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contd. from --- keep warm Once baby is buckled in safely, you can then cover him with an extra blanket for added warmth. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want your tots to overheat if they will be in the car for a while. If you will be walking around with the stroller, you can get away with a bulkier snowsuit or coat, but make sure to remove it before buckling your baby in his car seat. If you use a snap-type stroller/ carseat combo, you might want to try some car seat covers that act like tents and shield the baby from the weather. If your older multiples are in a stroller with seats, you can look for footmuffs or buntings so you don’t have to deal with blankets that might slip away.

3. When possible, wear one or more babies. Baby

wearing is a nice way to get in some extra cuddles, and in my experience is an absolute necessity just to get things done around the house! It also has the added benefit of using your body temperature to keep baby nice and warm. There are a variety of styles of carriers, from slings to pouches to wraps and backpacks. You will probably feel most comfortable wearing only one baby at a time, (unless they are very small!), but baby wearing can be a great tool if one baby is content and the other needs some extra attention. If you’d like to venture out while wearing your baby, make sure to dress appropriately. Babies can overheat quickly, so again, light, but warm layers are the best choice here. Before you head out, do a quick mirror check to make sure any waldrobe malfunctions (yours or baby’s!) aren’t leaving baby uncovered anywhere. For that gap between pant legs and socks, I’ve tried long thigh-high type socks and/or leg warmers! You can also find carrier covers that snap on to the straps of the carrier, covering the baby.

diaper, and hold her to your bare chest, covering yourselves with a blanket. Make sure that baby’s face isn’t covered and that she can breathe! Skinto-skin isn’t just for moms, either. Dad can get in on this action, too! For more benefits of skin-toskin contact, see this infographic.

5. Practice safe sleep. Loose blankets can be a suffocation hazard. Try a swaddle or sleep sack instead. Swaddling babies helps keep them calm and warm, with the added benefit of decreasing SIDS risk. Also, be careful not to put on too many layers before you swaddle your multiples, as they can overheat while swaddled. To check, put your hand on baby’s chest. It shouldn’t feel hot or clammy. Again, if it’s really cold, fleece is a great option for a sleep sack or swaddle. For more on swaddling, check out Baby Care Advice. Mercedes is a stay-at-home mom of 15 month old boy/girl twins. She and her husband brought their twins to live in Scotland when they were just ten weeks old, and it’s been an adventure ever since. Read more about their life in the land of castles, haggis and bagpipes at her blog, Project Procrastinot. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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There are even baby-wearing garments for adults--fleece vests or pull-overs with extra room and a hole for baby’s head! One note of caution...when baby wearing, always make sure that baby’s face is not covered, and that her chin is not tucked into her chest, which can cause difficulty breathing.

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4. Cuddle skin-to-skin. It’s not just good for

encouraging breastfeeding---holding your babies skin-to-skin can help regulate their body temperatures. Strip the baby down to just her



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Multiplicity Winter 2014  

Multiplicity's Winter issue complete with features including seasonal affective disorder, parenting resolutions, cutting the budget, getting...

Multiplicity Winter 2014  

Multiplicity's Winter issue complete with features including seasonal affective disorder, parenting resolutions, cutting the budget, getting...