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Smart Calf System

– Innovative technology for more animal welfare


reating appropriate housing conditions, controlling their effects, documenting them and making them understandable to the farmers are important tasks in the future management of livestock herds. This also refers to a good calf management. The automatic calf feeders from FĂśrster-Technik have always provided a lot of information about crucial health parameters, such as feed consumption, drinking speed, thus giving valuable details on the well-being of the calves. With the new Smart Calf System awarded with the Gold Medal of the German Agricultural Society for its highly innovative character, new sensors and development parameters are now utilized to estimate the health status and development of the calf. As a result, diseases can be detected earlier and the necessary treatments


March 2018

can be performed in time. That means fewer treatments are required and the farmer saves a considerable amount of money and time. At the same time, many practical enhancements are introduced, such as the fully automatic cleaning of the milk lines and the suction hoses as well as the swiveling feeding station. The two main components of this system are the Smart Activity Box and the Smart Neckband.

The Activity Box is equipped with a nipple moving on two axes. This enables the calf to perform its natural udder bumping behavior. An integrated activity sensor measures the udder bumps. A new parameter is thus recorded that supports the early detection of disorders of well-being (stress) and increased disease risks. Studies have shown that this behavior is closely related to emerging diseases. The system signals an

American Dairymen March 2018  
American Dairymen March 2018