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Empowering Individuals. Overcoming Barriers.


Dear Friends:

2014 was a year of transformation for Twin Cities RISE! It was a year when we expanded our services, refined our focus, and revitalized our energy. It was a year of renewal – both in the lives of our participants and in our own mission. With hard work in 2014 came tremendous accomplishment. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, achieved our highest employment results ever, and launched a major strategic planning process. We also reestablished our innovative pay-for-performance relationship with the State of Minnesota. As we celebrate 2014, we continue to be inspired by our purpose: to transform lives out of poverty through meaningful employment. At Twin Cities RISE!, transformation takes on many forms. In 2014:

We transformed lives

We looked inward to transform ourself

Our program is long-term and comprehensive, and everyday we encourage real changes in the lives of our participants. We witnessed individuals building confidence, finding stable employment, and supporting themselves and their families.

As we embarked on a strategic planning process, we wanted to know how we could better serve our participants. We’ve redesigned our core program to be more flexible and we’ve refocused our efforts on sector-based training and employer-based strategies.

We were transformers in the community

We looked toward future transformation

Through our Empowerment Institute, we shared our Personal Empowerment curriculum with local and national organizations. We’ve helped to improve effectiveness and create an empowered culture in programs throughout the Twin Cities.

Moving forward, we aim to keep up the positive momentum. We’ll be streamlining our curriculum, expanding our services, and deepening our commitment to the community.

Our work would not be possible without our outstanding supporters – the innovators who believe in new beginnings. Thank you for partnering with us and making Twin Cities RISE a place for real transformation. Sincerely,

Tom Streitz President and CEO


DEVELOPING WORK SKILLS AND LIFE SKILLS With your support in 2014, Twin Cities RISE! served 713 individuals whose lives are affected by poverty. Eighty two percent of our participants are unemployed when they enter our program and the majority are chronically unemployed or underemployed. Often, multiple barriers stand in the way of employment, including housing instability, criminal backgrounds, a history of chemical dependency, and mental health issues. At TCR!, we assist participants on the path to longterm and stable employment. Our work skills training prepares participants with the skills they’ll need on the job. And through internship opportunities, job search assistance, and employment placement services, we work with participants to find meaningful employment. Our coaches provide one-on-one support, partnering with participants for a year after they’ve landed their new jobs. We focus on long term results – with 76% of our graduates staying at their jobs after one year, our 12-month job retention rates are nearly twice the national average. And at TCR!, we go beyond teaching – through our Personal Empowerment program we provide transformative change, fostering self-confidence and self-reliance. Participants like Didi found that Twin Cities RISE! was key to a fresh start:

“Twin Cities RISE! empowered me to deal with adversity. I learned how to love who I am and to find what I love to do. When I thought that I couldn’t, Twin Cities RISE! reminded me that I could.”

For participants like Ronald, Personal Empowerment has boosted his confidence:

“Before TCR!, I had low-self esteem. I didn’t think highly of myself, so I never tried. Personal Empowerment has helped me to make better decisions and not let my feelings control my actions all the time. It’s helped me at my job, with my family, and throughout my life.” - Ronald, Participant

We strive for meaningful employment that lasts. The average income for graduates last year was nearly $27,000 with 85% benefits eligible. With this comprehensive approach, TCR! carves a path to stability and self-reliance.

Didi, Participant


CELEBRATING 20 YEARS In 2014, Twin Cities RISE! celebrated 20 years of working to eliminate generational poverty in our community. Our nonprofit began in 1994 when Steve Rothschild, former Executive Vice President at General Mills, wanted to find a solution to the poverty experienced by many people of color in the Twin Cities. He sought to uplift individuals through stable and well-paying employment. This continued commitment to real change has remained at the heart of our work for the past 20 years. In the past two decades, Twin Cities RISE! has served over 15,000 individuals – nearly 6,000 people in the core program and about 9,500 people in additional programs, like the Empowerment Institute. Thank you to the huge community of volunteers, staff, participants, employers, community partners, and funders who have made our work possible!

FINDING SUPPORT AND STABILITY When Anna Brown came to Twin Cities RISE!, she was ready for a change. She’d been homeless for nearly 6 years and she was mainly unemployed, only able to find sporadic part-time employment. Anna found hope at TCR!: “I was at a point in my life when things just weren’t working. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew that Twin Cities RISE! could help me. Twin Cities RISE! was a big step for me to move forward in my life.” At TCR!, Anna sharpened her administrative skills through Keyboarding and Speechcraft courses. And through Personal Empowerment she learned how to recognize her thought patterns, which motivated her to keep pushing forward. The environment at TCR! supported her to persevere:

In late October, Anna began full-time employment as an Inside Sales Representative at Wellington Home Improvements. She’s been exceeding her sales goals, largely because of her positive attitude and exceptional focus. This job has provided stability for Anna and her son. They recently moved into their own apartment and are saving up for the future. Anna’s only just started on her career pathway – she hopes to help other people find their passions as well.

