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July 2013 | Move-In Guide


MOVE IN GUIDE Welcome to Twin River Commons


On behalf of the entire Twin River Commons team, welcome home. As a premier community, exclusive to students, we operate under the philosophy “Students First.� Our team of professional and student staff work

Apartment Checklist


tirelessly to provide you with first class amenities, educational and social programs, and personal service. Whether you are a new resident or returning for yet another year, we hope that you actively engage in community events and interact with both neighbors and staff alike. Together we can build a community that fosters an atmosphere conducive to learning, encourages personal growth, celebrates accomplishments, and promotes friendships. This guide was created to help prepare you for move-in day as well as introduce you to the amenities and

Community Amenities


Rent Payments


pleasure to serve you.

Maintenance Services


Jerry P. Wojenski

Community Development


Move-In Discounts


services available to you. Please take the time to carefully review the information in this guide and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. It is always our

Community Manager

Twin River COMMONS

Move-In Checklist To ensure a smooth move-in, please make sure that all items on this checklist are completed prior to your arrival. Note: you will not be allowed to move-in until your rent and mattress cover fee have been paid, and all lease paperwork has been completed. ______ Return revised lease pages.

______ Enroll in e-Premium renter’s

Ap partment Checklist

insurance or provide proof of alternative renter’s insurance or homeowner’s policy.

Here are some items we recommend packing for your apartment. For an easier move-in, consider purchasing items such as cleaning supplies at local stores after you arrive.

______ Bring a $25 check or money order made payable to Washington Development Associates to pay for mattress cover.




Full XL or Queen

Broom + Dustpan

Dishes / Glassware

Bed Sheets



Mattress Pad

Mop + Bucket

Can Opener

______ Complete the online pre-registra-


Swiffer Sweeper

Pots + Pans

tion form at and bring

Alarm Clock


Shelf Liner

printed confirmation page.

Trash Can



Trash Can Liners

Mixing Bowls

XL Shower Curtain

Toilet Bowl Brush

Spatula / Tongs

Shower Liner


Pasta Strainer

Shower Hooks

Dish Soap


Small rack or stand

Dishwasher Soap

Kitchen Towels

Ironing Board

Glass Cleaner

Pot Holder


Multipurpose Spray

Laundry Hamper

______ Bring a Photo ID upon check-in.


High Efficiency


Power Strips

Laundry Detergent


Laptop Lock

Shower Caddy

Storage Bins

CAT 5e or 6 Cable


Toolkit (Hammer,

Coax Cable


Pliers, Screwdriver)

Floor Lamp



Area Rug

Toilet Paper


Decorative Pillows

First AID Kit

Wall Art


______ Pay August rent installment.

Wash Wa sher er/D /Dry ryer iin ry n Ev Ever eryy Un er Unit it

Twin River COMMONS

Welc We lcom lc omee to T om Twi win River Comm mmon mm ons on

Move-In Day Information NEW RESIDENTS DATES: The first day new

ing garages or park off

your arrival. If you are

mium insurance.

residents can move-in is

Conklin Ave. We will pro-

paying rent upon ar-

4) Please bring a photo

Thursday, August 15 from

vide you with directions

rival, you must do so with

ID upon check-in. We

9am to 7pm. Residents

to alternative parking

either a money order or

will only hand room keys

can also move-in any day

upon check-in.

cashier’s check.

over to residents.

thereafter: Friday, August

2) All new residents are

16 from 10am to 7pm;

CHECK-IN: When you

required to purchase a

TIPS: Thanks to support

Saturday, August 17 and

arrive, please check-in at

protective mattress cover

from Sams Club, we will

Sunday, August 18 from

the office. You will need

from Twin River Com-

have a few carts avail-

10am to 5pm.

the following in order to

mons. The cost of this

able to help you move-in,

receive your room keys:

cover is $25. Please bring

but availabilty will still

PARKING: Residents

1) First rent installment

a check or money order

be limited. We recom-

may use our parking lot

must be paid prior to

made payable to Wash-

mend bringing your own

to unload. If you

ington Develop-


did not purchase

Returning residents transfer-

ment Associates.

