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“Success or failure is a matter of the choices that I make.” —Twin Cities RISE! graduate

2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

MISSION The mission of Twin Cities RISE! is to provide employers with skilled workers – primarily men from communities of color in the Twin Cities area – by training underand unemployed adults for skilled jobs that pay a living wage of at least $20,000 annually.

WHAT IS EMPOWERMENT? Personal Empowerment is the backbone of Twin Cities RISE! (TCR!). It is based


on the principles of cognitive restructuring and brings about the internal changes necessary for our participants to achieve long term success. Most of our participants come from generational poverty, meaning that they and their parents have lived in poverty for their entire lives. As a result, they have



African American



learned behaviors and belief systems that enable them to survive but not move ahead in their lives. Personal Empowerment helps participants transform themselves from seeking immediate gratification to investing in the future, from fleeing or fighting to negotiating situations of conflict, from lashing out at others to


regulating their emotions, from feeling worthless to feeling worthy. It is these

Multiracial/ Other 2% Asian 3%

American Indian 3% Latino/Hispanic 2%

qualities that employers tell us they value even more than the educational and occupational skills we also teach. And as a result, many participants for the first time in their lives begin to have hope. Personal Empowerment goes much deeper than other “soft skills” training found in many anti-poverty programs. Personal traits such as showing up for work on time and having a good attitude do not last for the long term unless a person first becomes empowered. While Personal Empowerment is the key to a participant’s success, it is also the cause of most of our dropouts. It can be painful to change, and not all people are willing or able to alter old lifestyles to move forward in their lives. Those who do so demonstrate persistence and courage. We believe that Personal Empowerment and the self-evaluation it fosters


explain the lasting success achieved by our graduates, with 83 percent staying in their final placement jobs for at least one year and 71 percent for two years or more.

83% 71% 1 YEAR



2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT


1200 900

1233 284

■ Core Program ■ Advancement Institute ■ Project ReEntry ■ Awali Place

1373 64


“It’s amazing how my confidence

269 456


has improved, as well as my attitude towards life.”


—TCR! graduate


416 416

554 554

161 525



0 2002 2003

2004 2005 2006

Dear Friends, Please enjoy the enclosed profiles of three Twin Cities RISE! graduates and four others who have continued to succeed. These stories of profound and lasting change illuminate what TCR! stands for. At the core of these life changes is our unique Personal Empowerment curriculum, which is described in detail on page two. We continue to build on the solid track record that has marked TCR! since our start in 1994. In 2006, graduates entered jobs that paid an average of $24,191, increasing those individuals’ annual earned income by almost 400 percent as a result of our program. All of our graduates also received company-paid health care benefits. For a family of four, this can be worth an additional $10,000 per year. Even many of those participants who completed only part of our curriculum achieved measurable benefits including increasing their hourly earnings by at least 20 percent or improving their basic skills by at least one grade level. We attribute these successes to our comprehensive and intense curriculum, which gives our graduates the personal tools to succeed in career-track jobs at companies such as Wells Fargo, Target, U.S. Bank and many smaller businesses. Last year we continued our successful growth. We rolled out new programming targeted at men involved in risky lifestyles and men being released from incarceration. The program is called Awali Place, named after the Swahili word for “beginning.” We have also expanded our efforts to serve incarcerated men and ex-offenders in a hiring environment that continues to look with disfavor at these individuals. When we assist these men in changing their lives, they, their families and our community all reap the benefits of their positive engagement in society. Our community continues to affirm the importance and value of our work; in the last two years, our number of individual financial supporters has more than doubled. This strong investment from the community has given us the confidence to undertake the major expansion entailed by opening two Awali Place training centers. We will need to continue this strong financial performance in 2007 in order to meet our goals. Finally, we thank Bruce Schadow, who retired from the board in 2006, for his service. We also recognize the hundreds of volunteers and donors who live our shared belief that helping low-income individuals raise themselves out of poverty is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do for our community as a whole. As one of our participants at Ramsey County Correctional Facility wrote, “[Personal Empowerment showed me] that I have worth and importance, that within me I can change how I think... I’m confident about my future.” And so are we.

Michael C. Bingham President & CEO

Steve Rothschild Founder & Chair


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

KEVIN STEWART “Once I was signed up, there was no dropping out.”

When his father convinced him to stop by the Saint

you may encounter,” he says. As someone who had

Paul office of Twin CIties RISE! for an interview,

only ever worked temporary jobs, the training

Kevin Stewart didn't have much confidence about

on how to build positive relationships with

his future.

supervisors, give and accept feedback and resolve workplace conflicts was invaluable. After studying with TCR! for 15 months, Kevin

He was nineteen and working a part-time temp

obtained his final placement in February 2006 as a

job that wasn’t paying enough to let him move out

Machine Operator with U.S. Bank. With his new

of his father’s house. Without the financial

salary and benefits, he was finally able to move out

resources to attend college, he only saw two

on his own. “I got my first full-time permanent

options for the future: join the mil-

position,” he says. “My family’s

itary, or depend on his family to

proud of me.”

take care of him. So when a TCR!