I knew there were people at Twin Cities RISE! who wanted me to succeed. Staff members, participants, coaches - they were all on my team. When you are surrounded by people who care about your success, it motivates you to do your best.” Anna, Participant Coach Ralph congratulates Anna at her bell ringing ceremony celebrating her full-time employment.


OUR VOLUNTEERS SPEAK VOLUMES For Lois Bell, who has been a volunteer at TCR! since 2000, volunteering gives her a chance to give back to her community and share her love for public speaking.

Members from the Speechcraft course (from left): Lance, Bill, Lois, and Ed

TEAMING UP WITH 3M FOR SUCCESS From mock interviewers to computer tutors, classroom facilitators to event planners, volunteers are essential to our work at Twin Cities RISE!. Nearly 150 volunteers devoted their time and skills to Twin Cities RISE! in 2014. We’re grateful to the individual contributors, AmeriCorps members, volunteer groups, and businesses that came together collectively to make a difference in their community. In 2014, we partnered with our friends at 3M to kick off the E-Mentoring program, which utilizes email correspondence as a platform for mentorship. The program began through the efforts of Tesha Alston – an Advanced Biochemist at 3M and member of the 3M African American Network. She had been volunteering at TCR! as a mock interviewer and tutor, and she saw an opportunity for 3M to get involved. After Tesha shared her past experience as a tutor with her colleagues, she helped to nominate TCR! as one of four local organizations supported by the 3M African American Network. Since its creation, E-Mentoring has served as an additional guidance resource for participants and a way to build computer competencies. Volunteers from 3M chat and email participants about professional development and life in the workplace. As the program expands, the list of mentors and mentees is growing. Scott Morris, International Sales Manager at 3M, sees the program as a catalyst for change: “We’re activating hope.”

Lois helps to facilitate the Speechcraft class, a course designed to prepare individuals for interviews and public speaking. Lois is passionate about Speechcraft, and she became involved at TCR! through a friend at Toastmasters. Each week, she gives educational presentations and evaluates participants’ speeches.

My favorite part of volunteering is getting to know participants as they share their life stories. I’ve learned a great deal about the human spirit.” Lois Bell, Volunteer

In listening to presentations, she gets to know participants and their passions. She’s learned about magic tricks and card games and the history of Minneapolis. She loves seeing people build confidence. Often, participants will leave the course mid-session because they’ve found jobs, which is always exciting. Although Lois volunteers to give back to her community, she explains that it’s a mutually beneficial relationship: “I volunteer to make a difference in the lives of people. But you receive more than you give, really.”


REENTRY CONNECT Under a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, Twin Cities RISE! began a new program. Reentry Connect is designed to prepare adult ex-offenders to find and retain long-term employment upon release. The program offers a comprehensive approach to job readiness, including pre-release services 60-90 days prior to the individual’s release, integrated case management, supportive services, GED support, and workforce development. At the core of the program is our Personal Empowerment curriculum, designed to help individuals come to terms with their past trauma, reclaim their identities, and gain self-control and independence. In 2014, TCR! implemented Reentry Connect at the women’s prison in Shakopee and the men’s prison in Stillwater. In its first year we witnessed many successes, including families reuniting, GED attainment, and employment outcomes. Recidivism rates for individuals participating in the program have remained low – those who participated had a 13% recidivism rate compared to a national rate of 61%. By helping individuals transition effectively back into their communities, we create a stronger community for all.


THE EMPOWERMENT INSTITUTE At TCR!, we envision an empowered community, where individuals persevere, collaborate, and lead. Our Personal Empowerment framework helps people to make the personal, internal changes necessary to transform their lives and communities. Through our Empowerment Institute, we shared our Personal Empowerment curriculum with local and national organizations. In 2014, we expanded the reach of the Empowerment Institute, helping to bring these tools into the community. Keith Simons, Director of Personal Empowerment, provided training to 21 organizations and 536 individuals. The Empowerment Institute offers direct training, as well as a unique “Train-the-Trainer” certification, so partners can become licensed to facilitate the curriculum with their own staff and clients. The Northside Achievement Zone, a long-standing partner, added additional empowerment instructors to their cohort of already established empowerment facilitators who work with youth and families in North Minneapolis.