parking access, we

ring to new rooms must do so on

3) Provide proof of

PARENTS: The Holiday Inn

ask that after you

August 7. If you cannot move on

a renter’s insur-

Binghamton will provide

unload, you move

that day, you must vacate your cur-

ance policy, home-

parents an exclusive Twin

owner’s policy, or

River Commons discount

enroll in e-Pre-

rate. Details on page 9.

your vehicle to one of the local park-

rent room no later than August 6.


Twin River COMMONS


Reporting Service Issues Online. Access SmartClick

ments from your bank account with SmartClick. Once

through the top of our home page at twinrivercom-

you log into your SmartClick account, add your rout- After you log in to your SmartClick ac-

ing and checking account information. SmartClick will

count, select the Request Service option and enter

deduct your account balance on the FIRST day of each

your service request. Please provide as much detail as

month. SmartClick also allows you to give your par-

possible when describing the issue. If there is a ma jor

ents access to your account. Note: Since SmartClick

leak, please call us immediately at (888) 409-1773. Any

only makes withdrawls on the first of each month, you

repair resulting from the negligence or willful acts of

cannot use SmartClick to pay your August installment.

the resident or resident’s guests will be charged back

Contact Nicole Malick with any account questions.

to the resident.

Contact us for help with Sma martClick ma

Nico Ni cole co le M Mal alic al ick, ic k, A Ass ssis ss ista is tant nt M Man anag an ager ag er

Mail and Package Service POSTAL MAIL Each apartment is provided with a mailbox located to the left of the elevators. Postal mail is delivered to your mailbox Monday through Saturday except for federal


holidays. There is a slot in the mailboxes for outgoing mail. Please make sure your

Your NAME 45 Washington St Apt No. & Bedroom Binghamton, NY 13901

outgoing mail is properly stamped and addressed.

PACKAGES Packages and flowers are delivered to the office where they are logged into our online package notification system called Smart Alert. Once logged, you will receive an e-mail or text message from Smart Alert prompting you to pick-up your package. All residents will receive an enrollment e-mail from Smart Alert. Please enroll immediately to avoid delays in receiving your packages. We also recommend choosing text alerts as your package notification option.


Twin River COMMONS

RENT PAYMENTS Rent payments are due on the FIRST day of each month. A late fee of $50 is charged if your rent payment is not received by the 5th day of the month. We DO NOT send monthly invoices. Residents are responsible for ensuring their rent payment is received on time. Per the lease agreement, there are 12 rent installments due from August 2013 through July 2014. Please refer to the first page of the lease agreement to determine the amount of your rent installment.

Rent can be paid by check, money order, cashier’s check, or online by automatic withdrawl (ACH). We do not accept credit card payments at this time. If paying by check/money order, please be sure to: 1) Make payable to: WASHINGTON DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES, LLC 2) Write the resident’s name and room number in the memo section of the payment. 3) Do not write an advanced date. 4) Mail payments to: 45 Washington St, Binghamton, NY 13901

To pay online by automatic bank withdrwal, please see our SMART CLICK section on Page 4.


Mattress Cover

Events, community news,

New residents are re-

and contests are posted

quired to purchase a

on our Facebook page.

$25 mattress cover from

Keep connected with

us in order to protect

your community and

mattresses against in-

follow us on Facebook.

festations, damage, and

Like us today and you

stains. Please bring your

could win a $25 gift card.

payment at check-in.

5 Ourr Ma Ou Mascot ot, Ma ot Mann nnyy th nn the Mo Monk nkey nk ey

Twin River COMMONS

Trash & Recycling

Service Requests

Safety & Protection

Help keep our community

Things Happen and We’ll Be

Communication is Key to

clean and green.

There When They Do


Please respect the community and refrain from tossing trash and gum onto the grounds.

