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The Lifeline to Cold Milk By Steve Weisman


n today’s dairy, foods, and beverage industries, maintaining the correct temperature is extremely important to process integrity and to insure product quality and safety for the consumer. There is a world of difference between hot and lukewarm, cool and cold, and when specific temperatures are critical to a process, it better be right! Oftentimes, the best solution is a glycol chiller. What exactly is a glycol chiller?

A glycol chiller is basically a compact close-coupled factory manufactured refrigeration system that eliminates the need for field-installed refrigerant lines and components, by circulating foodgrade non-toxic propylene glycol to remove unwanted heat from a process, product, or fluid (like raw milk).

Why a glycol chiller at the dairy?

A smaller producer whose tankbased refrigeration system is no longer reliable, can (without buying or waiting for a new tank) install a glycol chiller and a plate cooler to reliably cool his milk as it is transferred from the milking parlor to his insulated tank. For the growing producer who upgrades to a higher-volume milking parlor, a properly designed packaged glycol chiller can cool the milk very rapidly to help


April 2018

keep milk temperatures (and bacteria growth) under control. For larger producers or those moving to direct tanker load out, the glycol chiller is the best way to handle high volumes rapidly. Glycol chillers are also proving to be less expensive to install, more reliable, and easier to maintain than conventional remote-field-connected refrigeration systems.

What’s important when selecting a chiller?

highest quality parts that are recognized and understood by my local service guy and readily available through local aftermarket suppliers. A manufacturer’s customer support and availability for advice is also critical to our success; that’s what we get from G&D.” Adding further, Steve Dennis of Rock Creek Refrigeration from Twin Falls, ID, shares his thoughts on his long-term business relationship with G&D. “I first reached out to G&D years ago when my client, Double A Dairy needed to replace an older chiller. I was met with knowledgeable service as we worked through the chilling equipment selection. That new chiller showed up onsite and exceeded our expectations on performance and

Tony Freeman, owner of Sunny Slope Dairy shared his insight: “In these days of rising product quality standards and reduced demand / pay prices, the ‘smart money’ goes directly to overall value when selecting any equipment. With chillers, this means choosing a manufacturer who offers simple, smart designs and uses the

American Dairymen April 2018  
American Dairymen April 2018