Now, more than a year later,

coach called him to start classes,

Kevin continues to stay in touch

Kevin was surprised.

with his coach and former instruc-

“I thought they were going to

tors at TCR! to seek advice about

tell me that they weren’t interest-

major decisions, including buying

ed in me and just send me on my

a car and choosing a health care

way,” he says. However, “Once I

provider. He’s considering the

was signed up, there was no

po s s i b i l i t y

dropping out.”

associate’s degree, but for now his




Kevin soon found that TCR!

focus is on continuing to establish

offered the skills he most needed

himself and his career. “Right now

in order to succeed in the work-

I’m planning on just growing on

force. He cites Workskills Communication as one of

my foundation, having a stable place to stay,

the most useful classes he took. “It tells you how to

enough money in the bank.”

interact with your boss in certain situations that

Our graduates Average Pre-Program Income

escape poverty


and obtain a $24,191 plus benefits

Average Final Placement Income


living wage


“I was always hoping something would come around for me,” he says, “but I wasn’t sure what.”

2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

KELLI SCHNOBRICH “It changed my life.”

Kelli Schnobrich still gets tears in her eyes when she

ing classes in late 2003. “I enjoyed every minute of

talks about the past.

it,” she says. “I knew I had been a good worker all

knew I was better than that.”

my life, but I just didn’t believe in myself.” TCR! helped Kelli regain her self-confidence and obtain vital office skills. She was intimidated the

Kelli battled addiction for years. Although her

first time she sat down at a computer, but now

parents helped support her when she became a sin-

computers are a daily part of her life. She cites

gle mom in 1999, it was a struggle for Kelli to get

Personal Empowerment, keyboarding, customer

her life on track. She held jobs at a restaurant, gro-

service and computer applications as the most valu-

cery store and large rental property. She was quick-

able classes she took at TCR!.

ly promoted to positions of greater

Kelli accepted her final placement

responsibility before eventually

at U.S. Bank. During her first year

losing each job to her addiction.

on the job, she kept in close contact

“I was lying, cheating, steal-

with her coach, who visited her

ing…[but] that wasn’t who I was,”

throughout the year. That contact

she says. “Ultimately I grew up with

was “very proactive in my life,” she

values and morals, and I let them

says. “It gave me a sense of accom-

slip away because of my addiction.”

plishment, a sense of belonging.”

After one unsuccessful stay in a

Since completing her studies at

treatment facility, Kelli had reached

TCR!, Kelli has received four raises. She

her time limit on welfare and was on

is finally able to provide for her daugh-

the verge of losing her apartment. She

ters’ needs and has reached her long-

finally decided it was time to make a

standing dream of owning a home.

change. “I knew I had to do better

“[TCR!] gave me back that selfPHOTO BY DANI WERNER

“I was not being a very good mom,” she says. “For five years I was stuck on crack cocaine, but I

esteem, that empowerment, that belief in myself,

because of my kids.” She returned to treatment in earnest, where she learned about Twin Cities RISE! and began attend-

those values. And now I get to instill that back in my children,” she says. “It changed my life.”

"Every little piece [of TCR!] has affected me in some way and made me more proactive and productive in my life today."


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

JONATHAN HARVEY “I was trying to find a better life.”

“Before I came to TCR!, I didn’t know where to

right there.” It began as a part-time job and was

go,” says Jonathan Harvey. He moved to the United

increased to full-time in August 2005, when he

States from war-torn Liberia in December of 2002

accepted his final placement position as a Nursing

and spent the next year and a half working at temp

Aid in the psychiatric services department.

agencies. Jonathan needed a stable, full-time

Since starting at Regions Hospital almost two

career to help support the family. When he heard

years ago, Jonathan has received multiple raises.

about TCR!, he knew it was the right place for him.

He was prepared for this increase in income by

Jonathan started classes in July of 2004 and faced

TCR!’s Financial Empowerment class. Before TCR!,

immediate obstacles. “At the time [my wife] was the

he used to worry about money. Now, however, “it’s

only breadwinner in the home, and I had to take

not my finances controlling me, but I control my

care of the kids.” TCR! subsidized

finances. Because of Financial

his child care and provided a bus

Empowerment, today I’m a home-

pass. “Everything was covered,” he

owner.” He is also better able to

says. “Most of the obstacles that

take care of his three young chil-

were in my life were taken care of

dren. “I can provide food, I can

by Twin Cities RISE!.”





“They have a better life.”


Like many of our graduates,

Jonathan accepted an unpaid

Jonathan’s success in his new

internship at Regions Hospital.

career has inspired him to reach

After three months at Regions, he

for yet another goal. He is now

submitted his resume for a paid

working on a bachelor’s degree in

position and was offered an inter-

sociology and plans to continue

view. He was well prepared; TCR!

focusing his career on social servic-

had taught him “how to tailor my resume, how to sell myself, how to bargain with employers.” At the interview, “they told me I got the job

es. For now, however, he is happy where he is. “I love my job,” he says. “I love to give back to the community, to be there for people. It’s a passion.”

"This is my first real job, and I got it through Twin Cities RISE!."




With encouragement from his TCR!


