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nder Armour is a clothing company best known for its introduction of moisture-wicking performance apparel designed to be worn under sportswear. The real battle is not against sweat, dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the Join us this summer as we learn how we can take a stand by clothing ourselves with program staff and counselors will all be using the activities of Twin Lakes Camp to teach these important principles in the fun atmosphere that is distinctly Twin Lakes Camp!

Nathan Chambers, Program Director

Deposit: A non-refundable $75 deposit is required to process your reservation. The balance is due on the first day of camp. Discounts: Prepayment Discount: Camper fees that are paid in full by April 1st will receive a $15 discount per camper. This is in addition to any other discounts. Multiple Children Discount: Parents sending more than one child (from their own family) to camp are entitled to a discount of $20 for each child after the first. Note: Discounts do not apply to Squirt Campers or to family camps. What to Bring: Bible, notebook and pen, sleeping bag and pillow, toiletries, modest swimsuit, play clothes, jacket, two pairs of shoes (at least one pair of athletic shoes), flashlight, bug spray, and spending money for the camp store (about $25). What Not to Bring: Cell phones, radios, mp3 players, TVs, electronic games, fireworks, firearms, knives or other weapons, magazines, excessive jewelry, coolers, or nonprescription medications. Also, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the camp property. Drop-Off, Pickup: Eastern Daylight Saving Time. Registration is Monday 10:00-11:30 am. Pickup is on Saturday, 8:30-9:30 am.

Learn as You Play. one of our favorite sayings at here at Twin Lakes Camp. And wow! God has given us plenty of things to play with. With great property in a great location we can certainly see the hand of God in

providing us with the resources we need to carry out the mission of the camp. Our goal is to use all 210 acres of to campers in such a way that is fun and has lasting impact. experience!

Jon Beight, Executive Director

Boys and Girls grades 7-12 (2010-11 school year) For Students who feel God may be calling them into full-time vocational ministry or who just want to be challenged spiritually on a deeper level. The program will help students understand the importance of servant leadership. Don Helton will be joining us this summer as he leads the chapel sessions. Dates: LC: July 5-10 Cost: $320 Activities: Challenge Mountain High Ropes Course, Paintball, Chapel, Workshops, Zip Line, Bike Jump into the Lake, “The Blob� and more.

Boys and Girls grades 9-12 (2010-11 school year) A unique mix of activities and relationship building. Not only will campers be challenged with adventure-type activities but they will be challenged spiritually as well. Campers find our summer counselors are a great source of encouragement as they discuss both the benefits and responsibilities of the Christian walk. Dates: HS-1: June 21-26 HS-2: July 5-10 Cost: $320 Activities: Challenge Mountain High Ropes Course, Paintball, Chapels, Zip Line, Knife Throwing, Bike Jump into the Lake, “The Blob� and more.

2010 Registration Form Name of Camp Requested _________________________________________ Date of Camp Requested __________________________________________ Camper’s Name _________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________________________________________ Grade ___________________ Gender  Male;  Female Address _______________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________ Phone _(_________)_____________________________________________ Email for confirmation ____________________________________________ Parent’s Name __________________________________________________ Daytime Phone _(_________)______________________________________ Church Name ___________________________________________________ Church City/State ________________________________________________ Siblings also attending TLC Summer Camp (any grade level) ______________ _______________________________________________________________ Cabin Mate Request (one) _________________________________________

Release I certify that the above child has my permission to attend camp, and I am aware that physical risks are associated with participating in camp activities regardless of precautions taken. In case of medical emergency or general medical care, I give consent for medical treatment for my child named above by authorized personnel. The camp carries secondary accident insurance which means all balance will be paid by the camp’s insurance after my health insurance company. I also realize my child’s picture or testimony may be used in promotional material.

________________________________________________________________________ Signature


Medical Information Family Doctor ___________________________________________________ Doctor’s Phone _(_________)______________________________________ Insurance Company ______________________________________________ Policy Number __________________________________________________ Insurance Company Address _______________________________________ Insurance City/State/Zip ___________________________________________ Medications Taken Regularly (must be in original container) _______________ _______________________________________________________________ Allergies (list) ___________________________________________________ Special Conditions/Health History

Date of Tetanus Shot/Booster ______________________________________ Other medical concerns for your child:

Method of Payment:  Check;  Visa;  MasterCard

Amount to Place on Card $ _____________ Card # ________________________________ Security # _________Exp. Date ____________

____________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Signature Send Completed Form to: Twin Lakes Camp 1451 E. Twin Lakes Rd. Hillsboro, IN 47949

In the operation of child nutrition programs, no child will be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Any person who believes that he or she has been discriminated against in any USDA related activity should write immediately to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, DC 20250.

Boys and Girls grades 6-8 (2010-11 school year) Lots of fun, making new friends and having a blast—that’s what’s in store for middle school campers. There are also lots of opportunities to grow spiritually, test their skills and make tons of memories. Our counselors not only provide the context for having fun and leading activities but make excellent mentors and role models. Dates: MS-1: June 28-July 3 MS-2: July 19-24 MS-3: August 2-7 Cost: $320 Activities: Paintball, Mountain Bikes, Challenge Mountain Zip Line and Climbing Tower, Creek Walk, Night Hike, Skit Night, Cook Out, Chapels, Boating, Fishing, “The Blob” and more!

Boys and Girls grades 3-6 (20010-11 school year) Junior Camp is fun, safe and a great place to make new friends and learn new skills. Campers can expect lots of activities led by their counselor. Our counselors are mature, well-screened, highly trained college students. They are assisted by our support staff of nurses, interns and programming staff to assist our junior campers in having the best week of their summer! Dates: Cost: J-1: June 14-19 ··········· $299 J-2: July 12-17 ············ $299 J-3: July 26-31 ············ $299 J-4: August 9-14·········· $289 Activities: Archery, Water Zip Line, Challenge Mountain Zip Line, Crafts, Chapels, Boating, Swimming, Spit Wad, Creek Walk, “The Blob” and more!

Boys and Girls grade 2 (2010-11 school year) A fun Introduction to camp that is just a couple of days long. Get acquainted with the camp setting along with the traditions of TLC while participating in some of the activities that make camp such a great place. The most heard comment after Squirt Camp is, “Mom, can I come back next year for a whole week?” Dates: Cost: S-1: July 29-31 ················· $110 S-2: August 12-14 ············· $110 Activities: Chapel, Squirt Gun Games (we supply the squirt guns), Swimming, Water Zip Line, Spit Wad, Nature Hike. Note: Multiple child and pre-payment discounts do not apply to Squirt Camps.

Memorial Day Weekend, May 28-31 At Twin Lakes Camp you’ll find air conditioned cabins, caring staff that will assist you in your family fun, certified lifeguards, GREAT cooking, family games, challenging messages with child-care services, and a great value. Come see why many children talk more about family camp 3 months later then they do about Disney, cruises, and a host of other vacations that cost much, much more! Cost: $300 per family (covers lodging and activities) plus $60 per person (covers food). [Children 2-4 will pay $30 for food costs and children under 2 will be free. Those who wish to bring a RV will only need to pay $150 for the RV spot and activities.] A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for each person attending. Note: Multiple child and pre-payment discounts do not apply to Family Camp.

Phone: 765-798-4000

1451 E. Twin Lakes Rd. Hillsboro, IN 47949-8004

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #198 Seymour, IN

2010 Twin Lakes Camp Summer Brochure  

The summer camp brochure is now online!

2010 Twin Lakes Camp Summer Brochure  

The summer camp brochure is now online!