“The TCR! Personal Empowerment Train-the-Trainer program has increased the capacity of NAZ to impact the lives of young men affiliated with gangs. It has helped these young men to view their lives differently and begin to make better decisions about their future, thus providing them with tools to shape their own destiny.” Andre Dukes, Family Academy Director at NAZ

Another community partner, The Jeremiah Program, expanded into the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. To aid in their growth, they started the Personal Empowerment Train-the-Trainer program by training their staff, board members, volunteers and other key stakeholders. Personal Empowerment is at the heart of our approach to addressing poverty, both with our own participants and more broadly, by helping our community partners become more effective.











Recidivism rates are nearly 3 times lower for ex-offenders who have graduated from TCR!








Recidivism among ex-offenders who participate in TCR! 61% Recidivism among ex-offenders in Minnesota

National Average: TCR! Peer Group



Data from The Benchmarking Project, a national initiative on workforce development benchmarking conducted by the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.





16% Recidivism among ex-offenders who graduate from TCR!















RINGING IN OUR SUCCESSES We’re achieving great things at Twin Cities RISE!. In 2014, we took time to celebrate and honor our outstanding community of participants, donors, volunteers, staff, and partners.

1 A RISING TIDE Our Fall Fundraiser - A Rising Tide - raised over $350,000 in one fantastic evening! More than 300 guests gathered at The Nicollet Island Pavilion for drinks, dinner, and festivities. Our sincere gratitude to the corporate sponsors, volunteers, and donors whose overwhelming generosity made the event such a success.

2 RECORD JOB PLACEMENTS In 2014, TCR! achieved a record number of job placements with 67 participants employed at our highest job standard, and 165 total job outcomes. We honored these results at celebrations throughout the year. The TCR! community gathered together to commend the hard work of our participants, volunteers, staff, and community partners.

As part of the celebration, we were proud to honor Steve Rothschild, our founder and board chair, for his dedication to Twin Cities RISE!. Steve’s commitment to innovation is at the core of our work.








SUMMER SOIREE A huge thank you to our caring supporters who attended our annual Summer Soiree event. Guests spent a lovely summer evening outside to learn more about TCR! and the transformations we witness here everyday. Special thanks to the Rothschilds for hosting!


Every year Twin Cities RISE! honors two individuals who exemplify Empowerment with the Robert Morris Empowerment Award. Congratulations to Mwamini Bundi and Ronald Baker, who both embody the positivity and integrity central to Personal Empowerment.


“I was a person who didn’t have confidence. Now I am confident and have a positive attitude, which changed everything in me and the way that I think.”

At TCR!, we celebrate employment milestones with a bell ringing ceremony, where graduates of the program share their journey with current participants. Bells were echoing throughout our halls this year, and we were honored and inspired by the stories of transformation.


Mwamini, Graduate




Every day at Twin Cities RISE!, we are inspired by the dedication of our partners and volunteers, and uplifted by the generosity of our donors. VISIONARIES $50,000 +

Frey Foundation* General Mills Foundation* The McKnight Foundation* The Minneapolis Foundation* Opus Foundation* Otto Bremer Foundation The Piper Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Marilyn and Steve Rothschild* Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Greater Twin Cities United Way*

AMBASSADORS $49,999 - $25,000

Ameriprise Financial The Julie and Doug Baker, Jr. Charitable Foundation* F.R. Bigelow Foundation BMO Harris Julia W. Dayton* Engelsma Family Foundation General Mills* Sharon Hawkins* JPMorgan Chase Foundation Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation* The Saint Paul Foundation* WEM Foundation


$24,999 - $10,000 Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Mary and Keith Bednarowski* Alicia and Marc Belton* Kristi and Henry Cousineau Carlson and Carlson Family Foundation David Winton Bell Foundation Ruth Stricker Dayton and Bruce Dayton* Deluxe Corporation Foundation* Charles Denny* Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Foundation* Ecolab Foundation* G&K Services Foundation George Family Foundation* Nancy Gordon David and Shirley Hubers Family Fund of The Minnepolis Foundation* Margaret and Ilo Leppik* Kathi and Stephen Austin Mahle* May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Medtronic, Inc.* Bill and Barbara Pearce Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Wendy Bennett and Ken Powell; JF Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* RBC Foundation - USA Andrew and Lynne Redleaf


Paul and Mary Reyelts Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation Judy and Steve Shank* Chris and Hank Shea* Smikis Foundation* Margaret and Philip Soran; Soran Family Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation SPEDCO Economic Development Foundation Mary Lynn and Warren Staley* Thrivent Financial Foundation Travelers Foundation* U.S. Bancorp Foundation*

