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a promising future in dairy By Jaclyn Krymowski for American Dairymen Of all the exciting recent genetic innovations, among the most anticipated is the use of gene editing. This technology can bring desired novel traits to herds and breeds much faster than using generations of selective breeding with all the trial and error that accompanies it. Recombinetics is one company that is leading the way in the development and application of this practice. Gene-editing is a technology where 24

March 2018

specifically designed molecular scissors can cause a double strand break at any desired spot on a genome to induce a change. Naturally, the cell can repair the break itself. But when provided with an instruction template to copy, the cell will specifically repair to produce the desired outcome – such as introducing the polled allele. This method of gene editing uses something called HDR or homology direct repair, explains

Tad Sonstegard, Chief Scientific Officer of Acceligen – the division of Recombinetics that works on developing genetic technology in various livestock species. Sonstegard, a former research geneticist with the USDA, works on the research and development of gene-editing for Recombinetics.

Application & opportunity

Currently there are two ways

American Dairymen March 2018  
American Dairymen March 2018