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT


Roberta Moore

Tyrone Davis

When Roy was featured in our 2005 Annual Report, he had just completed one year as a counselor at Mental Health Resources. Shortly afterward, Roy accepted TCR!’s offer to become Coach/Instructor at our new Awali Place West office.

Before coming to TCR!, the longest Roberta Moore had held a job was four months. Now, nearly two years after accepting her final placement position as a receptionist at Turning Point, she and her family are thriving. Since being featured in the 2005 Annual Report, Roberta’s responsibilities at Turning Point have increased as she’s continued to learn and grow. Her confidence and self-esteem are higher than ever, and she continues to take care of her six children who are at home with her. “We came a long way,” she says of her family, who are now able to engage in more outings and activities than before. “[My kids] like seeing me work. I’m showing them responsibility.” Building on the success she’s achieved so far, Roberta continues to work toward future goals such as furthering her career and owning her own home. “I’m proud of myself,” she said. “I’m not there yet, but I know it’s going to happen for us.”

Since being profiled in our 2005 Annual Report, Tyrone Davis has returned to TCR! as Program Associate following a year and a half in his final placement position at Data Recognition Corporation. Although his final placement gave him stable work experience at a good salary, coming to work at TCR!’s new Awali Place West training center has finally brought him the type of peoplefocused work he’s always wanted. “It challenges the mind,” he says. “It enables me to grow, and in that growing I find out new things about myself.” Tyrone’s responsibilities at TCR! include performing administrative duties, facilitating job search classes and helping participants write resumes. He enjoys interacting with TCR! participants and assisting them to make changes in their lives. Tyrone will continue working at TCR! and plans to go back to school. “Continuing my education is my ultimate goal right now,” he says.

“Awali Place is important because this is a population that has been largely neglected or ignored unless there’s been a problem,” he says. “They become so desensitized to violence, so accepting of the fact that they’re going to fail.” Roy understands those beliefs, he says, because that’s where he comes from himself. When he was a participant at TCR!, his coach and instructors helped him see that his street smarts could translate into book smarts, too. In 2006, Roy obtained a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and he is now in a twoyear program to become a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. “I’m always growing,” says Roy. “I have a sense of purpose now.” See page 8 for information on Awali Place.

See page 8 for information on Awali Place.

2006 EMPOWERMENT AWARD WINNER NYRIECE OLIVER TCR! gives this monetary award each year to one final placement who demonstrates Empowerment in action and writing. It is named after former TCR! staff member Robert Morris, who played a major role in developing and piloting our Personal Empowerment curriculum.

“[Personal Empowerment] helps me regulate myself when I’m stressed out. I’m more conscious of what I’m feeling, and I can respond to other people better.”


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

FULFILLING OUR MISSION The Advancement Institute

core program TCR! is most widely known for our core program, which provides personal and occupational training and job placement services to individuals living in poverty. Graduates spend an average of fourteen months in training with us, taking

The Advancement Institute

Personal Empowerment as well as courses in computer applications, math, writ-

is designed to extend our

ing, customer service, speechcraft, business correspondence, workplace safety

life-changing Personal

and more. Throughout this process, participants engage in weekly one-on-one

Empowerment training to

meetings with personal workskills coaches. After completing the necessary set

corporations, non-profits and

of classes, participants work with our placement staff to identify and interview

schools, earning income to

for a “final placement” job offering an annual living wage of at least $20,000,

offset costs of the core pro-

full benefits and a career path. Coaches continue to meet with final placement

gram. The Institute offers these

participants until they complete one year on the job, at which point they

organizations the means to help

become official TCR! graduates.

employees and clients fully realize their goals.


Three service models are

While TCR! serves roughly equal numbers of men and women in our core pro-

offered by the Institute: direct

gram, we also strive to meet the unique needs of men through the following

training in Personal

two interconnected programs. These programs help us better meet our mission

Empowerment for either clients

of serving men and also act as recruitment avenues for our core program.

or employees, the Empowered Supervision training program that blends customized management training with Personal Empowerment for managers and a Train-the-Trainer model in which organizations may have

Project ReEntry Launched in 2004, Project ReEntry brings our Personal Empowerment training to incarcerated men and provides coaching and postrelease support. The goal of the initiative is to help men successfully transition from incarceration back into the community. We encourage Project ReEntry participants to enroll in either the TCR! core program or Awali Place following their release. In 2006, TCR! implemented Project ReEntry at Ramsey County Correctional Facility and the Minnesota Correctional Facility at Faribault.

their employees trained and certified as Personal

Awali Place Rooted in the Swahili word for “beginning,” Awali Place is a major

Empowerment instructors.

expansion that allows us to better serve men leaving incarceration and those not

In 2006, the Advancement

ready for the rigors of our core program. Awali Place West opened in North

Institute served 456 clients at

Minneapolis in September 2006, paving the way for Awali Place East to open in

Minnesota Diversified Industries,

Saint Paul in 2007. At Awali Place we offer Personal Empowerment training,

Jeremiah Program, Intermediate

coaching, GED preparation and assistance with obtaining housing and transi-

District 287, A.C.E.S. and RBC

tional jobs. We measure success by the number of men who advance into TCR!’s

Dain Rauscher.


core program, obtain jobs or participate in other training.

