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TWIN CITIES R!SE 2015 Annual Report



A YEAR OF CHANGE AND OPPORTUNITY Looking into the future we know the workforce in our state will be made up increasingly of people of color, as well as individuals from low-income backgrounds who are currently unemployed or underemployed. Because of your support, we continue to be the pathway out of poverty for individuals, their families and the entire community.

Dear TCR Friends and Supporters: Racial disparities in our community and growing labor shortages that threaten the economy of our state dominated the news headlines in 2015. These same issues have been front and center for Twin Cities R!SE for over twenty years. TCR has a long history of addressing these issues, in partnership with employers, and creating successful solutions. Our mission and focus on training low income individuals —particularly men of color— for success and placing them in long term employment has never been more relevant and important than it is today. In the past year the demand by employers for TCR participants has grown significantly. We continue to serve participants in a more focused and flexible manner while meeting employer demands.

Twin Cities R!SE is results oriented, innovative, and market driven in our approach to end cycles of poverty. Through our unique and proprietary Personal Empowerment training, we invest in transforming the whole person. In 2015, because of your support, 145 people achieved employment outcomes and increased their annual earnings by over $18,000 compared to when they started at TCR. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your partnership and belief in what we do to make a difference in this community.

Tom Streitz President & CEO, Twin Cities R!SE



TRANSFORMING LIVES OUT OF POVERTY Through Meaningful Employment In 2015 we touched the lives of 721 people who worked to rise above their circumstances. At TCR we coach participants in professional development skills that they need in order to be successful in the workforce. Our comprehensive skills training courses are paired with one on one coaching, job search assistance, as well as job placement services that lead to long-term outcomes. Nothing should stand in the way of someone providing for themselves and their family. We help individuals navigate and overcome multiple barriers to employment, such as unstable housing, criminal backgrounds, and past chemical dependency.

A majority of program participants are chronically unemployed or underemployed. Some may be able to get a job, but have difficulty keeping it. That changes after completing our training. In fact, 84 percent of our graduates are still employed at their jobs after one year, TWICE the national average. We go beyond teaching work skills, by providing Personal Empowerment training that fosters selfworth, confidence, and self-reliance. This program model of combining hard skills training alongside soft skills training results in more than just a job for program participants, but a life transformed. OUR VISION: A community of empowered individuals, especially men of color, who achieve long term job success to support their families. 5


You can hear the sense of pride and confidence in Thomas Becicka’s voice when he talks about what he does for a living. In today’s technology driven world, it’s a job with a fair amount of responsibility. Especially when potentially private information about you may be just a mouse click away. You see, Becicka spends his days fixing computers at TechDump, a non-profit community service organization that provides job experience to adults facing barriers to employment. And when they are not worth repairing, he helps ensure data security, by removing information from hard drives if parts are to be re-used or recycled. “I repair computers and work with computer equipment,” Becicka says. “It’s something I am good at. It may be his passion and his life’s work. Thomas was introduced to Twin Cities RISE by the staff at Cabrini House, an organization that provides transitional housing for homeless adults with mental illness and chemical dependancy issues. When I was ready to re-enter the work force, I had no recent work experience, which made it really hard to get a job. It had been 20 years. I had just come out of a chemical dependency program – and they really helped me out. Becicka acknowledges that TCR gave him the tools and experiences he needed to overcome the barriers to employment that were standing in his way.

In addition to knowing people cared about the progress he was making, Becicka believes the practical skills he learned have helped him become successful on the job and in life. “What really made a difference for me was all the tactical support. The resume writing. The mock interviews. The help finding work.” He started at TechDump in 2013. He may have been referred to the company by TCR; but Becicka performed well in his job interview and was hired on his merits as a strong employee. And he has proven to be a valued employee since then. In 2015 Becicka had his “bell ringing”—a public ceremony at the TCR office, which happens after completing one year of full-time employment. It is when those served by TCR officially graduate. This can be an important milestone in the lives of program participants. “Bell ringing was a little nerve wracking. I’m not the most socially outgoing person,” Becicka says. “But it was enjoyable. It was definitely a huge moment in my life. After three good years at TechDump, Becicka feels like he's ready for new challenges. If you ask what he wants to do next, he will tell you he wants to improve his standard of living by working at a for-profit company. But he has nothing but praise for Twin Cities R!SE and his time with TechDump. “I like the program,” Becicka says.”I still brag about it, because I feel it is the one that helped me the most.”

“The support I received from Twin Cities RISE, I can’t say enough,” Becicka says. “They were always there for me. The people are really great.”