BENEFACTORS $9,999 - $5,000

3M Foundation Aloysius Foundation* Nancy E. Anderson Anonymous (2) Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.* Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl* Annelie and Shawn Bergerson Marlene and Ned Bixby* Ellen and Jan Breyer; Breyer Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Lou and Allan Burdick; Burdick Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation COUNTRY Financial Teri & Robert Crosby Dalsin Industries Inc. Penny and William George GF Parish Group Elizabeth and Van Zandt Hawn* Heinz Hutter* Steven Ilous John W. Mooty Foundation Trust Mary Gerry & Tom Lee; The Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation* Mari and Tom Lowe Sue and Bob Macdonald* Kay and Mike McCarthy* Marilyn and Greg Nelson Cindy and Greg Page* Ellie Pidot Ellen and Bruce Rothschild Jennifer and Hervé Sarteau* Schall Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Malana and Jeff Schmidt* Securian Foundation* Arlene and Tom H. Swain* Jan and Ken Thome* Thomson Reuters* Diana and Ron Tortelli* United Health Group* Sonia Shewchuk and Bob Uphus* Mary W. Vaughan* Mary Sue and Pete Vorbich Kathleen and William Wanner Watson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Irving and Marjorie Weiser Family Foundation* Whitebox Advisors Margaret and Angus Wurtele*


$4,999 - $2,500 Monica and David Abrams Accredited Investors* Allen Family Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program* Anonymous Sue and David Bennett Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Will Bracken Family Foundation Michael V. and Ann C. Ciresi Foundation Natalie and Rick Doyle Faegre Baken Daniels Foundation Jennifer and Steve Frenz Martha and John Gabbert Goodwin-Lindsay Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Twanya Hood Hill and Byron Hill* Michelle and Jeff Hinck Hutter Family Foundation* Cindy and Tony Kaplan Helen and Donald Knutzen* Anita and Rick Leggott* Littler Mendelson Foundation Muffy MacMillan* Kathy and Joe Mucha* Kathy and Tim Murnane* Kim and Stafford Nelson Polaris Industries, Inc.* Public Welfare Foundation Karen Reierson* The Anthony & Laurie Ryan Family Charitable Fund Sharon and Robert Ryan* Dan Schmechel Celia and Bob Stretmater* Mia and Brian Sullivan Sunrise Community Banks* Elizabeth and Mayer Tapper* TCF Foundation* Parker and Albert Trostel Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Autumn and David Tysk Leona Werner and Robert Waldron Wayzata Community Church David Yerich*


$2,499 - $1,000 Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Foundation Sara and Ranjit Ahluwalia David Andreas Anonymous Martha Goldberg Aronson and Dan Aronson Carole and Doug Baker* Bell Family Charitable Gift Fund of Fidelity Charitable* Lynell Mickelson and John Bellaimey* Paige and Mike Bingham* Jane McDonald-Black and Archie Black Gary and Sally Bluem* Margee and Will Bracken The Broadwaters Foundation, the Valerie and Ed Spencer Family* Building Blocks

Danis and Richard Byrd* David Carlsen Ellie Crosby* Carol and Ted Cushmore* Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton* Richard and Mary Dietz of The Birch Breeze Charitable Fund Karol and Richard Emmerich Juli and Tom Erdmann* Cecy and Wally Faster* Judith and James Fetterly Joyce and Hal Field* Debra Fisher Goldstein Nikki Sorum and Simon Foster Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation Friendly Fund of Fidelity Charitable* Karen and Peter Gabler Nicholas Gallus Marcia Cohodes and David Goldsteen Elizabeth and Michael Gorman* Greystone Foundation by Walter McCarthy and Clara Ueland* Susan and Thomas Handley Mina and Robert Harrigan Anne and Peter Heegaard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Hognander Family Foundation* Patty and Tom Holloran* Chip Howard James and Ann Howard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation* Karen and Ronald Johnson Joy and Sidney Kaplan* Mary and Patrick Krekelberg Laurie and Daniel LaFontaine Sherry Tsao and Tony N. Leung* Ross and Bridget Levin Charitable Gift Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Nancy and John Lindahl* Dotti and Don Long Leland T Lynch and Terry Saario Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Gary and Patty MacHalec Jennifer Martin Robert and Polly McCrea Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Martha and Bill McLaughlin* Joan and Tom Mears* Merjent Inc. Microsoft Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Milroy Fund of Fidelity Charitable* John Nealon* Nelson Tietz and Hoye, Inc. Oak Grove Foundation by Jack and Christine Morrison* Kristen and Terry O’Brien Rhonda and Rory O’Neill Fund of Fidelity Charitable* Diana Gulden and Jose Peris Whitney Pidot, Jr. Mary Ann and Scott Portnoy Pratt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Norma and Robert Ramsay* Reiling Family Foundation Riverway Foundation Ann and Mark Robinow

