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Participant Update Keeping you Informed, Empowered and Prepared September 26, 2012

What is the opportunity facing you right now? by Gini Grey


hat is the opportunity facing you right now? When life is flowing smoothly and we are feeling confident and serene, we are open to new possibilities and we see the opportunities blossoming in front of us. Yet when things are sluggish or we keep hitting up against a wall, a shadow seems to creep across our view and we don’t see what’s available to us. It’s during those difficult times that we need to look for possibilities in order to shift our energy, get unstuck, and create a new pattern. When someone or something is pushing our buttons we have the choice to push back, blame, carry resentment and so on. Or we can ask ourselves “what can I learn from this, what’s the opportunity here”? And suddenly, in our empowered state, even more possibilities open up. Insights • Scan the various areas of your life and see if there are any opportunities awaiting you for enjoyment or growth. • Where do you see the most opportunities available to you right now? Where do you see the least? What is affecting your perspective? What can you do about this? • What was the last opportunity you saw and took advantage of in your life? What were the results? Inspiration • Reflect over the areas of your life again and choose one area where you’d like to make a shift. Brainstorm a list of all the possible opportunities that are available to you. Choose at least one to follow-through on. • As you go through your day, notice the wonderful opportunities that are there for you and congratulate yourself for seeing them and taking them. When you come up against an obstacle, immediately ask yourself what the possible opportunity is - then take it.

Business Etiquette

Coaches’ Corner

Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul sites share building space. Raising our awareness of our neighbors allows us an opportunity to enhance our relationships, present a great first impression and build our network.

Change is in the air. We will change time, season, cohort distinctions and even perhaps the leader of the free world. Most of these changes will occur without support. There is little that can be done to prevent them.

Professional courtesy means that I: • Pay attention to the volume of my voice and avoid the use of profanity during my interactions • May have heated discussions and it should never turn into personally attacking the other person. I realize that we may need to agree to disagree regarding the topic of discussion. • Will meet with my co-participants in the designated break areas or seating areas located in the building and avoid hanging out in the stairwell or other areas that may cause a safety issue or congestion to other participants, staff, building tenants or visitors. • Smoke in the designated smoking areas only, use the available disposal receptacles, help to maintain a neat, clean area and in Minneapolis do not lean on any vehicles. • Mark my lunch or snack and eat only my food. • Clean up after myself in the break areas and let staff know if additional supplies are needed. • Interact with the transportation provider in a respectful and empowered manner regardless of the situation and report any inappropriate incidents to the instructor or my Coach. Thank you for incorporating these reminders while at TCR! site or attending a TCR! sponsored event! Not only do you represent yourself, you reprsent TCR! too.

Participants at Twin Cities RISE! though have support for navigating the seasons of their change…a Coach. You have a front row resource to help hold up and play through the potential and consequences of the decisions for change that you contemplate. Use your resource. Stay focused. Connect to your Core Value and know that change while inevitable offers options.

It’s Your Turn!: TCR! responds to your suggestions During one of the recent Listening Sessions there was a recommendation that there should be more diabetic friendly items and juice added to the beverage machine, and to lower the prices if possible. Apple Vending is researching adding some sugar free snacks to the vending machine. 100% orange juice will be added to the beverage machine by late October or early November. While they are understanding about the concern about prices, they are attempting to keep the pricing as low as possible after consecutive cost increases from their suppliers. Please remember that Apple Vending does donate a percentage of our total sales back to TCR!, which benefits everyone. Thanks for your feedback!

Employer Services Wants You! The hiring season is in full swing as we approach October, and job postings are still strong! In the past few weeks we have seen MANY participants of Twin Cities RISE! land offers for full time jobs! Do you want to be the next participant to land an offer? Here is the formula: Job Matching + 2 (or more) well matched job applications per day + Follow-Up + Interview practice and preparation + Follow-Up = AN OFFER! Employer Services will be in the labs during Week 10 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to support you- BE IN TO WIN!

Mark Your Calendars OCT

1-5 OCT

8-12 OCT






Evaluation Week

Workshop Week

Celebration! 5:45-8:00 pm at the International Institute of Minnesota. Sign up at front desk.

First day of new session Twin Cities Financial Planning Day: Free workshops and financial resources. 10 am 2 pm at Wilder Foundation, 451 Lexington Parkway N, St. Paul

Education Extra: The latest class updates at TCR! Want to get out of debt and have enough money to buy a dependable car or a home of your own? Financial Literacy class can help make these things possible. This course will be offered on Friday mornings during the October session. The instruction will be split between two financial experts from BMO-Harris Bank and a TCR! staff member. See your coach for details. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! End-Term Course Surveys are again being offered during Week 8. Check your Outlook Inbox. In the past year, we have made major updates to our program based on feedback we’ve gotten from participants. We look forward to hearing about your experience and your ideas to help us improve. Get that full-time job as soon as possible! Weeks 9 and 10 of the session are on the way. What’s the most effective use of your time during those two weeks? Our labs are open. Use them to job search, maintain that “Two-aDay,” develop your resume, improve your keyboarding skills, or reinforce what you learned in CA1 or CA2. Use your resources and build the path to your success.