DIVING INTO OUR STRATEGIC PLAN We kicked off the first year of our three year strategic plan in 2015.

Here are the four strategic directions of the plan: 1. Redesign and create flexible programming, with Personal Empowerment at its core, which will better serve participants, increase yield, and broaden program and participant outcomes.

3. Create and implement market-driven strategies and foster deep relationships with employers that increase employer capacity to hire participants and drive job outcomes.

2. Develop innovative partnerships aligned with career pathway training opportunities and supportive services.

4. Expand the Empowerment Institute™ to broaden the impact of Twin Cities R!SE’s signature Personal Empowerment curriculum locally and nationally. 7

TECHDUMP: Q & A with Tom McCollough (Co-Founder) & Amanda LaGrange (CEO) Q: How did you hear about TCR?

A: In summer 2013, a TCR employee reached out about a gentleman named Tom he thought would be a great fit for Tech Dump’s refurbish team. He didn’t take no for an answer when we said we weren’t hiring, suggesting perhaps an internship could make sense. He was absolutely correct that Tom was an excellent addition to our organization, and he was our first hire from a TCR referral.

Q: Why did you partner with TCR?

A: We believe job training and practical experience offers an expanding future for our employees. Through experience, however, we know not every individual is ready for work. TCR provides a great service of identifying employees who are committed to showing up to work everyday, on time, ready to work.

Q: How is TCR successful in helping you find qualified employees?

A: TCR learned the ins and outs of our business, so they could refer the best candidates. The staff knows the strength and opportunity areas of each person they refer, so we know how to best train and set employees up for success.

Q: What makes TCR unique?

A: When we meet with TCR, we are encouraged by the work of their job coaches, supporting people on their journey to self-sufficiency and re-entry. We also have people we can reach out to if our new hires need some additional coaching or support.

Q: What is the most important thing you want to say to donors, volunteers, employers and community partners who make the program possible?

A: As a community, we must

believe that transformation is possible. Individuals are not permanently defined by the decisions and actions of their past. As we work together and collaborate, we will truly transform lives.


LOVEABLE. IMPORTANT. AND VALUABLE! “TCR inspired me to move forward and not give up.” “Before I came to Twin Cities R!SE, I was hopping from job to job, and had just given up.” When Tania came to Twin Cities R!SE, she had no place of her own, no car, and no job. “The classes were challenging in the beginning, but everything that I learned at TCR, I use on my job now.” At Twin Cities R!SE, Tania learned to set goals for herself and to use each success as a stepping stone towards her next accomplishment. Her employment coaches Ralph and Tynaia stood by her every step of the way with encouragement and helping her to navigate through some of her challenges. “All of the goals that I was working towards when I came to TCR, I have achieved now. I have my own apartment, my own car, and a job that I love working as a Childcare Assistant at the YWCA.” “I remind myself daily that I am loveable, important and valuable.”


AFFIRMING OUR SUCCESSES Goals achieved and positive outcomes should be celebrated! In 2015, we took time to affirm successes and celebrate our outstanding community of participants, donors, volunteers, staff and partners.



A record 84% of TCR participants who earned a full-time job placement retained their job for 12 months, compared to the national average of 39% for similar programs. When a participant has reached this one-year milestone, they are invited back to TCR to “ring the bell� and celebrate with staff, participants, volunteers. They offer their testimony and words of encouragement to current participants.

In 2015, the TCR Alumni Group was formed. Graduates of the past 21 years that desired to give back to TCR and stay connected were brought together. The goals of this group include mentoring, volunteering, and further career development.



3. 4. 3.







Twin Cities R!SE founder Steve Rothschild, along with his wife, Marilyn, graciously opened their home to long-time and new supporters of TCR to learn more about our programs and the lives that are being transformed.

Over 65% of participants have children that depend on them. When TCR participants rise up, their families celebrate with them.



Each year two individuals, who exemplify the principles of Personal Empowerment, are honored with the Robert Morris Empowerment Award. Congratulations to Terrance Tate, who not only graduated from Twin Cities R!SE, but became a TCR employee, as a Community Engagement Liaison, and Donna Babekuhl.

Thank you to all of our guests that rose to the occasion and generously supported the TCR mission.






3. 2.

