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Livestock Scales

8 Reasons to Install Livestock Scales in Your Farm By Kevin Hill

Farm management consists of several critical tasks and weighing animals accurately is one of them. It is imperative that you stay up-to-date with all the details pertaining to individual animals. To achieve this, you must implement livestock scales as it helps in optimizing the performance of your animals and maximizing ranch profits.

Benefits of livestock scales

employed in tough cattle conditions and for handling heavy loads. To cater to this requirement, they are designed to be quite durable and they are capable of taking the stress of multiple large loads. In addition to that, they also work well in conditions like rain, dust, animal waste, etc. These scales are built to handle the brunt of animal kicking and shoving too, which would damage other scales that are built for industrial use.

• Performance Evaluation

You can measure the cat tle weights at different stages of their lives with the help of livestock scales. You can use and analyze this data to evaluate feedlots, adjusted weaning and yearling weights, gain in addition to average daily gain (ADG) and weight per day of age (WDA). With the help of livestock scales, you can carry out accurate performance evaluation

• Accuracy

Your weighing equipment is going to be used in various stages of production and output and if it isn’t accurate it will definitely affect your profits. When you use livestock scales, you won’t have to worry about inaccuracies as they always deliver highly accurate measurements. Ensure the scales are maintained and calibrated properly for consistent results.

• Durability

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