Always leave your contact information when reporting service requests.

Report lost keys or suspicious persons immediately.

There are two trash and recycling

Please report maintenance issues

Report lost keys immediately so we

rooms on each floor across from

as soon as possible. Residents can

can remove the key’s access rights.

the ‘23 and ‘51 rooms. Please sepa-

submit maintenance service re-

Please be mindful of your key at all

rate recyclables from regular trash.

quests online through SmartClick.

times and keep it on a lanyard so

Residents must use 13 gallon trash

If there is an emergency and the

it is more difficult to misplace. The

bags and tie each bag before de-

office is closed, call (888) 409-1773

charge for a lost key is $50.

positing them in trash containers.

and report the issue to our answering service.

Twin River Commons is a tobacco

Do not open entrance doors for anyone you do not know and re-

free property. Smoking is not

Our maintenance team will also

port suspicious persons or behav-

permitted within the gates of the

conduct quaterly inspections of all

ior by calling us at (888) 409-1773.


units and replace air filters.


ME MEET OUR MAI AINT AI NTEN NT ENAN EN ANCE CE TEA EAM EA M Left ft:: D Dar arry ryll Gr Gray ay | Right: Adam Gr Greg egro eg row, ro w, M Mai aint ai nten nt enan en ance an ce M Manag ager er

Twin River COMMONS

False Alarms Every apartment is equipped with photo sensing smoke detectors. When one detector spots anything that looks like smoke, it will sound a prealarm. When a second detector also spots smoke, the building wide alarm will sound. The two most common

sure your bathroom fan is running while showering; and

causes for these alarms have been shower

close bedroom doors while opening the living room window

steam and smoke from poor cooking. To

when you accidently burn food. You should also never leave

help prevent false alarms, please make

the kitchen unattended while cooking.

Housekeeping Corner

Emergency Procedures


Fire Emergencies 1) Report fires (even if extinguished) by phone from a safe location. Call 911 and notify our staff by calling (888) 409-1773. 2) Evacuate. Do not attempt to fight fires. Leave the building at once using the stairway and do not use elevators. Once outside move away from the building.

Elevator Failures Use the elevator phone to contact our

Patr Pa tric icia ia “Pa Patt tty” tt y” A Agr gron gr on,, Ho on Hous usek us ekee ek eeper ee

office or answering service and wait for emergency responders.

Although we clean

Keeping things

Another option is to

Suspicious Behavior

common areas on

tidy is easy as long

hire a professional

If you notice suspicous persons or behav-

a daily basis, we

as you maintain a

cleaning service.

ior, notify our on-call Courtesy Officers and

do not clean your

routine cleaning

Clean EZ can

Keystones by calling (888) 409-1773.

apartments after

schedule. Start by

provide regularly

move-in. Keeping

scheduling chores

scheduled clean-

Emergency Equipment

your apartment

and divide the

ing services at an

Tampering or disabling emergency equip-

clean is important.


affordable price. To

ment is against the law and violators will

A dirty apartment

with your room-

get more informa-

be reported to local law enforcement.

may attract insects

mates. If you need

tion, contact Debra

and create perma-

any advice, please

at (607) 349-0880.

nent stains.

feel free to ask us.

Treat all alarms like an emergency and follow the instructions from staff and emergency responders.


Twin River COMMONS

Essential savings for Binghamton University and BCC Students Enjoy a $15 gift card when you sign up for a Sam’s Club® collegiate membership.*



A collegiate membership can help you save money on groceries, laundry detergent, computers and everyday needs. The value begins instantly with a $15 Sam’s Club Gift Card at sign-up and continues with other extra offers you’ll receive.

* You must have a valid student ID and university (.edu) email address at the time of sign-up to qualify for collegiate membership. This offer is limited to current non-members and renewals. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase a membership, and membership is subject to qualifications. This offer is valid for memberships issued in-club and is not valid online. Gift card will be provided at the time membership card is issued. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Only one gift card per primary member. Gift card may not be used to pay for membership fee. Membership cards are non-transferable and are valid at all Sam’s Club locations worldwide. Walmart® and Sam’s Club associates are not eligible for this offer.