2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT


Volunteering at TCR! Volunteers play an integral role in the services we proBill George speaks at the 2006 Stakeholders Luncheon.

2006 Annual Report to Stakeholders Luncheon The 2006 Annual Report to Stakeholders Luncheon, celebrating new customer companies and graduates, was held in early October in downtown Minneapolis.

vide to our participants and community. Mock interviewers, tutors and classroom speakers are three of the many volunteer positions available. This year we would like to highlight the work of three individuals who have volunteered as work skills speakers for the past five years: Ken Kendle, Lois Bell and Bill Clark (pictured from left to right above). Ken, Lois and Bill are all veteran Toastmaster speakers. Ken Kendle is a polished speaker who consistently provides thoughtful advice to participants in our Speechcraft class. Lois Bell, a consultant with more than 25 years of experience in Toastmasters

TCR! was honored to have Bill George,

International, has offered our participants warm support and con-

Professor at Harvard Business School and

siderable insights into public speaking. Bill Clark brings a lively and

former Chair & CEO of Medtronic, Inc.,

motivating sense of humor to each class.

give the keynote address. Graduates Jarrell Colvin, who works at NOW Micro, and Rachel Marich, who works for Hennepin County, also impressed the audience by sharing their personal stories of transformation. More than 225 community leaders,

TCR! deeply appreciates the commitment and dedication of these three individuals and all other volunteers.

“It is extremely fulfilling to see the participants grow into more confident and poised individuals.� -Lois Bell

government representatives, corporate and foundation supporters, individual supporters and TCR! graduates attended the luncheon. Faegre & Benson generously sponsored a Leaders Circle Reception, at which Bill George signed copies of his book Authentic Leadership.

For every dollar the state of Minnesota has invested in TCR!, we have returned $1.70 to the community. As our graduates continue to work into the future, this return will approach $4.00.


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

CUSTOMER COMPANIES Customer Company Highlight Target Customer companies are employers that support the mission of Twin Cities RISE! by hiring TCR! participants. These companies often promote employee volunteerism at TCR! and offer us their financial support as well. Since becoming a customer company in 2003, Target has hired twelve TCR! participants in jobs with benefits and career paths. Target Team Members

2006 CUSTOMER COMPANIES Employers are the customers of Twin Cities RISE!, and their hiring requirements help set our program standards. In 2006, customer companies hired our graduates into full-time jobs that paid an average of $24,191 annually plus benefits.

further support the TCR! mission by volunteering their time as guest speakers, mock interviewers and Employer Advisory Board members. In addition, Target generously offers us their financial support by paying placement fees for every TCR! hire and making annual philanthropic donations. TCR!’s customer companies play a vital role in helping us reduce poverty by training adults for living wage jobs with benefits. Customer Companies like Target make all the difference!

Liz Gebhard of Target, Cathy Lawrence of TCR!, Bola Taiwo of Target and Mike Bingham of TCR! pose with a contribution check from Target.


African American AIDS Task Force Airport Taxi Asplundh Tree AMPCO Parking Bench Dog Tools Crystal D Diversi-Plast FBG Service Corporation Ford Motor Company Hayes Residence Health East Clinic Hennepin County Hilton Minneapolis Holiday Inn Select Iron Mountain Jacobs Engineering Group Jacobs Trading Company Liberty Carton Company Life’s Missing Link Magnum Tire Corporation Meat Concepts Mission Foods NOW Micro Opportunity Partners RBC Dain Rauscher Sandcastle Childcare Securian Financial Group Target Twin City Glass Contractors, Inc. Twin Cities RISE! U.S. Bank Verizon Wireless Wells Fargo Bank

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2006 FINANCIAL STATEMENT Income statement – unrestricted* Financial gifts/support Earned income Miscellaneous income Total unrestricted revenue Program service expenses


United Way



$2,656,689 Earned Income

$1,913,588 $236,243



Net unrestricted surplus



Management and general Total unrestricted expenses



Contributions & Grants





Balance sheet Working capital


Temporarily restricted assets


Designated for special purposes


Total net assets

*does not include donated services

Program Services


$2,142,877 Fundraising

10.1% Management & General



2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

CONTRIBUTORS Leaders Circle—Visionaries ($50,000+)

Leaders Circle—Benefactors ($5,000—$9,999)

Bush Foundation Emma B. Howe Memorial Foundation* Eugene and Mary Frey Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Frey Foundation General Mills Foundation* Marilyn and Steve Rothschild* The Saint Paul Foundation* The Richard M. and Sandra J. Schulze Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Greater Twin Cities United Way*

ADC Foundation Athwin Foundation Mary and Keith Bednarowski* Will Bracken Family Foundation Danis and Richard Byrd Tara and Timothy Clark Kristi and Henry Cousineau Chuck Denny and the Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Jaye F. and Betty F. Dyer Foundation* Karol and Richard Emmerich, The Emmerich Foundation Penny and Bill George and The George Family Foundation* Greystone Foundation* Hays Companies by Jim Hays* Anita and Rick Leggott and the Leggott Foundation Sue and Bob Macdonald* Kay and Mike McCarthy* Marilyn and Glen Nelson* Rhonda and Rory O'Neill Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Leaders Circle—Ambassadors ($25,000 - $49,999) Ameriprise Financial Community Relations Program* F.R. Bigelow Foundation* E.W. Blanch Holdings, Inc. Securities Litigation Barbara and David Koch* Mari and Tom Lowe* The Piper Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Jennifer and Hervé Sarteau, in honor of Eugene and Mary Frey Stephanie Simon and Craig Bentdahl* Target Diana and Ron Tortelli* Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota*

