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Some key child proofing devices you might be unaware of or have that can be used to prevent these types of injuries include window guards, door alarms, cord containment, cord and blind winders, power strip safety covers, bi-fold, sliding and top-of-door locks, as well as door knob and lever handle guards. Toilet locks, oven and appliance locks and latches, outlet plug covers, or slide outlet plates instead of traditional outlet covers, and lazy susan locks are also important. Rail nets, banister guards or cardboard and duct tape can be used for spindle gaps on stairways, railings and decks. Magnetic locks are superior to the plastic drawer latches and cabinet locks.

You should secure ALL furniture, TV’s and appliances to the wall.

You should also have a fire extinguisher on every level of your home and know how to use it, as well as working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and a family fire escape plan. Do you know the number for Poison Control? 1-800-222-1222. I know your parents have probably told you, “I didn’t do any of those things and you survived!” While that may be true, we live with a greater knowledge of what the dangers are and how to prevent them. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of thinking ‘it’ can’t happen to you or that your kids are

not at risk because they ‘know better’ or aren’t climbers. No one who has ever lost a child thought it would happen to them, either. Despite my well childproofed home, I lost my daughter, Meghan because her dresser was not secured to the wall. She was a twin. I forever see one where two should be and it could’ve been prevented. As parents, we have the responsibility for the health and well-being of our children. As parents of multiples, that responsibility can weigh heavier on us, as we have not just one child to keep safe, but two or more of the same age. We can only go in one direction ourselves, after all! Our job, as parents, is to keep our kids safe. Their job is to be free to explore their environment through play. So, when do you plant to get started? For additional resources on child safety visit Safe Kids, Home and Life Safety, Meghan’s Hope.

Kimberly Amato is a busy mom of three. Her two boys, age 11 and 14 still walk with her on earth. Her daughter, Meghan, the twin of her 11-year-old, died at the age of 3 from a furniture tip-over accident. Kimberly continues to parent Meghan through her teaching and writing about child safety, as her goal is to prevent any other family from knowing her pain. Kimberly created Meghan’s Hope and a Facebook page by the same name, as well as Home and Life Safety to educate the public about making homes safer. In her free time, she blogs and ballroom dances with the love of her life. multiplicity

Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life and should be full of wonder and love. Being pregnant with multiples doesn’t have to be scary, even if an unheard of diagnosis is involved. Have questions?

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