo provides nutritional solutions based on live yeasts, yeast

fractions (components, extracts, etc.) and mineral enriched yeast. Dr. Joe Ward, who is North American Project Manager, discusses the research that goes into these solutions. “The research and development team has spent years working to develop literally thousands of strains of yeast through yeast propagation and selection. The researchers and production teams grow live yeast tailored with a

American Dairymen April 2018  
American Dairymen April 2018