“To be empowered is to grow and encourage growth.” –Terrance Tate





An ordinary newspaper article profiling the accomplishments of Twin Cities R!SE founder, Steve Rothschild, made a big impression on Dave Ruce. He was impressed that Mr. Rothschild started the organization and personally supported it in the early years. In addition to serving an important purpose, Ruce liked the organizational emphasis on accountability. So when he began thinking about how he would like to give back to the community, he chose to donate his time and talent to TCR. Little did he know that it would lead to a longterm volunteer relationship with the organization that would be as rewarding for him as it has been for the people he has met. In the nine years since Ruce first walked through the doors, he has done nearly everything he can do. He has participated in one-on-one tutoring, mock interviews and in-class tutoring. He has also assisted classroom instructors, taught GED classes, and even filled in for the volunteer coordinator when she was on maternity leave. And over time, Ruce has maintained a high level of energy as a volunteer.

“To see people come in with marginal skills, help them make progress over time, see them grow personally and professionally – and then graduate from the program with a bell ringing ceremony – its pretty powerful,” Ruce says. “Once you have seen a few of those, it is pretty motivating.” Other things he likes are the positive environment and being around so many people who are using empowerment concepts and language to help improve lives. “The volunteer experience at TCR, in general, is very uplifting and stays with you,” Ruce says. “After I leave, the sense that I have participated in something meaningful lasts for days and days.” Like our other volunteers, Ruce is deeply committed to TCR’s mission. And like them, he believes we all have skills, experiences and other gifts to help program participants be successful on the job and in life. For these reasons, Ruce would not hesitate to recommend the opportunity to volunteer with TCR, regardless of how you are introduced – or re-introduced – to the organization. In fact, he wants to invite volunteers who may have been away for a while to come back and get reacquainted. “If you get to know Twin Cities R!SE, and really stay with it, you begin to share in the participants’ successes. Then you understand how important the organization is and how satisfying your experience can be as a volunteer,”

Ruce says. “The goal of TCR is to eliminate poverty. That is a high goal to achieve – we all need to keep after it.”




The Empowerment Institute provides personal empowerment training for Educational Institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies. Anywhere that an empowered culture, where individuals are expected to persevere, collaborate, and lead is desired, Empowerment training will create an environment for them to thrive.

At TCR, we envision an empowered community, where individuals persevere, collaborate, and lead. Our Personal Empowerment framework helps people to make the internal changes necessary to transform their lives and communities. Through our Empowerment Institute, we shared our Personal Empowerment curriculum with local and national organizations. In 2015, we expanded the reach of the Empowerment Institute, helping to bring these tools into the community. Keith Simons, Director of Personal Empowerment, provided training to 16 organizations and 723 individuals. The Empowerment Institute offers direct training, as well as a unique “Train-the-Trainer” certification, so partners can become licensed to facilitate the curriculum with their own staff and clients. ALLY People Solutions is the Empowerment Institute’s most recent client. They provide pre-vocational Services to those who have developmental disabilities and mental health disabilities. ALLY sought to change its staff and

program participant employment training culture to improve community based employment outcomes through the Twin Cities R!SE Personal Empowerment train-the-trainer program. The program targeted particular groups, including younger program participants who recently graduated from local school districts; people who have mental-health disabilities and a desire to work; those participating in community work crews but with a desire to be competitively employed; and those who have experienced traumatic life episodes. Over 80% of the staff at ALLY felt that their job performance would increase, as a result of Empowerment training. EI’s reach in 2015 went well beyond our geographical border as we hosted visitors from Mumbai, India and Geraldton, Western Australia for a 24 hour Empowerment For Leaders course in May. Personal Empowerment is at the heart of Twin Cities RISE approach to addressing poverty, both with our own participants and more broadly, by helping our private and public organizations become more effective. 15

BY THE NUMBERS ON THE MOVE: In the fall of 2015 our Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses moved to new locations that allowed for increased accessibility and visibility. Both sites are now centrally located in the communities that we serve. We gladly opened our doors to over 200 guests at TCR open house events, where visitors were able to tour our new facilities, meet with staff and participants, and celebrate with graduates.

ROI: From 1997 to the present, the State of Minnesota has received a return on investment (ROI) of over 600% due to reduced government subsidies, increased tax receipts, and reduced criminal justice costs, the result of TCR graduates from deep poverty getting and retaining good jobs. This is a benefit of more than $35 million for taxpayers.

