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Partnering with Producers for Success

Improving the Milk

Pumping Process By Maura Keller

When dairy farmer Jeff Williams, owner of William Bedrock Bovines in Brodhead Wisconsin, needed an improved level control for his dairy pumping process, he turned to Tri County Dairy of Janesville who then looked to McFinn Technologies in Kenosha, WI. McFinn Technologies; established by John McGinn and LeRoy Finnigan, manufactures innovative, patented and trademarked gentle handling, low shear pumping technology for the dairy industry. McFinn Technologies received its first U.S. patent for its leading-edge low shear centrifugal pump, the Bowpeller, in 2003 and the rest is just hard work and dedication. Since 2003 the company has received two additional patents and three registered trademarks for 16

February 2018

products within the dairy industry. The company also is a 3A sanitary standards holder for pumps, valves and fittings. For Jef f Williams, McFinn Technologies products were the perfect solution to the problem he was facing on his dairy farm.

Specifically, his f loat units were being broken during the cleaning cycle and Williams wanted a pump that was gentler to milk and did not foam the milk. To streamline the installation process, McFinn Technologies partnered with Tri County Dairy Supply in Janesville, Wisc onsi n. Tr i- C ou nt y Da i r y Supply has been in business since 1989. The company offers a full line of milking equipment, calf and kid goat feeding equipment, freestall housing equipment and hardware. The company offers a full line of chemical and hygiene products and offers 24-hour services and a schedule maintenance program. “Tri Count y Dair y installed our Brain control system with our Ultra Sonic non-intrusive level and our patented low shear Bowpeller

American Dairymen February 2018  
American Dairymen February 2018