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ere’s one thing we know: Engineers are creative problem solvers. And the team at Engineering with IT, known as EngwIT, which was founded in 2006 as a veteran-owned software and hardware engineering firm, is no exception. For more than 12 years, the firm’s team of engineers, system architects, and developers, all who come from a myriad of backgrounds in diverse industries, have devised products and services used to enhance their clients’ business strategies across a variety of industries. And one such product developed, HerdOne, is having a profound impact on the cattle management arena.

In the Beginning

When father and son, Allen and Matthew Marney, founded EngwIT, they had a desire to grow an engineering and technology team that provides high-quality solutions, unmatched customer service, and world class engineering talent. While the familial duo may not have initially envisioned developing a program that would dramatically impact how ranchers and farmers

manage their livestock, they do have a team of experts who are always looking for solutions to inherent problems that various industries face. According to Kyle Britton, senior systems analyst at EngwIT, many of the company’s employees grew up on and currently have farms with cattle, horses, and goats. In fact, Britton and Jonathan Newton, two of the employees who led the design and development efforts for HerdOne, were both looking for solutions to track and manage the records associated with their own animals. “We were surprised at the lack of options in this space and noticed many of the options were either outdated, overly complex, or too expensive,” Britton says. They knew that if they were struggling to find an effective solution, many others must be dealing with this as well. So in May 2017, the development on

HerdOne project team from left to right: Al Marney, Jonathan Newton, Jason Starr, Matt Marney, Kyle Britton



June 2018

HerdOne began in earnest. As Britton explains, during the design process the EngwIT team turned to several farmers and ranchers—utilizing regional producers to help identify the features and process flows that would make HerdOne most beneficial for livestock and farm management. Amanda and Levi Price (Circle L Ranch, Gravette, AR), Warren Alexander (WDA Farms, Gravette, AR), and Ted Staats (Staats Farm, Hiwasse, AR) provided much-needed expertise over the course of creating HerdOne, and for that, the EngwIT team is thankful. “This is a process we continue every day and we believe we have a product that creates value at an affordable price for anyone using it.” Britton says.

How It Works

When it comes to cattle management, accessibility is key. That’s why the developers of HerdOne created a web-based application (www.herdone. com) that is responsive to any screen size and can be viewed on any device that has a browser. “Access from anywhere with an Internet connection—even while in the field—allows farmers to put in the data immediately versus forgetting about doing so later,” Britton says. Is there a new calf in the pasture? Did you administer an antibiotic? Or perform a pregnancy check? HerdOne allows users to enter all of these events when they occur. Here’s how it works: HerdOne takes the livestock related data that you enter and translates it into information that

American Cattlemen June 2018  
American Cattlemen June 2018