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Dairy Chillers, Plate Exchangers and Coolers By Bruce Derksen for American Dairymen Magazine


s I considered the topic of dairy chillers and coolers, I thought I had a firm grasp of the subject. I mean, how much can there be to it? You cool the milk, put it in a tank just like dairy farmers have been doing for decades and the wheel just keeps on spinning. Nothing to see here, right? But as I researched the subject, I learned that the old saying is truethe more things stay the same, the more they change. In the days of the average dairy farm existing almost in a vacuum, r el at ively s t able i n si z e a nd numbers, the milk was generally pumped from the four or six cow

parlor to a refrigerated collection tank where it was cooled over time and later picked up at regular intervals by the dairy truck. Almost every dairy had a similar number of cows and it was very close to a one size fits all mentality. The tank that was installed twenty years ago to match the forty cow herd stayed

in use until it fell apart, barring a major equipment malfunction. But a s life ma kes a habit, things are constantly changing. The severely depleted number of overall producers are adapting by installing larger variable sized robotic milking parlors that can service as many as eighty cows at one time in extremely large operations. Imagine all that milk rushing from that many cows into a lowly collection cooler tank. The math to quickly cool such large amounts of product safely simply does not * Continued on page 24


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