Leaders Circle—Stewards ($10,000 - $24,999) 3M Foundation* Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America The Barry Foundation Charles P. and Mary E. Belgarde Foundation Paige and Mike Bingham and the Michael and Paige Bingham Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Buuck Family Foundation* The Community Capital Alliance Cummins Power Generation Julia W. Dayton* Ruth and Bruce Dayton* Claire and Jack Dempsey Ecolab Foundation* Excel Bank Minnesota Foundation Graco Foundation Harrison Family Fund of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Shirley and Dave Hubers and the David and Shirley Hubers Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Jobs For The Future, Inc. Lyman Lumber Company Foundation* McFarland Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* McNeely Foundation Casey Albert T. O'Neil Foundation* Opus Corporation The Pentair Foundation The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation* RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation* Randall Schmidt Smikis Foundation* Soran Family Foundation Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* SUPERVALU Foundation Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Thrivent Financial for Lutherans St. Paul Travelers Foundation* U.S. Bancorp Foundation* Mary W. Vaughan Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Carol and Verne Johnson, The VCJ Foundation* WCA Foundation-Pillsbury *Has given continuously to TCR! for five or more years.


“I don’t know who gets more out of it, me or the participants!” -TCR! Volunteer

Leah and Scott Rued Bruce and Patricia Schadow Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Schall Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Securian Foundation, supported by Securian Financial Group and its affiliates, Minnesota Life, Advantus Capital Management and Securian Trust Chris and Hank Shea* Thomson West Sheila and Pat Walsh* Watson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* The Whitney Foundation* Jean Donald Wilson Margaret and Angus Wurtele*

Leaders Circle—Sustainers ($2,500 - $4,999) Anonymous (2) Accredited Investors by Ross Levin The Allen Family Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment* Shirley and Stanley Bingham* Marlene & Ned Bixby from the Bixby Family Charitable Fund administered by World Vision Broadwaters Foundation by Val and Ed Spencer and family* Gretchen and Jeff Brown* Chorzempa Family Foundation Carol and Ted Cushmore* Deluxe Corporation Foundation

Faegre & Benson LLP Joyce and Hal Field* Goodwin-Lindsay Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Megan and Derek Hayes Jeff Hinck Sara and Randall Hogan The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation* Sue and Ken Murray Bill and Barbara Pearce Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Susan and Jeff Pease Mary and Dave Pylipow Karen Reierson* Sharon and Bob Ryan* Aly and Rob Sayre* Mia and Brian Sullivan Lucy Gerold and William Svrluga* United States Trust Company, N.A.

Leaders Circle—Partners ($1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous (2) David and Monica Abrams Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation Associated Bank Julie and Doug Baker, Jr. Gretchen and Mark Banks Bell Family Charitable Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Lynell Mickelsen and John Bellaimey Sue and David Bennett Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Ellen and Jan Breyer* Molly and Tom Broder Marie and Tom Brodmerkl Joan and John C. Brooks BTC Management, Inc. by Daniel Pennie Burdick-Craddick Family Foundation Paul Burke Alexandra and Joel Cannon Kathleen Glover and Daniel Carr Chubb Federal Insurance Company Nathan Clark* Sandy and Douglas Coleman and the Douglas and Sands Coleman Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Teri and Robert Crosby* Bob and Joanie Dayton Sherry Ann and Edward Dayton* Christie and Jeff Dekko Richard and Mary Lu Dietz, Birch Breeze Charitable Fund of The Oppenheimerfunds Legacy Program Maria and Kelly Doran Dougherty Family Foundation Juli and Tom Erdmann Grace and Ken Evenstad Faegre & Benson Foundation Pat Fallon Cecy and Wally Faster The Jack and Bessie Fiterman Foundation Nikki Sorum and Simon Foster Joanne and Vincent Francoual Martha and John Gabbert* Scotty and Peter Gillette* Mary and David Goldstein Elizabeth and Michael Gorman Andrew Gottschalk Jeff and Terri Greiner Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sally and William Hall

