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my pelvic floor...


ain’t what it used to be! by randi stone

ou sneeze, you pee. You cough, you pee. Intercourse ain’t what it used to be. What gives? In short, your pelvic floor has been traumatized by pregnancy and/or childbirth.

The pelvic floor extends from your anus to your pubic bone and consists of a network of muscle fibers that are interconnected and woven together like a hammock. During pregnancy, your pelvic floor goes from carrying your uterus, which starts off smaller and lighter than a kiwi, to a uterus that is the size and weight of an oversized pumpkin. So, even if you didn’t have a vaginal birth, its been through a lot! multiplicity

The Kegel, named after Dr. Kegel, is the name of a pelvic floor exercise to strengthen muscles that attach to the pelvic bone and act as a hammock for the organs (urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum) located in the pelvis. Pregnancy, age and hormonal changes all weaken the pelvic floor, and even if you Kegel like crazy, you probably do them wrong, not enough, incorrect positionally, and maybe don’t exercise your pelvic floor at all. Studies show that women think they are doing Kegels when they are in fact just squeezing their inner thighs together or engaging their buttocks. I personally Kegeled throughout my the must-have magazine for all moms of multiples


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