Karen and Stephen Sanger* Robbie Saunders Aly and Rob Sayre* Catherine Lawrence and Lee Sheehy* Sheldon Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Margaret Skold Howard Stacker Miriam and James Stake* Lucy Gerold and William Svrluga* Adele Thompson Marcia Townley* UBS Wealth Management Mary and Bill Upjohn* Vantine Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Sandra L. Vargas Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Joanne Von Blon Hugh and Isle Boetcha Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Wahlstedt Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* Ruth and David Waterbury* Ruth and James Weaver Wernke Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Susan and Jim Westerman The Whitney Foundation* Jean D. Wilson Wilhelmina Wright Kathy and Jim Wyman

SUPPORTERS $999 - $500

Abdo, Eick & Meyers Ameriprise Financial, Inc.* Anonymous Jennifer Bailey Barb & Bill Beard Kate and Art Berman; Berman Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable* Joan and Reid Billig* Braun Family Charitable Fund Barbara and Dan Bridgeman Scott and Heidi Brophy* Debra and John Bryant Shannon and Paul Burke* Sally and Mike Carey Kathleen Glover and Dan Carr* Sarah Caruso Mary Beth & Norm Chapel* Carolyn and Thom Chase* Douglas and Sands Coleman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Betsy and Jason Conway Dr. James and Roberta Criag* Roycie Earvin First Universalist Church of Minneapolis Steve and Mimi Fisher Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Mary and Jeff Fox* Suzanne and Fred Gobel* Mary and David Goldstein Laurie and Ed Greeno* Sarah and Blake Hanlon Linda and John Haugen* Lucy and Jeff Heegaard* Roger F. Heegard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

* Has given continutously to TCR! for five or more years

Sharon and Frederick Hegele Emmie and Larry Hester Julie and Wil Heupel; Wil and Julie Heupel Charitable Fund of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Sally and Jim Hornig Andrew G. and Alison C. Humphrey Andrea Kaufman and Jim Jacobson Jim and Linda Lee Family Foundation Paul Johnson Monica and Dave Kansas Gina and Michael Keller Susan Boren and Steve King* Andrea and Ben Knoll Martin Koessel Kathleen Kusz Lois Leistiko Peggy and Dave Lucas Sherry Lund Elizabeth Malkerson Gabby and Dan Matzdorff Judith McGrann Tim McNeal Kjirsten and James Mickesh Kimpa and Dave Moss Kristi and Tim Nasby Julie A. Nelson* Nancy and Russell Nelson Pam and Mike Oesterreich* Nancy and Allen Olsen Liz and Owen O’Neill Gabrielle and David Parish* Jennifer Peterson Riser Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program Jody and Octavio Portu* Abigail and Douglas Power Susie and Chris Preston* Melissa Raphan and Thomas Rock Christine and Jeffrey Rotsch Lynda and Dave Ruce Shannon and Todd Runge* Randall Schmidt Cherie Shoquist Julia Silvis Dwaine Simms* Maria Kirsch and Michael Skoler Emily Anne Staples Tuttle Fund of The Minnesota Community Foundation* Kim and Will Walker Sheila and Patrick Walsh* Joan and James Watson Elsie and Ar Weiler Joy and John Wetzel* Kelly and John Wheaton Cody and Jacob Wolkowitz Irma M. Wyman* Kathleen and James Zavoral*


Up to $499 Jack Abdo Monica Little and Mark Abelen Katie and Brendan Abrams* Kathleen Acaso Al Alexander Suzette and Claud Allaire Melanie and Calvin Allen Amazonsmile Foundation Anonymous (7) Cathy Anastasion* Amy A. Anderson* Amy L. Anderson* Penelope Anderson Danielle Arlowe Alex Ash Rosanna Ash Manvir Atwal Bridget Axelson* Karen Bachman and Robert Fisch