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CONTRIBUTORS Scott P. Halstead Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Rousty and John Harris* Sharon and Bill Hawkins Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Anne and Peter Heegaard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Barbara Forster and Larry Hendrickson Pat and Tom Holloran* James and Ann Howard* Hutter Family Foundation* David Koehler Lee Family Foundation* Margaret and Ilo Leppik Judy and Don LeWin and the Don and Judy LeWin Family Fund of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Michele Janin and Tom Linebarger Heather and Rob Little Terry Saario and Lee Lynch and the Leland T. Lynch and Terry Saario Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation John Machuzick Marcus McCoy Foundation MaxMed, Inc. Barbara and Tom McBurney* Anita and Todd Messal The Kathy and Tom Miller Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Milroy Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Kathy and Joe Mucha The Naegele Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Kim Jones and Stafford Nelson Nelson, Tietz & Hoye, Inc. by Russ Nelson Oak Grove Foundation by Jack and Chris Morrison* Diana Gulden and Jose Peris* Lawrence and Linda Perlman Family Foundation* Carolyn and Buzz Pierce Wendy Bennett and Ken Powell Pratt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Elizabeth and Brad Radichel RBC Dain Rauscher Beverly J. and John A. Rollwagen Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Joe Ryan Karen and Steve Sanger* Saunders Family Foundation Malana and Jeff Schmidt The Simmet Foundation The Southways Foundation Ed and Virginia Stringer Andrea and Volker Stueven Arlene and Tom H. Swain* Betsy and Mayer Tapper* Jan and Ken Thome* Kate Hebson and Mark Tierney* Lesa and John Tieszen The Jill and John Trautz Gift Fund of Kingdom Oil Company William Umscheid Ruth Usem Carol and Ron Vantine and the Vantine Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Sandy Vargas Joanne and Philip Von Blon, The Von Blon Family Charitable Foundation Hugh Boetcha Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation by Tom Wahlrobe Wahlstedt Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* Robert Waldron The Winston R. and Maxine H. Wallin Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation The Weiser Family Foundation*

Liz and Tim Welsh Wernke Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Penny and Mike Winton Kathleen and James Zavoral*

Advocates Circle—Supporters ($500 - $999) Anonymous (5) Barb and Bill Beard Jay and Shelley Belschner Lloyd Benson Bridge Club Lorinda and Fritz Burgess Kenneth Charles Carolyn and Thom Chase* Kristen and Paul Commers Jan Conlin and Gene Goetz Douglas Cram Bonnie and Jeremy Cram* Dolphin Staffing by Kathy Dolphin Nancy and Jerry Driessen Goldstein Gift Fund of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Laurie and Ed Greeno

“TCR! gave me the self-esteem and the tools to go back into the work force.” —TCR! graduate

Thomas Herr The Hogan Company by Bill Hogan Alan and Mary Hogg Family Fund of The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund George and Emily Johnson Paul Johnson Laura and Mark Jordahl Audrey and Norman Kaplan Dawn and Joe Keller Linda and Bill Kerker and the Bill and Linda Kerker Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sarah and William Kling Donald Knutzen Meg and Tim Kruse Catherine Lawrence Sherry Tsao and Tony N. Leung* Ellen Luger Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP Charitable Foundation Laurie and Bill MacLean Polly and Robert McCrea Bonnie and Lee McGrath Martha and Bill McLaughlin Metro Communication Services, Inc. by Gene Johnson Mindy and Fred Miller Jodi and Michael Mooney Kingsley H. Murphy Family Foundation* Hollidae Nayak John Nealon

Julie A. Nelson Pam and Mike Oesterreich* Public Strategies Group, Inc. Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Tim Hansen and Kevin Reardon* Ritz Family Foundation Ruth Rothschild Sarah Lutman and Robert Rudolph Shannon and Todd Runge Sandy Ryan Andrea and Eric Siegert Mary Lynn and Warren Staley Milagros Santiago and Steve Thomas Jennifer Ryan Torgerson and Robert Torgerson Urban Adventure Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Kathleen and William Wanner Ruth and David Waterbury Marty and Scott Weicht Liz and Fred Weiner Christine Honaas and Craig Wildfang Peggy and Cy Yusten Johanna and Jim Zavoral

Advocates Circle—Friends (up to $499) Anonymous (29) Anthony Abena Calvin Allen Suzanne Almen Cathy Anastasion* Linda and Jerry Anderson Karen and Brent Anderson Bridgette and George Appleby Carole and Doug Baker Cynthia and Scott Barrington Susan Makepeace and Tom Basting Joan and Reid Billig Bill Blanski Chad Blumeyer Susan S. Boren Corey Bracken Aimee P. and Patrick J. Brantseg Barbara Brown Susan and Randy Byrne Jane Maland Cady Sharon Capuano-George Anne Carayon Jacob Carolan Amy Carroll Gerald and Sarah Caruso Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Christina Catron Mary Beth and Norman Chapel Alexandra Clyde Tiowa and Terry Collier Angie and T.J. Conley Andre Corbett Nan and Jim Corwin Roberta and James Craig* Valorie Cremin Gretchen Crosby Ellie and Tom Crosby, Jr.* Phillip Davis Lawrence Deeney Elizabeth Dehn John Desmet Anne and Jerome Dirksen Denise Dodson Kathy and Steve Dougherty Mary and Matt Duffy

*Has given continuously to TCR! for five or more years.


