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Protect What Matters With Improved Patz Magnet Article provided by Patz Corporation Patz Corporation, designer and manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, and environmental material handling products, is pleased to announce an improved, quick-opening system for our newly Patented Tub Mounted Magnets. The new magnet system is available on ALL Patz Stationary, Trailer, and Truck Mount Vertical Mixers. With the quick-opening system, the operator can easily unlatch the magnet by pushing up on the locking mechanism and pulling the lever forward. This instantaneously unlocks the magnet for opening, making cleaning and ser v icing effortless. It is imperative the face of the magnet stays clean to remove tramp metal from the Total Mixed Ration (TMR). Beneficial to both operator and livestock, the magnet is able to pull metal objects that may be hidden in TMR ingredients. Metallic materials remain secured to the magnet without being mixed back in to the ration. Tramp metal often causes Hardware disease (Bovine Traumatic Reticulopericarditis). As one of our satisfied customers stated, “If it saves one cow, it’s paid for itself.” This quick-open magnet is available as an option on all Patz Vertical Mixers and can be upgraded to an existing magnet by contacting your local Patz Dealer. Note: The

Patented tub mounted magnet is exclusive to Patz Vertical Mixers. Right now, Patz Corporation has a “Protect What Matters” Magnet Promotion. This limited time offer gives reduced pricing when a vertical mixer is ordered with a magnet. The bigger the mixer, the bigger the savings! Contact your local Patz Dealer today to learn more. Take advantage of this opportunity to Protect What Matters (your herd). A dairy farmer in Iowa stated, “We love the new tub magnet. We find metal on it every day we check it.” Patz Corporation thrives in an ever-changing market by listening

to the needs of our diverse customer base, from beef and dairy operations to commercial enterprises. • Patz Corporation announces an improved, quick-opening system for newly Patented Tub Mounted Magnets • Quick-opening system unlatches by pushing up on the lock and pulling the lever forward for instantaneous access • Ser v icing and cleaning are much easier with this new system • Patented Tub Mounted Magnet removes tramp metal from Total Mixed Ration (TMR) ingredients • Quick-opening magnet is available on ALL Patz Vertical Mixer sizes • Upgrade system available to convert old, knob style magnet opening to quick-opening style • “Protect What Matters” Magnet promotion available for a limited time. The bigger the mixer, the bigger the savings!

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American Dairymen - December 2017