Audrey Bailey Sandra Baines Rosalyn Baker Alison Balan Michelle and Kevin Baltus Megan and Scott Barr Linda and Robert Barrows Andrea and Patrick Bassett Rhoda Beaird Calla Beal John Beal Bruce Becker Barbara Bentson Bernice Berman* Linda and Henry Berman* Joanne Montie and Carl Besser Best Buy Co., Inc. Michaelynn Beutel Stacie Blair-Nelson Sally Blanks Bill Blanski Betty and Marvin Borman Breck School William Bridgeman Heather Britt Jason Brown Betsy Buckley and Dennis McGrath Michele and John Bulat Shawn Burtis Joyce and Ted Cardozo Jane and Joe Cavanaugh Shawn Chambers Brett Chesness Jodi and Ralph Chu Chad Clark John Colbert \Susan and Albert Colianni Tiowa and Terry Collier Blair and Ryan Collins* Cinda Collins Katie and Kevin Conneely* Sandra Cook Jeanne Corwin Anna Coskran Page and Jay Cowles* Angela Crandall Patricia Croal Dr. Susan and Richard Crockett Jana Dahlen Karen Sandra Daly Bridget Dawkins Sue and Amos Deinard Robert Demay Barbara Diamond Kara and Scott Dillon Jackie Doehling Michael Doyle Roger Dreher Nancy and Jerry Driessen Karen Dubinsky Jackie Duescher Jane Duncan Leslie Dwight and Michael Pretel Helen and Tom Dwight Kelly O’Hara-Dyer and Mick Dyer Anne Murray and George Edmonson Helen and James Ehrlich Katy and Doug Eiden Melissa and Tyler Engbrecht John Engel Carl Erickson Nan Eserkaln* Nur Farah Amy and Cam Findlay Karla Forster Nancy Fox Patricia Franco Katherine Frank Sarah and Kevin Franklin* Susanne Franklin Sally and Gerald Friedell Marie and Fred Friswold Lisa and Frank Fuller Robert Fulton Katherine and Manny Gabler Gillian and Thomas Gabriel

Queenie and Paul Gam Trissa and Nate Garvis Angela Gerlach Elisa Ghisellini Jessica and Steve Gilbertson Hunter Gits Kim and Charlie Gits* Richard Glassman Sara Goepferd Dr Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg* Zelia Goldberg Rita Gorder Erica Gordon* Tracy Gradford* Dawn Graham Susan Gray Gary Greenberg William Greene Joanne Groten* Martha and Edward Gschneidner Jenny and Steve Gullickson* Donna Hall Lacy and Derek Halvorson Ann and Matt Hansen Barbara Hansen Jon Hanson Miriam and David Hanson Alta Harris Ray Harris Norah Shapiro and Andrew Harrison Jolene and Tom Hart* Thomas Herr* Daniel Hirsch Shannon Hoagland Susan and Tom Hoben Rochelle Joy Hoffman Keith Holloman Amy Holt Christina and Mike Huck Joseph Hughes Sarah and Joe Huss ING Foundation Ishmael Israel Steve Jackson Yvonne Charrise Jackson Anne Jacobs Shelley Jacobson* Nancy and William Jarrett Jon Jeffryes Barbara and Duane Johnson Cary Johnson Janet and Gunnar Johnson Lori and Joel Johnson* Audrey and Norman Kaplan Karen Karsten Thomas Keller Christine Spangler and William Kenety Debbie King Brad Klein Elizabeth Kramer Leah Krotzer* Jukka Kukkonen Anita Kunin* Josee Huard and John Landretti Sue and Virgil Landretti Karen Lanz Barb and Craig Larson David Laube Elizabeth Laukka Ron Lee Rosealee Lee Lisa Shada and Ward Leonard Joyce Lester Marilyn Lichtman Peg and Dick Lidstad* Mark Lindgren Lindquist & Vennum PLLP Susan Long Anna and Chris Lyon Scott MacDonald Cory MacKinnon Rhoda and Don Mains Diane Malone* Jill Marcinkowski