77% of our participants live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, 23% live in surrounding communities. Over the past five years, 60% of participants enrolled in advanced training have been placed into a job, and TCR estimates it has created more than $17 million in increased income from work across all job placements. In 2015, we achieved an employment retention rate among graduates of 84% after 12 months and 72% after 24 months. $725,000 vs. $3,072,840 Estimated Annual Earnings at prior to coming to TCR vs. Estimated Annual Earnings AFTER Program Participation16


INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR A CHANGING WORKFORCE What do you do when 55% of your workforce is over the age of 55 and not enough people are being trained to fill your current job vacancies? In 2015 Metro Transit partnered with Twin Cities R!SE and Hennepin Technical College to devise a program, the first of its kind in the nation that would train primarily people of color and low income individuals for a career as a diesel bus mechanic. However, they knew that teaching people the hard skills alone would not guarantee success. So Personal Empowerment training and coaching, provided by TCR, is an important element to this endeavor. Participants are also provided with a paid internship earning over $15/hour throughout the course of the program. In addition, scholarship assistance and academic support is provided. After two years, participants will leave this program with an Associate of Applied Science degree and a lifelong career as a diesel bus mechanic earning a starting salary of over $50,000 per year. We are excited about the success of this program and similar ones to come.

READY TO WORK Twin Cities R!SE has placed participants in over 100 companies during the past 21 years. These are a few of our 2015 employer partners: • Artspace • Copeland Trucking • Fraser • Goodwill Easterseal • Hyatt Regency • Metropolitan Council • Minco Products • Momentum Enterprises • Northside Achievement Zone • Pearsons Candy Company • Saint Paul Hotel • Summit Brewing • Sunrise Community Banks • TechDump • Wholesale Produce Company


HELPING PARTICIPANTS REJOIN OUR COMMUNITY In 2015 Reentry Connect provided integrated, pre-release services to adults in the correctional system at the MN Correctional Facility Shakopee and the Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility. Our services include case management, educational and support service referrals, workforce development, and job placement. Essential to the success of Reentry Connect is our signature Personal Empowerment Curriculum. Through this, individuals are able to come to terms with past traumas, reunite with their families, and gain independence. TCR’s Reentry Connect program has achieved a recidivism rate of 13% to date, measured one year after release. For comparison, the State of Minnesota’s recidivism rate after three years is more than 60% for all offenders, while Reentry Connect target medium to high risk offenders who have even higher rates of recidivism. Based on this initial success, TCR continues to offer Reentry Connect services and plans follow-up evaluation to measure impact at two years and three years.

Spotlight: Antone O. 1) How has Reentry Connect helped change your life? “It has helped me re-evaluate my thinking and make healthy, proper decisions. It has also allowed me to manage my time properly.” 2) Why is Reentry Connect successful in helping you? “It is an awesome program for a person coming back into society, by providing information and resources to help you make better choices in life.” 3) What do you want to do with your future? What is next for you? “I am a single dad and going to school for addiction counseling. Since I’m on SSI I am looking into part time summer work. I also want to participate in other activities, like being sober in the community and going to NAA meetings.” 4) Anything else you want people to know about Reentry Connect? “It is an awesome program for individuals such as myself and others, because it helps you pursue a healthy and productive life style.”



Each day at Twin Cities R!SE we are able to help people transform their lives and achieve sufficiency because of your generosity.

◊ Given continuously for 10 or more years

Anonymous Donor through The Minneapolis Foundation◊

Roberta Saunders; SAR Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

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Jolene and Tom Hart*

Jane Petron

Andrew Brainerd

Norma and Robert Ramsay*

Sharon and Ardeen Brever

Joanne and Bill Reiling

Bill Bridgeman*

Deb and Lem Reis

Molly Broder

Remele Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

Heidi and Scott Brophy*

Alison C. and Andrew G. Humphrey

Jason Brown

Alan Hupp

Anderson Perryman

Joshua Yank

Melissa Raphan and Thomas Rock

Gretchen and Jeff Brown

Doreen Frankel and Jake Hurwitz

James Pogue

Jonathan Zielske

Kathryn Buckley

Sarah and Joe Huss

Lori Pomroy

Michele and John Bulat

Jim Jacobson and Andrea Kaufman

Mary and Ted Pouliot

Kathleen and Paul Campbell Antonio Cecin

Charmoneik Jefferson

Ann and Kevin Quiring

Bruce Chang

Jon Jeffryes

Lynda and Dave Ruce Aly and Robert Sayre◊ Randall Schmidt Norah Shapiro and Andrew Harrison

Paul Hartzheim Don Herve

Harriet and Walter Pratt◊


Rothschild Legacy Circle

2015 Volunteers Akua Asare Alexandra Smith Anita Hoffman Anthony Thomas Ara Mirzoyan Betsy Conway Bob Macdonald Brian Coleman Catherine Flick Chad Bermel Cherie Shoquist Christi Mastley Kristi Cousineau Cindy O’Donovan Craig Warren Dave Ruce David Mao David Parish Dawn Iacarella DebbieJo Woolhouse Deborah Chernick

