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Embracing Oregano Oil

in Feed Supplements By Maura Keller

When you think of oregano, what comes to mind? For most, oregano is thought to be a popular all-natural spice used in a variety of dishes for human consumption. But thanks to the innovations by leading Dutch investment banker, Paul Mensink, oregano oil has proven to be active component of natural animal feed supplements—leading many dairy farmers and ranchers to turn to RopaPharm International, Mensink’s leading animal feed supplement company—to meet their animals’ dietary needs and improve the health of livestock. It was over 22 years ago that Mensink founded RopaPharm, an innovative Dutch company that develops, produces, and sells animal feed supplements based on fully natural oregano essential oils. In the mid-1990s, two German veterinarians sought to test Mensink’s natural oregano in the field of pigeon racing. The results? Exceptionally healthy pigeons. This further led Mensink to establish a 400-acre

oregano farm in Turkey where he began providing oregano to the Chinese pigeon market in 1997. Fast forward 20 years, and today, RopaPharm provides animal feed supplements, additives and flavorings using oregano-oil as the active component to livestock producers worldwide who recognize the powerful impact oregano has on animal health. Motivated by the notion that both humans and animals should live a healthier lifestyle, Mensink and the team of nutritionists, technical consultants, and veterinarians

at RopaPharm continue to produce a range of oregano products that are proving extremely beneficial to livestock. So how are oregano oils extracted from plants for use in animal feed supplements? After cultivating the carefully selected plants, the oregano essential oil is obtained via steam distillation. By its own plantation areas and distillation facilities, RopaPharm provides sustainable quality of raw materials and controls the amount of active components in oregano essential oil from which the

Data arranged and compiled by Dan L. McDermott CEO/Managing Member RopaPharm U.S. Llc Confidential


December 2017

American Dairymen - December 2017  
American Dairymen - December 2017