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hether you want a fun way to announce to your friends and family, a special way to tell your husband, or a way that will make the whole world know that you are expecting multiples, there are a lot of ideas to choose from. These 8 ways to announce your twin pregnancy will be sure to bring some creativity and personality to your announcement:

1. Claim your superpowers.

You don’t just make babies, you make two babies and this is your chance to tell the world! Have a t-shirt or sign made with sayings such as “Every Superhero needs a sidekick. I am getting two” or “I Grow Twins. What’s Your Superpower?” and grab your camera. You can make this really fun by adding bright colors and capes to your set, and maybe even create a simple backdrop of a city using paint and an old appliance box cut into a rectangle.

2. Shoes and more shoes.

Take a photo of you and your partner with two pairs of shoes in between you. This can be a subtle way to make the announcement, but you can make it personal by adding shoes that speak to your family such as tiny little running shoes if you are an active family. If you know the sex of your twins, this is also a great way to announce that at the same time. You can make the shoes little ballet flats and/or tiny loafers.

3. Schedule a photo shoot (but don’t tell your partner). Not only is it great to be able to surprise your partner with the news that you are expecting twins, but capturing it in a photo or on

video is even better. Tell your partner you want to do a photo shoot of just the two of you and bring along an ultrasound picture. Work out with your photographer before to take a picture with you holding it behind your back and then be ready to shoot as you show it to your partner. Capturing their expression will be something you can treasure for years to come.

4. Choose a phrase. “Double trouble arriving soon”, “Oh, Baby. Oh, Baby. What else can we say? We have two babies on the way!” and “Twice the Blessing, twice the fun. Two miracles instead of one” are all phrases that you can put on a sign or banner and make your own. Get creative with multiplicity

the colors, your outfits or the setting and have someone capture the moment so you can share with everyone.

5. Laugh at your sickness.

Feeling sick all day and not being able to stand the smell of anything is not normally something that is ever funny. However, laughing about it in your twin pregnancy announcement can be really fun for everyone else. Take one picture of you “getting sick” with the caption “We’re expecting...” and then take one of your partner “getting sick” with the caption “With Twins!”. This not only makes a great announcement to send out to your closes family and friends, but a fun, light way to share across social media, too.

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