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dads on delivery: what to expect with a c-section

It was around 2:25pm when I received a text message from my wife that read, “Call me when you can; not an emergency”. We were roughly a week away from our projected due date, but of course my mind immediately went to the obvious. I called immediately and she thought she might be having contractions. Enough said --- I was on my way home. She waited for me to get home and we called the hospital together. They asked a series of procedural questions such as how often are the contractions, describe the pain, etc. Based on our answers, the nurse didn’t seem overly concerned and we were advised to stay put. We were told to, “try to relax and take it easy”. Within 15-20 minutes, the contractions became more frequent, the pain increased and she decided it was time. Always trust your wife. She knows her body best.

by dan parisi

What made the situation more pressing is we had a scheduled c-section and she was carrying twins. To make matters more concerning was the fact that she had been put on bedrest because of how low the babies were sitting. Couple those factors with a sonogram taken two days before that confirmed that one baby was in a breeched



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Multiplicity Baby Gear Guide 2016  

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