Twin River COMMONS


Twin River COMMONS


Lynette Estevez

Jasmine Aiken

Matthew Meier

Nicholas Tzavis

Mark Senay

Senior Physical Therapy and Human Development

Senior Philosophy, Politics, and Law

Junior Pre-Med | Biology

Senior Economics

Senior Industrial & Systems Engineering

Community Development

CommuniKey: Unlock Yours


The CommuniKey is a unique student membership program offering its members exclusive discounts at over 50 local restaurants and retailers. Twin River Commons is the only student housing community to offer all of its residents a free CommuniKey membership. Membership cards will be distributed on move-in day. Once you receive your card, register it at to receive free items every week and invites to special members-only events. Their latest discount: 15% off at Zona’s Grille.

AN INTEGRAL ROLE IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. COMMUNITY EVENTS: Keystones plan monthly events that promote peer acceptance, social interaction, physical fitness, personal wellness, and service opportunities. We encourage you to attend these events and provide feedback to our Keystones so that we can improve on future events.

REFERRAL AGENTS: Our Keystones provide residents with information regarding community and local resources. They are familiar with the many resources available to students on and off campus.

Judy Libous Community Consultant

RESIDENT RELATIONS: If you are having issues with a roommate

With 36 years of experience

or a neighbor, please contact one of our Keystones. They can

working for Binghamton Univer-

help in mediating resident conflicts.

sity’s residential life, Judy helps guide our Keystones and assists in

OPERATIONS: Keystones assist in day-to-day operations, en-

developing our reslife program. A

force community standards, serve as emergency responders,

huge B.U. Bearcat fan, Judy enjoys

and act as liasons between residents and management.

interacting with our residents.


Twin River COMMONS

Community Amenities Game Room is open 24-7 featur-

need assistance in using any of our

Computer Center is located on

ing billiards, air hockey, foosball,

equipment, please see our office

the first floor with the latest PC

ping pong, and Xbox and PS3 gam-


and MAC computers. We also have

ing stations. Video games and con-

a cloud-based printer so you can

trollers can be checked out from

Tanning is a free service avail-

print for free from anywhere in the

the office during business hours.

able during office hours. Residents


are required to sign a tanning

Fitness Center is open 24-7 with

agreement and to wear protective

Study Lounges are located on

a variety of aerobic and strength

eyewear at all times while the tan-

floors 2-4. Each lounge features a

conditioning equipment. If you

ning booth is operating.

large, touchscreen computer and printers.

Grills are located in the courtyard and you can check out grilling tools from the office.

Cafe and Media Center Our Cafe features a variety of vending, fresh Starbucks coffee, and waffles. Enjoy movies or sports

Study, Relax ax,, Pl Play ay A All ll U Und nder nd er O One ne R Roo ooff oo

in our media room’s big screen.

Renter’s Insurance All residents are required to either obtain a renter’s insurance policy or provide proof of a homeowner’s policy.

River Commons. Residents will

Why Renter’s Insurance?

not be allowed to check-in until

A community’s insurance does not

we have received proof they are

cover your personal belongings


when they are damaged or stolen. Renter’s insurance protects you

Per the lease agreement, all resi-

from the cots of replacing your

dents are required to provide proof

If you purchase renter’s insur-

personal belongings when they are

of either a renter’s insurance policy

ance from epremiuminsurance.

damaged, stolen, or vandalized.

or a homeowner’s policy covering

com, you do not need to provide

You also may be liable for damage

dependents while away at college.

documentation as ePremium In-

done to the apartment as a result

Please write your name and room

surance will automatically notify

of your negligence as well as the

number on the top of your proof

us of your coverage.

personal injury to another resident.

of insurance and send it to Twin


Twin River COMMONS


win River Com-

Welcome to the Neighborhood

mons is proud to offer our residents

and parents with exclusive discounts to local restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. We have partnered with some local retailes and service providers to provide you savings during move-in weekend.