The Rothschild Legacy Circle recognizes donors who have committed to making Twin Cities R!SE a beneficiary in their estate plans at any level and in any manner. If you have included Twin Cities R!SE in your estate plans and are not listed below, let us know! The following individuals and couples have made such a commitment to Twin Cities RISE:

Mary and Keith Bednarowski Kate and Art Berman Joan and Reid Billig Paige and Mike Bingham Sharon Hawkins Joyce and Richard McFarland Trent Meidinger and Lucy Bauer Gabrielle and David Parish Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Aly and Rob Sayre Malana and Jeffrey Schmidt

Dembo Darboe Emily Monn Gabby Matzdorf Gerone Hamilton Gloria Howard Greg Swoverland Gregg Taragos Henry Berman James Berdahl Janice Harstad Jessica Eull Jessica Wood Joel Johnson John Schorer Juliann Erdmann Julie de Ranitz Julie Tschida Lance Messer Linda Plautz Lois Bell Maria Kirsch

Mick Dyer Miguel Deleon Nancy Grell Paula Duncan Pixie Martin Rob Fulton Robert Waldron Sara Shore Scott Morris Shoshana Rosenthal Stephen Downey Sue Gunder Tesha Alston Tom Wahlrobe Tonya Barber Tracie Smith Tracy Howell Wendy Friede William Smith

2015 In-Kind Donations Adiago's Pizza Factory CRAVE Julie Erdmann Jonathan Hyman Tamera Irwin The Local Robert and Susan Macdonald Minnesota Timberwolves Minuteman Press Central

If you are interested in learning more about how you can name Twin Cities R!SE as a beneficiary of your estate and become a member of the Rothschild Legacy Circle, please contact us.

Gabrielle and David Parish Parella Ted Risdall Ricky Rubio Dwaine Simms Zach Sussman Nou Thao Shereese and Kenneth Turner Genesia Williams

2015 Event Sponsors Gala Sponsors Gold BMO Harris Bank Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Ecolab Muffy MacMillan The Opus Group Andrew and Lynne Redleaf

Silver GF Parish Group Success Computer Consulting VigiLanz Bronze Mary and Keith Bednarowski Sharon Hawkins Lurie Besikoff Lapidus & Company, LLP Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Wells Fargo

Friends Faegre Baker Daniels Medica Sunrise Banks

Stakeholder's Luncheon Sponsor 3M 22

2015 Board of Directors Steven M. Rothschild, Chair Twin Cities R!SE

Paige Bingham Allina Health

Don Samuels Minneapolis School Board Member

Thomas A. Streitz, President Twin Cities R!SE

Sharon Hawkins Community Volunteer

Steve Young General Mills

Morris Goodwin, Jr., Vice Chair American Public Media Group/MPR

Byron Hill Honeywell International

Director Emeritus

Tony Leung, Vice Chair U.S. District Court

John Howard BMO Harris Bank, NA

Natalie Doyle, Treasurer Community Volunteer

Laurie Lafontaine Community Volunteer

Sonya Shewchuk, Secretary Faegre Baker Daniels, LLP

Tim Murnane Opus Holding LLC

Keith Bednarowski Adler Capital Management LLC

Gabrielle Parish GF Parish Group

Michael C. Bingham Presbyterian Homes & Services

Tony Ryan Joern, Samaha, Ryan & Associates of Amerprise Financial Services

Robert Sayre US Bancorp (retired) Tom Swain Travelers (retired) Ron Tortelli SUPERVALU (retired)

2015 Financial Statement Fiscal year ending in December 2015

Income Statement - Total Financial gifts/support 2,204,552 United Way 220,000 Governnment Grants 485,613 Earned Income 534,872 Miscellaneous Income 12,891 Total Income 3,457,928 Program Services 2,546,591 Management and General 479,868 Fundraising 490,292 Total Expense 3,516,751 Balance Sheet Temporarily Restricted Working Capital Undesignated

464,014 962,160 319,724

Total Net Assets


Expenses Program Services 72% Fundraising 14% Management and General 14% 14%

Revenue Support 64% Earned Income 15% Govt Grants 14% 14% United Way 6% 14%


Minneapolis 1301 Bryant Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55411

Phone: 612-338-0295 Fax: 612-338-0191

Saint Paul 1600 University Avenue, #8 Saint Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651-603-8520 Fax: 651-603-1935


Twin Cities R!SE 2015 Annual Report  

A detailed look at 2015, a year of change and innovation, our successes, statistics and finances.

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