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Nebraska Reservoirs John Marshbanks III Design Studio 426 Fall 2013

Project 01 Visualizing Systems WATER + SYSTEM

Investigating the systems within the geography Students will explore the intersection of water with the eleven urban systems. Visual Research will expand on the topic by creating representations of the regions where the concepts intersect. Systems of design representation and analysis will be developed. Foresight Driver’s of Change Card prompts will be used as points of departure for research.

A Library of Images that the student has put together based off the words that the student chose.

Process 1

Process 1

Water and Industry




The earth’s air-conditioning


Water is “different”


Water—the earth’s blood


The First Design in the Design Process was a bit challenging to complete. I was pretty conifdent about what i wanted it was just a bit difficult to demonstrate that into a 2D piece.

Design 1.0

The Second Design in the Design Process was moving along very swiftly. The Ledgend and graph demonstated on the piece are starting to look very engaging. The Layout still is still unknown at this point. Started to experiment with color as well.

Design 2.0

The Third Design in the Design Process was one of the biggest jumps that i had made with in this project. I really knew what I was looking as an overall piece. Everything on the piece is becoming more legiable, the colors are really starting to pop off the page.

Design 3.0

The FourthDesign in the Design Process or the final design for the piece. I finally made some important decisions to change the layout, and a couple of the colors. With paying attendtion to detail i decied to resize a couple of items on this piece. I went with a grid system layout scheme, and it’s working very effectively for me. Over all I learned alot from this project, and I’m looking forward to putting this atlas together.

Design 4.0

John Marshbanks III  

Nebraska Reserviors