Sue Marshall Elizabeth and John Massie Kim Matheson* Barbara McBurney* Theresa McCormick Andrea McCready* Malcolm McDonald Chelsea McFarren Jeninne McGee Ixchel McKinnie* Medtronic Foundation* Shefali Mehta Lucy Bauer and Trent Meidiner* Lester Meltzer Diane Merrifield Lance Messer Jennifer Mewaldt Amy and Timothy Meyer Elizabeth Michaelis Cynthia Micolichek* Laurie Miller* Mildred Miller Minuteman Press Central Maura and David Mitchell Saralee and Neil Mogilner Matthew Moore Cara Mulder Chouhel and William Mullin Donald Muske Laurie Neff Sandra Neren* Mary Margaret MacMillan and Larry Neumann Sheryl Nins Kristin and Brian Nordling Geneva Norman Sonja and Lowell Noteboom Andrea and Rob Novak Nickolas Nyhus Jamice and Chudi Obianyo Shannon O’Brien Christine Soma and Paul Odegaard Adrienne and Stephen Oesterle Becky and Shawn O’Grady Dolores Ohmans Marcia and Allen Oleisky Sandra Olsen Michelle Orr Holly Osterland* Ashley and Matthew Ott Christine Page Esther and Jim Paletz Julia and Brian Palmer Stephanie Malone and Ryan Pederson The Pennie Family and Anne Crayon Christopher Peper Anderson Perryman Terese Fink Peterson and Douglas Peterson Jamela Pettiford Gail Pistoria Stephanie Pistoria Tynaia Pittman Gregory Poe Lori Pomroy Ted Pouliot Theresa Powell Val and Ralph Pruitt Quality Bicycle Products Ravi Ramalingam Donna and William Ramsay Ida Rapoport RBC Wealth Management Jennifer Ford Reedy and Christopher Reedy Megan Reiner Ruth Reister Elizabeth Reutter Carleen Rhodes* Ray Richardson Rocktenn Paula and Roger Roe Pamela Landi Rogers Cynthia and Steven Roh Annette Rolf

Connie and Paul Ross James Rothschild Zachary Rothschild Sandra Ruben Cathryn Rysavy Ellen and Martin Sampson Sondra and Donald Samuels Jennifer Savage David Schaal* Ben Schnabel Peggy and John Scholz Steven Schroll Penelope Scialla Irene Scott David Scrase Alfred Sedgwick Joe Selvaggio* Paula Severson Lori and Ron Shelby Betta Sherman Mariana and Craig Shulstad* Anna and Charles Silverman Keith Simons Leanne and David Skjervold* Konnie Smith Antonio Spargo Gary Spears Laurine Speltz Susan Spero Cheryl Stearns Reva Steinberg Sarah Kaplan and Leon Steinberg Louis Stender Sara Sternberger Patty and Jeff Stewart Cherie Stofer Nancy Strauss Thomas A and Michele Streitz Robert Striker Jan and Patricia Susee Shanna Swenson Kelly Tanzer Terrence Tate Kristina Taylor Nou Thao Margaret M. and William H. Thomas Krista Thull Christina and Ted Toborg Dan Tollefson Tom & Terri Burke Family Fund Shereese and Kenneth Turner Jody Strakosch and William Umscheid United States District Court Gary Vig Jan and Joseph Wagner Peter Wagner Craig Warren Janet and John Watson* Watson-Forsberg Company Mary Weber Liz and Tim Welsh Martin Wera Carl P. Whaley* Krista Wilson Jill and Scott Wine* Deborah Woolhouse Christy Yakel* Justin Yunke* Peggy and Cy Yusten Tricia Zehrer Steven Zekowski Sara Zettervall Jonathan Zielske


VOLUNTEERS Mary Adams Brian Ahern Ruth Alliband G. Donald Alston Tesha Alston Melinda Anderson Waheed Ayinde Tonya Barber Abby Becker Keith Bednarowski Lois Bell James Berdahl Henry Berman Kate Berman Chad Bermel Michael Bingham Paige Bingham Lakita Bivings Brandi Bozek Margo Britten Jacqueline Brown Deborah Chernick Jim Chladek Brian Coleman Shannon Collett Betsy Conway Pat Croal Dembo Darboe


Glenn DeGuzman Jeff Demars James Dorsey Natalie Doyle Starlett Drader Susan Drake Paula Duncan Mick Dyer Wendy Friede Rob Fulton Nicholas Germano Morris Goodwin, Jr. Robert Grafsgaard Dan Grundtner Chris Hanrahan Keith Hardy Amelia Hardy Sharon Hawkins Jeanne Henley Jeanne Henley Byron Hill Kristi Hoff Anita Hoffman Stacy Hohertz Quinnyana Houston John (Chip) Howard Kevin Jeffries Shellandra John Nancy Joseph-Goldfarb John Joyce George Kane

