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A.I. Techniques

Different A.I. techniques

and methods for fertility

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By Jaclyn Krymowski for American Dairymen


he A.I. procedure is very standard across the dairy industry and is often the exact same protocol from farm to farm. This simple procedure hangs very heavily on both method and skill of the technician. Various studies have proven that the slightest change in technique can have a heavy positive or negative impact on fertility outcomes. Technicians who struggle to maintain consistent pregnancy rate may benefit from exploring the different procedure options.

There a re t h re e ba sic A .I. methods used across the various livestock species. These are the direct vaginal method, the recto vaginal method, and the speculum method. Based on the size and structure of the bovine reproductive tract, two methods are 28

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accepted as proper methods for insemination in beef cattle.

Comparing methods in cattle

In the dairy and beef industries, the most commonly practiced A.I. method is the recto vaginal,

largely due to its practicality and being believed to be the safest for the animal. It uses manipulation of the reproductive tract, primarily the cervix, through rectal palpation. The technician must have a thorough understanding of reproductive anatomy with the skill to penetrate the cervical os and properly deposit the semen using only blind palpation. The size of cattle and durability of their cervix make this method an industry standard. It requires little equipment other than an A.I. rod and a sleeve and takes only a short amount of time to learn. * Continued on page 30

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