LODGING Holiday Inn Binghamton 2 Hawley St (607) 722-1212 Twin River Parents get

Twin River Commons


We specialize in delicious

up to 15% off your stay

residents get a $15 Sam’s

Amici’s Pub & Pizzeria

natural, organic, and local

to receive your discount

Club gift card when you

126 1/2 Henry St.

meals. Receive $5.00 off

e-mail: sales@holidayin-

sign-up for our Collegiate

Binghamton, NY 13901

with our coupon found on and

Membership. Sam’s Club

(607) 238-7466

page 14.

use the subject line: VIP

representatives will be at

FREE Appetizer up to $10


Twin River Commons on

with purchase from

Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt

move-in day.

August 15th-18th. See our

46 S. Washington St #1

ad on page 14.

Binghmaton, NY 13903

Getting Around Town For up-to-date bus schedules and route maps, visit: B.U. - Broome -


Binghamton HOTS

River Commons Student

Clean EZ

128 Washington St

Discount Card on move-in

Contact Deb Darpino at

Binghamton, NY 13901


(607) 349-0880

(607) 296-4687

or e-mail: ddarpino@

Get 10% using our coupon


found on page 14.


Receive an exclusive Twin

special rates on house-

All Twin River Commons

keeping service for your


residents will receive a


bedroom or entire apart-

43 S. Washington St

free membership card

SAM’S Club

ment. Contact us today

Binghamton, NY 13903

from Communikey on

2441 Vestal Pkwy E

for a quote.

(607) 722-5138

move-in day with dis-

Vestal, NY 13850


counts to 50+ retailers.

Twin River COMMONS

For more information and times on our upcoming events, please check our Facebook page for updates at

Movie in the Courtyard Sunday, August 18 Enjoy a movie under the stars with gourmet popcorn in our courtyard.

Ice Cream Sundae Party Monday, August 19 Take a tour of our clubhouse

Mont Mo nthl hlyy So Soci cial ci al a and nd E Edu duca du cati ca tion ti onal on al E Eve vent ve nts nt

amenities. Each stop has different yummy ice cream toppings to build the ultimate sundae.

Apartment Social Wednesday, August 21

August Event Line-Up at Twin River Commons

Meet your neighbors! We’re hosting

around, meet your neighbors, and

Inaugural Yum Run Friday, August 23

Scavenger Hunt Saturday, August 24

make new friends. Then vote on

Take a scenic run with friends

You and your team will race around

the Best Decorated Apartment.

down Riverside Drive to Sweet Lips,

downtown Binghamton visiting

scarf down a TRC Blizzard, and run

partner businesses to collect scav-

Have an idea for an event? Talk to

back. The ice cream is on us, just

enger hunt items.

one of our Keystones. We’re always

try not to get a brain freeze!

an open house on each floor. Walk

looking for new and creative ideas.

King of the Grill Sunday, August 25 Teams compete in a BBQ competition to win an amazing prize package. Free food for all residents.

Breakfast On-The-Go Monday, August 26 Start the school year off with a free breakast to-go bag.

Exam Ex am S Stu tudy dy B Bre reak re akss

Red Cross Blood Drive Tuesday, September 10


Twin River COMMONS

OfďŹ ce Hours To reach us after hours, call us at (888) 409-1773 and leave a message with our answering service.


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pm

Wednesday: 10:00am - 7:00pm Thursday:

10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 5:00pm


Noon - 5:00pm

Visit us online:

Like us on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:


Natural * Local * Organic

$ 5.00 Coupon Limit, one coupon per customer

(Expires 12/31/13) Wed-Sat: 11am - 10pm (607)722-5138 S. Washington St. Binghamton, NY Sun-Tue: Closed

Twin River Commons Move-In Guide  

Twin River Commons 2013 Move-In Guide for residents and their parents.

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