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Celebrating Danone North America's Industry Leadership

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By Maura Keller


artnering with dairy industry producers in the areas of animal welfare, sustainable agriculture, social progress and innovative regenerative farming practices has been at the core of Danone North America for years. As part of this ongoing commitment, the company recently launched multiple initiatives aimed at exploring regenerative agriculture, and aligned these initiatives with Danone’s new global vision of One Planet, One Health.

In addition, Danone Nor th America’s industry leadership evolution now includes the company’s new soil health initiative, which highlights the company’s commitment to a range of progressive practices focused on sustainable agriculture, transparency and naturality, which allows Danone North America to offer consumers more of what they want in terms of dairy choices. The initiative brings together experts and academics to build best-in-class soil health programs to benefit farms and communities with a goal to improve organic matter in soils leading to carbon sequestration and improved yields, reduce chemical use and restore biodiversity, and enhance soil water holding capacity leading to improved farm economic resilience long-term. Partners include Dr. Rattan Lal and the Carbon Management and


October 2018

Sequestration Center at The Ohio State University, Dr. Harold van Es and the soil health team at Cornell University and EcoPractices, working with EFC/ Ag Solver as a service provider. Originally formed as a public benefit corporation, Danone North America is legally committed to balance shareholders’ financial interests with the social benefits the company creates for people, their communities and the planet. And Danone North America has taken this commitment one step further by becoming the world’s largest Certified B Corporation®, which the company achieved in April 2018. This designation is a major accomplishment for the dairy industry as a whole. Here’s why: As a B Corp™ company, Danone North America is continuing to collaborate with its large network of dairy farmers to ensure

the company and its industry partners are all doing business in a way that meets rigorous standards of verified performance, transparency and accountability, which helps propel the whole industry forward.

Partners in Progress

As part of the company’s commitment to the dairy industry, Danone North America supports dairy farmers—both large and small—by implementing change through established programs meant to benefit the entire industry. For example, Danone North America recently joined The Carbon Underground, Green America and other food companies to inform the design and development of a new global certification standard for food grown in a regenerative way—across all agricultural systems. This group, the Regenerative Organic Alliance, is working together to develop a new standard, known as the Regenerative Organic Certification. According to Steeve Yammine, Vice President, Milk Procurement, Danone North America, the Regenerative Organic Alliance defines the proposed certification as a “holistic agriculture

American Dairymen October 2018  
American Dairymen October 2018