Getting to Know You: Meet the TCR! Staff Each month, we feature a different staff member here at Twin Cities RISE!. We hope you’ll learn a bit about the friendly folks who work here and give them a “hello” in the halls! Tina Caples, Recruiter 1. How long have you worked at TCR!? 5 years. 2. What did you do before coming to TCR!? I was a TCR! participant. 3. What’s your favorite part about working at TCR!? It feels like I am working with family, which makes my work easier.

4. What’s something interesting that readers may not know about you? I am currently in school as a 3/4 student (almost full time) and still working full time hours, while raising a teenager and planning a wedding.

Internship Insight: Why the Internship Program?


hink in advance about what you want from your internship experience and define your internship goals. Assess the reason why you want an internship, taking into account your strengths, weaknesses, and expectations. Think about the way you work best. Do you value flexibility? Value hard work? Do you want to learn a specific skill or need to fill in an employment gap to enhance your resume? Are you available to invest 10-16 hours a week and add an additional class to your already busy schedule? Are you in good standing with the Twin Cities RISE! Core program and at least a Foundation 2 Participant? Good attendance?

Exercise good time management skills? If you answered yes to all of these questions; then you are an excellent candidate for the internship program. An internship with Twin Cities RISE! is a great way to see if your current training experience can become one way of getting your foot in an organizations door, gives you hands on experience, network, as well as evaluate if your plans in a specific career track are realistic. Your pathway to a Twin Cities RISE! internship awaits you. Contact Shereese Turner the Director of Recruitment and Internships at

So You Think You Know Everything? ◊ The average human with a full head of hair contains between 85,000 to 150,000 hairs. ◊ A person eats around 60,000 pounds worth of food during his life, which is the equivalent of six elephants.

Workshop Week Schedule - October 8-12 Empowering U Monday, 10/8 - Friday, 10/12 - 9:30-Noon, St. Paul Keith Simons from TCR! Continue down your path of Empowerment by applying the skills built in Empowerment Foundation and Empowerment Framing to create an impact on your community through Empowering U. 5 days of participation in this workshop and your commitment to action qualifies you to receive a $50 Target gift card. Maximum 25 spots available. Resume & Cover Letters Monday, 10/8 - 9:30-Noon, St. Paul Bill Bridgeman from TCR! This workshop will help create and sharpen a professional resume and cover letter. A Conversation on Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships Tuesday 10/9 - 9:30-Noon, Minneapolis Alyssa Ackert, Libby Bottem, and Karla Skovholt from Tubman This workshop will help to better understand the dynamics of unhealthy and healthy relationships, teach about resources that are available, as well as present ways to support those we care about who are experiencing violence. Freedom from Smoking Tuesday, 10/9 - 1-2:15 pm, Minneapolis Jenna Duwenhoegger and Erin Simmons from the American Lung Association This workshop is an educational presentation for those who are interested in learning more about committing to quit smoking and determine a course of action to take the next step in their journey to better health.

Financial Literacy Workshop Tuesday, 10/9 - 4:30-5:45 pm, Minneapolis Victor Mulani from Wells Fargo Bank This workshop will cover areas and questions that are very important to becoming financially stable. Areas of interest include, getting your job start, creating a spending plan/budgeting, creating a savings plan, building & establishing credit, and creating and understanding a personal balance sheet. Spending & Savings Thursday, 10/11 - 9:30-Noon, St. Paul Henry Rucker from Eastside Financial Center Brush up on your budgeting skills at this special workshop. You will leave with a spending and savings plan that you can start using right away. Space is limited, so sign up at the front desk today. Housing Workshop Thursday, 10/11 - 1-2:15 pm, Minneapolis Susan Roedl from Alliance Housing Incorporated This workshop will go over the ins and outs of what is important to know when looking for housing. This includes issues such as, where/how to find housing, what to do, what to say/not to say, etc. Discussing Criminal Background Thursday, 10/11 - 4:30-6:30 pm, Minneapolis Bill Bridgeman from TCR! Dealing with a criminal background while seeking a job is very challenging. This workshop will help you to understand the best approaches to take with potential employers and how to improve your chances of getting a job offer.

Twin Cities RISE! September Participant Update  

News and events for TCR! participants this month.

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