2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

CONTRIBUTORS Kim and Tim Dulas Vivian and Bob Dunbar Jane Duncan Sarah Dye Jane Emison Daniel Erklouts Sheryl and David Evelo Lugene Flores* Mary Foarde Connie Fournier Nancy Fox Kevin Franklin Franklin Bank Mary Strand and Thomas Fraser John D. French Marie and Fred Friswold* Kara Garbe Cari Ann and Scott Gerlicher Vivian Gerold Kathleen and David Gesensway Kim and Patrick Gharrity Andrew Gittleman Suzanne and Fred Gobel Erica Gordon David Graebner Robyn and Fred Green Jane Griffin Sherry Gwegorryn Sue and Jan Halverson Scott and Cher Harris Linda and John Haugen John Hedberg Roger F. Heegaard Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Pam and Bill Heffernan Tonya and Paul Hendrickson Susan Hinrichs Mark Hoffman Hubler Family Business Consultants Mary Janisch Cretia and Frank Jesse Janet and Gunnar Johnson Kate and Dwight Johnson Sarah Sivright and Theo Jolosky and family Elisabeth and Walter Jordan Terri Jones Adrienne Jordan Sally Kamps Martha and Tom Kieffer Thomas Kirscht Patty and Alex Knopick Colleen and Michael Kroening Eleanor and Bob Kuhns Peter Kuretsky Jane and Greg Laco Mark Lange Angelina and Brian Lawton Linda Wilson and DJ Leary Carolyn and Bruce Leslie Lickmuth Enterprises, Inc. by Tracy LaMuth and Tom Lickteig Peggy and Dick Lidstad Sally and Peter Lilienthal Winifred Smith and David Lillehaug Judee Arnstein and Michael Lindsay Jane-Marie Livingston Peggy and Dave Lucas Tiffany Lumpkins Sherry Lund Elizabeth and David Lyman *Has given continuously to TCR! for five or more years.


Keith Marks Nancy and Ron Marshall Siri and Bob Marshall Susan and Dean Mathews Andrea McCready Paula McEvers Patricia and Martin McKinley Ixchel McKinnie Janice McKinnie Shawn McMurtry Sam Meckey Santina and Jose Melendez Miriam and Chester Meyers Cynthia Micolichek Minnesota Wire & Cable Charitable Giving Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation* Yvonne Moore Chris Morris Linda and Mike Mulligan Lisa Naaktgeboren* Steven Nache David and Karen Nasby Kippy Nelson Scott Nicholson

“We’re only an hour into our training and we’re already addressing one of the most major and difficult problems we have in our company.” —Advancement Institute client Amanda and Ravi Norman Debra Novak Adrienne and Stephen Oesterle Martha and Steve O'Hara Heather and Jeff Page Julie and Brian Palmer Julia and Dave Peters Mark Peterson Lori Pomroy Jody and Octavio Portu Jill Potthoff Richard and Frances Prien Valerie and Ralph Pruitt Ann and Kevin Quiring Siri and Hans Quitmeyer Rachel and Mark Rahn Jim Ravell Josephine Reed-Taylor Ronald Reier Constance and Lewis Remele Josh Resnik Mary and J. Peter Ritten Angel Rodriguez Mary Rosenthal Audrey and James Rothschild David Schaal Laurie and Douglas Schley

Ellen and Karl Schmidt Glenn Seager Joe Selvaggio Stacy Enxing Seng and Peter Seng Shamdat Shamdat Shivnarine Shamdat Sherman Group by Ken Sherman Ferris Shiffer Gail Shore Mariana and Craig Shulstad Chaquira Simpson Judy Smith Toni Hansen and Tim Smith Nancy Speer Fred Steimann* Jill and Rich Stever-Zeitlin John Stroebel SUPERVALU employees Shanna Swenson Anne and Frank Taylor Nancy and Bruce Thomson Kate, Jeff, Freesia and Loren Towle Donna Zimmerman-Tremmel and Jon Tremmel Jeannine and David Trousdale U.R.N. Management Hans Wanzenried Therese and Robert Webb Minnie and Maurice Weisberg Family Foundation Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation Brenda Westphal Kate Whittington Sandra Wilkins Gerald Wolf Will Wright Kathryn Steinberger and James Young Grant Zinkl

Supporters of our First Annual Gourmet Dinner at Restaurant Levain 20.21 at the Walker Jonathan Blasic Leslie Bowman Steven Brown, Restaurant Levain Canoe Bay Kristen and Paul Commers Grace and Ken Evenstad, Domaine Serene Winery Fantesca Estate & Winery; Susan and Duane Hoff, Proprietors Five Luigi Ganino, Trattoria Michelangelo Bob and Sue Greenberg GunkelmanFlesher Interior Design Kim Johnson Bill Kozlak, Kozy's Steaks and Seafood La Belle Vie Ladera Vineyards Anita and Rick Leggott Peter Lilienthal Lynn Mattson Little and JP Little Lund Food Holdings, Inc. Sue and Bob Macdonald Todd Macdonald, Restaurant Cru Toby McCracken, The Stock Farm Club Harvey McLain, Restaurant Levain and Turtle Bread Company Jane Moccia Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Bradley Oldstrom Rhonda and Rory O'Neill Tony Peterson

2 0 0 6 A N N U A L R E P O RT

CONTRIBUTORS Mark and Rachel Rahn Grace Robinson-Leo Karl and Ellen Schmidt, Maserati of Minneapolis Jolie Stuckul Sudz Hair Salon Sun Country Airlines Tejas Frank Vascellaro Victor's 1959 Café Vincent - A Restaurant Margaret and Angus Wurtele, Terra Valentine Winery