Mrs. Anita Kunin Marilyn Lichtman Mark Lindgren Cory MacKinnon Rhoda and Don Mains In honor of Jerry and Linda Jennifer Martin Anderson Mildred Miller Donna Hall Saralee and Neil Mogilner Cary Johnson Chouhel and William Mullin Tricia Zehrer Sonja and Lowell Noteboom In honor of Ty Baker Ashley and Matthew Ott Amy Anderson In honor of Megan and Scott Barr Esther and Jim Paletz Douglas and Terese Fink Peterson William and Margret Thomas Gregory Poe In honor of Kevin C. Dooley Ida G. Rapoport Malana and Jeff Schmidt Lynne and Andrew Redleaf In honor of Kelly O’Hara-Dyer Ruth Reister and Mick Dyer Elizabeth Reutter RBC Foundation - USA Annette Rolf In memory of Harold and Joyce Connie and Paul Ross Field Ellen and Martin Sampson David Andreas Irene Scott Jennifer Bailey Alfred Sedgwick Rosalyn Baker Anna and Charles Silverman Linda and Robert Barrows Nancy Strauss Barbara Bentson Robert Striker Betty and Marvin Borman United States District Court Braun Family Charitable Fund In honor of Hugh Kenety Breck School Christine Spangler and William Joyce and Ted Cardozo Kenety Susan and Albert Colianni In honor of Josee Huard and Jeanne Corwin John Landretti Sue and Amos Deinard Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Robert Demay In honor of Wayne Michael Barbara Diamond Louis Stender Roger Dreher In honor of Theresa Powell Helen and James Ehrlich Nancy Fox Harold and Joyce Field In honor of Marilyn and Steve Katherine Frank Rothschild Richard Glassman Accredited Investors Zelia Goldberg Polly and Robert McCrea Susan Gray Ellen and Bruce Rothschild Gary Greenberg James Rothschild William Greene Zachary Rothschild Barbara Hansen In honor of Catherine Shreves Alta Harris and Tom Bird Ray Harris The Minneapolis Foundation Shannon Hoagland Rochelle Joy Hoffman Anne Jacobs Elizabeth Kramer


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Julius Stern Molly Stiehm Shawna Stoltenberg Kyanna Sturm Ronald Sutliff Tom Swain Katie Tackmann Madeline Tate Andre Tellis Joann Tesar Serena Throughbred Dave Tsang Andy Turner Kenneth Turner La'Ron Underwood Mary Upjohn Debora Vander Schaaf Tom Wahlrobe Bob Waldron Cedric Ware Craig Warren Joan Watson Farche Wilcox Jan Willms Terina Wiscovitch Debbie Jo Woolhouse Chad Woolhouse Madeline Yang Maiya Yang


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The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Theater Latté Da Vincent A Restaurant Walker Art Center Warren and Mary Lynn Staley Waybetter Foods and Live Better Snacks Yoga Center of Minneapolis Yogurt Lab Youth Performance Co. Zenon Dance Company

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A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR GALA SPONSORS Presenting Sponsor BMO Harris Bank Gold Ecolab Medtronic Opus Silver General Mills GF Parish Group JP Morgan Chase & Co Whitebox Advisors Bronze Building Blocks & Chamire Holdings Sunrise Banks Friend Faegre Baker Daniels FLOR Littler Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Co Thomson Reuters We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of these contributions. If you have questions about your contribution, please contact our development office at (612) 279-5829.


2014 BOARD MEMBERS Steven M. Rothschild, Chair

Founder, Twin Cities RISE!







Morris Goodwin Jr., Vice Chair American Public Media

Tony Leung, Vice Chair


US District Court






Natalie Doyle, Treasurer Community Volunteer

Sonia Shewchuk, Secretary Faegre Baker Daniels

Keith Bednarowski


Adler Capital Management

Michael C. Bingham

Presbyterian Homes & Services

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Fiscal year ending in December 31, 2014

$845,904 780,993 601,680 446,105 388,825 351,630 220,000 103,756 $3,738,893

Sharon Hawkins Byron Hill

Honeywell International

John (Chip) Howard BMO Harris Bank, NA

Laurie Lafontaine

Community Volunteer

Tim Murnane

Opus Holding, LLC

Gabrielle Parish GF Parish Group

Tony Ryan

Joern, Samaha, Ryan & Associates of Amerprise Financial Services, Inc.

EXPENSES Program Fundraising Management & General Total Expenses

Allina Health

Community Volunteer

INCOME Foundations Individual Government Grants Corporations Earned Income Events United Way Miscellaneous Total Income

Paige Bingham

$2,765,842 365,994 454,054 $3,585,890

Don Samuels

Minneapolis School Board Member

Tom Streitz

President and CEO of Twin Cities RISE!

Tom Swain

BALANCE SHEET Temporarily Restricted Working Capital Undesignated Total Net Assets

$333,096 959,000 512,625 $1,804,721

Travelers (retired)

BOARD EMERITUS Robert Sayre Ron Tortelli


800 Washington Ave. N, Suite 203 Minneapolis, MN 55401 612.338.0295 460 Lexington Parkway N St. Paul, MN 55104 651.603.8520


Twin Cities RISE! 2014 Annual Report