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Capitalize on Dairy Cattle Productivity By Steve Weisman


here is little doubt that the dairy industry is in constant change, and today’s dairy producer has critical decisions to make. The producer must think of the wellbeing of the animal along with how to maximize milk quality and at the same time, improve the profitability of the operation. The foundation for all of this is the nutritional plan that is implemented. Yet, this is where things become complicated, because there are lots of options out there. Ideally, the nutritional plan will take the herd past their average peak performance. But where does the producer turn and what plan should be followed? For over 38 years, Alltech (www. has been at the forefront of nutrition with the vision of sustaining and nourishing the world’s plants, animals and people. Dan Weiland, the U. S. Dair y


October 2018

Business Manager for Alltech, has been with Alltech for the past 19 years. “When Dr. Lyons started Alltech in 1980, he believed the plan must be good for the animal, good for the consumer and good

for the environment. Although the industry has changed, the vision has remained the same. We are constantly asking the question, ‘How can we improve how we feed animals naturally and better?’” Alltech’s nutritional technologies help animals maximize the nutrients in their feed for optimal wel l-b ei ng a nd per for ma nc e. Alltech has also realized the importance of partnering with other companies who share the same vision. One such partner is Hubbard Feeds (, which has been a part of the Alltech family since 2015. Headquartered in Mankato, MN, Hubbard Feeds,

American Dairymen October 2018  
American Dairymen October 2018