Recognition Gifts On Behalf of Robert and Teri Crosby The Southways Foundation In Honor of Eugene and Mary Frey Jennifer and Hervé Sarteau In Honor of Morris Goodwin Associated Bank In Honor of Robin and David Larkin Pam and Bill Heffernan In Honor of Tom Lee's Birthday Mary and J. Peter Ritten In Honor of Anita Messal Suzanne Almen John Desmet Sarah Dye Sam Meckey Scott Nicholson On Behalf of Their Children and Grandchildren Richard and Frances Prien In Honor of Dave Pylipow SUPERVALU employees

In Honor of Marilyn Rothschild's birthday Audrey and James Rothschild In Honor of the Marriage of Lucy Gerold and Bill Svrluga Chuck Denny Anne and Jerome Dirksen Sheryl and David Evelo Connie Fournier Cari Ann and Scott Gerlicher Vivian Gerold Sue and Jan Halverson Sarah Sivright and Theo Jolosky and family Winifred Smith and David Lillehaug Miriam and Chester Meyers Ronald Reier Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Laurie and Douglas Schley Kate, Jeff, Freesia and Loren Towle Kathryn Steinberger and James Young

Companies that Matched Their Employees' Gifts AllianceBernstein Alliance Capital Ameriprise Financial CarVal Investors Entegris KPMG PepsiCo Foundation Piper Jaffray Target Thomson West Thrivent Financial Trane Company U.S. Bancorp

In-Kind Donations Benesyst Broadway Pizza Corporation for National and Community Service AmeriCorps*VISTA Program Eddington's Faegre & Benson* Gift Creations Concepts Charlie Gits, UBS Michael Harrison, D.D.S. Rick Heydinger, Public Strategies Group, Inc. Jimmy John's Jostens KDV Metropolitan Council Jobseekers Program* Microsoft (TechSoup) Steve Rothschild* Savoy Pizza Bill Svrluga VNU Group B.V. Toastmasters International* Tom Wahlrobe Yu Yuan’s Chinese Restaurant TCR! also thanks the following companies and individuals for their sponsorship support: Faegre & Benson Bill Hogan, The Hogan Group Marilyn and Steve Rothschild Leah and Scott Rued Twin Cities RISE! has taken every measure to ensure the accuracy of the list printed in the Annual Report. We apologize if we may have overlooked any organization or individiual and ask that you please advise us of any errors so we may correct our records and recognize you appropriately.

*Has given continuously to TCR! for five or more years.

First Annual Gourmet Dinner at Restaurant Levain As the sun began to set on September 17th, 2006, there was great food and excitement brewing inside Restaurant Levain. The rooms quickly filled with chatter, the graduates telling their stories went on to inspire the crowd, and fabulous food and wine were served. An animated auction hosted by Frank Vascellaro followed a great dessert. We would like to thank Harvey McLain, owner of Restaurant Levain; Chef Steven Brown of Restaurant Levain; Chef Todd Macdonald of Restaurant Cru; and event co-chairs Sue Macdonald and Angie Conley for making the TCR! First Annual Gourmet Dinner and Auction a great success.

Other acknowledgements: Grace and Ken Evenstad, Sue and Bob Macdonald Committee Chairs: Carolyn Baldus, Toni Hansen, Heather Little, Rhonda O’Neill Committee Members: Kristen Commers, Claire Dempsey, Juli Erdmann, Gretchen Felton, Meg Kruse, Anita Leggott, Susan Makepeace, Rachel Rahn


2006 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Steven M. Rothschild, Chair Founder, Twin Cities RISE!

David Abrams, Secretary Vice President North Memorial Health Care

Bruce Schadow* Area Vice President (retired) Arthur J. Gallagher & Company

Mike Bingham, President President & CEO Twin Cities RISE! Phillip Davis President Minneapolis Community & Technical College David J. Goldstein, Treasurer Attorney & Partner Faegre & Benson LLP Morris Goodwin, Jr. President & COO The Hogan Company Derek Hayes Senior Vice President Wells Fargo, N.A. Tony Leung Hennepin County District Judge Hennepin County Court System

Malana A. Schmidt Vice President (retired) Greater Twin Cities United Way Brian F. Sullivan CEO SterilMed, Inc. Tom Swain Executive Vice President (retired) St. Paul Travelers Ron Tortelli Senior Vice President (retired) SUPERVALU Sandy Vargas, Vice Chair Hennepin County Administrator Hennepin County *retired from the Board during 2006

Michael Oesterreich Vice President Ameriprise Financial Dave Pylipow Executive Vice President SUPERVALU Mary Rosenthal Labor Liaison Ovations, UnitedHealth Group

800 Washington Avenue North, Suite 203, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401 Phone: 612-338-0295 Fax: 612-338-0191 Saint Paul Office: 460 Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104 Phone: 651-366-6050 Fax: 651-603-1935 Awali Place West: 1011 West Broadway, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411 Phone: 612-767-2150 Fax: 612-767-2155 Awali Place East: 633 University Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104 Phone: 651-287-0133 Fax: 651-287-0174

2006 Twin Cities RISE! Annual Report  

The highlights and stories from Twin Cities RISE! in 2006.